What download speed is good for streaming HD movies?

What download speed is good for streaming HD movies down to my Apple TV?

The recommended speeds are
SD 2.5 Mbps
720p 6 Mbps
1080p 8 Mbps

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  • What Download Speed Do I Need to View HD Movies?

    What download speed do I need to view HD movies on Apple TV?

    The first thing to check would be your internet download speed, you can do this at www.speedtest.net.
    1080p HD movies require a recommended speed of 8 Mbps, 720p HD movies require a recommended speed of 6 Mbps, while SD movies require a recommended speed of 2.5 Mbps.


    What MS OFFICE is good for ipad 2

    There is no iPad version of MS Office. You can use Apple's iDevice versions of Numbers, Pages, and Keynote which can read and export Office compatible documents. There are quite a few other third-party apps that do much the same such as Documents To Go.

  • Download speeds extremly slow for CS6 trial version

    I am trying to download the trial version of CS6 using the Adobe download assistant. It is extremely slow (Currently saying it will take another 15 hours to download.) It has been stuck at 987 MB for over two hours. I have a very fast fibre optic line and just did a speed test. I am seeing download speed of 75.79 Mbs so it is not my broadband. I am on Mac OS Lion 5.7.  and have plenty of empty disk space. Any ideas of what the problem is?

    so it is not my broadband.
    Actually it probably is. Due to how ADM work sthere may be issues on such connections due to how they handle upstream communication and may dynamically switch IPs/ channels in their multiplexers.... Try a direct download using the method described here:
    Direct Download Links for Adobe Software

  • What Macintosh Machine is good for AAE CS5?

    Hello people
    First I want to thank everyone for their support in this forum
    I'd like to make a question,I can afford around 2.700$ for a Good Mac Computer
    I want it for HD Video Editting with After Effects CS5 and maybe for future use of Adobe Photoshop.
    Many people told me that 24GB RAM is good,but no one told me what other parts to buy,If anyone knows please help me
    PS:Correct me if I said anything wrong above.
    Thank you all!

    Many people told me that 24GB RAM is good,but no one told me what other parts to buy,If anyone knows please help me
    Just for PS and AE you won't need much more. To some degree harddrive speed and capacity for placing caches and temporary data will matter, so you should get 2 or 3 drives, assuming we're talking Mac Pro and not iMac. Graphics won't matter much. Choice is limited anyway and neither AE nor PS are particulalrly dependent on OpenGL...

  • Direct Access Management Servers, what are the entry good for?

    In the advanced Direct Access setup wizard you have the ability to enter your management servers. I haven't been able to find an explanation of why, what is it good for? If I understand everything correct DA gives full access to the subnet so why is it of
    interest to list some servers as "management servers"?

    Management servers are servers that you are able to access from the da client Before logged on as a user.
    Your domain controllers are by default infrastructure servers, but in many cases you want to add for example SCCM, NAP and other servers to be accessable prior logon.
    If you are using the manage-out functionality in DirectAccess, and want to access a client prior anyone is logged on, the management server is also needed there.
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  • Whats the check box good for?

    I'm on a Monday roll. I got bit by a context menu so far so now lets try the check box.
    I've always been under the impression that the check box was an include/exclude thing its either on or off.
    Instance I was trying to burn a cd from a playlist and it went over. So I would un-check boxes for items in the list and try to re-burn the cd. Even after clearly it telling me I had less time and space itunes was still trying to burn the 'unchecked' items.
    So .... what are the check boxes good for?? I'm sure I'm going to feel really dumb when the answer is presented.
    Thanks for your time .. on a ridiculous question!

    *I guess I haven't put enough thought into creating a playlist to contain every song I would like to play at a given time.*
    By checking/unchecking songs, you alreay are doing it, except instead of having them in a neat, tidy playlist or two, you have the whole library to go thru.
    Here's how I do it.
    It's very simple to get new music and my favorites onto the iPod, once set it up.
    I have a few playlist I sync.
    One is a regular playlist (iPod Music) with all the music I always want on my iPod.
    I also create a smart playlist.
    The criteria are.
    Match all rules;
    Playlist is not iPod music (this keeps from selecting songs I already have)
    My rating is not 1 star (keeps off stuff I rate one star)
    Have not heard in last two weeks (rotates older music)
    Limit selection to 2GB by Random (the size is set to the iPod total size minus iPod music playlist size).
    Then I select the iPod, click the Music tab.
    Tick Sync music and choose Selected playlists in the drop down.
    Tick the two playlists above.
    I add/delete from the iPod Music playlist to always sync this music.
    Once a week or so, depending on how much I have listened to the iPod, select the smart playlist.
    Select all the songs and press Delete. Since it's a smart playlist, it will automatically fill up again with new music based on the criteria.
    Then I sync the iPod.
    (I really gotta start a blog with this info in it since I type it a bunch...)

