Weird CS4 error when saving eps files on a Mac: "...specified files already exist in the target location"

Hi There,
All 3 workstations in our studio are experiencing weird file behavior when re-saving eps files from Illustrator.
Basically Illustrator creates a new file in addition to the original and adds a "-01.eps" onto the file name. If you re-save your original, Illustrator brings up a dialogue box that states:
Some of the specified files already exist in the target location. The files marked below will be replaced:
We've been deleting the "-01.eps" files each time but it's becoming tedious. The behaviour occurs when re-saving an eps file to a server or the desktop.
All machines are new Quad-core MacPros running:
- Leopard 10.5.8
- Illustrator CS4 14.0.0
We've checked for Illustrator updates from within Illustrator but we seem to be running the latest version.
Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?
Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the reply.
The error occurs when we save the document but if we choose save as, "Use Artboards" seems to be unchecked so not sure if this issue is related or not. Will re-save the document using save as then see if the issue persists.
Why do we still use eps?
Basically because we've found it to be much more compatible. Our entire logo library is in eps format (18 years worth) partly because it was previously the only format to use and partly because it allows account managers to send logos to clients, printers, TV stations etc and not involve the studio (saving out an eps version).
Although "Create PDF compatible file" is a good idea, we've encountered costly issues with colours and images - especially if the recipient is using old CS software, non-Adobe software or is using some kind of hardware RIP. We now just go with what we know works.
But I do find saving eps versions of everything to be a bit painful. In fact, I've always found Illustrator in general to be a bit painful when compared with Photoshop or AfterEffects. Illustrator seems like it's been developed by a different company some times!
Cheers, and thanks for the help.

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    We can try cleaning out the Temporary Outlook Files folder to check the result.
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    Then we need to use OutlookTempCleaner to clean the folder:
    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support

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    You need to provide system and version info and explain how you actualyl produce the PDF. Unless you use the Acrobat PDF printer, I don't see how Adobe software would be involved in any of this, as recent versions of MS Office products can save PDFs natively...

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    Hello BW Experts,
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    I am actually creating a test query production. I am not sure why it is refering to the transport. From what i understand there is nothing to deal with transports.
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    OSS NOTE 194051
    An error occurs when you save a query:
    Error when saving
    "The query could not be saved due to a problem in transport".
    Other terms
    Business Explorer, query, transport, save, R9 124
    Reason and Prerequisites
    There are 4 possible reasons for this problem:
    1. The BEx default transport request or the development class-dependent transport request is not maintained or released in the Administrator Workbench.
    2. The system is set to "cannot be changed". Refer to Note 337950 (as of 2.0b SP 11), which describes how query objects can be edited in systems that cannot be changed.
    3. You are not authorized to write to Workbench requests.
    4. The BEx default transport request or the development-class-dependent transport request in the Administrator Workbench has another target system than the query (the transport destination of the query is determined via the transport layer of the query's development class (as of 3.0: of the package)).
    The error only occurs for query objects which already have a development class, that means, which were already placed on a transport request.
    Solution for Cause 1:
    a) Start the Administrator Workbench
    b) Choose 'Goto' to change to Transport connection
    c) Choose "Request BEx" or "BEx development classes" in the toolbar.
    d) Create a (new) request.
    e) All changes in the BEx are now written to this request.The end user is no longer confused by 'Transport' dialog boxes.
    Solution for Cause 2:
    See Note 337950
    Solution for Cause 3:
    Authorize user to write to Workbench requests.
    Solution for Cause 4:
    Create a request for each target system. Assign the request suiting the target system of the transport layer of the development class (of the package) to each development class (as of 3.0: to each package) used for BEX objects.
    If this does not change the situation, further information is useful for error analysis.
    Go to Transaktion SE16, Table RSZCOMPDIR. In field COMPID, select the technical name of your query. Read the COMPUID of your query.
    Go to SE37, function module rso_elem_get_related. Parameter I_IOBJNM is set to the COMPUID, and parameter I_OBJVERS (object version) is set to A. Only the export parameters E_T_OBJ_EXISTENTIAL and E_T_OBJ_DEPENDENT are of interest.
    These entries are then entered in function module rs_tr_objects_check_insert in import parameter I_T_TR_OBJECT. In this parameter, fill field PGMID fixed with 'R3TR' and field OBJECT fixed with 'ELEM'. Field OBJ_NAME is filled with the contents of field OBJNM from export parameters E_T_OBJ_EXISTENTIAL and E_T_OBJ_DEPENDENT. The other fields are not relevant.
    The export parameters of this function module are required for further error determination. Add this information to your OSS message. The table of messages E_T_MSG is important in particular.

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    How do I solve this problem?
    Can I get licenced fonts?
    Where are they available?
    Many thanks for reading.

    You can have your other contacts download and install the same fonts
    you can select all the text in your document and create outlines of the fonts, printers often ask for this option.
    You can purcahse fonts from say Adobe and if I am not mistaken you can have those installed on five work stations, I do not know if you are allowed to consider a colleague as legal user of the fonts. And I do no recall if the number of seats for the fonts have changed but it used to be five seats. As I recall.
    you can purcahse from My Fonts as well but again the other contacts ave to have the fonts installed as well check out how many seats for the fonts ypoouare entitled to and if that includes remoe sites for the seats.

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    Macbook pro 3.1 OS 10.6.8, error when saving monitor calibration profile.  Tried to name new profile, or save as an older profile, still got error when attempting to save.

    Try a NVRAM reset, and then go through the monitor calibration again.
    Shut down your Mac.
    Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.
    Turn on the computer.
    Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys before the gray screen appears.
    Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the third time.
    Release the keys.


