WD ABAP Travel management

We have activated business function FIN_TRAVEL_1 in ECC in order to use ABAP WD based applications through BP for ESS 1.41.
Based on this [online sap documentation|http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_04/helpdata/en/97/7dc46839ff314f863b90e7fbd12c8e/frameset.htm] , it explains by saying - once expenses request is approved by manager, a mail will be trigerred to FI department for payment posting using background job processing program (RPRFIN00_40).
But, it does explain how the advance section is handled whenever employee is requesting for advance via travel request once it is approved by manager. Can anybody tell how this is handled in FI ?
Another more sceanrio, is there any option is Travel management wherein employee can only request for advance - for example employee is planned to extend his/her stay on deputaion ?
Is tcode trip is absolute or still continued to be use in ECC ?
Anil Kumar.

This workflow..for If a trip with status request approved/settled or trip approved/settled is assigned the status transferred to FI by transfer program RPRFIN00_40, a workflow is started, based on template type TripTransFI.
The configuration part for the Travel management you can get it form follwoing link
ESS / MSS Configuration (SAP Best Practicesfor SAP HCM V2.600) (N06)
the senario that you r discussion is abt Workflows .................
thre r Workflows iin the SAP system ..........that you can use for the same
But you need to use that AS per your bussiness Requairements.......

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  • Travel management in ABAP-webdynpro(ECC-6.0)

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement in which the screens of travel management has to be designed in ABAP-webdynpro.
    I know that screens are available in ESS-6.0 netweaver component but I want ABAP-webdynpro screens in ECC-6.0.
    I was just curious to know if any standard ABAP webdynpro screens are available in ECC-6.0 for travel management.
    Please revert back ASAP. Points will be awarded as per forum rule.

    Hi All / Raynard,
    Your answer was very useful.
    We are trying to install SAP ECC 6.0 enhancement package 2 but we have some problem in the same as we are not able to find the same in sap marketplace. Can you please post me the direct link to download or any info regarding the Enhancement Package-2.
    We have also version prior to ECC 6.0 . So can you please tell me how to look into the Java-webdynpro components those which are related to travel management.
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  • WebDynpro ABAP u2013 Travel Management Floor Plan Manager Queries

    Travel Management in WebDynpro for ABAP uses FPM (floor plan manager).
    General Data View in FITE_VC_GENERAL_DATA component is being shared by Travel Creation component and travel expense as well.
    Can you please help to ans below queries?
    1 >>
    I want to know where exactly these configurations are done like
    When Create Travel Request button/link is clicked after general data, Review Component will be called and when Create Travel Expense button/link is called after general data it will go to a different component view.
    2 >>
    Also how visibility of button that comes from FITV_FPM layout view is configured in other component like in FITE_VC_GENERAL_DATA component and in FITE_VC_REVIEW component.
    3 >>  How would I include my own Z Component in existing FPM.
    4 >> when cancel button is clicked to terminate current application in travel management applications it takes us to starting point. Where configurations are done to direct it to other application/link?

    No Ans

  • Customization of Travel Management in Webdynpro ABAP

    Hi Friends,
    In Travel Management, we have General_data screen and framework utilizing this screen in travel Request creation, expense creation and other places, but my requirement is to add some additional fields in travel request creation screen.
    For this I have to differentiate the screen based on some parameters, how to do this please help me.
    If we dont have any parameter to differ this screens, give me the code to get the iview name, based on this i will put some additional fields in the screen.
    Lakshmi Prasad.

    Could you please give some more details, I am not able to understand the word FITVFELD_WEB.
    Fields I can manage.
    Lakshmi Prasad.

  • FI in Travel Management

    Hi All,
    I am a abap technical consultant and i am new to travel management.
    Now i need to work in Travel Management and on FI module.  At this stage i dont have knowledge in Travel Management as well as FI...
    So guys can anybody guide me like what are the things i need to learn in Travel management and also on FI (Technically)....
    This will be a great help for me.

    Travel Management is highly integrated with HR and Finance. From HR it takes input from various Info Types as well as Organization Hierarchy to be used for approval purposes. Also Workflow plays another important role in Travel Mgmt. In FI, mainly integration point happens when employee gets advance for trip and when the trip gets settled. This involves posting to G/L Accounts and also to Employee vendor account.
    You might like to read to the Travel Management Training Material from SAP AC270 to get more information.

