Voice Dialing problems with Galaxy S3

One of the critical safety features of any phone is the ability to place a call by voice command while driving.
The Samsung Galaxy S III has two major failings in supporting this basic need.  Problems with S Voice and problems placing calls from a locked phone using a bluetooth headset.
S Voice supports voice dialing, although rather poorly.  S Voice is slow to process what I've said (unlike voice typing in every other app) and frequently fails due to "network error".
But worst of all, if I set S Voice to never auto-dial (because I want to confirm that it hasn't misrecognized who I am trying to call), rather than reading me the name it matched and asking me if I want to dial, it only displays the match on-screen, which is useless when driving.
Even if I am willing to trust S Voice to auto-dial, there is still a fatal flaw in voice dialing that I haven't found a way around.
In the phone app, under call settings, Accessory settings for call, Outgoing call conditions, you are able to set whether, when using a bluetooth headset, you are able to use the headset's call button to place a call when the phone is locked.
The problem is the phone's definition of "locked".
If the phone's security is set to only need to swipe the screen to unlock, this feature works as you would expect.  However, anyone who is concerned about security of their data would never consider this setting as locked.
If you have your phone's security set to require anything other than a swipe, be it face recognition, PIN, pattern or password, you are unable to place a call using your bluetooth headset's call button.
In other words, there is no safe way to place a call while driving unless you leave your phone with no security.
Ignoring for the moment the significant shortcomings of S Voice for dialing, as delivered to the customer you can not safely use your Galaxy S3 to place a call while driving.
Has anyone found a way to place a call when the screen is locked with a PIN?
Better yet, has anyone found a voice dialing app that works on the Samsung Galaxy S3 as a replacement for S Voice?
Any suggestions on how to get the Galaxy S III to match the capabilities of every other phone I've ever owned will be greatly appreciated.

THANK GOODNESS, someone to feel my pain! LOL On some other forums, I have been attacked for complaining about S-Voice. All of you just described what I am going through. And like Adamant, I am probably going to take the phone back tomorrow. And, also, like Adamant, I don't want to! Dang it! I just want to use my phone HANDS FREE! I have contacted Verizon, Samsung and Jawbone and am more confused than before. Samsung said my phone was too smart for my bluetooth! And that there was nothing they could do about my phone not recognizing my sister's name. This is my favorite example: I say 'Call Rite Aid Pharmacy'  simple enough.  Phone says 'I can do an internet search for 'Call Rite Aid Pharmacy' !!!!!!!! About enough to make me want an iPhone! not really. But I am going to trade 'down' for a Razr Maxx, I think?
I had no problems with my MOTO Razr! oh yeah, one more thing...S VOICE <Comment deleted per the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.> ...I could go on; but won't
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  • Droid 3 voice dialing issues with bluetooth

    I just received my Motorola Droid 3 on Monday.  I'm having issues using voice dialing with my Samsung WEP590 bluetooth headset.  No trouble activating the voice dialing on the phone but it never dials the correct name.  I did the voice training on the phone but it didn't help.  Yes, English is my native language.   Saying "call home" made the phone ask if I wanted to "email" someone.  Very frustrating since I travel for my job and voice dialing over bluetooth is essential. 
    I tried to do voice dialing without bluetooth and had the same issue.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there a third party app I can use?
    thanks for any help.

    Good Afternoon, dtownfb!
    I researched bluetooth information about the device and the headset. I found no related concerns from other users. It would appear to be a hardware related issue on either the phone or headset. Have you been able to use another bluetooth with the device successfully? Have you tried the bluetooth paired with another phone and used the voice dialing feature successfully? We can eliminate the issue by asking these two questions. The problem lies in where we can duplicate the problem. 
    Please advise your findings. If it is deemed an issue with your Droid 3, please feel free to PM me so I can assist further with options to correct the issue.
    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Cronic voice dialing problem, PLEASE help

