Way to see infotype screen without going PA20?

Hi Experts,
Is there a way to see just the infotype screen without going to PA20. I want to see the changes I am making using T588M and see which field has what technical field name and how the screen will look like when I make changes using T588m?
Thanks a bunch,

You can also check screen painter through transaction SE51. Give the module pool name under u201Cprogramu201D and the screen number, select layout editor and display. If you click on any field, the technical name will appear in the u201Cnameu201D row above. Further, any field with u201C?u201D is a mandatory field.
Hope this helps.

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    i have a screen with the apple logo on it and a bar underneath it. it has been this way for about an hour now. what does this mean and is there a way to reset the iphone without going into the store? it isnt showing in my computer or on the itunes page.

    - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    - If not successful and you can't fully turn the iPod fully off, let the battery fully drain. After charging for an least an hour try the above again.
    - If still not successful that indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order.

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    Hi Mark and everyone looking to find the answer,
    After experimenting, I figured out the answer. This applies for the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC (as of 01-Sep-2014) ver 8.0.1 (build 21)
    Context: You want to add a marker to a specific clip instead of a sequence but you can't seem to do it.
        - X key (or Mark Clip as Premiere Pro CC calls it) doesn't add a Marker to a clip. What it does is using the clip you are selecting as reference for Mark In / Out of your current sequence.
        - M key (or Add Marker as Premiere Pro CC calls it) will add a marker to your clip.
        If you are not expanding your clip to see the wave form or clip thumbnail, the marker on the clip will not show up. It used to show up in CS5.5!!!!!! Why not in CC!!!?!
        It will only add the marker to the clip you are selecting. Track targeting does not matter.
        If you don't select any clip, it will add a marker to your sequence.
    Example: (This is the same clip and sequence)
    How it looks with marker added.
      Track targeting does not matter - reference number 1
      Current selected clip is is the key - reference number 2
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    Hope this help!

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    yeah forget it. iphone is so stupid. on blackberry I can just go directly to her name and delete her right there whereas on iphone if u go directly to her name and click edit there will be no option to delete her contact. u need to exit that screen, go to main menu then go to contacts then find her name again (among my 6500 contacts; i actually found an easier way so now I copy paste that person's name and find it easier that way in contacts) and then click edit and then go to the bottom of that edit page and click delete. very annoying and slow. some iphone feature are just inexplainably slow, long and annoying.
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  • So my daughter's ipad2 wont start up or its starting up and we just cant see it??? when i hold down the home button and the power button the apple icon comes on then goes away,the only way to see the screen is when you takescreenshot?????any answers????

    so my daughter's ipad2 wont start up i think its on but you cant see anything unless you take a screenshot then you can see for a split second then nothing,and when i hold down the home button and the power button it will reset then i can see apple icon for a second then nothing?????

    Thanks for that information!
    I'm sure I will be calling AppleCare, but the problem is, they charge for the phone calls don't they? Because I don't have money to be spending to be on the phone with a support service.
    In other things, it seemed like the only time my MacBook was working was when I had Snow Leopard without the 10.6.8 update download that was supposed to be done to prepare for OS X Lion.
    When I look at the information of my HD it says that I have 10.6.8 but that was the install that it claimed to have failed and caused me to restart resulting in all of the repeated problems.
    Also, because my computer is currently down, and I've lost all files how would that effect the use of my iPhone? Because if it doesn't get fixed by the time OS 5 is released, how would I be able to upgrade?!

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    i'm running oracle vm server with 3 guest os'(para-virt)
    when create a shared disks and shares to 3 guest os' ; i need to reboot all guest os in order to see new shared disks using (fdisk -l);but not all of the guest os could see the shared disks until i reboot the OVS. is there any command to run to avoid a reboot of the OVS.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Tom,
    Here a command for you to attach the sharable/none-sharable disks manually,
    Usage: xm block-attach <Domain> <BackDev> <FrontDev> <Mode> [BackDomain]
    It can be issued under Dom0 to attach your newly created sharable disk manually without a reboot.
    e.g.xm block-attach 9 file:/OVS/running_pool/52_pvm_el5u1_x86_64/sharabledisk_again.img xvdb w! 0
    Note that 9 is your DomU id,and 0 is Dom0 ID.
    The command would not take effect any more after reboot,so for the permanent use,please write that info into vm.cfg as well.
    Hope that helps for you,:)

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    Quite a few of my addons don't work with firefox 6, and I would prefer to keep them, but my pc crashed and I had to reformat. I don't want to have to go on a 3rd party site, since they could easily put a virus on my pc. I couldn't find anywhere to download it on the site.

