Vendor Trial Balance for a Profit Center

We are on ECC 6.0 and created plants as a profit center. Now, need to develop a custom report for getting vendor trial balance for a profit center. The standard report FK10N does not provide the balance for a profit center. However, while pulling the data from BSEG, system is pulling all the Line Items, when I filter on GL Account Number (BSEG-HKONT), which i can then filter on Profit Center (PRCTR). However, when i fetch the same data on a combination of GL Account Number (BSEG-HKONT) = 304000 and Profit Center (BSEG-PRCTR) = USUR, system shows only certain line items, even though the Line Items are there in the table BSEG. Pl suggest
Sanil Bhandari

Use TCOD FGI0 for more drilldown report on GL, Vendor, Customer.

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  • Vendor trial Balance for individual plant or business area

    tell me whr we can get trial balance for vendor for the individual plant or business area?
    Thanks & Regards
    Rekha sharma

    T.Code S_AC0_52000888 for Vendor Balances and S-AC0_52000887 for Customer balances
    have you tries these codes , pl let me know
    harish aswani

  • TCode for vendor trial balance (and not profit centerwise vendors list)

    I want  vendor's trial balance report.
    My requirement is that i want list of vendors with the balances with debits and credits separately.
    There should be four columns like:
    Vendors, Debit (Amt), Credit (Amt), Net.
    I checked SDN websites also. There were many posts but all were suggesting only one report i.e. report which is used for getting profit centerwise vendors.

    Greeting for the Day...........
    Pls check this report S_ALR_87012082 - Vendor Balances in Local Currency
    i thing it's help full
    Thanks & regard's
    Sachin Indulkar

  • Trial balance not generate profit center wise

    Dear All,
    Please suggest,
    I am generate the trial Balance "S_PL0_86000030 - G/L Account - Balances " with profit center wise, system not generate the trail balance with profit center wise because profit center or business segment is not updated the system.
    I generate the trial balance at company code level same t-code, system generate the trail balance but system show the column of profit center or business place "not assigned"
    It is possible to update the profit center and business segment table.
    Pleases suggest to solved my problem

    Hi, have you activated PC scenario?

  • Transfer of Vendor Balance from one profit center to other

    Hi All
    I need some help regarding Transfer of Vendor Balance from one profit Center to other profit cneter. I am in ECC 6.0 and activated document splitting.

    Hi Kamal
    You are right. My requirment is to transfer Vendor balance in PC 1000 to PC 2000. If I post using 9KE0 it is not affecting in the respective vendor account. Since we are in ECC 6.0 with document split option we have to post the same transfer entry through any FI transaction only.

  • Balance Sheet by Profit Center

    Hi Gurus,
    Just a clarification for the profit center balance sheet. Let say for example I purchase an item from vendor A for the profit center A. The profit center is then inherited from the expense line item.
    Debit    Expense      900                    Profit Center A
    Debit    Input tax       100                    Profit Center A
    Credit      Vendor A 1000                   Profit Center A
    Now, before payment they realized that a portion of 100 should be for Profit Center B. I did a repost of line item, thus creating financial entry also to transfer the Profit Center A to Profit Center B. But this is only for the expense account.
    My question is, is there a way to allocate also the portion of 100 for the Vendor and tax line item from Profit Center A to B?
    If this is not met, then how can we actually generate balance sheet by profit center.
    Thank you.

    You can get the balance sheet as well by Profit Center.. New GL's document splitting functionality is very much equipped to provide that
    Once you activate it, and specify pr ctr as the doc splitting characteristic, no document will be posted without Profit center populated in the line items.. However, this is possible only for ECC Version of SAP (5.0 or above)
    If you are using Classical PCA, then you have to execute transactions like 1KE* at period end to update Pr Ctr in the balance sheet line items
    Personally, I appreciate the New GL functionality of Profit center and doc splitting over Classical PCA
    Ajay M

  • Balance sheet and profit center

    Dear Forum,
    1) Not all balance sheet require profit center. correct? Only vendor, customer, material, asset only?
    2) Why vendor also require profit center?
    3) May I know why balance sheet items require profit center? Normally p&l items with profit center which deriving from cost center.
    Need advice.

