Version  0 not defined for fiscal year...

Dear Experts..
Im trying to do an hiring action but system says Version  0 not defined for fiscal year...
Could someone tell me wat could be the reason???

Go to SPRO: Controlling -  General controlling - Org - Maintain versions
On the right hand side select version 0 then select controlling area settings.
Again select version 0 on the right hand side and select Settings for each fiscal year.
Then maintain the settings for the relevant fiscal year.

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  • Version 0 is not defined for fiscal year 2012.

    Hello Experts,
    While am tring to release  a work order, i am getting the below error.
    Version 0 is not defined for fiscal year 2012.
    Message no. GP626
    The version 0 is not defined in controlling area DE06 for the fiscal year 2012.
    You have to maintain the fiscal year-dependent version parameters for all actual versions for which multiple valuation is updated.
    System Response
    The version 0 cannot be used for fiscal year 2012.
    Maintain the fiscal year-dependent version parameters for the version 0.
    Execute function
    By this what i understood is we need to change the Settings for each fiscal year for the version 0 in controlling area DE06.
    i.e. we need to add the fiscal year 2012 in that.
    Is this correct????
    If yes what will be the impact of adding 2012 in that screen?
    i think its a soft config only.
    Please let me know the correct process
    Thanks in Advance,

    Version 0 is not defined for fiscal year 2015.
    What to do next ? Please help with it.

  • Error saying 'Posting period 000 is not defined for fiscal year variant K4'

    Hi All,
       When I try to add a new entry in the transaction OB52, I get an error message saying 'Posting period 000 is not defined for fiscal year variant K4'. The entry that I add is,
    Variant           :  0001
    Account Type: +
    From Period    : 1
    Year               : 1995
    To Period        : 12
    Year               : 2010
    From Period2  : 13
    Year               : 2000
    To period2      : 16
    Year               : 2010
    Please let me know what customising needs to be done to solve this issue.
    Thanks a ton.
    Best Regards,

    Hava you checked in OB52 screen, by default 0001 posting period variant will be there for +, A, D, K, S account types.
    If it is already existed in your OB52 screen, you won't create one more record with the same name. You have to edit the existing 0001 posting period with new values.

  • Error: "posting period is not defined for fiscal year variant" in  FBICS3

    I got error  "posting period is not defined for fiscal year variant" when I execute t code FBICS3.
    I checked in OB29 &  t code FBIC010 & noted that the fiscal year variant had ben maintained.
    Please advice.

    It was noted that the mentioned t code had been maintain but below mentioned error appear:
    Posting period  is not defined for fiscal year variant
    Message no. GU506
    You have tried to determine a posting date in fiscal year variant for period , fiscal year , but this period is not defined for the variant.
    You maintain fiscal year variants in table T009.
    It was referring to t code OB29. I have checked the detail, in OB29 also details maintain.
    Please advice why the error still prompt.


    i am learning SAP PP and i hv ides 4.7,
    analysis of error gives following message:
    Activation of the indicator is not permitted
    Message no. KT253
    You activated an indicator (Plan, Actual, WIP/results analysis or Variance calculation ) in the basic settings for version 1 in controlling area 1000. However, a higher order of settings (general version definition) prevents you from setting this indicator in version 1.
    The following should be taken into account when maintaining a version:
    In general version definition you decide whether a version is allowed for
    •     Panning (with the Plan indicator)
    •     Actual data update (with the Actual indicator)
    Note: In Overhead Cost Controlling, actual data is updated in operational version 0.
    Actual versions different from 0 are found at present only for delta versions in Activity Based Costing (CO-ABC), and when you work with parallel assesment ( additional versions):
    •     A data version from results and WIP determination manages (indicator WIP)
    •     Another version from variance determination manages (indicator Variance)
    •     A version for exclusive use (field exclusive application)
    You must maintain the version basic settings for each controlling area in which you want to update transaction data. General version definition restricts the settings possible for the controlling area:
    •     If general version definition does not allow plan and/or actual data update for version, this applies to the version in all controlling areas. If plan and/or actual data updating is allowed for a version in general definition, this can be reset for each controlling area separately (unmark the plan or actual indicator).
    •     Delta versions in ABC may not be used for parallel valuations in the actual; the same goes for versions with exclusive applications. In both cases, the valuation fields may not be maintained.
    To set indicators WIP/Results- or Variance-determination the following conditions apply:
    •     Both indicators may be set only during setup for the controlling area, when they are already established in the higher level general version definition
    •     If either indicator is already active in the data bank, then the actual indicator may not be subsequently activated
    •     If the actual indicator is inactive and either of these indicators is active, then the valuations in the corresponding versions and in version "000" must agree
    •     If the actual indicator is active, then both indicators must be activated
    Versions 0 and 1 are used regularly for various purposes by the system, which sets the following limitations/restrictions:
    •     Version 0 must always be available. It cannot be used exclusively. The plan and actual indicators must always be active.
    •     The actual indicator may not be activated in version 1.
    If these conditions are violated during version maintenance, error messages are issued. There are three types of error message:
    1. While maintaining the general version definition, you can only make changes if they do not violate the conditions outlined above.
    2. While maintaining the basic settings in the controlling area, the entries must remain consistent with the higher level entries.
    3. You want to maintain version 0 or 1. The restrictions outlined above apply.
    Use the "Extras" menu option to display the structure of the entries in the complex data object version:
    •     Select a version and choose Extras -> Version use.
    The SAP System shows which controlling areas use this version.
    •     Select Extras -> Versions in CO area
    This displays all versions used in the current controlling area.
    The subordinate entries in the hierarchy (settings for each fiscal year, strategic Activity-Based Costing: transactions for a delta versions) will also be shown for both cases.
    Do not activate the indicator, or change the higher order of settings in the general version definition.