    Just keep in mind that Firefox 5.0 was a security release for 4.0.1.

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    I should say, when I pause while someone else talks for a couple of minutes.

    http://ipad.about.com/od/ipad_basics/ss/How-To-Delay-The-Auto-Sleep-Mode-On-The- iPad.htm
     Cheers, Tom

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    I've already tried using RecordMyScreen but whenever I open it it just turns black and won't work. I also cannot change my year to 2012. Reflector isn't an option either, because I want to find a free method. Does anyone know any ways to record my screen without using those two? I haven't been able to find any other solutions. If you have one, I'd be really grateful if you let me know! :)

    There are no apps that can record your screen like you want. Using Reflector or a similar app is the only option available.

  • How do I fix a cracked iPod 4th generation screen without having to go to an apple store and pay $100??, How do I fix a cracked iPod 4th generation screen without having to go to an apple store and pay $100??

    Ok, so on sunday, i lost my grip on my iPod touch (4th gen) abd it fell on the lock button. I tugged on my headphones so it wouldnt hit the ground, and all that touched the ground was the top of the iod where the loc button is. Now I have a crack from the middle of a previous crack (very small) and it goes across the screen . Its under the front camera down and across. IDK if my mom bought a warrenty when she bought it, and she doesnt know about the crack yet. Is there any way to fix the screen without having to go to apple and pay $100 to fix it. I dont have that money right now, money is tight. Please help!!!

    You could try to replace it yourself.  Take a look at this instructional video (or a similar one) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgcmZa5dCNo  If you think you can do this and want to try, you can Google for "Ipod Touch screens" to find a source you like and purchase one.  Just note that if you try to fix it and fail, Apple will no longer exchange it for $99. 

  • Copy Standard infotype screen for country purpose

    I am trying to copy the Standard screen (2007) for the infotype IT0002 to make some country specific modification.
    However I am not able to copy the standard screen as it is asking for the Access Key.
    Can you please suggest if there is a way to copy the standard infotype screen without providing the access key.

    Why don't you just enhance the infotype via PM01 - Enhance single screen?
    (MP000200 screen 2007)
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  • Is there a way to keep the screen from turning off

    I would like a way to keep my screen from going to sleep while browsing. Sometimes I am still reading the current screen when it dims out. The browser I am hoping to replace with Firefox has this option. Is there a way (option or addon) to do this?

    Not possible from within Firefox. You can check to see if your device has a 'Never' option for screen timeout under 'Display' settings in Android settings. I suspect not available though as that would be a hindrance towards battery lifetime.

  • How can view another macs screen without asking for permission

    I just recently upgraded all 4 of our macbook pros to mountain lion.  So far no problems until I wanted to look at my sons screen to make sure he was doing homework and not playing minecraft.  I went to "Network", chose his computer on our network, then chose Share screen.  I get two choices "ask for Permission" or "Log in".   I have screen sharing enabled on his computer and I have myself as a registered user.  I have tried turning on and off the Back to my Mac setting in iCloud on both computers.    I want to be able to see his screen without it asking for his permission.  Kind of defeats my purpose for screen sharing if it gives him time to quit minecraft before he answers my request. 
    The other choice "Log In"  is beyond useless.  I have not idea what the purpose would be to be logged in on someones computer and only be able to see your own screen.
    Before I upgraded to Mtn. Lion, I was able to screen share and see any computer without it asking for permission because I was a registered user on their computer.  I home school my kids and need to be able to see/control their screens from another room. 
    Any ideas on how to get this to work?

    Nope, it shows me a log in screen with my daughter/son's pic but won't let me type anything in the password box.

  • A way to SEE changes in audio data as you compress?

    I know I should be mixing with my ears and not eyes but this is a bad habit I picked up from my cool edit days and it just refuses to go away. Im trying to audition different compressor settings on already-recorded audio by actually SEEING the changes to the audio file as I make them as opposed to just hearing them. I have my compressor on the channel strip. For me to see these changes on the audio file, do I have to bounce the file every time I make a change to the settings or is there a way of seeing these changes without that hustle?

    Haven't really messed with Soundtrack Pro but I will explore that option. Thank you.

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