    Hey everyone,
    I'm new to posting on these forums but have been browsing for about two weeks. I recently got a Curve 8330 and loved it until this problem arose. I have researched it and cannot find a solution, and it is really starting to drive me crazy. I hope someone can help, and I would be very grateful.
    Anyway, I have a Seidio Extended Battery, and a 16 gig microSD card in the phone, but I don't think either one has anything to do with the problem (it still occurs with them removed). A lot of times when the phone is idle or I am trying to make a call, the voice dialing screen pops up. At the top it says Voice Dialing, under that it says "Say a command", and then it says Listening. I believe this is the regular voice dialing screen. However, I do NOT want to use voice dialing at all. I have the side convenience keys set to lock and camera, so it does not have to do with them. This screen randomly pops up and repeats itself over and over to the point where I must remove the battery and reload. A few minutes later, it happens again. Also, when this screen is up and I'm in the middle of the call, I cannot hear the opposite party which causes further issues. 
    Does anyone else have this problem and/or a solution? Is there a way I can just eliminate voice dialing altogether from the phone? This thing is driving me nuts and ruining an otherwise fantastic piece of technology. Thank you very much for your responses! 
    Message Edited by dparker313 on 07-02-2009 05:30 PM

    my phone is doing the exact same thing with the voice command popping up intermittently throughout the day.  I have reinstalled the software back to the factory specs and this worked for a week or so.  I have also pulled battery, changed side buttons, etc and nothing has seemed to actually fix the problem...all just patches.  I have already had the motherboard replaced in this phone once and now this.  I have only had the phone for maybe 2 months!  Thank you for your input.

  • E65 voice dialing problem

    I realized that not all the contacts has a voice tag. Is this normal?

    Dear François,
    We should shout all together : ANY BODY FROM NOKIA THERE!!!
    I had this problem once again after having discussed with you. I am in Turkey. I experienced the problem completely the same as you described in your post both with English and Turkish languages on the phone.
    I think this is a problem of comptability of any of the following combinations; Phone Software / PC suite / Windows Vista / and, maybe, the silly Toshiba bluetooth stack I am bedly experiencing since I have changed my laptop for about 15 days ago. Before, it was a heaven with XP + Vidcomm bluetooth drivers.
    I will try to describe my environment parameters and what happens when, just expecting that somebody from Nokia may read and bring a solution to this problem as soon as possible.
    The voice dialing is dieing when you synchronize is with PC suite and try to reach text messages and calender on the phone through PC suite. The way I found to solve the problem is to turn off the synthesiser. Swicth the phone off and then swicth it on again and finally turn the synthisiser on. Here you are. It works and also with contacts. This feature is very important for me because I use this feature with my car kit since a while and I was really happy until I had this problem. It was a big comfort.
    My environment, if anybody from Nokia will be interested in:
    I synchronize my E65 with one Vista laptop, one XP laptop, one car kit (Parrot CK 3000) and one GPS device.
    E65 software version is 3.0633.69.00 06.02.2008 RM208
    PC suite versions I keep using and

  • Nokia Lumia 920 voice input problem with speaker o...

    My voice input doesn't seem to pick up any sound while having the speakers on. The voice recognition doesn't work, it just says that i didn't hear anything. I'm having the same problem with soundhound, skype and turning speaker on while calling. Someone else having the same issue?

    I have the latest Nokia update, and the latest Nokia system apps from the store, i've used the reset sometimes when my phone freezes but the problem's still there. Its really annoying.
    I sent my phone on service about a month ago because of another issue, they said thet they changed the motherboard, and that's when this problem started to occur.
    I've seen other people on the net with the same problem, but it looks like it's a rare problem.

  • Voice dialing problem

    I just activated a new Blackberry World Edition  Model RBK41CG
    Everything was great for the first 3 days but now the voice dialing won't
    work.  Everytime I push the "convenience button" I get a message that says,
    "Unable to allocate audio channel.  Close other applications and try
    again".   I can't find any info relative to this problem.
    Please help.   I really need voice dialing as I have failing sight.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    I got it fixed when I found the rebbot suggestion from another posting - I gave appropriate KUDOS!! 

