Waking up a closed lid 2011 MBP

Hello. I just bought the new 2011 17" MBP. I bought an external Viewsonic monitor connected via a DVI adaptor. I also have an Apple USB extended keyboard connected to it and a Magic Mouse.
When I close the lid, the MBP goes to sleep. I cannot wake it up, using the keyboard or mouse. I have to lift the lid for it to wake up. I would like to use the MBP with my external monitor with the lid closed.
Can anyone help?

I wouldn't be surprised if you run into this issue:
Basically, my new 2011 13" MBP does not detect the external monitor using DVI.
If your mac doesn't detect the display, and you'd close the lid, it will sleep.
Does your mac detect the display before you close it?
Perhaps you are experiencing another instance of incorrect DVI behavior with the Thunderbolt port.
Contact apple support to alert them to the issue.

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  • Charging iPhone with closed lid on mbp

    I've been researching, but found nothing this specific so far. Related links:
    - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1476 - This says it may or may not charge
    - http://forums.mactalk.com.au/11/72536-snow-leopard-not-charging-iphone-while-lid -closed.html - This says it should work since Leopard and if it's not working to reset the SMC should fix it (I haven't tried yet): http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964
    - http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=795007 This is not the same model, but for him it seems to not work anyway
    - http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2126178 Suggests http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3131 for dealing with closed lid, but requires external display, among other things that don't come to this case (or so I guess)
    To me, experience showed that closing the lid with the iPhone already connected works fine. I'm using a macbook pro 2009, as already hinted elsewhere. It's 13'' if that makes any difference.
    But if I have the computer sleeping in the bag and want to just plug the iPhone for charging convenience, then it doesn't work. I have to remove it, open the lid, wait for charging to begin, then I can safely close, sleep, put it back on the bag, and it will be charging.
    So I wonder how this is supposed to work, and if I can "fix" this behavior. Anyone knows?

    I actually solved it on my own luck. Oddly enough, just need to remove and re-plug.
    Here, this is a small chart:
    1- Computer with lid open, up and running with energy - whatever AC or not.
    normal behavior, everything as expected: plug in iPhone it starts charging.
    2- Computer with closed lid, sleeping as blinking light indicate and plugged in AC power.
    normal behavior, everything as expected: plug in iPhone it starts charging.
    3- Computer with closed lid for long time, unplugged from AC power, no cables on it whatsoever.
    plug in iPhone - nothing happens.
    unplug it and plug in again in either port - it starts charging!
    If you close the lid and don't wait it gets to sleep (that is, white blinking light - if you want to be sure, wait till the computer cools down, if it was hot - that's sleep mode) you'll get normal behavior right on the first plug time. The trick of plugging again seem to work always from my tests. So this is a undocumented feature that took me freaking long enough to uncover!
    Now it's aight!

  • A word of caution when closing lid of MBP (late 2008) and placing in bag

    Over the years, all the previous Mac Books I've owned went to sleep almost immediately I closed the lid. With the Unibody MBP late 2008,I thought this was no different. Until one day I arrived back home, unzipped the bag to find both fans going full tilt and a MBP very hot under the collar! It appears that the fans will continue to run until the temperature has dropped to an acceptable level even though the lid is closed and the display is off.
    The moral of this ramble is to wait until the light on the front starts to pulse before placing your MBP in bag. Thankfully there was no visible damage to the MBP, but, if it had been left any longer, could have ended up with a cracked display or worse, a battery fire!

    janesdroid wrote:
    Over the years, all the previous Mac Books I've owned went to sleep almost immediately I closed the lid.
    Safe Sleep is the process of writing the RAM contents to the hard disk, which occurs after you close the lid and before the light starts to pulse. It's actually been a feature of Mac portables since the PowerBook G4 (Double-Layer SD), in late 2005. All MacBooks, MBPs, and MBAirs have had it since day 1. That's what you're interrupting when you move the computer before the light starts to pulse, which can cause an unexpected subsequent wake up.
    Apple warns against moving a portable computer before the light begins pulsing:
    Note that the more RAM you have, the longer the process takes.


    I have an 15" MBP 2.53 running Snow Leopard, which installed fine. When I go to use it with my Apple 24" Display and my external hard drive, the external HDD disappears when I go into closed lid mode.
    The finder freezes too, and I can no longer enter into Time Machine.
    The external HDD does show up in disk utility, however.

    and please ... STOP SHOUTING!
    It doesn't make your message any more relevant or increase the motivation to help you. To be honest, it makes you look like a moron, if anything.

  • Lately, I've been getting a blue screen in the midst of working and have to do a cold reboot to end it. Seems to happen when I'm closing windows or quitting applications. Not always, but sporadically. What causes this? I'm using 10.6.8 on early 2011 MBP.