    제품 : FIN_AR
    작성날짜 : 2003-04-25
    Problem Description
    Receipt화면에서 Adjustment를 하고 Save버튼을 누를때,
    APP-AR-11526 arp_process_adjustment.insert adjustment exception ORA-20001
    위와 같은 에러 발생.
    select taxable_amount
    where customer_trx_id = 문제가되는 transaction id
    and line_type='TAX';
    set taxable_amount = transaction의 원래 금액
    where customer_trx_id = 문제가되는 transaction id
    and line_type='TAX';
    Solution Description
    RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL의 taxable_amount값이 NULL인 경우,
    invoice 금액 adjustment시 오류가 발생한다.
    Reference Documents

    Pl see if MOS Doc 341469.1 (Adjustment Entry: APP-AR-96027: Tax accounting not defined for the tax code or tax location assigned to this invoice) can help.

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    Examples of the error messages can be found at

    Upgrading to 4.0.1 has corrected this problem.

  • How to deal with "Error 1001. The specified service already exists" when install a service using installer package?

    Hi everybody,
    I wrote a "Class Library" project which is a service using Visual Stodio 2008 recently, then tried to use a Visual Studio 2008
    Setup Project to install it.
    Here is what I did for the "Class Library":
    1. Finish the program.cs, Service.cs
    2. Add Installer
    3. Change the serviceInstaller so that "StartType" to be Aotumatic
    4. Change the ServiceProcessInstaller2 so that "Account" to be LocalSystem
    6. Click in F5 (Start Debugging)
    Here is what I did for the Setup Project:
    1. Add the exe file built from the "Class Library" project to the Application Folder
    2. On the Custom Action Editor, add the exe file from 1 to Install and Commit
    3. Change the property of the project so that "RemovePreviousVersion" to be true
    4. Click on F6(Build Solution)
    Then I tried to run the msi file from the built of the Setup Project. Because I modified the two projects serveral times, I uninstalled the Class Library using "Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs" before I reinstall. Two things I notived:
    1. After unstall, the registry was not cleaned up about the installed program
    2. After several rounds install/uninstall, I got "Error 1001. The specified service already exists"
    My questions are:
    1. How to cleanup the registry when uninstall a program?
    2. How to deal with the "Error 1001. The specified service already exists"?
    3. Did I do anytbing wrong with the "Class Library" or the "Setup Project"?
    Thanks a lot!

    Hi Simon, not a problem!
    I spent some more time on this and here are few more notes:
    it is called Major Upgrade, when you are installing new version of the product upon a previous one and
    MSI supports 2 strategies:
    Strategy 1. Install a new version and uninstall previous one. (Install a new version right upon previously installed version (file merging is performed based on dll version number) and the delete previously
    installed files)
    Strategy 2. Uninstall previous version and install a new one (Delete all previous files and install from scratch new files.)
    From the first look it seems that 1st strategy is weird and buggy. But, remember, MSI is great because it's transactional!!! That means that if once some of the phases (Installation, Uninstallation, Rollback, Comit) fails, your machine
    will be reverted to the previous state and it'll be still functional. 
    Let's consider both strategies:
    Consider you have installed product_v1.msi and you want to install product_v2.msi.
    Strategy 1
    1. MSI engine copies files from Product_v1 directory to TEMP directory
    2. MSI engine merges files based on the assembly version (between v1 and v2)
    3. Once merging is completed successfully it removes files in TEMP (RemoveExistingProducts  action triggers it) and you got product_v2 installed, otherwise if it fails MSI engine revert machine to V1 and copies previous files from TEMP.
    Strategy 2
    1. MSI engine tottaly removes all files from v1.
    2. MSI engine installs v2 files and if something goes wrong you cannot revert back, because RemoveExistingProducts  allready worked out and MSI doesn't have files to revert machine back
    I recommend to everybody to use Strategy 1 and leverage MSI transaction functionality. And you can set this strategies by defining sequence of RemoveExistingProducts action. See more info
    here.  So, I think it's not even a bug in VS as I said in the upper post it is default recommened behaviour.
    AND, you got "Error 1001. The specified service already exists"
    because if we follow Strategy 1 MSI engine tries to install Windows Service on top of the existing service and OF COURSE it fails MSI engine (StopServices, DeleteServices actions are executed before actual
    installation and  they look at ServiceControl table). In order to stop service first and delete them you have to fill ServiceContol table of the MSI (and then StopServices, DeleteServices actions will recognize what to they have to stop
    and delete), like this:
    ' see for more info
    ' Update the Service Entry to stop and delete service while uninstalling
    query = "INSERT INTO ServiceControl (ServiceControl, Name, Event, Arguments, Wait, Component_) VALUES ('MAD_Service', 'Service name', '160', '', '1', '"
    + componentName + "')"
    Set view = database.OpenView(query)
    : CheckError
    view.Execute : CheckError
    ' Update the Service Entry to stop and delete service while installing
    query = "INSERT INTO ServiceControl (ServiceControl, Name, Event, Arguments, Wait, Component_) VALUES ('MAD2_Service', 'Service name', '10', '', '1', '"
    + componentName + "')"
    Set view = database.OpenView(query)
    : CheckError
    view.Execute : CheckError
    We can uninstall service first by following Strategy 2, but then we lose transactional support.
    So, Simon did I encourage you to change your code a bit?:)
    And, btw, if you don't want to change the strategy, please don't rely on SequenceID in MSI table, it can be change, you have to get the at the runtime.
    Hope it will help to everybody!
    See also more advanced explanation of how MSI works
    Truly yours, Marat

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