VENDOR and Customer master Authorization

Hi Experts
I have requirement about vendor & customer master authorization.client requirement is if  a user had created vendor  or customer under a purchase organization or sales organization so in this case other Purchase org users shouldn't see any details about this vendor and even they shouldn't be allowed to post to this invoices.even in FBL1N and FBL5N user shouldn't see other region vendor or customer line to handle to this can any one help me on this.
Thanks in advance

Just a thought;
Why can't you create a user specific validation for FB60 or other if wanted, which says that;
If the condition 'Vendor code starts with say 1* series', is met;
then display an error message 'Posting not possible for this Vendor Group XXXX'
This way, you can prevent certain users from posting transactions to a certain vendor groups.

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  • Vendor and customer master

    I modified the vendor and customer master assigned in vendor master the number of the customer and viceversa
    so that it will be possible the clearing between the customer and vendor but I cannot find the fields "Clrg with vend." and "Clrg with cust."  in the related master data

    Dear sappione,
    when ever you maintain Customer No. in vendor master & vendor No. in customer master. under Account control tab. pls press Enter. you will fing this fields under Payment data tab - You can find field  clrg with customer like as clrg with vendor in both masters - here you can select. then it will work.
    Note: Before you have select this check boxes in Document types(OBA7) here you can select KR , KZ, DR, DZ, under control data cust/vend check - pls select

  • Trading partner in GL, Vendor and Customer master

    This is with reference to the clarification on field Trading partner in GL, vendor and customer master
    We have 10 company codes and are using same COA in all co codes
    We have activated Enterprise Consolidation in system and interunit profit elimination exist in our case.
    Please clarify the following:-
    1) Is there any impact on consolidation module if we did not maintain trading partner in GL master, vendor master & customer master
    Thanks & Regards
    D D Asnora

    It will effect in Interunit eliminations. and all the transaction which occured betweeen inter-units will be effected.
    Hari p

  • Cin details in vendor and customer master

    In my user id i am not getting the CIN details while using vendor and customer masters where as my coleague is getting these details while creating, displaying or editing the vendor and customer masters, please suggest regarding.

    SPRO -> Logistics General -> Tax on Goods Movement -> India -> Master Data -> Assign Users to Material Master Screen Sequence for Excise Duty.
    Select User Screen reference and add your username.

  • Vendor and customer master creation

    Hello, for my client most of the time the same customer works as a vendor too. so they want to automate the creation of customer and vendor master records simultaneously. Basically the requirement is to enter the data for vendor master and use the same data to create customer master with out using 2 tcodes XD01, XK01 and enter the data in 2 places.
    Any suggestions are appriciated.

    If this is a manual entry, it is not possible with in SAP, they would have to use trwo different transactions.. Moreover the data cannot be same as they are opposites.
    You can add teh vendor # in the customer master and Customer # in the vendor master.. that's be all that you can do.
    even if you were to use LSMW or a Winshuttle to upload data, tehformat would still be different. so this is not possibel as far as I know

  • Use of trading partner field in GL Master, Vendor and Customer Master

    Can anybody explain in detail  what is the use of trading partner in masters.
    In GL Master, whether it needs to be updated for all the GLs or only a specific GLs.

    The Trading partner field in customer and Vendor master is used to identify the affiliated companies involved in intercompany transactions.
    The trading partner field is copied into the account receivable and payable transactions from the customer and vendor master. The Trading partner field also appears in the line items of the offsetting clearing accounts via substitutons.
    The trading partner field subsequently can be used during consolidation to eliminate intercompany receivables and payables from the balance sheet and eliminate Intercompany sales and expense figures from the P&L statement.
    Customer or vendor invoice: Trading partner information is captured from the customer and vendor master.
    Invoice receipts against clearing account and transfers with clearing: While posting Invoice receipt during an Intercompany transaction, the invoice receipt can be posted to a clearing account instead of expense account. The selection of open items must be restricted to those with a certain trading partner when posting a transfer later on, as the trading partner is copied into the transfer line item.
    Customer and Vendor Payments: If document types for payments are configured to allow for more than one trading partner in a payment document then the trading partner is copied only on the customer and vendor line item and not on the offsetting entry.
    Assets transferred between company codes: If an asset is transferred between group company codes, two accounting documents are generated in each of the involved company codes. The trading partner of each document must be set to the company id of the other company code.
    When goods are received from group company code the trading partner is picked for the inventory and GR/IR line items from the vendor mentioned on the order. If invoices are open as on the balance key date then group-internal provisions are created from the GR/IR accounts. These provisions can later be eliminated in Consolidation system.

