Website testing application

I remember using an (I think) adobe product a few years ago that tested a website in multiple different browsers and devices at the same time. Is there any current application that can do something similar within the Creative Suite pack?
Any feedback or suggestions are very much appreciated!

No. BrowserLab is dead and for the most part irrelevant, anyway. Pretty much all contemporary browsers support HTML(5) quite well and should not produce any significant differences in page rendering. The rest is out of your control, anyway. There's really nothing you can do if somebody doesn't bother using a modern browser and it's a waste of time to worry about such stubborn people that are too lazy to download a free thing like Chrome or Firefox.

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    LV provides a lot of tools which make VIs remotely communicate and control through net easily,such as VI server ,datasocket,tcp/ip,opc etc.I do not have much experiences in the environment you decribed,but in the internet and general ethernet programming with LV is very easy and interesting.

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    timestamp is a date and thus cannot be used directly to determine seconds passed. So what you need to do is to build the difference between a saved time stamp and the current time.
    So if you have two time stamps, then calling getTime() on each and building the difference gives you a value, which is millisecond. So to get this to an int value you divide it by 1000

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    HI Java experts,
    I am creating an java online test application, i got strucked in the following scenario.
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    My task is when my application starts running other operating system command and menus should be disabled.
    The operating system commands and menus should remain in disable state till my applications exits.
    I know it can be done, can any one suggest ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Try to download an early version of the JVM

  • Unable to Create EJB Test Application ....

    Folks - I realize that I need to have my EJB offer remote interfaces in order to be able to setup an EJB Test Application from within SJSE6 - but nonetheless, the option is uanvailble off the main menu for logical Session Bean node -
    Any thoughts ?
    John Schmitt

    in order to generate the test app, you have to create a J2EE application and add the beans to it using the explorer, than the option should be enabled.
    Also it is much better that you use Studio to create the beans and all of the components of the application. Do not create the beans by hand, the IDE will create all of the interfaces for you automatically when you use it to create the beans.
    Regards Jirka

  • Why does my test application quit (disappear) during testing?

    I wrote test application using CVI2009 under WinXP. The application runs fine but when I repeat test, the application quits around the 9th or 10th repeat. When I reload and run the application it would quit again around the 9th or 10th repeat. I do not have a clue of what is going on. I have attached error logs A80428Error.bmp and A80428ErrorLog.bmp. Would someone please help?
    Than you.
    Robert Mensah
    Go to Solution.
    Attachments: ‏10 KB ‏128 KB

    Hello Robert,
    a couple of hints on your problem :
    1. Are you shure the system you are running on is stable? In the event viewer screenshot you have posted  I noticed *a lot* of Application hang errors on several different programs (cvi.exe -which by the way appears to be release 8.51- , explorer.exe, your app, NI Example finder and so on. Maybe you should reconsider reinstalling the system and see if this fixes some of the errors
    2. Did you happen to develop your application in CVI 2009 evaluation version? If so, keep in mind that every executable built in eval versions will hang after approx. 10 minutes running (more or less the difference between records on 3/3/2010 12:03 and 3/3/2010 12:14 in system log)
    3. If none of the above applies, you could recompile the application checking "Generate map file" checkbox in Build >> Target settings panel: this will generate a report inside cvibuild directory with mappings for all function calls inside your application. By searching the fault address shown in the error log inside the map file, you can narrow down the faulty condition to some specific function in your program
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    I am thinking about purchasing the monthly discounted Student and Teacher Edition of Creative Cloud.  I am currently a student at the Open University.  I am concerned that with this edition I may not be able to use CC to develop and sell website and applications.
    I have not yet set up a business but will aim to do so in the first quarter of 2015.
    Any info you have would be great.

    Hi There,
    If you purchase Creative Cloud Student and Teachers edition from, would get business catalyst(Web hosting services) as well.
    Please find more information around  Creative Cloud Student and Teachers edition and business catalyst(Web hosting services).
    Services included in Creative Cloud Student and Teachers edition.
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    Atul Saini

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    A couple of weeks ago I came across a link on one of the messages to a Theme Testing Application by Carl Blackstrom. I've lost the URL for this can anyone aim me in the right direction please?

