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Hello expert
I am new to webdynpro and please assist me.
1. How I want to check the version of webdynpro?
2. How I want to determine whether the webdynpro is in abap or java?
A. Joker.

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  • Print ESS Working Time Timesheet in WebDynpro

    We are currently upgrading from the ITS Working Time service (CATW) to the new WebDynpro 7.0 Working Time Business Package. In CATW ITS, there was a print button that used a report specified in the CATS Profile. We are not able to locate this kind of print functionality on the WebDynpro version of Record Working Times. Has anyone else run into this? Are we going to have to make a mod to the JAVA to add this specific print functionality?
    Any insight to this would be very helpful. I have an open OSS message into SAP that was just sent today.
    Thank you,
    Mark Musser
    County of Sacramento

    Hi Niket,
    Thank you for your reply. We can also use that print button but we have an official looking timesheet that is attached to the time data entry profile on the back end that we would like to have printed. It used to access that report in the ITS service (CATW) when clicking on the print button but that functionality has gone away.
    If anyone has figured out an easy way to get that capability back, we would really like to hear from you.
    Thank you,

  • MSS (non-webdynpro) Authorizations and Roles

    Do you know the MSS 60.1 business package authorizations and roles that are required for the backend R/3 system?  I noticed an SAP note exists for the webdynpro version (#798967) but didn't see a note for the old package.

    I know this auth object is required for webdynpros in new business package but does it apply for old traditional java MSS package too?
    Thanks, John

  • WebDynpro FPM configuration exception

    Hi Experts,
    I'm facing a scenario, I greatly appreciate if some one can answer. Thank you.
    We are implementing NW04s SP9. ESS webDynpro version. backend ECC6.0
    We are not using NWDI and we are implementing out of the box, no customization to standard delivered ESS WD apps.
    In Dev portal every thing works fine. In QA portal I have transported using packages. but I did deployed ESS BP on QA system.
    In QA environment every thing works fine if I assign super admin rights to the employee userID, if I remove the super admin role I' getting an dump error saying FPMCpnfiguration Exception: ReadObject "com.sap.pct.erp.srvconfig.DataRecord failed"
    Can somebody experienced this issue.  I have tried all ways from security standpoint like assigning content admin role only with ESS role same error as above, when I assign super admin role with ESS role, it works just fine.
    Can some one suggest some options.
    Greatly appreciated.

    Hi Sunil,
    You have to create enhancement implementation for your application configuration. Then you have  to follow the below procedure for enhanceing the feeder class.
    1. Create explicit enhancement for your feeder class by choosing spiral button in the class object toolbar, then it will provide pre,post and override method for your methods.
    2. As per your requirement you need to add some action in your table control toolbar, for that you need to implement post exit for the GET_DEFINITION method.
    3. Enhance your FPM application for adding the table control button and assign the created action in your feeder class and process the events in the post exit implementation of your PROCESS_EVENT method.
    THanks & Regards
    Praveen Gupta

  • Which is the latest ESS downloadable version?

    We are on EP 7.0 SP10 (SAP-JEE)
    Can anyone let me know which is the ESS webdynpro version I should be ideally downloading for installation. Links to the downloads would be helpful.
    We are in process of ESS webdynpro implementation process (from scratch right from downloading stuff).
    Can anyone pls throw light on the steps to go about?

    Thanks guys,
    For our system EP7.0 SP10 we downloaded and used the following ESS versions -
    1) URL - https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/contentportfolio
    And download - Business Package for Employee Self-Service (mySAP ERP) - 1.0
    Select the one relevant to our portal SP - SP10
    2) SAP ESS 600  and download - SAPESS10P_10-20000512.SCA
    3) SAP PCUI_GP 600 and download - SAPPCUIGP10_0-20001215.SCA     and      SAPPCUIGP10P_2-20001215.SCA

  • How to use the submit to SAP button in ABAP.

    Hi there,
    I am using the form editor in the SAP-Gui. I created a form with some fields. The fields are filled by calling on a BAPI in the Code Initialization part of the Interface. Now I am going to change the contents of my fields. When I press the Submit to SAP button, I would like to fire some custom ABAP-code, or submit a BAPI. But I don't have a clue how to do this. Is there anyone who can help me with a tip? The online-help files didn't say too much about this part, and the tutorials are for the JAVA-side.
    I am working with only the Sneak-Preview editions  available from the download section.
    Thanks in advance,
    Jan-Willem Kaagman

    Thanks to a tip by Matthias Zeller in this ABAP Interactive Form Information/Advice Needed I found a way, more or less. But let me warn you, this road has learned me that if you want to create interactive forms, start with the Java/WebDynpro-version. It's easier. Every data-binding is already there.

  • ESS sca file content is not able to see in EP PCD

    we got .sca file relating to ESS  and we deployed that but the content is not yet come to the portal content dircetory. Do anyone of you having the idea about this type of file and how to get the content into the portal.
    what this .sca file will do relating to the ESS?
    is it again we need to import the ESS businesspackage on the portal side or both are same(.sca file of ESS and the BP)?
    can anybody help me!

