Web Dynpro: How to set the header of Tabs in a Tabstrip?

Hi all,
I created a tabstrip with 3 tabs. Now I am trying to give proper heading to each of the Tabs but unable to do so because I do not find any property to the Tab(s) for which, I can assign the heading. Only the following 4 Properties are available for a Tab:
I am able to launch the application but it does not show me any text, although the tabs are clickable. Can anyone please tell me how to make headings (or titles/text) appear individually for each of the tags? If there's any code to do it, please tell me what it is.
Thank you.
P.S: Will award points to the most fruitful solution.

u need to open the screen with graphical screen painter layout tool,
double click on tha tab that u want to give text to it.
enter the name of the text/heading in text field
activate the screen.
hope it helps

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    args := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    OLE2.ADD_ARG_OBJ(args, hRange);
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    OLE2.INVOKE(hFields, 'Add', args );
    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hView, 'SeekView', wdSeekMainDocument);
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    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hFont, 'Bold', FALSE );
    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hFont, 'Color', myBlack );
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    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hFont, 'Color', myRed);
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    OLE2.INVOKE(hSelection, 'TypeText', args);
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    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hFont, 'Color', myBlack );
    args := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    OLE2.ADD_ARG(args, 'page.');
    OLE2.INVOKE(hSelection, 'TypeText', args);
    args := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    OLE2.ADD_ARG(args, wdPageBreak);
    OLE2.INVOKE(hSelection, 'InsertBreak', args);
    ----page 2
    myText := myTab || 'This text is on the ';
    args := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    OLE2.ADD_ARG(args, myText );
    OLE2.INVOKE(hSelection, 'TypeText', args);
    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hFont, 'Bold', TRUE);
    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hFont, 'Color', myBlue);
    args := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    OLE2.ADD_ARG(args, 'second ');
    OLE2.INVOKE(hSelection, 'TypeText', args);
    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hFont, 'Bold', FALSE);
    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(hFont, 'Color', myBlack );
    args := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    OLE2.ADD_ARG(args, 'page.');
    OLE2.INVOKE(hSelection, 'TypeText', args);
    ---- go to the top of the first page
    args := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    OLE2.ADD_ARG(args, wdStory);
    OLE2.INVOKE(hSelection, 'HomeKey', args);
    Please help me out

    Click on --
    Edit link for Page> Click "Edit Default" link on Banner >
    Under the "Banner Links"
    provide value something like this:
    Label = Help
    URL = /pls/portal30/docs/myhelp.html
    Icon = U can upload any icon here.
    For Application Components = See the Second Last tab on "Edit Component".

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    The system was unable to upload the file: Invalid header signature; read 7311066695147732796, expected -2226271756974174256.
    which means that the header of the file is not excel typed.
    If I manually open the file and save it as excel POI is able to read it but I don't want to do this as this entire process of writing/reading the file should be automated. I don't want to use POI for writing the file because POI cannot provide me everything that I need when Microsoft office xml can.
    So, my question is simple: Is there a way, using java, to set the header of a file to excel so that POI will recognize it as such?

    hi roy,
    @see: http://poi.apache.org/hssf/index.html
    "HSSF is the POI Project's pure Java implementation of the Excel '97(-2007) file format. It does not support the new Excel 2007 .xlsx OOXML file format, which is not OLE2 based."
    maybe jexcelapi supports you in writing your xls:
    hth, jens

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    Hi Gurus!!!
    Im having some problems getting and setting info in component controller of my Web Dynpro.
    I can't see the difference between View Context and Global Context.
    How can i create a Global Context Between two views?

    difference between view context and global context is we can use the same component controller for all the views in the same application.but when when we create node in view context then it will be available for that view only not for any other view...so if we want to use the same node for all the views we need to create that view in the component controller.so it will become global for that application.
    for using global node you need to map that context in view controller.for that you need to go to that view then click on context tab and drag and drop node from component controller.so it will be available for that view.i hope it helps you.

  • Q:How to set the inactive 'sub-tab' text color?

