Void Archived Check

Hi Gurus,
I have an situation where in the check issued around 2 years back has to be voided, but the doucment has been archived.
Is there any way we can void the archived check?
Do we have to upload the archived document to void the chek?
Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi Raj,
Once data has been archive you cannot modify it. In case you want to modify a particular record then you will have to reload it back to the database. Check the link on procedure to reload checks from archive
<a href="http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_01/helpdata/en/8d/3e51e5462a11d189000000e8323d3a/frameset.htm">Reloading Archived Checks</a>
Reloading of archived data in general should not be carried out since it can lead to data inconsistencies. Since your checks were archived 2 years back you should carefully consider the reloading option.
Hope this helps

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  • I am new to sap. i wanted to know the how to include archiving checks at end of the partner in sp09

    hi this is Priti
    This requirement is in place to enable the customer to perform the Archiving checks along with the EOP check during the blocking run of Business partner. There are few application which already have archiving check defines for the business partner. So this feature would give the customer an option to have one extra level of check along with the EOP check.
    The archiving check would be considered during the blocking run of the Business partner.
    If any application’s Archiving checks module deny the blocking then the business partner blocking would not take place.
    If the BP is passed back through the ET_NOT_ARCHIVABLE then the blocking of the respective BP would be stopped.
    The archive check modules would be called in the report BUPA_PREPARE_EOP and in the FM BUPA_CHECK_EOP_REMOTE. If the BP is passed back through the ET_ARCHIVABLE then we would go ahead with the standard blocking process.
    how should i check this ET_NOT_ARCHIVABLE partners. i need functionlity and at the same time i need to handle those errors also.

    Why don't you Google it at yourself.
    Just type "What is SAP?" then read various post from various website.
    For more help you can visit the website help.sap.com

  • How to assign a voided issued check to another payment document

    Hi All,
    My client issued a check to a vendor from wrong check lot. Now my client wants to reverse the payment document as well as the invoice. They want to use the same check information for another payment document for the same vendor.
    We tried voiding the check and resetting the voiding data and then tried to assign it to a different payment document in fch5 but system throws the following error "Next free number in check lot 001 is 500030".
    How can I rectify this error?

    Think in the practical scenario once.
    Once you have given a cheque to someone and understand thats the wrong name, you void the cheque.
    Its cancelled. You can do whatever before giving it to him. Once given, you need to void and thats it.
    The same will happen in SAP too.
    Cheque once voided, its voided thats it.
    There is no scope of adding this to another vendor/another payment document for the same vendor.

  • Reverse a payment document (J/E) without voiding a check

    With T-Code FCH5, the client created a manual check and was attached to the incorrect J/E (document created with T-Code FB01).  Now, the client needs to unattached the J/E and attaches to correct Journal.
    The question is: Can we reverse the payment document (J/E) without voiding the check? Any experiences? Ideas? Workarounds?

    Hi KP,
    have you checked tc FCHT? This transaction allows you to turn around two chequenumbers without any posting
    Best regards
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  • Can not void a check win paid from a down payment invoice

    I am working on a problem where we can not void a check to adjust the posting date of the payment.
    It would seem that the issue lies with the AP down payment invoice since the error message is
    "Cannot cancel a document with down payment that was drawn to invoice {3703-6]"
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated

    Please first check whether the payment did select some down payment or not.
    If it did, for your issue, I am sorry to say that we don't have workaround from the point of view of system. We would like to recommande customer to consult with his accountant in order to by-pass the mistake he had done
    using standard application processes.
    After double confirmed with development,this issue is currenct system behavior.The reply is:
    1) payment for the down payment invoice cannot be cancelled if it was
    withrawn to AR invoice. It can be done after the AR invoice will be
    However, we have another problems:
    2) the invoice cannot be credited if it closed/reconciled.
    And one more:
    3) cancelling of the manual reconciliation does not open the invoice.
    So according all these information the system behaviour is correct and we can do nothing here.

  • Reuse voided manual check

    I have a problem about the manual check.
    At first I used FCH5 to assign a manual check number to a payment document. But later on I used FCH8 to cancel the payment together with voiding the check number.
    Under such circumstances, I would like to know whether this check number can be re-used to assign to other payment document number, as physically this check doesn't have any problem.