  • 8830 voice dialing problems

    I have the world edition phone and use a Jawbone, and the phone hangs on voice dialing.  I have to reset the phone every day.  Jawbone says its a BB issue.  Trying to get BB to help is like getting troops out of Iraq.  Does anyone know how to solve this problem without the daily reset?

    Go to OPTIONS, SCREEN/KEYBOARD and scroll down to Right and Left side conviniance keys.  Click the menu and choose CHANGE OPTION.  I changed both my buttons to be Keyboard Lock.

  • UCCX 7 outbound dialing, problem with area codes

    Hello all,
    I'm just testing the outbound dialing feature in a lab, and have run into the following problem:
    I have following:
    outbound configuration:
    Customer dialing time: start (9:00) end (21:00)
    dialing prefix - 9
    international prefix - 00
    Local Area Code: 44
    Area Codes:
    44 -> Europe/London
    34 -> Europe/Madrid
    86 -> GMT-10 (for testing purposes, does not correspond to real China time).
    Then, I upload a .CSV file into a campaign with the following information:
    The dialing works, the agent receives the call, accepts it, and then the call is made.
    if anyone is interested, although it has nothing to do with the question itself, the calls are translated to other extension on CUCM to be able to make a call.
    The problem is that, they are all treated as in the same AREA CODE, although I have clearly defined area codes for each of those countries.
    when the call appears it shows on the CAD as BAAreaCode: +00060
    Therefore the calls are made through to China even when it's midnight there!!!???
    I know I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what?
    Many thanks for your help,

