What are the soft key values for the Motorola V3

hi all,
I am developing an application in which the application works mainly with the help of the Softkeys.
I googled and found the values of the softkey as 21,22.I developed the application with the help of those keys it was working fine in the Emulator.When the application was tested in the real device V3 Razr it was not working.
Then because of this i developed the same application with the help of the Command buttons it was working.It was not all looking nice as like previous.
can anybody please suggest me some solution to this problem.
Thanks in advance for your positive reply

hi all,
I have tested my application in getting the softkey values and key code values in the real device(V3 RAZR).
I found the fallowing values these are different from the Emulator values
key KeyValue Emulator Value
left soft -21 21
Middle soft -23 23
Right soft -22 22
earth nothing nothing
mail nothing nothing
UpArrow -1 1
down Arrow -6 6
left Arrow -2 2
Right Arrow -5 5
Center(betwee Arrows) -20 20
make call -10 -10
And usual values for the 1 to 9 the for * and # as faloows
* 42 42
# 35 35
I am giving the information basing on the values i am getting from the real device.I am astonished why the values are differ from the Emulator.
Please give me the solution for developing the Application to Motorola V3.
Thanks in advance

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    I need to add just one more thing and that is on battery life.  Last night I sat with the rMBP on my lap installing software, surfing the web, answering emails for close to 4 and 1/2 hours.  At the point I took it back to the charger it still was showing a computed battery time remaining of 3.5 hours.
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    (plese do not come out with rubbish like steel is harder than plastic) I am not stupid and I know that the damage matches the pattern of the bumper skeleton.
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    15-Jun-2011 15:15 (in response to sfrommilton keynes)
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      - You call it rubbish
      - The world calls it physics
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    I recomend you find a day job ans stop TROLLING peoples threads.
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    Yeah because you were there.  Are you having some kind of relationship with the company?  I think you sleep with an Apple under your pillow.
    Finally I am a consumer who has paid for a product that is not living up to expectations.  The plastic skelton is hard and abrasive (I know what that means as I went to School) Abrasion's are marking the product. 
    This is not the only time this has been reported and as such I have no issue with particles entering the bumber.  This has happened from the start (when I used Apples stupid bumber case)
    Please don't patronise or TROLL others threads.
    <Edited by Host>

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    Do you want to avoid timeout when you query list items?
    If so, we can use the following C# code to set timeout.
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    More information is here:
    The SPQuery object doesn’t provide any property to set timeout. We can also set timeout in web.config, or SQL Connections or IIS.
    Dennis Guo
    TechNet Community Support
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    [email protected]
    Dennis Guo
    TechNet Community Support

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    Material 2  : RS: 1318596     QTY:  2152.76   Ltrs
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    Step 1 : post FI Journal Entry on 31.03.2006
    Opening Balance G/L  Account Dr 4149599 + 1318596
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    Hi Madhavan,
    Unfortunately this forum deals with migrations from non-Oracle
    environments to Oracle. You seem to be dealing with migrations in
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    I would recommend that you contact Oracle Applications and RDBMS
    support directly. They will have the most up to date
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    Madhavan (guest) wrote:
    : Hi John
    : Thanks for your reply.
    : Actually I am planning to upgrade the system.
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    : Madhavan
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  • New install of SQL 2014 Std MSDN. Get "The SQL Server product key is not valid. To proceed, re-enter the product key values from the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or SQL Server packaging."

    Trying to install a new version of SQL 2014 Std 64 or x86. Installing on Windows 8.1Pro 64bit machine.
    I get:
    "TITLE: SQL Server Setup failure.
    SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error:
    The SQL Server product key is not valid. To proceed, re-enter the product key values from the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or SQL Server packaging.
    Error code 0x858C0017."
    I looked at the summary log and that is the only error.
    I made sure there were no other instances of SQL on this machine. Uninstalled all VS2013 and sql instances just in case. IF there is somewhere to check if a previous version or license is causing the issue, i would be glad to check.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Please read this thread with similar issue
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  • How can we see record hold by the hash key value for a lock held

    Hi Experts ,
    I remember there is function in SQL server where you can see record /column value of the hask held in locking ? please can you let me know the function name. we  can provide hash key (bb00f5802873) and see the undelying data.
    Shivraj Patil.