    Check if this helps:
    Deleting Check Information for Payment Run
    If the print program crashes, the print management file will be incomplete in respect of the following information: The information stored in the check information file up to the time of the crash. The check forms generated by the print program. Since there is also no way of verifying whether the data so far generated is consistent, you have no option but to delete the check information on the payment run.
    To do this, choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® For payment run. On the next screen, enter the data for the payment run in question and choose Execute.
    In addition to this, you must also delete from the print management files the print jobs that were generated. After this you can rerun the print program.
    Deleting Information on Manually Created Checks
    You can delete information about a manually created check in the following cases: If you specified an incorrect check number when entering the check number. If a check payment was unexpectedly not made.
    To do this, choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® Manual checks.
    Deleting Information on Unused Voided Checks
    If an unused check was incorrectly voided, you must also delete the information stored for this check as follows:
    Choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® Voided checks. On the next screen, enter the paying company code and the relevant check numbers.
    Resetting Void Check Data
    If an issued check was mistakenly voided, you can reset the data (void reason code, user, and so on) contained in the check information so that the check is designated as a valid check again and can be cashed by the recipient.
    Choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® Reset data.
    Resetting Data on Cashed Checks/Extracts
    If the wrong checks were selected for manual cashing or if an update was carried out when creating an extract, although the file should only be created for test purposes, the incorrect check information can be corrected as follows:
    Choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® Reset data.
    *assign points if useful

  • Void printed check issue

    Hello all,
    I've printed a check but want to void it now, because it's lost. I 'd like some help about the steps to follow to void it. Also, I'd appreciate to know the impact of that operation on the related documents like A/P invoice , outgoing payment,..
    Please, help me as soon as possible.

    Hello Douglas,
    To VOID a check  go to Banking > Outgoing Payments > Void Checks for Payment
    Enter the check number or other details to select the check and Click Void on the next screen.
    When you Void a check, the A/P Invoice/ Invoices that you paid becomes available again for processing in outgoing payments.


    Dear All,
    can any one give me the procedure for void the printed check.
    If  I get the answer ASAP I would be appreciate.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Srinivas,
    For That you have to do reset the cleared document data in FBRA and there you void the check or individualy void the check in FCH9.
    May be this information is useful to you

  • Archive Check Writer missing header

    Thanks ahead for your help in advance.
    I made some tiny customization for Archive Check Writer report PAYUSCDA.rdf (just simple format change), in one instance it works fine. When I moved to another instance it print out with no header. There is a parameter called P_HIDE_HEADING in report PAYUSCDA.rdf, if it is set to ‘Y’, there will be heading in the checks. I think the value is passed from the Spawned program “PYUGEN” but I have no idea how it pass the value and why I get 'Y' in one instance but 'N' in another. Could anyone help?

    Found out why, did not read the note carefully:
    Note: If you would like to view the output of the archive version of
    this report without needing pre-printed stationery, try the following in
    a test instance:
    disable the trigger pay_action_parameters_ari
    insert a row in pay_action_parameters with the following value -
    enable the trigger pay_action_parameters_ari
    Run the report. This will print the labels and make it easier to check
    the report without needing pre-printed stationery.

  • How to void Unused Checks in a Check Lot which is not the next free check?

    Hi Guys,
    Our Accounts Payable Supervisor received a new Check Lot from the Bank. He did not get some of the checks in the lot, as they got damaged by the manufacturer.
    Actually I can create 3 different Check Lots by avoiding the damaged checks. But, Accounts Payable Supervisor wants a single cheque lot and voiding those destroyed is the preferred option for him, so we have an audit trail.
    By using FCH3 I can only void used check(s) or the next available unused check(s) but not the check(s) some where in between the range.
    Please tell m how I go about it...
    Thank You...

    As you said, I can split Check Lot by avoiding the damaged checks.
    But our Accounts Payable Supervisor don't want me to split the Cheque Lot.
    He wants a single cheque lot and void some of the unused checks(which were already destroyed).
    He is preferring this option because of Audit Trail.
    But by using transaction code FCH3, I can only void the next available unused check but not the unused checks some where in the check lot.
    So please tell me how to void cheques (not the next available cheque, but the cheques somewhere in the cheque lot) and splitting cheque lot is not the option for us.
    Thank You,

  • Why isn't Voided overflow check number visible in the Payments Workbench in AP

    We are in R12.1.3 with AP.B.  We create a payment check and the total line number is 40 lines.  It has reached the maximum line number of 34.  So, the check printed with two check numbers.  One check number is NEGOTIABLE with the actual dollar amount, and other check number has a void overflow attach with 0 dollar.  We can't see the void overflow check in the Payables Payments form.  I also don’t see the void check number in the ap_checks_all table.  Where is the voided overflow check?  Why can I see it in the payment form?   Can anyone help?