    Hi Aaron,
    Sorry for being so late to answer you. But I've done quite a few tests last weekend and have couple traces as well.
    Apparently, the first time I added area codes, I did something incorrect, although I do not know what exactly, because now I've added area codes and it partially worked.
    Area code: 4420 - Europe/London with Daylight saving
    Area code: 3498 - Europe/Madrid with Daylight saving
    Area code: 8661 - GMT/+7 NO Daylight saving
    The first two Area codes (Spain and London) were correctly identified, In traces I could even see:
    this one is for Spain:
    type=com.cisco.executor.QueuedExecutor,Thread=MIVR_CFG_MGR_INVOKE_NOTIFICATION-33-189,Thread priority=7,Original Thread=null,Original thread priority=5,Time=null,Exception=null 358035:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-CFG_MGR-7-UNK:configStubImpl-replace() notified with DialingListConfig,time=2010-07-03 10:56:40.373,recordId=0,impl=class com.cisco.crs.outbound.DialingListConfig,desc=,key[137],columns[137,1,,Jacky,Chan,0086611115002,,,377,0,424,1,424,1,,1278150825843,6,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0] 358036:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getPhoneNumber: callStatus=2callResult=0lastNumDialed=0 358037:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getUnformattedPhoneNumber: dlcID:138 358038:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getFormattedPhoneNumber: phoneNum=0034981114001 0034981114001 358039:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getFormattedPhoneNumber: intPrefix=00 localAreaCode=004420 lenAreaCode=6 include lac=true 358040:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:numToDial=0034981114001 0034981114001 358041:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getUnformattedPhoneNumber: dlcID:138 358042:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: timezone=sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id="Europe/Madrid",offset=3600000,dstSavings=3600000,useDaylight=true,transitions=165,lastRule=java.util.SimpleTimeZone[id=Europe/Madrid,offset=3600000,dstSavings=3600000,useDaylight=true,startYear=0,startMode=2,startMonth=2,startDay=-1,startDayOfWeek=1,startTime=3600000,startTimeMode=2,endMode=2,endMonth=9,endDay=-1,endDayOfWeek=1,endTime=3600000,endTimeMode=2]] 358043:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: DST observed=true 358044:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: localTimeMins=716 globalStartTime=480 globalEndTime=1410 358045:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: isValidTime=true 358046:
    Jul 03 10:56:40.390 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CampaignMgr.getContactsFromMemory: no more in-memory contacts left for campaignID 1 358047:
    As we can see, localTimeMins is 716 which is: 11:56AM.  That was correct time, and in between min/max globalstart times.
    And this one is for London:
    getPhoneNumber: callStatus=2callResult=0lastNumDialed=0 276065:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getUnformattedPhoneNumber: dlcID:130 276066:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getFormattedPhoneNumber: phoneNum=00442081114002 276067:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getFormattedPhoneNumber: intPrefix=00 localAreaCode=004420 lenAreaCode=6 include lac=true 276068:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:numToDial=00442081114002 276069:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getUnformattedPhoneNumber: dlcID:130 276070:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: timezone=sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id="Europe/London",offset=0,dstSavings=3600000,useDaylight=true,transitions=242,lastRule=java.util.SimpleTimeZone[id=Europe/London,offset=0,dstSavings=3600000,useDaylight=true,startYear=0,startMode=2,startMonth=2,startDay=-1,startDayOfWeek=1,startTime=3600000,startTimeMode=2,endMode=2,endMonth=9,endDay=-1,endDayOfWeek=1,endTime=3600000,endTimeMode=2]] 276071:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: DST observed=true 276072:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: localTimeMins=627 globalStartTime=480 globalEndTime=1410 276073:
    Jul 03 10:27:41.687 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: isValidTime=true 276074:
    As we see, localTimeMins is 627 which is: 10:27AM which is correctly between min/max globalstart times too.
    But the problem started with GMT+7.
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CampaignMgr.getContactsFromMemory: for campaignID=1 280255:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CampaignMgr.getContactsFromMemory: campaignID=1;#of DLC=2 280256:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getPhoneNumber: callStatus=2callResult=0lastNumDialed=0 280257:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getUnformattedPhoneNumber: dlcID:131 280258:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getFormattedPhoneNumber: phoneNum=0086611115002 280259:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getFormattedPhoneNumber: intPrefix=00 localAreaCode=004420 lenAreaCode=6 include lac=true 280260:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:numToDial=0086611115002 280261:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getUnformattedPhoneNumber: dlcID:131 280262:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: timezone=sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id="Etc/GMT+7",offset=-25200000,dstSavings=0,useDaylight=false,transitions=0,lastRule=null] 280263:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: DST observed=false 280264:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: localTimeMins=148 globalStartTime=480 globalEndTime=1410 280265:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: isValidTime=false 280266:
    Jul 03 10:28:41.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CampaignMgr.getContactsFromMemory: cannot dial at this time, will be marked RETRY
    It correctly identifies Etc/GMT+7 but then it calculates the localtime wrongly... It came up with 148 which is 2:28AM... and the time I was making a call GMT+0 time was around 9:28AM so GMT+7 should've been 4:28PM...
    Then I tried GMT-7 too:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CampaignMgr.getContactsFromMemory: for campaignID=1 433346:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CampaignMgr.getContactsFromMemory: campaignID=1;#of DLC=2 433347:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getPhoneNumber: callStatus=2callResult=0lastNumDialed=0 433348:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getUnformattedPhoneNumber: dlcID:140 433349:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getFormattedPhoneNumber: phoneNum=0086611115002 433350:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getFormattedPhoneNumber: intPrefix=00 localAreaCode=004420 lenAreaCode=6 include lac=true 433351:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:numToDial=0086611115002 433352:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: getUnformattedPhoneNumber: dlcID:140 433353:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:OutboundContactInfo:isRequestingContacts() for CSQ 2 returns true 433354:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.843 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:OutboundContactInfo:setNrGetContactsReqSent() for CSQ 2 to 1 433355:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:OutboundContactsRequestor before sleep 433356:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:Dialer:printLicenses() working_resources for CSQ:2 is 0 433357:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:Dialer:printLicenses() total_working_resources:0, OB_contacts_in_progress:0 433358:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: timezone=sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id="Etc/GMT-7",offset=25200000,dstSavings=0,useDaylight=false,transitions=0,lastRule=null] 433359:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: DST observed=false 433360:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: localTimeMins=1045 globalStartTime=480 globalEndTime=1410 433361:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CMgrUtil: isValidLocalTime: isValidTime=true 433362:
    Jul 03 11:25:40.859 BST %MIVR-SS_OB-7-UNK:CampaignMgr.getContactsFromMemory: remaining # of in-memory contacts for campaignID 1:1 433363:
    and this time it did all the way around, instead of early morning, it was 1045: 5:25PM...
    I do not understand what am I doing bad... but I'm starting to think it's some kind of a bug...
    and the other problem is: outbound dialer does not even take contacts out of the campaign for calling if the server's local time is not between global start time and global end time. which should not be the case, as I understand campaign times should be applied to area code local time not to server local time.
    Many thanks to all,