    On portal.oracle.com I created my own Page Style (changed the
    color scheme) from the default and then added 'sub-tabs' to the
    Group Docs tab. Now when you click on Group Docs you see four
    'sub-tabs' underneath it. The problem I am having is that on the
    inactive tabs the text is not what I set when I created the Page
    Style. It appears to be reverting to color of the original Style
    which was created for my Portal. Any suggestions?

    do it like this
    g.setColor(255,255,255);//this will set the color for the canvas
    g.fillRect(0,0,ht,wd);//this will fill the rect(screen) with the above color,actually this will be BG color for ur app..ht,wd are the height and width of ur canvas...
    now specify color for the text
    g.setColor(r,g,b);//this color shud ofcourse be diff frm the color set for BG
    now draw the string
    g.drawString("xxx", 0, 0, ....);

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    Hi EXperts,
    I have created web interface. For this I have done like this:
    1) Types bps_wb transaction code
    2) I have clicked on Web Interface --> Create
    3) I have checked check boxes to create save pushbutton, exit button etc.
    4) Then I clicked on create button
    5) After that I generated the application
    6) Then I clicked on Display Perview button. I can see that Page 1 is getting displayed on top left side.
    7) I want to align this header text 'Page 1' in central position in page. I also want to underline it. How I can do so?

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    I did this by executing the command
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    How can you change the title and the sheet name.
    I have already tried the following:
             htp.p('Content-Disposition: inline; name=overzicht.xls');
             htp.p('Content-Description: overzicht.xls');
             owa_util.http_header_close;but this does not change anything.
    Does somebody know a solution.

    I'm posting again because the issue is not resolved yet. I thought it was fixed but it isn’t.
    I followed other posts you had answered about blog meta tags, but still can’t get it fixed.
    For the BC Blog - unable to show blog post description "{tag_blogpostmetadescription}" for SEO.
    blog post <title> tag works fine but not the blog post description.
    As previous forum answers indicated:
    Went to:
    - Site Manager->Module Templates->Blogs->Blog Post Details layout and put the above code.
    - made sure in blog post SEO the title and description fields are filled out.
    - removed from my blog-template any call for the title and description.
    must be missing something.
    re: your comment about pasting code in editor?  Not sure what you mean - should I not paste code?
    Thanks for your reply and help

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    Dear All,
    Can any one tell me how to set the common Pov for two diffrent reports underon data source in the Web analysis.

    How could it not be 5A?. If you have A for each member and then you select 5 members you are going to get 5A. If you don't want 5A then what do you want the Avg of A across the 5 members?
    The tools are working the way they are designed to, your requirement is a little out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, Web Analysis does not have conditional logic.
    Try taking my previous suggestion and adding another member in Essbase called "Count", make it dynamic calc and the formula should be ' 1; '
    The purpose here is to get a value of one in the count member for each member you are going to select in your filter. So, if you select five members in the filter, Web Analysis will now return 5A and it will return the result of "Count" which will be 5. Create a calculated member that divides the 5A value by the count value 5. That will give you the average A for the 5 members, then you can divide by 12.

  • How to set the font of a table header?

    Is there a way to set the font of a table header? I do not mean how to change the header word but the font.

    for combobox in a table (I assume the combobox is shown un column 2, thus the index 1)
    oracle.jbo.uicli.jui.JUTableLOVEditor lovCellEditor = (oracle.jbo.uicli.jui.JUTableLOVEditor) jTable1.getColumnModel().getColumn(1).getCellEditor();
    lovCellEditor.getComponent().setFont(new Font("Arial",Font.BOLD,13));
    For the LOV panel this is a bit more complicated because you need to create a custom LOV panel as described in http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/howtos/10g/jclientlov/customadfjclientlovpanel.html
    I filed a bug today to expose the component on a LOV to public so they can be modified

  • How to set the servlet context path manually in Tomcat web server.

    I tested some servlets by putting them in the folder , which the tomcats examples application uses (ie Tomcat 4.1\webapps\examples\WEB-INF\classes\) and it appeared to be working fine.
    I was calling the servlet like this : http://localhost:2006/examples/servlet/TestServlet
    But when I installed my own WAR file in the server , the servlet is not working now. now the new location of my servlets is : Tomcat 4.1\webapps\MyApp\WEB-INF\classes\
    and I'm trying to call the servlet like this : http://localhost:2006/MyApp/servlet/TestServlet
    The error , what i'm getting is :
    description :The requested resource (/MyApp/servlet/TestServlet) is not available.
    Some body please tell where I'm making the mistake ? I believe this may have something to do with the servlet context path setting. If anybody has any idea , how to set the path..will be much appreciated.