  • Bapi For creation and change for Vendor Master and Customer Master

    I am looking for BAPI to create and change  Vendor Master and Customer Master which will not take me to standard SAP transaction but will work in the background
    Explanation: BAPI to delete material (BAPI_MATERIAL_DELETE) take you to standard SAP screen of T-Code MM06  but BAPI to create material (BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA) creates material in the background i.e. does not take you to standard SAP screen of T-Code MM01
    So in my case (i.e. to create and change  Vendor Master and Customer Master ) I want BAPI which would work like BAPI to create material (BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA)

    For general information,to find BAPIs associated with any business object :
    Transaction : BAPI - choose alphabetical tab - Find customer - (right side choose - tools - create bapi list and search ) , you will get all the BAPIs associated with this particular business  object

  • Vendor Master and Customer Master for FI AP/AR

    hi FICO Gurus,
    I am Sapna here and I have questions regarding the Mandatory fields for Vendor Master and Customer Master which would be mandatory for Running FI AP and AR. I am basically a MM Consultant but I have been asked to perform this role of Master Data at my current client.
    I am quite familiar with the fact that these feilds are based on the needs of the bussiness and can be configured in IMG as required/optional or suppressed or diaplsy only.
    What I am looking is
    1.  Are there any fileds list which is <b>Mandatory</b> for running FI AP/AR in global financial implemntation.
    2. Also from FI Perspective what is <b>Good to have/Recommended fields</b> in Vendor Master and Cusotmer Master for Global Finacial implemtation.
    Your help is greatly appreciated. Please point me in right direction...

    OK all implementations are different so the client should have some imput here.
    However you need to make sure certain address details are mandatory such as name, post code street and city.
    You may always want an e mail address or phone number.
    All AR & AP customer/ Vendors will need a recon account, so it is important there is one set up, but you also need to make sure in change mode this cannot be changed.
    For Vendors you will require some kind of bank details and payment method.
    For Customers if Dunning is being used you may need the Dunning Procedure and Accounting Clerk.
    Also for a Customer there is the Sales Org view, and it is best to contact the SD consultant to see which fields are required here. The tax code, payment terms are normally mandatory.
    For the Purchasing Org, I guess you would know about this...
    Hope this helps.
    Award points if useful.

  • Working on IDOC OUTBOUND FOR Vendor Master and Customer Master

    Hi Group,
    I need to create IDOC's for Vendor master and customer master using ALE. Whenever they create vendor/customer or changes to vendor/customer should create IDOC's.
    Can anyone please help me out how to proceed? I know that we can use CREMAS/DEBMAS and CREMAS04/CREMAS...But I would like to know how to use those.

    Hi Sai,
    Welcome to group.
    Related to CREMAS/DEBMAS, for your situation, you can use the change pointers.  With this, when ever there is an change/create, it will create an entry in CDHDR & CDPOS and based on that it will create the IDOCs for these.
    Activate the change pointers for these message types and run the application RBDMIDOC periodically (whenever you want).  This application will create the IDOCs based on your entries.
    To activate the change pointers, the TCODEs are
    BD50 Checking change pointer is activated for Message Type
    BD52 Checking which fields are configured change pointer to create.  (please make sure, an entry will exist in BDCP table)
    I hope you know the remaining configuration related to partner profile entries (WE20) i.e. to which system you want to send the idocs and Inbound or Outbound etc.
    Let me know if you need further info.

  • Use of Vendor and Customer in 'Define Shipping Data for Storage Location"

    Under the stock transfer order configuration, there is a IMG step <b>"Define Shipping Data for Storage Location".</b>
    In this at storage location level, we can assign, sales org/distribution channel, division and VENDOR and CUSTOMER to storage location.
    The customer number is used a sold-to-party in outbound deliveries.
    <b>But I am not able to figure out what's the use of VENDOR number we are specifying in this step.</b>
    If I am assiging the VENDOR Number here to every storage location, then when I am creating cross-company code Stock transport order, which vendor code I will select the one assigned to PLANT or one Assigned to Storage location.
    <b>Also I need to know what vendor account group I will use for creating this storage location vendor.</b>  I have more than one storage locations) under one plant. Soif I used account group as "0007" plant, SAP doesn't allow me to assigne one plant code to 2 vendors and in vendor master on 'additional purchasing data' screen I am not seeing storage location field, it has only 'PLANT' field.
    <b>So I need to know-
    1. Which account group to use for creating storage location vendor
    2. What's the ultimaye use of this vendor code
    3. What vendor # I will use while creating cross-company PO (one for plant or one for storage location.</b>

    Define Shipping Data
    Here in this step you maintain the customer number of the receiving plant. This customer number is used in SD shipping processing to identify the goods recipient (ship-to party) if stock transfer to be carried out with an SD delivery
    A goods receipt can be planned in the receiving plant.
    You can enter a vendor (transport vendor) in the stock transport order
    In IMG step "Define Shipping Data for Storage Location".
    You can assign sales org/distribution channel, division and VENDOR and CUSTOMER to storage location through Plant only.Means this Vendor is created for entering in the STO .This vendor is created for the the Plant (Supplying Plant)so as u can create STO.
    Rewards If usful
    Sanjay L

  • Vendor in Customer Master Record

    Need to make the tie between vendor and customer. I could not find any fields in the customer master record (XD01 / XD02 / XD03) for this purpose. Any suggestions?