  • Audio problems with galaxy S

    Hi all,
    i'm developing on Android, via AdobeAir, a voip application that allows users to make audio/video calls.
    I'm facing audio problems when testing it on a Samsung Galaxy S.
    audio snaps, the quality is very bad and on the other side it's impossible to recognize what it's spoken.
    on other devices it works perfectly and the audio quality is great.
    any suggestion is appreciated

    I can only offer possible assistance with your first issue. It sounds like your center channel is completely unhooked or disabled somehow. Have you tried running the speaker test, and if you have, do you hear the center channel?

  • Nokia 6280 Voice Dialing Problem...Help

    Can anyone tell me how to make a voice call?
    I try to press the right button and show me Voice System Error.

    My 6280 is a V 03.81 firmware, used in French language.
    I did not experience your own problem, but I have another one.
    When the phone voice repeats my command, the volume of this voice is very low and almost unaudible.
    I did not find the solution to fix this prolem.
    Has someone an idea ?
    Thank you for help.

  • Text problem with Galaxy s5

    My Galaxy s5 is randomly deleting sent and received texts.  I will receive notification of received texts, open it and before I finish reading, it is gone.  I will send a text and it will say sent and then be gone.  I have my settings to store 100 messages per conversation and delete oldest when limit is reached.  this has happened even in coversations with less than the set amount.

        I know how important it is to have your text messages sent and received properly via your mobile device manning2379. I'm sorry for your issues. Are you using a 3rd party messaging app? If so, please temporarily disable this app and use the stock app to see if that could be the issue. Also delete some of the old and long threads you no longer need. clearing memory can always help with phone issues, along with clearing the browser history. Keep us posted.
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  • SG300 voice vlan problem with UC520

    Hi Forumers'
    My problem statement:
    - refere to attached topology.png, this is how my network structure look like
    - the IP phone after boot cannot get connected, so it can't download the XML config file from UC520. suspicious switching problem.
    - my configuration shown at topology.png and my vlan voice config show as voice vlan setting.png
    - My requirement is SG300 switch single switchport to carry vlan data and vlan voice.
    - what is the trunking mode for voice VLAN siwth a IP phone+data should i configure? is it switchport voice vlan vvid, switchport voice vlan dot1p, switchport voice vlan untagged or switchport voice vlan none to suite above requirement?