    Thanks for this,
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    <frame procname="" line="117" stmtstart="9396" stmtend="10722" sqlhandle="0x03000700f9c0895d238d4100c5a200000100000000000000" />
    <frame procname="" line="1" stmtstart="1082" sqlhandle="0x010007007e3d470070dfc3ff040000000000000000000000" />
    <frame procname="" line="1" sqlhandle="0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000" />
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    <process id="process5c4ee08" taskpriority="0" logused="143380" waitresource="OBJECT: 7:1487448473:17 " waittime="1929" ownerId="17275224979" transactionname="user_transaction" lasttranstarted="2014-12-10T17:26:13.710" XDES="0x7596ab3d0" lockMode="IX" schedulerid="18" kpid="443760" status="suspended" spid="162" sbid="4" ecid="0" priority="0" trancount="2" lastbatchstarted="2014-12-10T17:26:13.720" lastbatchcompleted="2014-12-10T17:26:13.710" clientapp=".Net SqlClient Data Provider" hostname="LDNPSM020008588" hostpid="25712" loginname="INTRANET\sysecrprodweb" isolationlevel="serializable (4)" xactid="17275224979" currentdb="7" lockTimeout="4294967295" clientoption1="673187936" clientoption2="128056">
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    Proc [Database Id = 7 Object Id = 740469637] </inputbuf>
    <keylock hobtid="72057787802845184" dbid="7" objectname="" indexname="" id="lockbba5b7180" mode="X" associatedObjectId="72057787802845184">
    <owner id="process5c4ee08" mode="X" />
    <waiter id="process2b444508" mode="RangeS-S" requestType="wait" />
    <objectlock lockPartition="17" objid="1487448473" subresource="FULL" dbid="7" objectname="" id="lock10aaa0600" mode="S" associatedObjectId="1487448473">
    <owner id="process2b444508" mode="S" />
    <waiter id="process5c4ee08" mode="IX" requestType="convert" />
    Shivraj Patil.

  • Auto generate the primary key value for eah valid insertion

    i have a table EMP having emp_id, name and age.
    E1 John 23
    E2 Mary 25
    created a form/report page on the table. the report page displays all the columns. while creating new entry, the emp_is hidden and the name , age are displayed. on successful insertion the emp_id is populated with 1 rather then E3.
    1 Rick 22
    E1 John 23
    E2 Mary 25
    how do i ensure that the new row inserted has a value E3 and the subsequent entries, emp_id is incremented by next sequence.

    If your emp_id is not numeric and needs to be 'E' + sequence then you need to delete the existing trigger and create a new one like this:
       ON emp
       IF :NEW.emp_id IS NULL
          SELECT 'E' || emp_seq.NEXTVAL
            INTO :NEW.emp_id
            FROM DUAL;
       END IF;
    /Denes Kubicek

  • What are some business uses to for the ipad?

    I'm looking for some business reasons to purchase the new Ipad 2.

    I'm probably not much use to you, then, as I know absolutely nothing about accounting.  For presentation apps, there's Apple's own Keynote, so you'd just need an adapter to connect the iPad to a TV or projector plus the Keynote app.  Alternately, you could get an Airport Express, hook that up to your TV or projector and then use Airplay to display your presentation from the iPad wirelessly.  I don't have personal experience with that, though, so I don't know how well it works.
    As for tax apps, I see a bunch in the iTunes Store, but I don't know whether any would be of any use to you.  You might want to check that out before buying...  you can browse apps in iTunes all you like without having to have an iPad first, though of course you won't want to buy any if you don't plan to get an iPad.

  • Change the default local value for the JVM

    Some applications check the JVM default language and set it.
    my computer setting is German, i want to keep this.
    And i want the java appliacations to start in english.
    any idea how can i change the JVM default lacal value?