  • Error in ESS Travel Managment iView

    Dear All,
    I am very new to ESS portal. We are using ECC 6.0 and EP 7.0. when i tried to access the SAP supplied iview in the travel managment, i am getting the following error.
    Also when i go through the help portal, i read that from ECC 7.0 SAP is going to support only ABAP/Webdynpro version and no JAVA/webdynpro version. is it so?
    can any one help me to get rid of this error?
    com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.java.FPMRuntimeException: User KAARTECH does not exist in this period
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.java.MessageManager.raiseException(MessageManager.java:111)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.java.MessageManager.raiseException(MessageManager.java:121)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssutils.pernr.FcEmployeeServices.initPernr(FcEmployeeServices.java:257)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssutils.pernr.FcEmployeeServices.onInit(FcEmployeeServices.java:220)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssutils.pernr.wdp.InternalFcEmployeeServices.onInit(InternalFcEmployeeServices.java:249)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssutils.pernr.FcEmployeeServicesInterface.onInit(FcEmployeeServicesInterface.java:135)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssutils.pernr.wdp.InternalFcEmployeeServicesInterface.onInit(InternalFcEmployeeServicesInterface.java:183)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssutils.pernr.wdp.InternalFcEmployeeServicesInterface$External.onInit(InternalFcEmployeeServicesInterface.java:243)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPM.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:920)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPM.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:889)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPMProxy.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:1082)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.fc.utils.FcTraUtils.onInit(FcTraUtils.java:272)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.fc.utils.wdp.InternalFcTraUtils.onInit(InternalFcTraUtils.java:297)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.fc.utils.FcTraUtilsInterface.onInit(FcTraUtilsInterface.java:122)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.fc.utils.wdp.InternalFcTraUtilsInterface.onInit(InternalFcTraUtilsInterface.java:212)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.fc.utils.wdp.InternalFcTraUtilsInterface$External.onInit(InternalFcTraUtilsInterface.java:428)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPM.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:920)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPM.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:889)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPMProxy.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:1082)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.tre.fc.expenses.FcTreExpenses.onInit(FcTreExpenses.java:236)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.tre.fc.expenses.wdp.InternalFcTreExpenses.onInit(InternalFcTreExpenses.java:519)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.tre.fc.expenses.FcTreExpensesInterface.onInit(FcTreExpensesInterface.java:120)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.tre.fc.expenses.wdp.InternalFcTreExpensesInterface.onInit(InternalFcTreExpensesInterface.java:197)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.tre.fc.expenses.wdp.InternalFcTreExpensesInterface$External.onInit(InternalFcTreExpensesInterface.java:295)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPM.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:920)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPM.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:889)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPMProxy.attachComponentToUsage(FPMComponent.java:1082)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.tre.fc.generaldata.FcTreGeneralData.onInit(FcTreGeneralData.java:239)
         at com.sap.xss.tra.tre.fc.generaldata.wdp.InternalFcTreGeneralData.onInit(InternalFcTreGeneralData.java:1338
    with Regards,

    I am getting the same error (com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.java.FPMRuntimeException: User UGARG does not exist in this period). This user is already there in ECC as an employee and its validity is same in pa30 and su01. How did you resolve this issue?
    I am using EP 7.0 SP12, ECC 6.0 SP 12, PCUI/ESS SP 10
    I have installed the following business packages on portal server:
    Business Package for Employee Self-Service (mySAP ERP) - BPERP5ESS11_0-10003288.SCA
    SAP PCUI_GP 600 - SAPPCUIGP10P_1-20001215.SCA
    SAP ESS 600 - SAPESS10P_10-20000512.SCA
    What is the difference between SAPESS10P_10...sca and BPERP5ESS11_0...sca? Do I need to install both on portal server?
    Umesh Garg

  • Travel Management basic queries

    Hi all,
    we're into implementing Travel Management. We're using Workflow & Webdynpro ABAP for the same.
    I've some basic queries :
    1. In workflow mail, which is sent to approver, can we write the mail in different languages ( i found language button on task). If yes, how can we determine the language at runtime.
    2. If a mail for approval(with portal link to approve/reject ) is sent to the manger & before his/her approval, if traveller modifies the travel request & submits again, which sends another mail to the manager. In such case, what would the manager see while clicking on link of earlier mail.
    3. how can we send mails to different approvers. Here,the case with me is the approvers are selected dynamically & No. of approvers are also selected dynamically (at run tiem).
    Any help in above queries would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.
    Siddhesh sanghvi

    dynamic selection of approver is not possible you have to clearly define the approving authorities in the workflow assign agent.
    if your system is uni-code activated then you can use any other languages like japanese, chinese, etc.,
    it will open and show the old travel request details.