    Please see note 944149.1: R12: Why Aren't Voided Overflow Check Numbers Visible in the Payments Window in AP?
    As part of the note, they explain:
    In R12, you can see the voided overflow checks in the Payments tab of the Payments Manager and on the associated Payment Instruction Register, but not in the Payments Window in R12.   When questioned about the change, Development's response is:
        "AP is in charge on invoices, and its users need to know only that invoices were paid, not how they were paid. IBY is in charge of the details of payment processing, and its users need to know exactly how invoices were paid. That dichotomy explains why IBY stores overflow document information but does not pass that information to AP.
        We understand, of course, that the AP user (in charge of invoices and invoice selection) is often the same as the IBY user (in charge of the actual payment process). That's why, instead of forcing the user to go to the IBY responsibility and Dashboard, AP provides the Payment Manager dashboard, which is queried from IBY tables. (As noted in the bug, the overflow documents are visible in the Payment Manager Dashboard.)"
    Enhancement Request Bug 6665668 has been filed with Development to change the code to allow the void information to pass to AP so it can be seen in the Payments Window, and in more AP reports."

  • XML Publisher Check Print - Voiding Duplicate Checks

    XML Publisher Check Print - Voiding Duplicate Checks
    I am printing checks using XML Publisher. The checks print fine but when the number of invoices for a check exceeds the length of the first page I want the subsequent copies of the check to print VOID on them. How can I do this?
    [email protected]

    Our check print format has 3 portions
    1. Invoice numbers (TOP of the page)
    2. Vendor/Check Details (MIDDLE of the page)
    3. Currently it is Blank (BOTTOM of the page)
    Currently, I'm able to print single check. but when it comes to batch invoices
    I'm printing 13 invoices per page. In my case i have 32 invoices
    first two pages printing blank on (MIDDLE of the page) and on last page printing check details.
    Client wants to print VOID CHECK on first two pages or last two pages.
    Please respond where to add logic.
    Additional info: I'm using Dharsan's template link is
    Thanks in advance
    [email protected]

  • How to unvoid a voided cashed check

    Person printed check (#254) using F110, the toner on printer was light on the check so check #254 was voided.
    second check was printed (#260).
    both checks were sent to vendor and both checks were cashed. I ran the check register (FCHN) for outstanding checks
    and the two checks are not listed
    I have used transaction FCHG to try to Reset voided data, but receive this error
    Check 254 was voided due to reprint.
    When I click on the message ? I receive this error:
    Check 254 was voided on account of a reprint and consequently it is impossible for you to reset the voided check date.
    Procedure: Use report RFCHKR10 to cancel reprint.
    I run program RFCHKR10 for check 254 and get message
    These checks were not reprinted.
    I looked at transaction FCHE - delete voided check, but I don't want to reuse the check #254

    Hello Tracy-
    please refer url reversing the void check number
    similar discussion happened before.
    See if this helps you.

  • Void the check but cannot print another check by using the same check no.

    Dear All,
    Our customer need to print the check on number #10.
    However, we already print a check by using #10.
    Then I void that check and go to house bank and change the 'Next Check No.' to 10.
    But the system still print the check on number #11
    Please help. Thanks a lot.
    The other question is, when I take a look their database, I cannot find check #9. But if I would like to print check#9, the system said it is already in the database. Why? Thanks
    Edited by: Jie Jin on Jul 31, 2009 11:06 PM

    We test printing check on their production database
    So check A printed on check #10 check b#11 check #12 printed on the blank paper.
    Then they said they would like to print the real check from number #10. But the system will not allow us to do that. It ask us start from #13.
    So, they decide to write the check manually for check #10, check #11, check #12. Then they will have 3 checks in the system they didn't print it. And next time, they can start from #13.
    The problem is, for the 3 checks they write manually, the system didn't print it. So, every time, they are showing on 'to be printed' list (actually our customer write it manually). What should we do to block those 3 checks if they don't want to void it? Thanks.

  • Archiving - Check CO documents

    does anybody know if there are some standard checks when you want to archive a CO document if the related FI document has already been archived or not ?
    If it is not foreseen in standard, is it logic to be allowed to archive a CO document if the FI one can not be (if it still contains an open item for example) ?

    Hello Lindsay
    it would be useful to know which archiving object you re making use of, to be accurate
    As far as I know such a control do not exist. And anyway you can simply archive or "archive and delete.
    You can check info SAP note 85708, " Archiving CO-OM: Questions and answers"
    Also in txn AOBJ you can see detailed characteristic of each archiving object (and documentation)
    br, Guido

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