Viewing MS Visio drawing vsd in Bridge CS4 is very poor

Whe I open folder with MS Visio 2007 drawings in Bridge CS4, I get very low quality preview of them.
When I open an old vsd file, made in Visio 2000 and save it in new format 2007 vsd, preview is good! It happend only with new created drawings in Visio. Deleting Bridge cashe didn't help.
Is there any plug-in to solve this?
Please, help.

Quote from: Svet on 18-September-11, 18:31:16
apply vga reference clocks then retest
Thanks for the reply Svet.
I assume you mean to use MSI afterburner and put the clocks at the default for 560 TI which are the following based on my googling?
MY card currently:
VDDC .9500V-1.000V (depending on 3d load and according to GPU-Z)
GPU clock: 880 MHz (the "sensors" tab reports this as 882.3 for some reason)
Shader clock: 1760MHz
Memory clock: 1050MHz
what you want me to change them to:
VDDC 1.0000 (which is default for this card IIRC I haven't unlocked voltage controls yet to check)
GPU clock: 822MHz
Shader Clock: 1644MHz
Memory: 1002MHz

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  • Can't view NEF files thumbnail from Adobe Bridge CS4

    I hope someone can help/
    I'm using Win Vista 64bit. Installes Photoshop CS4 32bit & 64bit. My PC specs is enough to run the application. My problem is in Bridge CS4, I can't see any pic when I load files like NEF (RAW) or CR2 (RAW). In Bridge CS3 no problem until I installed CS4 problems arised.
    Pls help me soon as I need to sort out the pictures & select for printing. TIA.

    did you do try all the things listed in the tech note linked at the top of the Bridge forum?

  • Bridge CS4 with very large image archves

    I have just catalogued 420,000 images from 3TB of my photographic collection. For those interested, the master cache files became quite large and took about 9 days of continuous processing:
    cache size: 140 gb
    file count: 991,000
    folder count: 3000
    All cache files were also exported to the disk directories.
    My primary intent was to use the exported cache files as a "quick" browsing mechanism with bridge. Of course, "quick" is a rather optimistic word, however is is very significantly faster than having bridge rebuild caches as needed.
    I am now trying to decide if it is worth keeping the master bridge cache because of the limitations of the bridge implementation which is not very flexible as to where and when the master cache adds new temporary cache entries.
    Any suggestions as to the value of keeping the master cache would be appreciated. I don't really need key word or other rating systems since I presently use a simple external data base for this type for image location.
    I am also interested in knowing if the "500,000" entry cache limitation is real - or if more than 500,000 images can be stored in the master cache since I will be exceeding this image count next year.

    I have a bridge 5 cache system with 600,000 images over 8 TB of networded disk.  I too use this to "speed up" the browsing process and rely primarily on key word processing to group images.  The metadata indexing is, for practical purposes, totally useless (it never ceases to amaze me about why Adobe things it useful for me to know how many images were taken with a lens focal length of 73mm - or some other equally useless statistic).  The only thing I can think of that is are serious missing keyword indexing feature is the ability to have a key word associated with a directory.  For example, I have shot many dozens of dance, theatre, music and sports productions - it would be much more useful to cataloge a directory that has the key words "Theatre" and "Romeo and Juliette" than attempt to key-word each individual image.   It is, of course, possible to work around the restrictions but that is very unclean and certainly less than desireable.   Key-wording a project (i.e. a directory) is a totally different kettle of fish than key-wording an image.  I also find the concept of the "collection" is very useful and well implemented.
    I do maintain a complete cache build of my system.  It is spread over two master caches, one for the first 400,000 images and a second for the next 400,000 (I want to stay within the 500,000 cache size limit - it is probabley associated with the MYSQL component of Bridge and I think may have problems if you exceed the limit by a substantial amount.  With Bridge on CS3, when the limit was exceeded , the cache system self-distructed and I had to rebuild).
    The only thing I can think of (and that seems to be part of Adobe's design) is that Bridge will rebuild the master cache for a working directory "for no apparent reason" such as when certain (unknown) changes are made to ACR,   Other automatic rebuilds have been reported by others however Adobe does not comment upon when or what casuses a rebuild.  Of course, this has serious impact upon getting work done - it is a bloody pain to have bridge suddenly process 1500 thumbs and preview extracts simply to keep the master cache completely and perfectly synchronized (in terms of image quality) with what might be displayed if you happen if you want to load a raw image into photoshop.  This strategy is IMHO completely out of step with how (at least I) use the browsing features of bridge.
    It may be of concern that Adobe may, for design reasons, change the format of the directory cache files and you will have to completely rebuild all master and directory caches yet again - which is a real problem if you have many hundreds of thousands of images.  This happened when the cache system changed from CS3 to CS4 - and Adobe did not provide conversion programme to migrate the old to new format.  This significantly adds to the rebuild time since each raw image must be completely reprocessed.  My current rebuild of the master cache has taken over two elapsed weeks of contunuous running.
    It would be nice if Adobe would allow some control over what is recorded in the master cache - for example, "do you wish meta data to be indexed".
    (( as an aside, adobe does not comment upon why, when using Bridge to import images from a CF card, results in the building a .xmp file with nothing but meta data for each raw file.  I am at a loss to speculate what really useful thing results other than maybe speeding up the processing of the (IMHO useless) aspects of meta data ))
    To answer your quiestion, I do think the master cache is worth keeping - and we can pray that Adobe puts more though process into why the master cache exists and who uses the present type of information indexed within the cache.