  • Travel Management - ESS/R3

    Hi Experts,
    We need to implement Travel Management for one of our clients.
    I checked in R/3 its integrated with FI/AC....
    I wanted to know whether travel management can be implemented in R/3.i.e without ESS...
    What are its advantages/disadvantages?

    Yes, Travel Mgmt is a seperate component and do not have any dependencies with ESS/MSS. You can implement it without ESS/MSS and EP.
    If your client is on ECC 6.0, EHP 2 and above, it is possible to use web applications (WebDynpro ABAP) for the below scenarios.
    - Employees can raise travel request, submit expense report to their reporting mgr. These requests can go thru the approval process. In this case, it is required that employees should have login credentials. License required.
    - Travel administrators can raise request and expense report on behalf of employees using Web Applications.
    - It is possible to access these web applications using URL on Browser. Or by using NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC).
    - In later stage, when the client goes for ESS/MSS, its very easy to integrate with it and there is no further impl. cost for travel during that time.

  • Import Visa Credit Card Transaction into SAP HR Travel Management

    Hi Team,
    I am new to SAP HR Travel Management. My client supplies the Visa credit cards to their employees for corporate transaction use.
    These are reimbursed to the employee and not paid by the company..meaning that the employee needs to pay the amount to the credit card companies.
    I have seen some config steps such as
    1 ) we need to assign Transaction  Keys to each expense types.
    What does this means.. we have 10 diff expense types such as Lodging, AIrfare, Meals, and others. Where do we get the transaction keys from and is it unique to each expense type. Who will provide the transaction Keys. Is it client or visa card company?
    2)  Need to convert the Visa file to SAP format.
    What do we need to do. I have seen their visa file and it has 54 columns ...I am unable to understand how this can be mapped in SAP.
    Please let me know what details I need to know from the client.
    Looking forward for your help.

    Some of the mappings are obvious: 
    Visa A     Your lodging
    Visa R     Your Rental car/Gas/Park/Toll
    Visa M     Your Personnal meals
    The rest are not so obvious.  For that reason, we gave our credit card provider's transaction keys to Accounts Payable and asked them to map to our company's list of expense keys.  Based on their response, we mapped the incoming transaction keys to our expense types.
    You will find the majority of incoming expenses are going to be mapped to 'Other' transaction key.  For that reason, we had to set up an expense type TMIS to map 'Other' transaction key to.  In the expense report, TMIS expense type defaults when the ee pulls the expense from the credit card buffer.  But we prevent the ee from saving an expense report with expense type TMIS on it.  In other words, the ee is forced to choose a 'real' expense type from the drop-down list.  Accounts Payable does not accept expense reports with miscellaneous receipts.  Where and how this is done, I can't answer as I am not an ABAPer.  I suspect it occurs in a user exit.  Procedurally, managers are supposed to look for miscellaneous receipts if one somehow escapes the system check.  Accounts Payable also makes this an audit point in their procedure.
    Depending on the TPV, our ees have 40-60 expense types from which to select when they add a receipt to an expense report.  Accounts Payable wants a more granular breakdown of expenses and they are the source of the expense types we configured.  For example, where you have Rental car/Gas/Parking/Tolls in your company, we have 4 expense types, one for each receipt type.
    A word of caution:  Make sure Visa really truly only has 8 transaction keys.  We thought that same thing about MasterCard.  Then we began receiving expenses with other transaction keys.  The initial list they provided as the most commonly used transaction keys.   We finally got an entire list of their transaction keys and they have more than 8 or 10.  Saves lots of rework...one transaction key at a time.

  • ESS Travel Management - Display Expense report

    I'm working on the ESS for ERP 6 Ehp3 where the travel management iViews are Web Dynpro ABAP based. When I display the expense report of the expense created in "Create Expense Report" iView, it launches a new window that loads the expense report in PDF form. However inside the new window, only the pdf toolbars are visible because the container's height is very less.
    There is an SAP note number 1140369 for Web Dynpro Java based travel management iView for same problem but not for the Web Dynpro ABAP based iView.
    Has anyone fixed this before?