    Hi Sireesha,
    Which version of ESS you are deploying?
    As you have mentioned .sca file I am assuming this is based on WebDynpro version (?)
    ESS50.x : You can directly import the business package
              from portal
              System Administration>Transport>Import
              by copying the business package contents
              under the following directory
              (Server Side Import best practice)
    ESS60.x : You can deploy through SDM
              After successful completion if you don't see
              the contents just restart the server.
    Hope this helps.
    -Venkat Malempati

  • Who's Who Application

    I was finally able to enable the telephone number in the Who's who "Change Your Own Data" after some configuration but here is the problem.
    The problem is that it only saves the telephone number the second time you run change your own data on the telephone number.
    It looks like the telephone number is being changed and gives you a preview of the changes but after you complete the transaction it does not really save it.  The second time you do it, it will make the changes.
    I have numerous test users and tested this scenario.   This is for info type 105, sub type 020 which starts out empty.
    I searched the SAP service market place and so far no SAP note associated with this problem.
    This are my assumptions:
    Since there is no communication data for IT 105, ST 0020 on the PA record, it is technically an ADD and NOT a CHANGE  - "Change your Own Data".  I am assuming this is the item that is tripping the Change Your Own Data services.
    I appreciate input or suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.

    We are running the Webdynpro version [ECC 6.0] and the portal directory version is ESS 1.50.
    Here was my test:
    This is for a brand new user ID and new IT 105, ST 0001.
    I went to the users PA record and created IT105, ST0020 and added a phone number. 
    This is the first time the test users is login to ESS.  I logged on as the test user and I was able to successfully changed my telephone number on the FIRST try.
    I'll do some more research on the backend and more testing.
    I'll keep you guys posted.

  • Who's Who customizing in ESS

    We are using portal 6.0 SP17, with ECC 5.0 and the Web Dynpro based ESS applications.
    Is it possible to customize the fields that are displayed in the standard application, without Java coding ?
    If not, can someone give me a hint of how to do that. Is it required to use the JDI -environment, or is there a easier way to do it ?
    Best Regards,
    Kristian Rantakoski

    Yes....the selection, results and detail fields can all be HIGHLY customized all through the IMG in the backend system. You (or whoever is handling this) will find it under the ESS IMG section. The fields you can choose from all come from a standard SAP HR query. If you need other fields, you can create a modified "Z" version of that query and use it. Also, the fields for the detail tab will also be the ones that show up in the "Change own data" service for Who's Who. It will be confusing since the config you do in the "ITS services" section of ESS config will actually affect the Webdynpro versions too. Hope this helps!

  • File upload & download through web Dynpro

    Hai All,
         Now i am working in webDynpro 2.0.9. For file upload
    and download through webdynpro "resource" is used.But in my webdynpro version 2.0.9. "resource" is not possible.so tell me how to upload & download by using this version & what is the alternative way for this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kindly Regards,
    s.v.selva bala

    Try out this code :
    FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream(file);
          long length = file.length();
          byte[] bytes = new byte[(int)length];
          long bytesRead = is.read(bytes);
          if (bytesRead < length)
           throw new IOException("Could not completely read file "+file.getName());
    Create a context attribute of binary type and assign the read data to it and bind the dataSource property of your File Upload and Download properties to this context Attribute.

  • Search help for WBS element on timesheet

    We are using EA-HR 6.00 (webdynpro)
    Is it possible to change the search help for the WBS Element field that appears on the Record Working Time timesheet?
    There appears to be a table called TCATS_SHLP_ITS, but is this not for the old ITS version and not the new webdynpro version?
    The client would like to use a different search help when they choose the dropdown on the timesheet but I can't seem to figure out if this is possible.

    I guess I'll retract my question, as making change to table TCATS_SHLP_ITS is making a difference on my WBS element dropdown... just need to get it to work properly now.

  • Quick Adress System (QAS) integration with SAP

    Can anybody please let me know how the  Quick Address System can be integrated with the SAP.
    It iwll be great if any of you [please forward me the documentation or installation guide for this integration.
    Also, after proper integration of QAS, how can i acces it in SAP system. Is there any t.code or something like this? Plz provide any of the solution on it asap.
    Best regards

    Hi Gaurav
    I'm the developer of the SAP QuickAddress Solution.
    There are 2 main categories of SAP QuickAddress integration these being
    SAP Certified Solution (GUI)
    Non-Certified soultion (GUI)
    The SAP Certified version hooks in via the BADI ADDRESS_CHECK, there is no need to change any SAP standard code or screen. Simply go into any address screen (eg BP) try and modify an address and you should get a popup if the address was invalid or incorrectly formated.
    The non-certified version is similar to the certified but you would have to change code and screen, the advantage of this version is that it can integrate into any screen.
    When you buy this software QAS normally come out on site and install and demo the software, I assume they haven't done this. If you want documentation give them a call (www.qas.com).
    All QAS objects (ie transactions, tables, etc) are under the namespace /QAS/, search under this and you should find what you want.
    NB: There will also be a ABAP Webdynpro version of this software available soon
    Muntazir Khan