    Hi dear,
    Earlier SAP was using business area. But it was not able to derive correct balance sheet.
    So to resolve this new gl is implemented. It has a unique feature of Balancing GL. Here when the debit and credit line items has different profit center, it creates a additional line items with apposite effect to profit center. So u r profit center wise balance sheet always tally.
    Basically all expenses are related to cost and hence they are recorded in cost center. If you ask me before coming to sap I use to use profit center to group cost center for internal reporting. But  sap derives profit center balance sheet where expense comes from cost center to profit center and balance sheet accounts are assigned to profit center.

  • How to see Trial Balance for a Segment

    Hi Experts,
    Does anybody has idea on how to see Triala Balance for a Segment ?
    In Standard Reports for Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss, SAP B1 has provided option for filtering on Segment, but the same is not true for Trial Balance.
    Samir Gandhi

    Hi Samir,
    yes it is possible to display Trial Balance in Segment format.
    open Trial Balance Report, in the Upper right hand of the of the window next to G/L Accounts you can find the "FIND" button, click that one then the Find G/L Account window opens. from this window you cans Select Segmentation accounts.

  • Error - Balancing Line Item Profit Center not filled in Line Item 007

    I am trying to do a transfer posting from one vendor account to another. However, system is giving an error - Balancing Line Item Profit Center not filled in line Item 001. Pls suggest.

    hi  vaibhav
    you go through this Tcode  FAGL3KEH  and maintain default profit centre. in the  error message system shown GL accounts
    hope you userstand

  • Document Splitting not happening (only for one profit center  1000)

    The Bank GL account 13000010  is assigned a default Profit center 1110.
    After Posting an entry,
    Bank AC       CR.........                                             10000                                     (since default PC is 1110 )
              Vendor A/c             DR                                                                      10000              Profit center 1000
    whereas the same in GENERAL LEDGER VIEW shows
    Bank AC       CR.........                                             10000                                      Profit center 1110
              Vendor A/c             DR                                                                      10000              Profit center 1110       * * * *
    It does not take already defined  zero balance clearing account into consideration, and gives the above GL view output
    This is not the case with any other Profit centers i give in Vendor line item (The progfit center in case of vendor line item is derived from Cost Center Master Data)
    Also, If i post the same entry, giving Debit effect first,
    Vendor A/c             DR                                                        10000              Profit center 1000
                   Bank AC       CR.........                                                      10000                                     (since default PC is 1110 )
    Vendor A/c             DR                                                        10000                         Profit center 1000
                   Bank AC       CR.........                                           10000                         Profit Center 1110                       
    Zero Balance Clearing a/c DR                                             10000                         Profit center 1000
                  Zero Balance Clearing a/c CR                               10000                         Profit Center 1110
    Here, It is taking Zero Balance Clearing account into consideration.
    Please assist on the same...........

    Since default profit center 1110 is defined in fagl3keh system has taken correctly profit center as default profit center as 1110.  I could not understand how you can put profit center in vendor debit.  Since bank credit default profit center is 1110 naturally vendor debit is taken from the default profit center 1110 and vendor debit is also posted to profit center 1110 and not 1000.  Please check once again.  I think there is no difference if vendor is either posted first or second.  If you need to have debit as profit center as 1000 then you may have to choose bank account pertaining to profit center 1000.

  • Where to find the Opening Balance Of a Profit Center

    Which report can i use to check the opening balance of a profit center which is carried forward from last year for a balance sheet account?