    The vendor link is located on the customer master in General Data --> Control Tab.  It is at the top under account control.  As the previous poster mentioned, if you are not seeing it is because it is supressed and you need to open it up through config.
    The config is located in the following area:  Financiall Accounting >Accounts Recivable / AP> Customer Accounts --> Master Data --> Prep for creating customer master data --> define account groups with screen layout
    Kind Regards,

  • Sort Key in G/L Acounts and Customer MAster Records.

    Dear SAP Guru's,
    What is the specific use of the Sort Key?How will this effect the Line item entry in FBL5N?
    In our Company The G/L Accounts the sort key is maintained As 000  Allocation Number.
    _Also In Customer Master-->Company Code Data
    The Feild sort key : It is maintained "000" Allocation Number _
    If I change the sort key Now after 1 year of several records updated Will the System sort according to the changed sort key?
    I want the sort key to be document Number Now after a year will the previous records be shown with the immediate effect.
    I have gone through this link.
    Amlan Sarkar

    Sort key field is also known as Allocation field.
    The u201Callocation fieldu201D is populated automatically onto line items, during document entry, based on the default sort indicator set in the master record.
    When you display or change line items, they are displayed in a standard sort sequence as per sort key defined in master records.
    Sort key is defined in G/L master, Vendor master and Customer master. The key defined here is taken as the default key by the system when you want to display the line items pertaining to that account.
    The sort key determines what is populated in the allocation field upon posting.
    Changing the sort key will only change future postings not already existing line items.

  • Vendor and customer  assignment

    In EDSDC table, I can see the assignment between the vendor and customer , sales area and the sales doc type . but where can we assign this in IMG…?
    pls suggest.

    Hi Syed R,
         We wont assign vendor -customer n viceversa in IMG but we assign it in Easy access, while maintianing master data-XD01/XK01
               In some cases,
    our vendor might be our customer n at the same time,
    our customer become our vendor,
    eg: MRF tyres company sell the tyres to Tata motors, n MRF tyres can buy the 4 wheelers from Tata motors,
    for this , we create MRF tyres as vendor(XK01) n customer(XD01),
    after that in XK02- we assign this customer number into Vendor Master record, n
    Vendor number to customer master record, to identify the sytem ,MRF tyres is a customer *** vendor,
    Here we need to have 2 different Master data's becoz of its accounting documents ,
    as we knew, Customer cums into Debitros-A/R module
    Vendor cums into Creditors- A/P module.
    in XD02-general data-control data, u fill find vendor field,
    *hope this helps,
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  • Vendor and Customer BADI needed

    Hi Folks,
                  I need BADI for Vendor and Customer which can store Purchase and Sales organization details entered  while creating Vendor and Customer in xk01,xd01 TX Codes respectively.....
    Thanks in Advance.

    You may use the following [BTE Business Transaction Events|]
    - 00001321 - CUSTOMER MASTER DATA: Save with data transfer Call up during creation/change
    - 00001421 - VENDOR MASTER DATA: Save with data transfer
    Look via [FINF|] and implement via SE37 and [FIBF|].

  • Same person as vendor and customer

    I have to create the same person both as a customer and vendor.
    I have done the following settings: Added the number of vendor in customer master & customer in vendor master. Also checked the indicator for clearing in both.
    I just wanted to know if now i do a sale to this person, will the Vendor Outstanding Amount get updated? Are there any more settings?

    It's not mandatory to use the same ID for vendor and customer if they are the same entity, you can use different IDs w/o any problem.
    It might be difficult, if you are using internal number assignment. It may occur that the ID is already occupied by a vendor or customer.
    You can link your customer to your vendor both in XK01/XK02 (LFA1-KUNNR; control tab) and XD01/XD02 (KNA1-LIFNR; "Control Data" tab). One assignment is enough.
    In this case you can always see, which customer belongs to which vendor.
    Sometimes plant vendors, customers are defined via external number assignment, to have the same ID as the plant, but this should be decided in advance...(separate account group is used generally, with separate number range)

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