    What are you trying to change?
    To me you are not suppose to make any changes, you need to select the version "0" and then hit "Settings for each Fiscal year" subfolder.... here you copy the settings of 2006 and change the year to 2007. This should resolve the problem.

  • Fiscal year not defined for in Year

    Dear All
    I am trying BDC to record hiring action through PA40 for the purpose of mass hiring. While hiring process at 'Create Car & Conveyance allowance' screen a warning message appears "No automatic updation for pernr 12345 .Allowance grpg not found." I skipped it, then another error comes at  'Create Income From Other Sources' screen, that is "Fiscal year not defined for  in Year". In the description of this error I find 'Fiscal year not defined for  in Year'. I checked PA03 also, but I didn't find any clue there.
    Kindly enable me with your expert suggestions to go ahead.
    Best Regards,
    Anand Singh
    SAP HR Consultant

    1. Allowance Grouping
    - Check the hiring date and Infotype 8 date.
    2. Income from other sources
    - Check the control record .
    Is it released for the year for which u r entering the data.

  • "CO-OM version is not assigned to a receiver version CO-PA for fiscal year

    Hello, I would like to ask where I can customize the following message when using transaction KEUB.
    The message says:
    "CO-OM version in controlling area XY is not assigned to  a receiver version CO-PA for fiscal year 2010"
    thanks in advance where I can customize

    thats IMG-path Controlling / general controlling / Organization / Maintain versions. In the Controlling area settings for eacvh fiscal year you can assign a Profitability analysis version.
    best regards, Christian

  • Splitting is not working for fiscal year 2008

    hai experts,
    The splitting is not working for fiscal year 2008. This is critical for month end.
    pls explain me ful cycle and advise me what i have to do,
    thank you

    Please check the documentation in the links below.
    This gives yuo a brief on Document splitting. Please let me know if you need any further help. Please do award points if found useful.

  • KP26 version 0 lock for fiscal year 2010

    why i cannot update KP26 using version 0? but when i using version 1 its ok ?
    now my fiscal year  is 2010, and period 3.
    the error shows - version 0 is block for fiscal year 2010. where i should check and change?

    check this link.
    link:[Re: Activity type problem;
    hope it'll give some idea.

  • Delta Fail - Fiscal year variant FP is not maintained for fiscal year 2011

    Afternoon all,
    One of our overnight deltas failed with the error msg
    "Fiscal year variant FP is not maintained for calendar year 2011"
    I've since in SPRO under Maintain fiscal year variant created the correct entry for 2011 which mirrors the R3 source system. However when i run a repeat delta the same error occurs.
    Thinking i may have missed a setting i have since transferred the global settings for fiscal year variants from the source system in RSA1 and again ran a repeat delta...same error.
    On the advice from other threads in the forums i've checked in OB29 and it appears fine, and also checked tables T009 and T009b again without success.
    Does anyone know of anything else i can try?

