Web pages loading very slowly.

It doesn't matter if my Mac is connected with an ethernet cable or wireless, web pages are loading very slowly. I'm sure there's an easy fix for this but I'm clueless. Can anyone offer a suggestion? Thanks...

Try clicking safari> reset safari.this should speed things up a bit. also click preferences, cookies, and clear some unwanted cookies.
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  • Last part of web page loads very slowly

    Does anyone else have the following problem?
    A lot of web pages will load fairly fast on both wi-fi and EDGE. Except for the last 5%. The progress bar seems to stop right around 5% and will take a minute or 2 before being completely done. This happens on most major web sites and only on the iPhone and not on other Safari browsers.
    Please let me know. Thanks.

    Have you tried clearing the Cache?

  • Why do my Web pages load very slowly?

    I have had some great help from all of you for getting my web site to where it is, so a Big thank you.
    I still have a problem with the pages taking a long time to load. People are telling me it takes too long to load any page, and then once its loaded and they want to go to another, it takes just as long, by then they are over it and can't be bothered.
    What can I do to fix this problem? My site is www.claxtonolives.com .

    One reason is that the background image on all your pages except for the first page, shapeimage_9.png for your pages is 1.2 MB, way too big. You should use a file resizing application like Resize! which will let you keep the pixel dimension and change the jpg compression to reduce the file size. I was able to reduce that file down to 197KB by using Decent (60) JPEG Quality in Resize at 100% pixel dimension. You might even be able to go lower. You'd have to test it and see at what compression level it become unsatisfactory. You could do the same for the large picture on the first page.

  • IBooks Author: in exported file, one page loads very slowly...

    iBooks Author: in exported file, one page loads very slowly and drags when scrolling through pages, almost stopping the scroll.  I have never seen this problem before with photo pages.  Normally they scroll just as smoothly as text pages.
    I have tried rebuilding the page with more compressed files to no avail.  The image files used on the page are not any bigger than others I have used previously without any problem.
    I have tried restarting my iBook.
    I am using a template that I have modified quite a bit.  The templates currently offered by Apple and third parties are not even close to what I am looking for in terms of layout, so I have to rip almost everything out of the page and start with a blank page, most of the time.  I tried modyfying the layouts to save time and then saved as a new template.  Apple really needs to add a module to create your own template at the beginning of a project.  Or they need to create one very open template, without much on the pages.

    I finally solved the problem by using an unmodified template. I would still like to know how my modifications to the other template caused the problem, but for now it remains a mystery.  Thanks for your ideas.
    Next I will try modifying the template without saving it as a template (merely saving it as a file) to see if I can get away with my modifications.  Also I will make fewer modifications.
    Slowly but surely I am learning this program by trial and error.  Each time I try a few formatting variations, output an iBooks file, and open it on my iPad.  I have probably done 20 of these tests, so far.  Once I work out every detail of the design and structure, I will build the final book.  I am lucky to have a beautiful PDF of the hardcover version, generously provided by my publisher.  This not only sets a high bar for me, but also allows me to use some of their design elements via screen capture.
    iBooks Author has great potential, but I along way to go to get there. One feature I would really like to see in the next update: the ability to add a hidden caption to a photo.  The reader would tap the image and the caption would appear. Tap again and it disappears.

  • Iweb 09 pages load very slowly - How can I fix this?

    Just published my website to ipage.com and every page is loading very slowly despite the fact that the backgrounds and graphics are very simple (Many of the pages are text only). I'm using the "Modern theme" Blank with a gradient fill, which is what seems to be causing the slowdown. I've tried it on two computers (macbook and macbook pro), two browsers (safari and firefox) and my iphone 4 - performance is equally poor on all three. Spoke to my Web Hosting technical support (I'm using Ipage) and he says my site is only using 17 mb, which should not cause any issues. My download speeds are also very fast so it's not my computers that are causing the issue (Between 20.5 and 23.2 mbps, ping=18ms). The site address is www.jeffreyjanger.com.

    the slowness is explained by the big size of gradient fill image. Your background [image|http://www.jeffreyjanger.com/JeffreyJanger/Home_files/backgroundimage_11.png] is a PNG
    You've changed color opacity, that forces iWeb to create a PNG file.
    if you let opacity to 100%, iWeb will create a JPEG file
    In an iWeb published site, JPEG file size can be 25% smaller than PNG (and sometimes more...)

  • Why do pages load very slowly when using a proxy in Win 7?

    Whenever I try to use a proxy server,it will work okay a couple of times. Then after that pages will start loading very slowly,so that I find that I have to uninstall the proxy program.I am using Win7 Ultimate,a netgear router, and high speed internet "10Mbps"..I have tried different proxy hiders and they all do the same thing.Can anyone help?????????????

    Exceedingly slow download speeds on...: Apple Support Communities

  • First Page Loads very slowly

    I've been using my MacBook on my wireless connection for a while with no problems.
    Suddenly everything goes bad. My ISP ( ADSL+2 ) and Netgear ( WGT624 wireless router ) get me up and running again BUT when I load the first page of a web site it takes ages to load. From then on the pages linked to that home page load quickly.
    If i connect directly to the modem all pages load quickly.
    Netgear seem to have exhausted their options eg reducing MTU, changing channel, resetting the router etc but the first page still takes an age to load.
    Any advice gratefully received..
    thanks Colin

    Your question is very vague. There could be many reasons why the app would be slow in performance (your queries might be slow / memory would be less etc.).
    Check out this guide and tune your application accordingly.

  • Why do pages load very slowly?

    I have been facing issue lately in accessing web pages from my Macbook. When I use a Windows PC/Explorer on the same WiFi, pages load quicker. In some instances , the page does not load at all and the same page loads when refreshed
    I have been using a Belkin router
    Does anyone have any solution/suggestion to improve performance.