    Hello Noel,
    Sorry for the late reply, things have been quite hectic around here lately
    1. Why use trunk? the UC520 only have vlan voice (vlan 20)
    Do you mean that the data VLAN is handled by another device ? Still I would leave it as a trunk in order to be able manage the UC through the data VLAN. (Unless for security or other reasons you would choose otherwise of course)
    2. The UC520 got CUE (voice messaging), how should i design the service module uplink to the core switch?
    Nothing in particular has to be done for this, CUE is handled and routed inside the UC520, the CUE vlan (default ID =90) is only used if you have another CUE in the network
    1. i guess i did this: swithcport tagged vlan 20, untagged vlan 10. is it ok for this setting?
    If the Voice Vlan on the switch and on the UC520 has been defined as VLAN 20 (default = VLAN 100) this is perfect. Verify if both on the UC and on the switch, the voice VLAN ID is set to 20.
    1. so if i just point the phone to vlan 20 (vlan voice), should i create the LLDP network policy?
    If you are ready to configure the VLAN manually on the phone, you don't need the LLDP policy, that is correct.
    The LLDP policy is being used for having the phones automatically choose the VLAN you defined, so you don't need to set it manually.
    Hope this answers your questions ?
    Best regards,
    Nico Muselle
    Sr. Network Engineer - CCNA

  • Dialing problems with IOS5

    After downloading IOS5 on my Iphone4 I can no more use my phone to call anyone. I have tried a number of times to reset and reboot the system without any positive results. Any suggestions?

    I have the a similar problem on iPhone 4 16GB. When I press the featured button, I see the page for Instagram, no buttons to go back and no matter how many times I press featured, or close and reopen the AppStore app, I can't see the main featured page...

  • Curve 8330 Voice dialing and sound problems, Please help!

    I got this black berry curve 8330 from a friend on the weekend to replace my broken Pearl. He said it worked fine but it sometimes had a voice dialing problem. After wiping all the personal data and activating the phone the voice dialing went nuts. Every 6 to 9 sec the voice dialing would activate with no sound. meaning you don't hear the lady voice say, "say a command". After reading many forums posts I download memmax and removed all VAD files. But I will still left with no sound. I went and did a test on the hardware and the speaker and microphone both worked fine. Puzzled I tried playing a ringtone, , it plays maybe the first second of the file and then the sounds goes away but I am able to get it back by press the Speaker/$ key. I then tried making a phone call and the phone was working just fine. About an hour later I tired calling someone and the issue had raisin again. This time I was unable to get the sound back. (I tried resetting many times with no success.) I could still play media files, but was unable to get sound making or receiving calls (this includes the other party not being able to hear me as well.) I tired changing profiles with no success. I then did some more reading and tried updating the OS. Once that was done and voice dialing had been reinstalled and started acting up again. SO I removed it and basically everything happened all over again. So right now I have a phone that I can’t make calls on but I can still text and use the internet. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Should I try wiping the OS and reinstall or is this phone toast?

    The msi nforce package 2.29 fixes the NVMCP.SYS error and turns it into a very rare system freeze. 8o
    Very rare!
    been waiting almost 9 months for this fix so i could pull the damm soundblaster out! :O

  • Voice Dialing Glitch???

    I have a password on my iPhone 4 so no one could use or get into my phone.I noticed that if my phone is locked,and I hold down the home button to make a hands free/voice dial call,where I just say a name or number,it bypasses my password lock and makes the call go through. Isn't this a security threat? Anyone who picks up my phone can just hold down the home button to make a voice dial call with my phone.They can call any name in my contacts and dial any number,bypassing my password. Am I missing something here??????

    CORRECT ANSWER: Solution provided to me by Apple Tech Support-
    When landing on the screen to enter your passcode, you must first press each number once to select it, then do a quick "double tap" on that number.  For instance, if your passcode is 1234:
    1.  Press "1".  Wait a few seconds, then double tap "1-1".
    2.  Press "2".  Wait a few seconds, then double tap "2-2".
    3.  Press "3".  Wait a few seconds, then double tap "3-3".
    4.  Press "4".  Wait a few seconds, then double tap "4-4".
    Unfortunately, you must also "double tap" each item in the menu once you gain access to the phone.  Furthermore, you must use 3 fingers simultaneously to scroll down or up. 
    I do not recommend voice over.

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