    In period 0, Balance Carried Foward program ( TA 2KES ) is run in PCA. Note that this carried forward balance will only be updated in GLPCT and not GLPCA. Thus, in period 0, the opening balanes are stored. You may create report painter or SAP query to find out these balance.s

  • Steps for Enhancing Profit center in FI AP-AR

    Dear All,
    Kindly provide me the steps for enhancing Profit Center in FI AP-AR

    hi sahil,
    Stesp to append the filed
    -- go to-> RSA6 selece ur datasource & click on the push button enhance extract structure
    -- By default the system will propose a extract structure name which starts with ZA accept it.
    -- In the next screen enter the field name & componant type, make sure that the field name will start with ZZ.
    -- Save it and activate the extract structure
    Next goto RSA6 --select the data source that you want to enhance . in order to populate the data to the filed that we had appended to the structure we need to write ABAP code
    to write the ABAP code to populate the data to the filed that are appended follow the below steps
    1) GOTO Tcode: CMOD
    2) Select your project you are working
    3) sap enhancement RSAP0001.its provided by SAP
    4) Choose the exit which is called when the data is extracted.
    EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 - Transaction data
    EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 - Attribute
    EXIT_SAPLRSAP_003 - Texts
    EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 - hierarchies
    5) it will take you to ABAP editor screen where you will find the option include ZXRSAU01--double click on it it will take you to ABAP editor screen.
    6) below is sample code
    data : l_s_ds like your data source extract structure,
    l_vbkum like mbew-vbkum,
    l_meins like mara-meins,
    l_tabix like sy-tabix.
    case i_datasource.
    WHEN '0FI_AP_3'.  "Vendors: Line Items
          L_TABIX = SY-TABIX .
          IF NOT L_0FI_AP_3-BSCHL = '25'.
                    WHERE VBLNR = L_0FI_AP_3-AUGBL
                    AND   ZALDT = L_0FI_AP_3-AUGDT.
            IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
              L_0FI_AP_3-ZZCHECT = L_CHECT.
                                                       AND SEGMENT NE ' '.
    When ever the data source is used to extract the data the when statement will be executed. so that the appended filed will be populated with data.
    Check the below links
    Hope this helps

  • Transfer vendors and customers from dummy profit center to other profit ctr

    Hi all
    No. of vendor /customer transactions are posted in dummy profit center-
    How to transfer from dummy profit center to other profit centers line itemwise or balanceswise
    thanks in advance
    joseph david

    Hi Joseph,
    Acturally at the end of certain period, payables/receivables will be updated with the profit center using the TCode: 1KEK.  the program searches for the profit center in opposite line item in each document and updates the payables/receivables line item with that profit center.
    But in your case you want to transfer the payables/receivables from dummy profit center to other profit center.  You can transfer the amount from one profit center to another profit center using the TCode: 9KE0.
    Hope this helps you...

  • Balance sheet at profit center level

    client requirement is balance sheet at profit center level
    we are useing TC: S_ALR_87013340
    In this TC, In balance sheet system show the expenses GL A/c's.
    in Company code level balance sheet  it is show right GL A/c's
    but profit center wise it show the wrong GL A/c's
    Note: we are not active the document spliting & segment for existing system.
    thank you

    Then it will not work as document splitting will split document on the basis of profit center or segment & corresponding debit & credit is posted to zero balance account.If you have not activated document splitting you can not have balance tallied at profit center or segment level so it will not matched .
    System will not show financial statements on profit center or segment basis ,if document splitting is not active.

  • New cash journal for new profit center gives error of profit center

    Dear Friends
    I have configured a new Cash G/L for new profit center .But while posting throug T-code FBCJ the entry it gives following error .
    Field Profit Ctr is a required field for G/L account 1000 207001550
    Message no. F5808
    The value for field "Profit Ctr" in the interface to Financial Accounting is an initial value but you are required to make an entry in the field selection for G/L account "207001550" in company code "1000" linked to the field selection for posting key "50".
    System Response
    It might be an error in the configuration of the G/L account field selection. The initial application, used to call up the interface must otherwise define a value for field "Profit Ctr". If this is the case, contact the consultant responsible for the application used to call up the interface or get in contact with SAP directly.
    But its working file with another Cash G/L While the Field Status is same as the field status of another cash G/L.

    through Transaction 3KEH, Default Profit Center can be set against Required GL (i.e Cash account in your case)
    Warm Regards...

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