    I'm not sure if there's some global setting, take a look in the options that can be passed to "java" (executable).
    Anyway, you could just use a
    Locale germanLocale = Locale.GERMAN;
    JavaDocs are your friend ;)

  • How can i change the list of values for the items of type displaying in a ACC in ID format to Name format?

    I have 2 tables venue and concert. i have imported dummy values from xml file and data is imported to db successfully. when i go to ACC, afer select my EventsRepository->concert->click list. showing results in ID formatEventRepository:Concert:70701.
    Can anyone tel me how to show my results by name?

    You need to set the display-property="<<Your name property>>" in item-descriptor tag.
    e.g. <item-descriptor name="myItem" display-property="name" />

  • ADFS - The metadata does not contain the signing key needed for the entity to be configured as a claims provider trust

    Our customer has provided us with federated metadata.xml file. When we go to import and create the claims provider trust we receive this error message:
    I have performed considerable Google search to be able to tell the customer what is missing. Can you provide explanation as to what ADFS is expecting in the customer xml file that it is not getting?

    They'll help you over here.
    ADFS forums on MSDN
    Regards, Dave Patrick ....
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft MVP [Windows]
    Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees , and confers no rights.

  • What are the default values for the NetStream.multicast***** properties

    I read the api document about NetStream.multicast**** properties, but found no default values were given. Will the default values be changed when FP10.1 release?? Or, the values are always changing at runtime?
    I have a web-tv application, it broadcast some live videos created by my friends, I think that the latency and lag-time can be bigger in my app, I want to know the recommended default values for the multicast*** properties.
    I think the multicastWindowDuration and liveDelay are the keys. And I am confused between NetStreammulticastWindowDuration and NetStream.bufferTime..they like the same...
    Sorry for my poor english, Thanks.

    the publisher can set the multicast properties you listed to be the defaults for all of the subscribers of the stream.  in addition, the publisher can select whether or not "push" mode is used by changing NetStream.multicastPushNeighborLimit.  setting the limit to 0 disables push, setting it to non-zero enables push in the mesh, but only changes the actual push neighbor limit for the publisher.  if push is enabled for the stream, each peer will use push mode, but will start out with the global default limit (which is currently 4).  this is for safety.  we recommend you always leave push enabled.
    each peer (including the publisher) can change the multicast stream parameters dynamically.  changes are local to that peer.
    for the publisher to set the initial parameters for the stream that all peers will inherit as the default, the parameters must be changed on a new NetStream *before* NetStream.publish() is called.  example:
       var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(netConnection, groupSpecification);
       ns.multicastWindowDuration = 10; // change default for everybody
       ns.multicastWindowDuration = 15; // change window duration just for publisher, everybody else will start with 10 for this stream
    each subscriber can override the multicast stream properties locally, but the overrides must be set on the NetStream *after* receiving a NetStream.MulticastStream.Reset NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS event in order for the override to stick.  overrides must be reapplied each time the NetStream.MulticastStream.Reset event is received.

  • Values for the automatic posting items are invalid

    I'm doing two kinds of consolidations, both using its own Special Versions. IFRS and Local Accounting system (Portugal)
    In IFRS the system it is working fine.
    Although when I try to consolidate in Local Accounting, I have errors.
    The customizing of the two special versions only differ in the consolidation of investments. In Local Accounting I have a different account in Net Income Prior to First Consolidation(Appropriation of retained earnings) and in Net Income Item of Statistical Net Income (Selected Items).
    After doing this customizing, I tried the Consolidation of investments, and after executing the measure I have the following error "Values for the automatic posting items are invalid".
    I can see the document that system is trying to post and everything seems fine. I only noticed that the statistical items are apeearing, which is not normal.
    Do you what I'm missing or doing wrong?
    I'm new to BCS.
    Thanks in advance.
    João Arvanas

    The message is most likely regarding the posting to the Retained Earnings item defined in Selected Items. I've seen this before and do not recall the specific solution but it entailed using a different item for this.
    It may be that the COI setting for displaying the statistical items in the log is version-dependent. If so it may be turned off. I think this is in location of values.

Maybe you are looking for

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