    Exceedingly slow download speeds on...: Apple Support Communities

  • Why are web pages load so slowly. Some pages won't completely download

    Just this afternoon I began have problems with web pages not completely loading. It is happening with Facebook and Espn. I don't know what to do. Please help

    Did you happen to download MacKeeper?  That's a real bad program if you did, and could be the cause, and this tip explains what to do about it if you did.  Additionally system cache cleaners, antivirus, and firewall software are not necessary on Mac OS X.       Only download Flash updates from http://www.adobe.com/ websites directly.  Do not use the automatic updater on its own software.   Same thing with Java, go to http://www.java.com/
    As there are pretender popup windows that try to get you to update it with their own bad version.
    What version of Mac OS X do you have in Apple menu -> About this Mac?

  • Web pages open very slowly. all virus and firewall protection etc. up to date

    All virus scans and firewalls are up to date. Computer registry recently cleaned. But it takes a long time to open web pages. Mozilla itself opens quickly.

    Troubleshooting extensions and themes
    * https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Troubleshooting%20extensions%20and%20themes
    Clear Cookies & Cache
    * https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Template:clearCookiesCache
    Restore the default home page
    * https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/How%20to%20set%20the%20home%20page#w_restore-the-default-home-page
    * go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Content -> place Checkmark on '''Block Pop-ups windows''' -> click '''Exceptions...''' button and click '''Remove All'''
    * go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Privacy -> '''Firefox will: select Remember History'''
    * go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Security -> place Checkmarks on ---> (1) Warn me when websites try to install add-ons (2) Block Reported Attack Sites (3) Clock Reported Web Forgeries
    * go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> Remove Checkmark from '''Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page'''
    * go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Advanced -> Encryption ---> under '''Protocols''' place Checkmarks on -> (1) Use SSL 3.0 (2) Use TLS 1.0 ---> under '''Certificates''' select '''Ask me Every Time'''
    * click OK on Options window -> Restart Firefox
    Check and tell if its working.

  • Mid-2009 iMac w/ 4gb ram.  Since Maverick web pages load excruciatingly slowly (if at all).

    My wifi is an Airport connected to Comcast modem (no issues prior to Maverick upgrade).  Sometimes if I turn off the wifi at the iMac end then turn it back on, and then reload the page, it'll come up at normal speed.  I've tried a Safari reset and disabling DNS prefetching with no effect.  Occasionally pages will load normally, but most of the time will be slow (at or below old dial-up speeds), and about 50% of the time the progress bar in Safari will go about 1/3 - 1/5 of the way and then just stop (with the page not loading at all).  Any ideas?  In advance, many thanks!

    Hello TomTemp1988,
    The following article provides some additional troubleshooting that may help stabilize your Wi-Fi connection.
    Wi-Fi: How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Why is web page loading very slow from microsoft Outlook hot links

    Clicking on any hot link embedded in an Outlook email takes from 45-60 seconds to load. If I cut and paste the same link, loading is almost instantaneous. Are there settings I can adjust? IE8 used to be somewhat slow sometimes but never this slow with Outlook links.

    What can I do to help this situation?
    I've got fresh copies of OSX running on the macs that I mentioned, and I haven't specified any dns settings in the connection properties. I don't think dns has been specified on the windows machines either.
    A DNS server has been specified on the router. Should I try removing this ip address and let the router look for it's own dns server?

  • Many web pages open very slowly on mac using yosimite

    Some pages open fairly quickly. But, I have recently found that many pages take minutes to open.

    What are the codes in the DNS box?
    The Network panel for Leopard is different than Tigers. In your instance the solution is also a bit different. Follow these steps:
    Go to the System Preferences>Network panel
    -Location - set up a personal location by clicking on the location drop down menu and selecting "add a location". Use a name familiar to you. Once established, select "apply".
    -Next, click on the "Show" drop down menu and select Network Port Configurations. Depending on whether you use Ethernet or Airport (wireless) for your setup: only Ethernet or Airport ought to be checked. Move it to the top of the list (you can drag it). Select "apply". Everything else ought to be unchecked unless you use a Bluetooth device.
    -Back to the "Show" menu, select either "Ethernet" or "Airport" (whichever applies to you). Click on the TCP panel. There, if you live outside the US enter and (separate lines) in the DNS servers box - these are Opensource DNS codes. and select "apply". If you live in the US use Verizon's and public codes instead of the OpenDNS codes.
    Hope that helps.
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  • Pages load very slowly, but load fine in Chrome and Safari. I've tried disabling add-ons, restarting, even uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck.

    This just began happening today, although I had not installed any new add-ons. This problem also happens on version 4.01.

    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Images_or_animations_do_not_load
    * Make sure that you not run Firefox in (permanent) [[Private Browsing]] mode.
    * You enter Private Browsing mode if you select: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > History: Firefox will: "Never Remember History"
    * To see all History and Cookie settings, choose: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy, choose the setting <b>Firefox will: Use custom settings for history</b>
    * Uncheck: [ ] "Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session"

  • WRT350n Firmware Update 1.03.7 - Web page load really slow after update

    Well I updated my WRT350N with the new firmware, but now web pages load very slowly, and streaming video is even slower. Before the update it was blazing fast. I run a mixed network of wireless N and G. Both Wireless N connections connect at 200 or higher Mbps now, which is a great improvement.
    Anybody got any ideas why web pages and steaming video run so slow now.
    Also downloading files never goes above 30 kb/sec now.
    I use comcast cable and downloads were so fast before.
    Thanks in advance.

    check the download speed and the streaming video when the computer is directly connected to the modem

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