We have two iphone 4s on the same computer and after we did the ios6 upgrade the text messages are being sent to both phones. How do we stop this?

My wife and I's iphone 4s' are both on the same computer.  When we did the new upgrade to ios6 it started sending text messages to both of us from each other.  For example I sent my wife a text "Hey" and then my phone received a message from Me "Hey."  Another example is that a friend sent my wife a text and both of us received it from that friend, but not in a group message. We both deleted our icloud account and the problem still happened.  Then we checked that we were both signed in to our own personal accounts for imessage and we were.  After turning off imessage the problem went away.  Any ideas on how to make imessage work without having it send messages to both of us?  

I also have the same problem and changed the send & receive addresses . But it always seems to revert back to 2 addresses/numbers on the second , my wifes phone . Which isn't the best .

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