  • What is the best encoder for a quicktime movie into iDVD...?

    i seem to be having some issues with picture quality once the DVD is actually made... i do have my preferences set at professional quality, but i think my problem may be with the original source file... what's the best format for that...? H264...? mpeg4...? pro res...?

    Since you are just researching, I am going to make this as short and sweet as possible.
    The 27 inch screen IMac is your only option. You need to have one with the fastest i7 CPU, fastest Graphics processor. Order one with the base 8 GBs of RAM and add additonal RAM through cheaper third party Mac RAM suppliers.
    My preference is for the standard ATA 7200 rpm drives as the Fusion-type drives are not proven technology, yet.
    If you want a really fast iMac and can afford it, consider an internal or external solid state drive (SSD) as these drives ard very,very fast.
    For external drives fast drives are ones that use USB 3, Thunderbolt and/or FireWire 800 connections.
    Stay away from external USB 2.0 external hard drives. They aren't fast enough.
    You need an adapter adapter for your mini DV camera.
    You are going to need some make of separate high speed audio interface box for instruments and vocals.
    Look at interface boxes from M-Audio.
    And you'll need to budget for a third party, good quality, high speed external FireWire 400/800 CD/DVD optical drive.
    Plus, very seriously consider the purchase of extended 3-year AppleCare Warranty plan.
    Something will go wrong with an iMac between 1-5 years.
    Three years of warranty protection offers free repairs and replacement of you have hardware failures.
    Good Hunting!

  • On board 7.1 sound any good for nongamer into movies

    I am seeing so much about problems with Creative card drivers etc. Does one really need dedicated sound card?
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Yes. You can go into Windows Audio Properties, select speakers (if you are using analog) and choose how you want it setup up. If it's Realtek, you can go into Control Panel (icon view) open the Realtek HD Audio Manager and even tweak the individual volume adjustments for each speaker using the Room Correction feature.
    ... an HP employee expressing his own opinion.
    Please post rather than send me a Message. It's good for the community and I might not be able to get back quickly. - Thank you.

  • What's the best format for streaming music via bluetooth?

    I've got a really nice car stereo that I had installed a number of years ago. I just replaced the head unit with a Pioneer unit that allows me to stream music from my iPhone 6+. It supports A2DP.
    Right now I've got my music encoded as MP3 files at 320 kbps.   Should that be sufficient or is there something about the A2DP profile that perhaps would make another format (like AAC) a better choice?
    I just want this to sound as good as possible. Thanks for any advice.

    conejo61 wrote:
    I just want this to sound as good as possible. Thanks for any advice.
    Then adjust the equalizer settings on the head unit.  The difference in sound quality  between the formats would be negligible.

  • What downloads do i need for my pavilion 500-267C 64bit desktop ?

    I just bought a HP Pavilion Model 500-267C Desktop 64 bit. The page with downloads and drivers lists numerous choices. Do I download all of them to bring my unit up to current spec's or what? Thx for any help. 

    The HP Support Assistant is part of the HP value added software and it will check on a schedule to determine if your PC needs updates.  Windows update and many commerical antivirus programs also run on a scheule.
    The computer industry spends millions and millions everyday to produce software, BIOS and firmware updates to not only correct problems but also to prevent rediscovery problems from occurring.  While you may not be experiencing a problem that is documented  by an update today it may trip you up big time tomorrow.  
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  • Ssoooo... what's this thing good for anyway?

    So I just bought my powerbook used. This is my first mac. I may have under researched this decision. i'm now finding all sorts of guff about the powerbook g4s being "too slow" and "outdated". did I just waste a bunch of money on and obsolete machine. or is it possible to upgrade the hardware enough to salvage it for a few years?

    I think it depends on what you paid whether you wasted money or not, and what your intended use is. Certainly the Powerbook series and G4 PowerPC processor has not been used for many years now, and support for programs, security updates, and so on is waning.
    Assuming the hardware is in good condition, the only logical upgrades for this machine is to max the RAM and install a larger hard drive (both depend on which Powerbook you have).
    While I would not be happy trying to edit video or do extensive Photoshop work (too slow), I still use my PB as a secondary machine for light duty tasks such as email, web surfing (except web video -too slow), photo viewing, iTunes playback, word processing, and so on.
    Computers get better. I don't think Pentium 3 machines satisfy many PC users anymore either.

  • What FTP server is good for iWeb

    Iweb just ate 7 years of images off all my old blogs and articles. I have limited  machine back ups.
    Tech support for 3.5 hrs was useless.
    What FTP servers are iWeb users looking at to transfer to?

    Any good hosting company will give you better service and tech support than MobileMe. Make sure you get a Linux account and that support is available 24/7.
    Most offer a 30 trial and this page also has a link to free hosting which I have tested out...

  • What does 7.3 good for

    I don't know if I should upgraded or not. What's the difference?

    Don't yet. Wait for the bugs to be worked out. I always give iTunes updates a good month or two before actually upgrading. Though you could check the discussion boards here and see what people are having troubles with if you'd like to form your own opinion.

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