  • How to view individual art board in Bridge CS4?

    Can somebody tell me how to configure the Adobe Bridge CS4 so that it shows/views/displays individual art boards (that I can scroll thru) and NOT the whole *.ai file (which contains ALL the art boards)?
    I want to preview the individual art boards as a larger image, and when they all appear together in the *.ai file, they appear smaller.
    At the bottom of this page:
    it says;
    "To view documents, open Adobe Bridge and select an Illustrator document from the Content panel. A larger view of the document appears in the Preview panel located to the right of the Content panel. When viewing an Illustrator file with multiple artboards, click the right-facing arrow below the preview to display each of the artboards."
    I do not have this arrow, so therefore no option. On my bridge, all artboards appear together. How do I separate them and get the arrow he is talking about?

    Interesting, looks like you also need to save the file with Create PDF Compatible File checked in the Illustrator options dialog when saving - the sample files were saved without PDF compatibility, so no individual artboard preview.
    I resaved the sample file In the Cradle of the Deep with Create PDF Compatible File checked, and it shows the artboard previews individually.

  • Unable to view Raw Photos in Bridge CS4

    I'm using CS4 and Canon 50D with Windows 7 64Bit. I cannot view the Raw photos in the Bridge viewer. They open in Photoshop OK but just not able to view in Bridge.

    Thanks for your suggestions - I made sure I had only one camera raw file and that the latest plu-in were installed. After reading the support sites I finally was able to get it working very simply - going to View and then Show Hidden Files; that worked!
    Thanks Again

  • Viewing images in Bridge CS4

    I have recently reloaded CS4 on a new computer.  Image preview not working in Bridge CS4 - shows only CR2 file icon instead of image.  How do I get my image preview back?

    Update Camera Raw.

  • How can I view Sony ARW files in Bridge CS4?

    I have a Sony A390, which takes ARW files (I guess Sony's version of a RAW file?), which annoyingly do not show up in Bridge CS4. Would really like to know if there is a way round this please? I have tried updating through Bridge, but it claims there are currently no updates?
    Thank you!

    You can not open those files from CS4 directly.
    That camera was first supported by ACR 6.2, which requires CS5 to run.
    Look for, download, install and then run the free, stand-alone DNG Converter 8.5 to convert your raw Sony files into raw DNGs that you can later open in CS4.

  • Adobe Bridge CS4 vs CS3

    Hello everyone,
    I'm taking a class at the college about Photoshop and we are in a chapter
    where we're using Bridge.
    The class uses version CS4, but I'm using CS3 (the instructor gave a
    thumbs-up to that prior to class). I'm in a place where I can't figure out
    how to do it in CS3 and asking your help.
    Here's the scenario from the textbook (CS4):
    1. Open Bridge and click on the Folders tab.
    --- Like in PS, there is a menu at the top that I don't have in CS3. Same
    here in Bridge. After clicking the Folder tab, the book is showing a screen
    where there are headings of Essentials, Filmstrip, Metadata, and Output.
    2. Open the .psd file
    --- that we were working with earlier in the chapter in PS
    3. Click Output, then click the PDF button, then click Repeat One Photo per
    Page check box, then click the Refresh Preview button.
    --- I'm lost!
    4. Scroll down to the Watermark section of the Output panel, click the View
    PDF After Save checkbox, then Save.
    --- Still lost!
    Before I'm troubling you, I spent about 90 minutes looking through menus,
    Adobe help, and online. Nothing!
    So I'm drawing on the experience within the group to tell me if these steps
    are possible in CS3 - even if they are not exactly as described above. As in
    PS, sometimes the book shows how to do something and I can figure out a
    work-around in CS3.
    Thank you!