  • ESS Personal Information Services

    We are in planning to upgrade our existing ITS version to the latest webdynpro version ESS services. We will be implementing for 13 different countries. I can see based on the delivered Business Package that the iviews are based on specific countries (at lest for personal information). Due to this, i assume that i'll have to create 13 different roles (based on countries) and assign accordingly to the users (either this or use groups). Can someone confirm this? By the way, how is the checking being done against the user? Thanks

    Hi Nahoj,
    The country-specific apps works with the country grouping information from SAP User. To assign the country grouping, set the MOL parameter in the ABAP User.
    In the customizing side you disguise this information through 2 entries:
    - All services:
    Employee Self-Service > General Settings > Homepage for Self-Services > Services > Define Services
    - Country-specific services:
    Employee Self-Service > General Settings > Homepage for Self-Services > Services > Define Country-Specific Services
    You can maintain/remove services inside your countries of application, but if still that not cover your requirements, you can add a country-specific app service from another country (check this link: [Reuse Country-Specific Applications|http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_04/helpdata/EN/6d/5e207f3bb547aebdd1399aaa3d23d7/content.htm]).
    When a User enter to Portal, after read Portal's Role, it reads the country grouping and display the services enabled from All Services + services enabled from Country-specific services for the corresponding User's country grouping.

  • Exit button on ESS iViews

    We have ESS deployed on EP7.0, so we are using the WebDynpro version of ESS. Now we want to redirect the navigation to our own customized iView when click "Exit" button on any of the ESS iView, for example , address iView. I guess this should be controlled in the pcui_gp xssutil component, am I right? Can anyone give me some hints on where I can make this modification? Thanks a lot

    Hi Chris,
      thanks for your reply.
      If you mean to hide the button using the iView/WD Personalisation by rightclick on the iView in PCD and then Review, well yes i know this and i have tried this already before and we were able to hide some not required input fields in the Webdynpro, but we were not able to find and to hide the "EXIT" Button using the personalisation..!!?? you know why?
    Why to hide the Exit button, i will tell you why, in the iView for maintainig the ESS Personal Information -> e.g. Adresse --> Edit Adresse View (Roadmap view No. 2) --> when User click on the Exit Button --> This will open new browser Window with ESS... ---> This second Browser Window (Pop up) would confuse the User, since he already have an opened window, so the Customer mean why open new window, since the user can simply click the Button Back and so his data are also saved..
    How can we manage to control the behaviour of the Button, so the iView is closed safety without that new Pop-up windows are opened...
    Many Thanks,

  • Urgent! 500 internal server error

    Good afternoon,
    When i run other interactive forms , it show successfully on the adobe forms however, when i run my project , it show :
    <b>500   Internal Server Error
    Failed to process request. Please contact your system administrator.
    Error Summary
    While processing the current request, an exception occured which could not be handled by the application or the framework.
    If the information contained on this page doesn't help you to find and correct the cause of the problem, please contact your system administrator. To facilitate analysis of the problem, keep a copy of this error page. Hint: Most browsers allow to select all content, copy it and then paste it into an empty document (e.g. email or simple text file).
    The initial exception that caused the request to fail, was:
       <u>com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.adobe.pdfdocument.base.core.PDFDocumentRuntimeException: Severe : PDFDocument is NULL. Exception : Bound data node Node(InvoiceSummary.InvoiceDetail) of InteractiveForm must not be empty!</u>
        at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.uielib.adobe.impl.InteractiveForm.afterHandleActionEvent(InteractiveForm.java:385)
        at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.cal.ClientApplication.afterApplicationModification(ClientApplication.java:1117)
        at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.cal.ClientComponent.afterApplicationModification(ClientComponent.java:887)
        at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.window.WindowPhaseModel.doRespond(WindowPhaseModel.java:573)
        at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.window.WindowPhaseModel.processRequest(WindowPhaseModel.java:152)
        ... 25 more</b>
    Currently using java webdynpro version 7.0.7, adobe live designer 7
    Can any one help me? Thanks .... reward point will be awarded ...

    Hi Lin,
    The DataSource node,u have bound to the Interactive form is not initialized .Initialize the DataSource node in wdDoInit method.
    InvoiceDetail detail = new InvoiceDetail();
    Just check the above, if it works.
    It could also be a Cardinality issue. If the above doesn't work make the cardinality as 1..n and also make sure that u need to give values in the pdf.
    If you have bound  the datasource property of the interactive form UI element to a node,make sure that it should not be null,you need to fill data in the fields and try to display the output.
    Hope this helps.

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