Video conversion from MPG to MP4 loses its audio

Try to convert a .mpg file to .mp4 (so that you could watch it in your iPod video), iTunes does the conversion but there's no sound, only the video part works. I tried to do the same conversion using QuickTime 7.0.4, again the video part of .mp4 filefine, but the audio part was mute.
Could the iTunes/QuickTime programmer who wrote this conversion routine take a look at this problem.

This is actually by design, not a bug. Albeit a stupid design, IMO.
Quicktime cannot cope with muxed MPEG files. You can work around this shortcoming in many different ways though. I've detailed two of these ways here:

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  • Video conversion from .avi to .mp4

    Now that I am resigning to the fact that the bright decision of Apple is to only allow playing of one format, which is the best tool to convert avi and mkv files into a format the intelligent iTunes and AppleTV can work with?
    Tried Handbrake. It doesn't recognize .avi files as "Source" (Command + O). Does nothing. Insists on working only with DVDs.
    Tried VisualHub. This works and converts mp4 file, but that file is not recognized inside iTunes.
    Now what?

    Visit and download Vuze -
    This will convert almost any video format into an mp4 and place the new file into your itunes library.
    Very quick and painless piece of kit.

  • Best practice video conversion from download

    I am looking for best practice for video conversions.
    I am downloading adobe recordings via this method:
    From here, I have been converting the FLVs using either freemake video converter or FLV converter. I have tried converting into AVI (XVID), MOV, WMV, etc. (I need the file to be under 600 MB for an hour of recording, therefore it is going to need some type of compression).
    My goal is to import the video into Sony Vegas Pro 10 for further editting. I have found that whatever method I use, the video and audio does not sync properly about 50% of the time. The video time is longer than the audio time usually. Or that there are other various errors, such as the video just freezing halfway through the video.
    I have been using connect for a few years now, but with each update I find (connect 8, 9, etc), that the problems are getting worse. At this point I am just wasting time trying to convert into various formats using various codecs just trying to luck upon one where the video is at least without error.
    What methods are others using to convert the FLV to a workable editable format?

    Can't the FLV files be changed into many different formats through Apple's
    Compressor or Adobe Media Encoder? These formats can then be opened in
    standard video editing software for editing.
    Best practice video conversion from download
    05/21/12 01:03 PM
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    Re: Best practice video conversion from download
    created by mach5kel in Connect General Discussion - View the full
    Yes, I use this as a last resort, as the quality of capture this was is
    signifcatnly lower. As well as it is a much more time consuming process. I
    sometimes have over 50 parts of 1 hour video. To use camtasia, you need
    first to record it, then it must be saved in a camtasia format, and then
    lastly rendered into avi or wmv. Therefore, it is does take awhile.
    Really, I feel there shouldnt be so many errors in the conversion process,
    but I am finding the FLV recordings themselves have problems. This last
    file I am looking at, even the recording playback on adobe connect, has
    serious issues with audio and video sync. A problem that is all too common
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  • How to convert video file from mpg to 3g2?

    I am using final cut express and I tried to add a few video files. The formats with 3g2 worked but the others that did not work were mpg. With the mpg files the actual video worked but the audio did not show up. I do not know how to convert them.. please help?!

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    Where did this video come from? FCE uses QuickTime files with specific frame sizes/rates and codecs. You can convert many other types of files so they're FCE-compatible using utilities such as MPEG Streamclip (which is free).

  • Can some recommend a video converter from VOB to MP4

    Can some recommend a video converter from VOB to MP4

    Also: htm

  • Bad performance of video convertion from .avi to .mp4

    I use QT Pro v7.0.3 to convert avi video to mp4. The mp4 quality is bad. I am unsure if mp4 movie is bad in quality or QT Pro is bad in convertion. As iPod selects to support mp4 video, the quality should be of an acceptable one, otherwise, it just damages iPod reputation. It is my first time to watch mp4 video but the impression is not to bother at all - worse than vCD. Is there any one using mp4 video? Any comments!

    I set my QT avi to mp4 conversion to 2500 kbits/sec, current image size, current frame rate, and it's still worse than the original avi. FAR worse.
    I've given up on encoding my avi's to play from my iPod. It just stinks, so I'm not sure what to tell ya... just that you are not alone in your observation. They look OK for play on the iPod, but playing from the iPod to anything else, like say a TV, it's not worth it. It seems to be better to just play the avi via some other means on the TV, because the conversion is seriously sub par.

