What is cross version instances ?

      I am in the process of preparing a document for upgrading our SQL Server 2000 servers to SQL Server 2008, I read the details in the technet SQL Server 2008 online books, but I didn't understand the below line, can anyone explain this
in simple words to understand ?
Cross-version instances of SQL Server 2008 are not supported. Version numbers of the Database Engine, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services components must be the same in an instance of
SQL Server 2008.
Is that possible to have different version number of database engine during upgrade ?
With regards,
With regards, Gopinath.

Once you have installed SQL Server with specific features (Reporting Services, etc.) and have
applied service packs and updates, you then may want to add new features like Analysis services from the initial SQL Server media but those new features you will install won’t have the same build (version) number as the other features that received the updates/service
packs. Once you add new features, you need to reapply all updates/service packs to the instance.
The database engine will only have one specific build number at a time during the upgrade process.
Hope this helps.
Alberto Morillo

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