    hope run the delta after the attribute change run could solve the issue.
    hope u may have the below posts already if not chk out
    Fiscal variant maintence
    Maintaining Fiscal Variant Between R3 and BW
    Fiscal variant not maintained for Calender year

  • SAP EXIT Variable 0FYEAR is not working for Fiscal Year(OFISCYEAR)

    Dear SDN,
    I have created Simple Query.
    Company code(0COMP_CODE)
    Fiscal Year(0FISCYEAR)
    Total Debit postings(0DEBIT)
    Total Credit posting(0CREDIT)
    Companycode(Variable Selection option)
    Fiscal year(Varialbe SAPEXIT 0FYEAR)
    Fiscal Year Variant(K4)
    After executing the query in the variable screen only company code is displayed.
    Is there any setting or activation is required to use SAP EXITS?
    Waiting for Solution......
    Thanks & Regards,

    In this case you will have to use a Customer Exit (which is Ready for Input) Variable which gets Current Fiscal Year as a Default Value.
    In order to do that - you will need to create a Customer Exit Variable which is Ready for Input. The Variable will have to be assigned with Current Fiscal Year under I_STEP 1 (this refers to the coding of the Customer Exit in T-code: CMOD)
    If you need any help with the coding - don't hesitate to ask.

  • Offset not working for fiscal year variable 0P_FYEAR

    Hello all,
    I am working in G/L cube. I am getting total credit and total debit keyfigures from the cube.
    I want values for 2 years side by side. So I am using 0P_FYEAR as varaible for the key figure and offsetting the other by -1 but for some reason the offset is not working. ?
    If I run the query just for 2007 is get the values, if i run just for 2006 I see the values for but when I use the varaible and input the fiscal year as 2007 in varaible screen than I see the values only for 2007 and not for 2006 ?
    The test data in cube is for 2006 and 2007
    Why can that be ?
    Any suggestions?

    Hi KM
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I created another simple query with 2 RKF's, one RKF uses the user entered value ( 0) and onther RKF is offset to -1 and it is very straight forward query.
    The second RKF query result came blank. Infact i tried with my own variable which i have created not SAP variable, but still no luck.
    Do you have any thoughts.
    Thanks for all your help.

  • Fiscal Period Variant Not defined for year 2010

    Hi All ,
      We are using a Planning area with a Fiscal year variant  in the storage bucket profile for DP. We are trying to copy the data from BW to the planning area which also has the same Fiscal year variant. All the settings in SPRO and the T009 tables are setup correctly for this fiscal year variant, still while using the TSCUBE transaction to copy the data from the cube to the planning area we enconter the above mentioned error. While investigating further we found a table /sapapo/T445C2 which assigns the infocube to the technical periods and this table is empty as of now,( A similar table is used in ECC for flexible planning which assings this value there ) , But  in BW side there is no such table. I am not sure if this is the reason for the error. Did anyone face a similar problem in the past . Kindly share your comments on the same.

    Hi Kadam,
    Thank you for the reply. We already did check the notes , but that is not of relevance in this case, since the error is happening not only in APO but also in BI. The BI team found that the fiscal year variant defined for the year was 100 periods which is not possible since in a year if we make weekly periods the periods cannot exceed more that 53 to 64  hence the system was not creating any SID's they are trying to correct the error.

  • While creating sales order got error version "0" is not defined for company

    i got a error  while creating a sales order(va01) ,i got an error
    saying that "version 0(zero) is not defined for company code
    if there is any solution please provide....
    kishore kumar

    Go to TCODE:OKEQ
    1)select version 0 here and ext select settings for each fiscal year under controlling area settings
    2)give your controlling area XXXX and version 0 then enter
    3)select new entries maintain data for new year 2008.
    Hope this will give u

  • Fiscal year variant is not maintained for calendar year 2009

    After upgrade to BI 7.0 we are getting error: "Fiscal year variant & is not maintained for calendar year 2009" while opening a query through Bex Analyzer.
    Basically it is happening like when we open a particular query, the Variable selection screen comes up, then on clicking the exection button (after selection) it shows SYSTEM_FAILURE exception & clicking the details button, shows the message ""Fiscal year variant is not maintained for calendar year 2009"
    Please provide some information/resolution to this.

    Please ensure that you have defined your fiscal year variant in OB29
    correctly.  It is necessary that:
      1.  the previous year has been maintained,
      2.  an entry for Dec 31 exists in each fiscal year,
      3.  the following fiscal year has been maintained.
    Hope this helps.

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