    Lately, I've been getting a blue screen in the midst of working and have to do a cold reboot to end it. Seems to happen when I'm closing windows or quitting applications. Not always, but sporadically. What causes this? I'm using 10.6.8 on early 2011 MBP. Thanks for any help/advice!

    You have 10.6 on that machine, I suggest you stick with it for performance, third party hardware and software reasons as long as possible.
    Consider 10.8 (not 10.7) when it's released, because 10.7 and 10.8 will require a new investment in software and newer third party hardware as it requires newer drivers the old machines won't have. (forced upgrade because of software, really nice of them)
    Far as your Safari problem do these things until it's resolved:
    1: Software Update fully under the Apple menu.
    2: Check the status of your plug-ins and update (works for all browsers) also install Firefox and see if your problems continue. You should always have at least two browsers on the machine just in case one fails.
    Flash install instructions/problem resolution here if you need it.
    How to install Flash, fix problems
    3: Install Safari again from Apple's web site
    4: Run through this list of fixes, stopping with #16 and report back before doing #17
    Step by Step to fix your Mac

  • Closed lid, fan continued to run, body got extremely hot

    My wife closed the lid to our early 2011 MBP (15" 2.0 GHz) and put it in the sleeve. After about 6 hours she went to use it and realized that the fan was going very loudly and the body was too hot for her to pick up. I took it out, opened it up to do a hard shut down, and let it cool for about 30 minutes. After that I booted it up and am using it to type this right now. Seems to be working fine, but has anyone else had this problem, and would you know what the cause may be?
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    It sounds like the computer didn't go into sleep mode properly and maybe even froze in an active state. Being in a sleeve it would be easy to overheat but I'm surprised it didn't self shutdown after reaching a high enough temp. I'm leaning on that it froze when you closed the lid and never went into sleep mode properly, which is why the safety never kicked in and let the computer heat up...

  • Closed lid, fans always running

    Howdy. I've been using my MBP in closed lid mode attached to a Cinema Display. I expected the fans to run constantly when in use, especially with XP running in Parallels. When I put the computer to sleep--still attached to monitor, usb keyboard, bluetooth mouse and power adapter--it acts as I suspect it would, fans stop, front LED starts fading in and out. However, I'll come back later and the LED will be solid, display blank, and the fans running away. The keyboard or mouse will wake the computer and then it runs as normal. This has happened overnight as well as in half an hour, and several times.
    I am kind of getting concerned about using the computer this way. Fans always fail, and I am not really looking forward to opening the computer up again.
    I guess my questions are: why would the computer be running the fans, especially after being in sleep for hours, and is it shortening my MBPs expected life using it with the lid closed?

    I'd guess/assume that something is actually waking it from sleep and causing the heat/fan activity and that when you return you're not actually waking it up just re-activating it from screensaver mode ...
    Run Utilities/Console and click 'All Messages' top left - what lines appear during the time you think it should be sleeping ?
    It isn't shortening the life of the hardware using it in clamshell mode but if something is causing it to overheat regularly that will have an impact on internal components/motherboard that could be detrimental.

  • 2011 MBP RAM issues

    I have a 2011 MBP that has recently been giving me trouble. I replaced the RAM about 8 months ago and up until the past few weeks everything had been working fine. Then it occassionaly started freezing up and beeping 3 times. It also has been randomly shutting down while it is supposed to be asleep with the lid shut. It also has done the 3 beeps when I try to turn it on at times.
    So, all of this made me decide to take out the RAM and reinstall the original RAM that it shipped with. When I did this it initially would not start and did the 3 beeps so I flipped the RAM stick position and then everything seemed to be working fine until today.
    The computer had been put to sleep with the lid closed and when I pulled it out of my bookbag it was super hot as it had apparently been running while in my bookbag. It also has given me the 3 beeps several times today.
    I have run memtest and the Apple Hardware Test (although it took me a while to actually get it to run without freezing) and both say there is no trouble to be found.
    BUT, something is definitely wrong. Could two different sets of RAM go bad? I find that very unlikely. Are there any other tests I can perform to figure out the source of the problem? I don't want to purchase more RAM only the 3 beep problem continue...