    It's not about the iView height. Only the new window that open from the "Create expense report" iView and loads an adobe pdf form. Only the pdf form's toolbars are visible and nothing else.

  • Travel Management with Travel Desk

    Hi Experts,
    We are having following Scenario in Travel Management(with Travel Desk) please suggest me how to achieve the same.
            1.     Employee will raise the Travel Request the same will go to his Reporting Boss
            2.     Boss will approve the above Travel Request.
            3.     Once he approves the request the same has to go to Travel Desk (Company Owned).
            4.     Travel Desk people will book the tickets/hotels and makes the payment to the vendor
                    (Travel  Agent/Hotel). The same information will go to employee.
            5.     After completion his tour, Employee will apply for the reimbursement which he paid on his
            6.     Finance Department will check the bills and makes the payment.
    From the above steps, 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th steps are available in standard system but how to do with 3rd and 4th step.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi together,
    you will have several issues here.
    - First of all, Workflow Container BUS2089 does not carry all planning related details in standard. So you will have to enhance it using SWO1. Especially travel service details are missing.
    - if you are about to enhance it, you can also add a method to change both approval and accounting status of the trip. This will enable you more flexible process steps.
    - if manager has approved request, you can forward it by mail to a central inbox of travel agency. Travel agency is usually not working in customers SAP system, so you have to use an external communication.
    - agency usually sends an external PDF confirmation to traveler as they are not connected to SAP system
    - as an alternative, you can connect to agencys reservation systems Amadeus, Sabre or Galileo and use travel planning. then you have full synchronization and online booking capabilities inside SAP system
    - when ticket is issued at agency, credit card/ form of payment is charged. This is external process. If you want to have these data, take the credit card transaction data from provider and use RPRCCC00. Or ask agency to provide same data in similar format.
    - if you use WD ABAP for travel request (which also works as standalone without EP portal), you can use "other services" to ask traveler for additional details which are needed for travel desk. You will find about 15 fields there which is much more than the standards for flight/ hotel/ rail request.

  • Change HTML form of Travel Management

    I would like to know how to change or delete a sentence in the HTML form of Travel management which is displayed before sending a request in the Webdynpro screen.
    Thanks is advance.
    S. Falandt

    Hello Sandra,
    The only way to change the setting in Trip HTML form can be found in SPRO.                                                                               
    Financial Accounting                                                
    Travel Management                                                  
      Travel Expenses                                                   
       Dialog and Travel Expenses Control                               
         Form Structure for ABAP Lists (Old)                            
          Modules of Form Variants                                      
           Form Block Characteristics                                                                               
    Here you can adjust the Trip Form.                                 

  • Error message in SAP Travel Management

    Hi alll,
    I am trying to change an address in PRMD tx code
    Error message:  Enter a house number
    Also it is not possible to change existing addresses as the same error comes up.
    I also tried in other company codes and there it seem to work fine so the issue might only be for company code 0376
    Could you please let me know if there is any restrictions from the field u201Cstreet and house numberu201D so that it can be entered and changed as free form text?
    Thanks for your help!
    It is SAP 6.0

    Are you sure you mean PRMD?  This is the T-code to update HR master data and is not related to travel management!
    Did you mean PRAA perhaps if you were trying to update master data from HR to vendor as there are some known issues around the structure of the PRAA report and house number and address (see the notes 570023 and 663350)

  • FM Travel Management Integration Deactivating

    Hi All,
    How to deactive the integration of Travel Managment with Funds Management module, since we are controlling the expenses from HR module.
    After activating funds management in the system, while creating a travel request we got the following error. Anyone can help on this, for idenifying the problem.
    In the travel request portal we are getting this error :
    " com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.WDDynamicRFCExecuteException: No expense type for estimated costs has been defined. Cannot save , error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE and No expense type for estimated costs has been defined. Cannot save , error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE "

    Check your patch level n upgarde it.
    Please implement the note correction of the note 1286257. This should solve the issue you describe.

  • No number range found for 01 RP_REINR SP11--Travel Manager

    While creating Travel request in in Travel manager i got this error messages"No number range found fo 01 RP_REINR SP!!-Travel Manager..Plse advice me how to resolve this..
    Thanks&best regds

    In adition to task from Shailaja .. Consider this:
    Please note that while defining your number ranges, the number must be two Digits  i.e ( 01,02,03)  , it must NOT be single digit  i.e (1,2,3)..
    I'd had the same issue, but with the two digits number it has been solved.

Maybe you are looking for