What are the differences between SAPR/3 4,7EE and SAP ECC 6.0

Hi All,
Can you provide me any doc/info, which provides the differences between SAPR/3 4,7EE and SAP ECC 6.0

hi Rajesh,
Difference between sapr/3 4.7 and sapr/3 ecc 5.0:
See https://sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.sap.km.cm.docs/library/uuid/a7455fd8-0301-001
All details can be found at http://service.sap.com/~form/sapnet?_SHORTKEY=01100035870000497320&_SCENARIO=01100035870000000112&_O

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    You are partially correct and partially wrong.
    in Final Timesheet sends
    the timesheet to the Timesheet Manager for Approval
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    Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply,
    Eduardo: the answer to your questions are that all the flows will be short-lived but if we can make long-lived flows then we might consider developing them. We would need to persist the state of the flow somehow.
    I understand that some of our requirements would be better accomodated by WLI or bpel but we don't have an option but only to use OSB.
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    Dear all,
    I am new in consolidation of investments.
    Example illustrated from SAP help directory showed that the amount of goodwill arises from acquisition with direct shares will be more, Why?
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    Hi Renee,
    What seems to me is its due the treatment as per different GAAPs. Some of the GAAP require direct share and others group share for calculation og GW. If you only consider the direct share then the GW is calculated only as per that share. However if you consider the group share then the calculation of GW will be based on the total holding in the group. In the example given probably the immediate parent company is not held 100% withing the group. That means the GW of the subsidiary will be diff based on the fact whether you are looking at direct share (share of imme. parent in the subs) or grp share (share of imme. parent in the subs*share of grp in the parent).
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    Edited by: qkc on Nov 21, 2009 10:52 AM

    Difference between TopLink and ToPLink Essentials:
    TopLink Essentials are the reference implementation (RI) of JPA, is an open source effort that is licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0. It can be freely downloaded and used under the terms of this license agreement. This means, you can only use it for the management of persistence and orm with Java EE and Java SE. The binary distribution of TopLink consist of 2 jars:
    * toplink-essentials-agent.jar: contains Java Persistence API; XML Schemas and TopLink essentials implementation
    * toplink-essentials.jar: contains java agent class requires in a standolane Java SE application
    In addition to TopLink Essentials that makes the JPA implementation alive, Oracle offers its Oracle TopLink product (10.1.3) that contains an earlier preview binary of JPA and also offers developers additional object-relational capabilities, object-XML mapping (JAXB), non-relational mapping using Java 2.0 Connector Architecture (JCA).
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  • What are the differences between ECC5.0 and 6.0 new GL functionality

    Hi Experts,
    What are the differences between ECC5.0 and 6.0 new GL functionality.
    If we want to implement IFRS, I think New GL functionality is very helpful, but why sap is recommending only for ECC6.0 new GL functionality, Eventhough this functionality is available in ECC5.0.
    Best Regards,

    ECC 5.0 vs. ECC 6.0/SAP ERP 6.0
    Functionality not available in the new G/L with mySAP ERP 2004 and ERP Central Component (ECC) 5.0:
    Transfer prices
    Statistical key figures
    Euro translation
    Audit Information System (AIS)
    Data retention tool
    Chintan Joshi.

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    Might be the security fixes >  Safari 5.1.10 for Snow Leopard

  • What are the differences between ESB 10g and OSB 10g

    I'm newbie to OSB 10g. I have installed OSB 10g.
    I came to know after Oracle acquired BEA, the ALSB is renamed as OSB.
    I'm curious to know what are the differences between ESB and OSB.
    If there are many differences, please post any links which provide the required information in detail.
    Thanks in advance.

    the 'old' esb has been renamed to mediator and is now only used as component in your sca application.
    the two service buses can't really be compared since the osb (former alsb) has way more functionality in it.
    Oracle gave it it's own place in his soa portfolio and the old esb can only be used als mediator in your sca application.
    On top of your sca application you could use the OSB to complete your architecture design.
    the difference between both.
    esb (now used as mediator) can only be used in your sca application
    in here you will use it mostly for routing/transformation, and there is some functionality for assign/java callouts conditional routing
    the osb is complete product with a lot of functionality in it. Everything you used the old 'esb' for can be done in the OSB and with a lot of extra's.
    routing/transformation/service call outs/java callouts/transport virtualization/security/and more and more
    you should read the guides of the OSB to get an idea of everything it can do for you.

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    Hi all,
    Could you please let me know, we are going 4.7 to Ecc 6.0.
    Pls let what are the differences between 4.7 and Ecc 6.0.

    Try the [Solution Browser|http://solutionbrowser.erp.sap.fmpmedia.com/Default.aspx].

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    The underlying foundation for NI networking is called Logos.
    I believe that the basic idea is Logos is what is going on behind the scenes at the base level and Logos XT lets you build your own networking protocols on top of Logos.  Logos XT would be used if you want to make your own networking protocol instead of using TCP/IP or UDP.
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    Just marketing whims.
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