  • File conversion, from .mpg files to useable files for iMovie on new MacBook

    i wasnt really sure where to post this, but since my end goal is to be able to use all my videos for editing on iMovie it seemed like the best place, i have many .mpg files that i would like to simply convert to a file of equal quality that iMovie will recognize, theres pages and pages of converters on google but they either are trial versions that will leave water marks or there are websites that will only convert files up to 100mb, i just need a simple converter for the videos i have, i dont want to spend 50 bucks on software that ill only use once and i obviously dont want water marks or a decrease in quality, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

    You want MPEG Streamclip: which is a free download.
    If your movie is an MPEG-2 or VOB file (i.e. from an unencrypted DVD), you also need the MPEG2 Playback Component from Apple: which costs US$19.99

  • Video Conversion from DVD

    I have a huge DVD collection and am off to Uni in September. I do not want to have to transport my DVD collection down with me so was wondering what would be the best format to convert the DVD's to. Is AVI the best format and if so what would be the best program to use?
    Many Thanks

    Hi there,
    It is of well understand that the copyright infringing happens when non authorized copies and reproductions are done for commercial interests, but before you do your copies you should consult copyright holders to grant permissions or know you already have then.
    DVDs Copying Softwares Companies usually manifests that "It is against the law to reproduce copyrighted material for the purpose of selling it to third parties. Some countrys' laws only allows for you to make one backup copy of any software or media for personal and archival purposes."
    For your understanding here is a List of Copyright case law -
    And I think about file format I think that MKV would be good for a high definition, doesn't AVI generate very large files? I would bet in a good set for MPEG-4 format in your personal backup storage.
    Good luck.

  • Video Conversions

    I have a slight problem (if you actually want to call it that).
    I have quite a few DVDs full of videos (like actual band DVDs ... aka Video Hits), and i wanted to know what everyone uses to rip vidz onto your computer? I tried Xilisoft DVD Ripper, but the quality of the rip isn't that great (audio good, video bad). *if this is illegal (even though it's not for distribution, only for my iPod), just ignore that question, and maybe answer this one ...
    I also have close to 400 mpeg videos (music vidz) on my computer & i was wondering what everyone uses to convert existing MPEGs into iPod playable vidz? i tried Xilisoft Video Converter (from mpeg to mp4), but the audio doesn't sync ... any other suggestions for what to use to convert to iPod vidz? I noticed that if you buy a vid from iTunes, it uses a really nice quality M4V ... how do i rip / convert to that???
    iPod 60GB Video   Windows XP Pro   Universal Dock ... iPod Software 1.1

    If M4V is the same as MP4, then yes. (But isn't mp4 what you'd want? That's what the iPod will play.)
    Edit: My mistake...I believe they're the same, it's just that the iPod videos are recorded/distributed at high quality.

  • AIM(PC) doesn't see the video in a one-way video conference from me iChat

    I'm using an iMac running iChat v 3.1.5. The other end is using a PC running AIM v 5.5, with the ports opened on the windows firewall, but she cannot see the video coming from me. We both get audio, just no video for her. She gets a black screen. How do we fix this?

    Hi TonyBar3,
    Even though she has not got a camera has she tuned the app for A/V chats
    6:53 PM Tuesday; June 20, 2006

  • Losing Audio in Video Conversion m2ts mp4

    I am using a video importing device and software that creates a "m2ts" file.   I can play the created "m2ts" file perfectly using VLC.
    However, neither QuickTime 7 or QuickTime 10.3 will play this file.   When I tried to use MPEG Streamclip I was presented with a pop-up suggesting I need to purchase an additional plug-in, (which I am happy to do). It suggested I go here to purchase.
    I tried that, but was redirected here
    I have no idea if the software I need is at this redirected website.
    The plot thickens.   The importing software has the ability within it to convert video file to a mp4.   I tried that because I have found mp4 to be more compatible.
    Unfortunately,  I lose all audio (the video is perfect) when I try MPEG Streamclip or VLC.  With QuickTime 10.3 I get perfect audio and video.  So, I drag the mp4 file into iMovie 06 (aka iMovie HD) and it begins converting into something. When the conversion is complete the audio is gone!
    I have dumped many mp4 files into iMovie 06, and never had a problem until now.
    Thanks for reading, suggestions appreciated.