    If you installed bad RAM - you will get the 3 beeps but your Macbook won't boot to your desktop.
    It could also mean that one of your RAM slots can also be defective.
    You can do a few test if you want but it's time consuming - here's what you can do.
    First - try doing a SMC RESET - if that doesn't work - do a PRAM/NVRAM reset.
    if none of the above helps.....Take RAM out of the top slot then restart your Macbook - if your issues are gone - then it could be the top slot or the RAM.  If problem persist - take the RAM out of the bottom slot and install the RAM in the top slot - do this with all your RAM until your issues are gone.
    It is possible that both sets of RAM you have can go bad - but highly unlikely unless you've damaged them when you were taking the old RAM out and installing the new RAM in.  ESD - Electro-Static Dischage.
    Another thing too is that if your Hard Drive is failing or your OS is corrupted - you will also get 3 beeps and will boot to your desktop.
    Most people will tell you your RAM is bad - but, it can also be your RAM slot and it can also be your Hard Drive.
    Open disk utility and verify your disk permissions - repair them if errors are found - restart after repairs are done and see if your issues are gone.
    Also, verify your disk - if errors are found - do not repair until you back up your hard drive.  Once you've backed up your drive - then repair your disk.
    Good luck

  • DVI to VGA Adapter Closed Lid Mode Distorted Picture on TV

    I managed to hook up the DVI to VGA adapter and view on my Sanyo TV. Nothing fancy just a older TV.
    I am feeding through the Yellow Video output into the video input on the TV. (Also tried s-video)
    Viewing with the macbook lid open no problems. Remembered that I could close the lid.
    Followed the instructions online about connecting, closing the lid and waking up using my bluetooth mouse.
    First time things went well - able to use Front Row and View Slideshows etc. also steaming video from Safari, (TV Land for my kid)
    Then the screen began to flash - and change to black with rolling images.
    Like you used to have in the 60-70's black and white TV - multiple images rolling past over and over.
    I tried rebooting - starting new connections, using different cables, using both VGA and S-Video directly into the TV and not through my reciever.
    Any ideas!
    I can't use closed lid mode at all. I must instead, dim my screen.

    Thanks, BSteely, I have the latest QT and iTunes already. Closing the lid seems to kick the MacBook external display into some special mode that Front Row can't display videos in. For example, you get the Front Row interface, but as you select movies/TV shows, the preview window on the left side is blank. Open the cover, and have both displays going, and you can see the previews fine (and of course, you can see the movies/TV shows play fine as well when you click on them)
    Running Quicktime Player full screen works fine without Front Row in either open or closed lid mode. So it is apparently something wrong with Front Row itself.

  • TV + Closed-Lid Mode?

    Is running in closed-lid mode on the MacBook using a television with the Apple Video Adapter supported? I can't get it to work properly.

    Make sure your power saving settings aren't unusual - I find normal works fine. Configure your external displays with the lid open and then with the power cable connected try closing the lid. It will fall asleep immediately - let it. Then when the light throbs try waking it back up again with the remote... It works for me, but it did try my patience before I came up with a routine that I was happy with.
    Also - how do you connect your TV? My TV has a monitor / DVI out and it's quite happy with that. I shouldn't think that S-Video should be too different. Has anyone tried with S-Video? Hope this helps...
    macbook 2.0Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2 Gb RAM

  • 10.5.2 wake/sleep and closed-lid problems

    As of 10.5.2 my MBP no longer works correctly in closed lid mode using a hardware
    setup that previously worked flawlessly. After plugging in power and video, plugging
    in the USB keyboard seems to wake the system, but no video. I then must open the
    lid, unplug the USB and video and try to get the system to respond. I often must cycle
    the power to reset the system--very disturbing to do that.
    Also as of 10.5.2, I have had to power-cycle the machine when it has refused to wake
    in open-lid mode and this weekend I the entire machine froze (no mouse movement,
    no expose, etc) in the middle of work using a graphics-intensive program and I had
    to reboot by cycling the power.
    A friend also reported similar issue in which the system would not respond after the
    screensaver became active.
    Are others seeing problems like these? I am beginning to suspect that the post-10.5.2
    graphics update has problems.

    I just wiped my HD and reinstalled everything besides the Graphics Update. I can now close the lid of my MBP and use my external monitor alone. The Graphics Update had made that impossible.
    Further, I am in the habit of putting my MCP to sleep and putting it in a backpack in the morning, meeting friends for breakfast, and re-awakening it at the office. When I did get to my office, I found (as another user had on another thread) that the MBP, even closed, had woken itself up and was hot as heck. I am uncertain that sleep will work properly under 10.5.2, but I know that the display wackiness of the Graphics Update was driving me nuts. I will not install it until Apple fixes it.
    I looked around for awhile for a way to uninstall the Graphics Update, but could not find it...I suspect it exists somewhere.
    The 10.5.2 Combo update (343MB download) DOES NOT include the Graphics Update, and at this time, I seem quite ok with everything else updated.