    Try is also useful

  • Knowledge Testing application

    I am using Oracle's "FFEP Install Test Scripts" document, December 2000, to try to reach the Knowledge Testing application home page on my FFEP installation. The URL for this app (from under the Training tab) is:
    but the app responds with:
    ERR-1004 Unable to check branch condition of type function_body.
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 54: PLS-00905: object KT.WWC_PKT_USR is invalid ORA-06550: line 1, column 44: PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    Why can't I see the Knoledge Testing home page. Any help will be much appreciated.

    Please see this post
    Apex Document Management System
    You can download old packaged apps from Oracle Chines site =)

  • Visual Business FPM Test Application not working

    Urgent Help required!
    We are using EWM System for our VB Application Development.
    When we open the Geomap test application in SAP Gui its showing up perfectly fine.
    But at the same time when we try to test the standard FPM Test Application its not showing zoom toolbar,application toolbar nor the map.PFB :
    Kindly suggest what could be missing or is there something else which needs to be done at FPM level.

    Hi Experts,
    At the same time my browser is throwing me an exception 'SAP Visual Business Security Issue' which
    is preventing the visual business to open.
    Please help!

  • [svn:bz-trunk] 19782: Add Remoting test application and endpoints for testing login-after-disconnect channel setting .

    Revision: 19782
    Revision: 19782
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2011-01-17 11:21:11 -0800 (Mon, 17 Jan 2011)
    Log Message:
    Add Remoting test application and endpoints for testing login-after-disconnect channel setting.
    Modified Paths:
    Added Paths:

    I appreciate Adobe teams efforts to reproduce the issue and acknowledged it as a  Bug in AIR
    But now I am waiting on them to come back with an answer -  Is it going to be fixed in future versions? Is there a work around?
    Is adobe even considering this as an Issue? What are the next steps after acknowleding the issue?
    I hope I am not too aggressive but I also want Adobe to understand the urgency of the situation when it comes to a product release.
    I have experimented with couple of work arounds but none seem to work.
    If anyone has come across this issue please comment.

  • Where I can find test application for cluster

    I need a simple test application that can show as loadbalancer and weblogic cluster work together.
    We I can find it?

    If you have a My Oracle Support (MOS) account, then you can find exactly what you are looking for in the article, 1150374.1 - Webapp Sample for testing WebLogic Cluster Session Replication, Stickiness and Failover
    This has the exact web application that you are looking for.
    On the browser, you will see a message like "The server currently hosting this session is msapp2" when you access the sample application, which indicates that the request is being served by second managed server, msapp2 in the cluster that hosts the sample application.

  • A test application ?

    Hello folks,
    Does anone know of a simple test application, which might be
    good for testing installations ?
    I was about to write something myself, but maybe it exists already. What I am
    looking for is a simple application which can create some amount of stress (memory
    or CPU usage) and be seen by a Solaris Resource Manager.
    While any application can do this to some degree, it would be nice to use something
    fairly simple and standard. That would allow direct compairisons to be made.

    You could test this scenario with using the Test Message option from RWB.
    Or else
    You could design the scenario to get the response from BAPI.
    i.e BAPI to XI to File or any other application that will be easily avaialble.
    But you need receiver system for testing.
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    Hi all,
    Can anyone tell me from where can I download the SAML Test Appln
    Need to try this out.

    Hi Preksha,
    I believe that the test application should be available with the standard installation. In order to set it up, please have a look at [The SAML Test Application|].
    Best regards,

  • Is Controller essential to test application in OATS for load testing

    Is Controller tool essential to test application in OATS for Load testing?

    Yes. The controller is responsible for setting up the load test scenario, and for initialising all VU's on the agent systems.
    Edited by: byrne_wayne on Apr 12, 2011 2:24 PM

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