We have two iphone in our house.  When I plug in my phone, my number shows up but it syns with my daughter's phone.  How can I change this so that I can save my stuff and not hers.

We have two iphones in our house and they are both on the same itunes account.  When I plug in my phone, my number shows up but it syncs giving me the music and contacts from the other phone.  Is it possible to have itunes just see the stuff from my phone when I plug it in.  I have had to create a new contacts list and I want to store it in itunes because this phone is a back-up phone.  My regular iphone is being repaired.  When I get back the phone from repairs, I want to be able to sync it so that itunes sees my contacts and not my daughters stuff.   Is this possible?

See: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

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