    Thanx for your reply , at first I was not using any web.xml(since not mandatory) but even after using the web.xml file the error is coming . Please have a look into the contents of the web.xml file and let me know if you find any problem...
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <!DOCTYPE web-app
    PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN"
    one more thing I would like to tell you here. I was just looking into the configuration of Iplanet web server..I found that , there are options to set the servlet container path (like : - Prefix: /servlet
    Servlet Directory: /ecomm/iplanet/nes60/product/docs/container )
    so from here I came to know that "container " is the folder where we should put our servlets and it has URI as "servlet" but yet I'm not able to find any option in the Tomcat Web server to set the servlet container to any different directory.
    If you have any idea please let me know.

  • How to set the language key in Sales document header text?

    Hi Guys,
    When I am creating a sales order I found in the header text tab only three languages English, Thai and Ukranian are mentained.. So can you please tell me how to add/ delete more language keys in language key field in a step by step process???
    Thanx and regards,

    Just select the "unwanted language" keys (By 'right clicking') on each & then use the "delete" icon (3rd icon) on the bottom half.
    you can also manintain as many languages as you want.
    Pls do the needful.
    Edited by: SUMANTH GURURAJ on Jan 21, 2011 6:21 PM

  • In order to access the web, I need to set the MTU on my iPad 2 to 1392 (standard rate is 1500). How do I do this?

    My ISP is called iBurst and operates in South Africa and Australia. In order to load/download or browse on the web, you have to set the MTU to 1392 (it
    is by default 1500).
    To do this on my iMac & MacBook Pro, you use [System Prefs - WiFi - Advanced - Hardware] and configure the MTU manually.
    I cannot find a way of doing this on my iPad 2. I did download the Airport Utility for the iPad, but like the Airport Utility for Mac, it
    has no option for setting MTU.
    Is there any way to manually change the MTU on the iPad?

    I may be mistaken, but I think the MTU setting is in your WiFi router, not in the iPad.  If you have already configured the MTU using your Mac, that should be sufficient.
    If the iPad still does not browse the web, I would try unplugging the WiFi router for a few seconds.  Then reset the iPad's network.  Go to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings.  You will need to reconnect the iPad to WiFi.

  • How to set the parameter of xi header in server proxy

    Does anyone have idea, how to set ref_to_message_id of a client proxy in the server proxy? My problem is, I send a message to a server proxy. The server proxy receives the message, retrieves the message id and tries to set the ref_to_message_id of the message, which will be sent to a client proxy, with its message id. I only find some useful functions to get these information of client proxy and server proxy like message_id etc. in runtime. But I did not find the "set" function to set these parameters. Maybe someone can tell me at first, if it is possible to set such parameters in runtime in server proxy.
    Can anyone help?

    Hi Chilla,
    what I want is to monitor the related message bundle easily. In my server proxy, many different client proxies are called and messages are transfered. So under the SXMB_MONI I will find many message exchanges for one server proxy call. Because the server proxy is called so often, I cannot distinguish under the SXMB_MONI, which message exchanges are caused by which server proxy call.
    So I have an idea. If I can set the ref_to_message_id of the messages for the client proxy calls with the message id of the server proxy call, then I can at first select the message of the server proxy call and find the messages for the related client proxy calls easily using the button "referencing message". The message id of the server proxy call can be retrieved. So my problem is now, how to set the ref_to_message_id of the messages for the client proxy calls with this messag id in the server proxy.
    Of cource, if anyone has better idea, how to resolve the situation in another way without setting the ref_to_message_id, pleases inform me.

  • How to set the user who can access to repository

    I know we can create user and group in the tools->security.And if this users is belong to Administrators Group, it can access to RPD and do some modify..
    Can we create group or user who can access RPD in some situation(like mentioned in HELP, A can access to repository on Mondays and Wednesdays, B can access to repository on Saturdays and Sundays) and how to set the privilege..

    Hi Anne,
    The example specified in Help is about restricting query execution on weekdays/weekends for a particular webgroup. Inorder to configure such access ,
    Double click on the web group name -> Query Limits tab ->Click on Restrict button provided against the physical connection pool ->Select Allow/Disallow by selecting a particular time period.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have wasted near to an half hour until I could post my thread. Can please anybody tell me why the error message "We are sorry but your message can not be posted since you have used forbidden words/phrases, such as requesting for points, emails etc.