  • IChat and Closed-Lid Mode

    I found something very interesting in iChat 4.0.8 and Leopard 10.5.7. I run my MBP in closed-lid mode with an external Apple Cinema Display. When in iChat, I cannot do audio chats at all - i.e. no sound input with either of my external interfaces (Apogee Duet via FireWire and Mbox 2 Mini via USB). Of course video doesn't work at all, as the built-in iSight is not accessible. If I open the MBP display, they both work normally. As soon as I close the display, wake the MBP and run in closed-lid mode, I cannot get any input whatsoever. The devices work normally in QuickTime Player Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc. In either mode there IS an input level in System Preferences > Sound as well. I even tried to "trick" the system by using Audio Hijack Pro and Soundflower, but the issue remains. No combo of settings in the Sound preference pane and iChat preferences will allow a signal input.
    Anyone else running a MacBook or MacBook Pro in closed-lid mode? Does this issue happen on your Mac as well?
    VERY strange,

    Well...Snow Leopard seems to have fixed this issue.

  • Closed-lid mode USB devices disconnect randomly

    I just recently connected my MacBook Pro to my Samsung DLP HDTV and started running it in closed-lid mode so my TV is the primary/only display. I also have an external hard drive (USB), external mouse (wireless with USB toggle) and the new Apple bluetooth keyboard.
    The problem I have isn't entering the closed-lid mode. But once in closed-lid mode (after a short period of time) all of my USB devices disconnect and then reconnect. I know this because I get an error saying that my hard drive was removed improperly (please eject before disconnecting, etc) and I also get a message from my mouse software saying that my mouse has been disconnected. But then they reconnect themselves (hard drive shows up again on desktop and mouse software informs me that the mouse is present again).
    Has anyone had this problem before where USB devices disconnect in the closed-lid mode? I just upgraded to Leopard (formatted the drive and started from scratch). I never tried this within Tiger so I don't have that for a reference. This is really annoying because I have my entire music collection on the external hard drive and it just stops playing when this happens and I have to restore the path to my music collection within iTunes' preferences (it defaults back to ~/Music/iTunes/ when it figures out that the hard drive is no longer there).
    The strange thing about this is that when I don't run in closed-lid mode this never happens. I'll be more than happy to provide more details if needed. I greatly appreciate your help.

    i appear to have the same problem under Vista (via Bootcamp) on MBP (2007). i close the lid, and 5-20min later i hear the sound a USB device makes when it disconnects, and a minute or 5 later it reconnects. i don't actually have any USB devices plugged in, but there are several components in the MBP that are connected internally via USB (DVD drive, etc).
    what's almost as annoying is that the LCD backlight will come back on of its own accord, even though the MBP's been idle for more than the LCD/backlight time-out period. after the next idle timeout it turns off, only to turn back on againa while later. i see this under OSX & Vista.

  • 2011 MBP shuts down when connected to external display

    I've been using my 2011 15" MBP for about a week now with no problem until today when I tried to connect it to my old 20" cinema display. I have the mini display port hooked up to the dvi adapter and a usb connection hooked up to external keyboard and mouse. Everything works just fine if I keep the lid up on the MBP, but if I shut the lid, the MBP shuts down. Down, not that the big screen goes black & then comes on again. It turns itself off.
    Any way I can avoid a trip to the Apple store? In the past, the "geniuses" knew less about external displays than I did. Is there an issue because of the dual graphics cards?

    no - I realized later that the machine doesn't shut off it just acts like it. The hard drive stops spinning & the screen remains black no matter what I do. This doesn't happen when I just shut the lid & then go back to working on it.
    Then if I shut it again & try to get the monitor to respond, I get a blue screen of death color with a two inch band of blue noise along the left side. Very weird.

  • ACPI doesn't detect closed lid until other acpi event

    Basically I have the same problem as described in this thread:
    No solution is posted so I bring this up again.
    As said when I close the lid, acpi doesn't detect it not in the acpi.log neither with acpi_listen. When I insert the battery, acpi immediately detects the closed lid and my laptop goes in suspend as it's supposed to.
    This happens with a WM + acpi + laptop-mode-tools, in Xfce and in Gnome. KDE however works fine.
    The logs when I close the lid and then insert the battery:
    Jan 21 20:51:31 localhost acpid: client 1254[0:1000] has disconnected
    Jan 21 20:51:31 localhost acpid: client connected from 1254[0:1000]
    Jan 21 20:51:31 localhost acpid: 1 client rule loaded

    I can tell with the lid closed because of which lights are on.
    Anyway, I don't see anything interesting at all in the logs. This is so weird.
    EDIT: I'm thinking that it might be conflicting kernel modules. For example I have phc-intel and acpi-cpufreq. Plus I'm using the CK kernel. So when I get home today, I'll first try removing phc-intel, then acpi-cpufreq, then I'll try stock kernel.
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