    I certainly agree with John J.  The user interfaces are quite different, and the Bridge Output create  pdf function you are asked to do in Bridge CS4 replaced a CS3 pdf fuction performed from Photoshop CS3 called PDF Presentation.
    Here's a series of CS3 steps that gets close to what your CS4 exercise looks to be calling for:
    1. Launch Bridge CS3 and click on the folders tab and navigate to the folder with the pds files for your exercise.  (Ignore the different layout for workspaces et al.)
    2. Select one or more psd files in Bridge (thumbnails in Content panel). 
    3.  Still in Bridge, click on Tools > Photoshop > PDF Presentation.  This will launch Photoshop if it not already open and display a PDF Presentation dialog box with some choices.  The top section will list Source Files, which should show the file or files you had selected in Bridge.  In the bottom section Output Options select the Presentation button, and you might click to Include Filename.
    4. Click Save at top of the dialog box.  You should get a Save dialog box.  Select filename and where to save the pdf; then you should see Photoshop's Save Adobe PDF dialog box in which, under General,  you can check View PDF After Saving.

  • Bridge CS4 one Windows 7 stops working when trying to load pictures in a new file

    Bridge starts fine but when i click on some files to see the pictures in there it stops working.
    The message i get is:
    "Adobe Bridge has stopped working
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
    Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."
    I had problems with my XP x64 and CS4 bridge too and after formatting and installing windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) i thought it would be solved ... but no such luck.
    Any ideas what to do?
    also not sure where to look for any error logging or something similar.
    Oh having problems with itunes too as it will not start....., yea i know wrong forum but just incase someone has the same problem as i do
    I appreciate your help

    This is what i get from the event viewer:
    Sorry i have no idea what to look for
    [  Name]
    Application  Error
    [  Qualifiers]
    [  SystemTime]
    C:\Program  Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge CS4\Bridge.exe

  • Need help installing Bridge CS4 gallery in DW CS4

    I've spent days trying to find out how to put a gallery I created in Bridge CS4 into Dreamweaver CS4. Bridge created a folder filled with a lot of files, including image files and an index.html file. How do I insert these into my DW page? I'm fairly new to Dreamweaver and need the specific steps laid out for me. Thanks.

    Copy the entire folder to your web root in the Dreamweaver CS4 and create a HTML page from your template, name it "gallery" then open the Dreamweaver CS4 if not already opened, click to open the files of your website at the right hand Corner of the Dreamweaver CS4 page or windows > files to open it; search for the folder of the gallery open it and copy the .swf player file to the space you have created on the gallery page save the page then press F12 on your keyboard or file > preview in browser and choose your browser to view your gallery. You could resize it after all that. It worked for me on my new web design. Good luck.
    Best regards,

  • Bridge CS4 freezes when I open a folder with avi files

    Whenever I navigate to a folder with avi files, Bridge CS4 freezes. I have tried resetting my preferences, changing the file associations, but it still hangs. Both Windows and Bridge are set up to associate avi files with VLC Media Player. The files open and play just fine in VLC. I am running CS4 on a Win XP Pro machine. It used to not be a problem and I could play avi files in Bridge. I'm not sure when the problem started since I don't shoot a lot of video. Any ideas?

    Thx for that im gonna try it....but is there a way to do it without using toolbar or cmd-c...? i mean using only the mouse?why does it have to highlight the file even though i click a bit next to it....?using icon view i can right click next to the folder and i wont have a problem but with list view that i prefer using it will highlight the whole row.....and i dont find free space to right click cause i got many files

  • Anyone see changes in images when making a web gallery through Adobe Bridge cs4??? Please Help!

    When creating web galleries through adobe bridge CS4 the final gallery images become very orange.....
    Not even comparable to what we are  seeing in Bridge or Photoshop CS4....
    Adobe tells me that this is happening because of the conversion for web use.
    We are just noticing this change now and feel that there is a problem somewhere.....
    Has anyone else seen this issue or now anything to do to get it fixed???
    It's really annoying, Please Help!!!

    You probably want to ask this in the Bridge forum. From what I know, Bridge converts the profile to sRGB which helps avoids big color shifts if you view the images in an uncolormanaged web browser. This may change the appearance slightly, but there shouldn't be a huge shift.