    I thought I would report my progress.  ( I have sound now, BUT !! )
    I purchased a video conversion program from the Mac App Store.   It is called “AnyVideo converter HD".  It is well reviewed.
    So, I dropped in my "m2ts" file.  I set the conversion to "Computer MOV 720p HD".  "AnyVideo converter HD" converted a 1 minute video in about 15 seconds to a "mov".   The converted file had excellent picture quality and sound, it played perfectly using QuickTime.
    Then the trouble started.  When I dropped this 60 second clip into iMovie 06 (set for 720p) it's conversion process took 35 minutes ?!?!   The result was flawless!  However, a two-hour video conversion would not be complete until about the time Capt. Kirk joins Starfleet.

  • How can I change the default video conversion applied when I copy an AVI file from my PC to my Android HTC One M8 phone?

    Here's the situation...
    I have an Android HTC One M8 phone which I connect via USB cable to my PC, then I use Windows Explorer to drag and drop an AVI file from my PC onto a target folder on the phone. When I would do this after I had first purchased my phone a message box
    would come up with the heading "Convert and Copy" and ask me  "Do you want to convert <filename> before it's copied to your device?" and give me the options "Yes, convert and copy (recommended)" or "No, just
    copy Your file will be copied, but might not play on your device."
    If I chose to convert it converted the file to MP4. No problem, that's what I wanted.
    The problem I now have is that after doing some work with other video applications a while ago where I was outputting WMV files I now find that the default conversion for the above described copy from PC to Android phone now converts files to WMV.
    I simply want it to go back to converting video files copied to my phone as MP4, but I can't seem to find where I can set this!
    It appears that the copy/conversion process in Explorer is being handled in the "Portable Devices Shell Extension" dll - WPDSHEXT.DLL
    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to set the default video conversion back to MP4 ???

    Thanks Rob.
    I actually had no clue what the core problem was caused by. So it's Windows itself...that helps some.
    I'll resubmit there. It might actually have saved time for it to simply have been moved to there instead of off-topic, though I suppose you have to follow protocol.

  • Who knows of a good video converter from Real Media Player to mp4

    I have downloaded an open source video converter (HandBrake) but the images are not that clear.
    Could you suggest another software to get to convert better images from *.rm to *.mp4?
    Or can I use that same software? Any suggestions of how to improve them?
    Thank you,
    Dr. Rosie

    Hi Nijenhuis,
    I checked it in a Website, will give it a try as you suggest. I have an additional question: How good are the images with this conversion?
    Thank you,
    Dr. Rosie

  • When trying to convert quicktime mpg video files to m4v I am unable to open them or lose the audio completely. How can I fix this?

    So I am in nursing school and am making a group project that involves interviews of current RN's. I've been tasked with putting the video together from all the clips, even though I don't really have any experience with iMovie or iMovieHD (both of which I have on my MacBookPro). One of the interviews was recorded on what I think must have been some kind of Sony camera (I can find out if this is important), but I got the files off of a flash drive that my group member gave me. The files all opened in quicktime with no problem with complete audio and video, but when I tried to open it in either iMovie or iMovieHD it stated it could not "parse" the file (in HD) or just simply did not open (in regular iMovie). I'll have to learn the program either way but have been messing around with iMovieHD more so I would prefer to use this if I can. How can I convert the MPG files to m4v and still retain the audio part of the video? I've tried loading it into iPhoto and they won't load. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I'm running out of time to put this video together! Thanks!!

    Hi Grace,
    The free app MPEG Streamclip may be able to convert the file to a more suitable format. It can be downloaded from the developer's site here:
    Here's a User Tip by AppleMan1958 that provides some more information about MPEG Streamclip (it's about importing homemade DVDs, but similar principles apply):

  • Is there a way to make a video call from my iPhone 4 to a non apple phone? Also is it possible to transfer pics using bluetooth from iPhone to other company mobiles? Its a great phone but sometimes I feel struck inside it.

    Is there a way to make a video call from my iPhone 4 to a non apple phone? Also is it possible to transfer pics using bluetooth from iPhone to other company mobiles? Its a great phone but sometimes I feel struck inside it.

    You'd need an app like Skype to video call with other phones.
    Data transfer is not supported via bluetooth and iphone to iphone is not supported at all.

Maybe you are looking for