  • Bridge CS4 image Previews are too small

    In Bridge CS4 I cannot get the preview images to display anything larger than a large thumbnail view, see image below.  I have tried all of the Preferences in Edit menu (e.g. Thumbnail: do not process files larger than set to 10,000 MB, cache options are keep 100% previews in cache checked/automatically export cache to folders when possible checked/cache size slider is set to 50%, software render has been checked/unchecked/generate monitor size previews checked).  None of these options change anything for the size of the image preview.  I have a DX10.1 ATI Radeon HD4890 XOC 1GB, so my video card is not the issue.  I am running Windows 7 Ult x64 on ASUS P8P67 Deluxe with 16GB RAM and over 2 TB of HDD space. So my system should not be an issue either.  These are Sample artwork images that were installed with Illustrator cs4.  How do i increase the size of these images?
    Also, these images are showing everything in the ai image, not the individual images in each ai file.  How do i get it to show the individual images in each AI file like they were separate images, like Illustrator?

    Actually, you just solved both of my problems with your question.  I never thought about how the images were created/saved.
    It turns out that for some reason when i re-save the images as version CS4 of course and all options selected in dialog box now the images act correctly and resize accordingly when the separator is moved and will get quite large as they should.
    I also had to use my mouse and select each artboard/image inside the file then re-saved with same settings as above to get multiple images to show up with the buttons at bottom of image in preview mode.  Now all is good.
    These are the default installed sample artwork images.  Not sure why they were like this, may have been some kind of format/process error. Thanks a lot Curt Y.
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  • Elements 8.0 and Adobe Bridge CS4 problem

    I have two problems that appeared in Elemens 8.0 and Adobe Brigde CS4 recently.  I'm using the Mac version and a Macbook Pro (4 months old).
    I don't really know where to address the problem, but I hope someone in this forum would be able to advice me.
    Problem 1
    When I browse a RAW-file in Bridge and click the photo to view a 100% zoom and then go back to a normal view, after a few seconds the photo turns alot darker.  I've got alot of macro photos of flower and they really loose structure in this process and I would say they get damaged.
    On the attached file the left photo is the photo I've viewed and closed and the right one is the original file.  Does anyone have an explanation to this problem?  I do like to review my files and do a 100% zoom before I choose the best one, but this is not possible in Bridge due to this problem.
    Problem 2
    After postprocessing my photos in Elements some of them cannot be viewed through Brigde anymore, they get sort of unclear and some show pixels.  If I use Finder or other programmes to view the files they look perfectly allright. See examples below, the left one is a screendump from Bridge and the second one is the processed file.

    I think this solved the problem, at least some of it.
    I deleted the bridge plist file and also ran an update of Bridge CS4.  I wasn't sure how to update ACR in bridge, so I didn't do that.
    But when I start Bridge now, only some of the files changes color slightly in the thumbnails view.  The zoom (loading 100%) also looks different, it zoomed to 800% earlier even though it said 100%, it sort of never ended.
    Thank you Barbara, I'm ever so grateful.  Now I know where to go if I have more problems

  • Bridge CS4 Photo Downloader issue

    If I use Bridge CS4 photo downloader to retrieve images from a CF card, the download appears successful. Bridge and photoshop can process all files without problem from the download directory.
    Subsequently, if I use Digital Photo Professional (Canon's provided image browser - known as DPP) to view the download directory, DPP will crash with a "DPPViewer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close ..." fatal error window.
    If I subsequently delete the first file from the download directory, DPP will successfully operate without crashing.
    I have performed this test multiple times and it is "reasonably consistent".
    If I use PhotoMechanic to download the images (Rather than Photo Downloader), DPP will never have an issue reading all files.
    If I change Photo Downloader options to uncheck "Preserve Current File Name in XMP" and "Apply Metadata" to NONE, files can be imported by Photo Downloader and read properly by DPP.
    My interpretation of this is that Digital Photo Downloader may have a problem properly downloading the first file from the CF card (hummm. a boundary condition :-) this may be associated with metadata.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Seems like I have seen posts where the autoload does not work correctly when you plug in a usb device  with 64 bit systems.  This is Windows Os thing.  Might google this to check for solutions.

Maybe you are looking for

  • No loops in '08

    This may be a dumb question but here goes anyway. I open Garageband on my new MacBook and there are no loops in it. I click on a loop and a dialog box pops saying the selected loop is not currently installed on my computer and would i like to install

  • How do I get rid of what appears to be 'ghosting' with previous and now 4.0.1 versions?

    Using Windows 2000xp. Decided to uninstall Firefox completely and then download 4.0.1 for re-install. Problem persists.

  • Copying customer fields (CUSTOMER_H)  in CHARM

    Hi Everybody , I implemented CHARM  (ZDCR and ZDHF ). In CRMD)_ORDER using EEWB i created customer fields . No my requirment is when i create ZDHF from ZDCR i need to copy these customer fields from ZDCR to ZDHF. Please help me how to do this . Thank

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