What is Java good for?

I need to develop a really serious solution for Win2K server, that will handle security data. Now I am thinking of a platform to do it. Can Java really secure the data I will trust to store it? I mean various mulfunctions, program bugs, errors, so on. Microsoft really insists on trusting its programs, not Java's (see the installiation guide for Win2K: 'Java cannot be used for medical, technical (for example handling the nuclear enterprises) ...'), so I don't know what to do. Developing a Java solution will be simplier that doing the same thing with VC.Net, but ... What do you think? What is Java good for?

Microsoft really insists on trusting its programs, not Java'sDo you trust Microsoft?
(see the installiation guide for Win2K: 'Java cannot be used for medical, technical (for example handling
the nuclear enterprises) ...'), so I don't know what to do. The nuclear bit is in the Java license ("You acknowledge that Software is not designed, licensed or intended for use in the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any nuclear facility.") I think it's probably either a result of US law requiring some certification or other for software used in nuclear facilities, or a preemptive move by Sun to forestall possible lawsuits.
The JVM is stable, probably more so than .NET since it's older, and should be suitable for your use, based on the description so far. The things you need to worry about are primarily personnel and hardware configuration (i.e. disabling virtual mem).

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  • What technlogy is good for ABAP developer with some littile knowdge of java

    Hi Experts,
    What technlogy is good for ABAP developer with some littile knowdge of java IN SAP NETWEAVER.
    Can any one guide me for good technology for todays market.
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    you can choose PI of netweaver.

  • What is -Xms good for?

    The java option "-Xms" specifies the initial size, in bytes, of the memory allocation pool. But what is it good for, other than the additional memory may be get a little more quickly when
    default size < required size < initial size set with -Xms
    If an application requires more memory, the JVM allocates more memory up to -Xmx.

    okay, but what if i can't predict, how much memory is
    needed? (in my case, the application generates PDF
    files based on dynamic XSL/XML content that could get
    arbitrary big.)
    another point is, that the application should not
    behave "intrusive" by claiming all memory it can get.
    instead it should only claim what it really needs.These are some of the reasons why the JVM, by default, adapts its
    memory usage. If you go and change its behaviour by specifying
    memory usage options then you are of course able to make the JVM
    play unfairly with the available system resources.
    "Beware of what you wish for"

  • What is reflection good for?

    i heard people use reflection with rmi, but what it is good for?
    if i use reflection to figure out what methods etc a class has, how do i know what they do?

    Oh cool, you just gave me an idea!
    Storing bean class names in a db and upon retrieval of any name, a single utility can construct an entire GUI editor panel for any variety of java bean conforming to the Java Bean specifications. This way, if ever I want to add a new Panel to an application for a new module or set of features, all I would hypothetically have to do is create the bean and add the name to the db and load up my app without even having to create the new GUI interface for editing it.
    Oh and one other additional thing reflection is good for, is interfacing with XML config files using the attribute names as identifiers for locating the setters (E.g., Spring Framework) as well as a bunch of other related XML things.
    Your imagination is your only limit. I would excercise caution in where and how you use it though. Usually best to use in initialization routines rather than runtime functions or during exhaustive processes.

  • Exam 70-483 what is it good for?

    what is it good for taking the exam?
    if you have a CS degree and c# experience, yet can you benefit from passing the exam?

    Hey Lemon Sky,
    Degree is very important, but there are businesses that require certificates from Microsoft (this is essential if they are business partners of Microsoft they have several employees with valid certification).
    You explain the title of most logic and the practical aspect based on Microsoft systems, to take the exam should know the system and in a practical and not just theoretical. So it can add a lot.
    This test is part of the third Test categories: MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using C#
    If you pass this test, there are 2 more tests you upgrade the current certification
    70-484 -  Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C#
    70-485 -  Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C#
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    CompTIA A+ ,Microsoft MCP, MCTS, MCSA, MCITP
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  • HT202447 What is Java used for?  What would I need it for?

    What is Java used for? 

    Disable Java in your Browser settings, not JavaScript.

  • What is C++ good for?

    I think it's kind of weird that Microsoft can't build a class designer that displays manged types in C++. Why is it that C++ always comes last out of all of the languages! I know it isn't the most popular language but still, you begin to feel like Microsoft are trying to shut it off so there are only 2 languages, C# and VB. Over the years I have learned to program in C++ because of the pointer functionality and the sense of control you have over your code. Where as in C# you know less about what pointers and memory are doing and as a result it makes it easier to program in C#.
    But then it begs the question what is C++ really good for at the end of the day. There is less and less functionality for it and it's language with many syntax obstacles compared to the easy and quick ways of writing C# code.
    I would really appreciate different sides of the debate because then it might help me to realize that learning all about C++ wasn't such a waste of time after all.
    Thanks in advance

    What is C++ good for?
    simple answer: it's the only language you can use to write real programs with (= for a computer) ... all other "programming" languages are some kind of scrippting tools in my eyes
    but today they even call html and css a "programming" language ... that's like saying "hey, I'm a chef, I know how to cook water"
    it's true, that we should talk about C/C++ and not about C++ alone and it's also true, that there are things in those language which I would like to change... but far less than in C#, Java and VB... oh and by the way: no, it's not complicated,
    it's powerful ... with C/C++ you can program the machine! you can decide what it should do! and you know if you're talking about a pointer, a variable, and integer or what ever...
    and if somebody is passing a string by value... well, then... this person simply isn't a programmer... that's it ...
    so, again... what is C/C++ good for? it's the only way to write computer programs
    that's what I think...

  • What is icloud good for?

    I don't quite get it... What is icloud really good for? And why should I prefer it to Dropbox?

    iCloud is good at keeping your email, contacts, bookmarks, calendars synced across multiple devices. Say you get a new iOS device or Mac, log into your iCloud account and everything is synced to the new device. iCloud has some features that are like Dropbox, but very limited. Photostream is one and Documents and Data shared across devices. I think iCloud is headed in the right direction and one day, we won't need to use Dropbox. In the meantime, iCloud doesn't match the ease and functionality of Dropbox as far as sharing files go.

  • What is the main purpose of ichat server what is it good for?

    i've been looking at ichat server, but can't figure what advantages is has opposed to just using ichat on bonjour on my network? what is it good about it?

    What are your goals here for chatting-style communications?
    iChat server provides a way to leave messages for offline users, server federation, connection encryption, public key authentication, connections across networks, and various other features and options.
    Here is the [iChat Server Administration 10.5|http://images.apple.com/server/macosx/docs/iChatService_Adminv10.5.pdf] manual; check the first couple of pages for some high-level details on the features. A quick Google search for iChat Server or jabberd or /"ichat server" features/ will most certainly turn up a [feature list|http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/features/ichat.html], too.

  • Ellipsis - exactly what is it good for?

    Seriously, I have yet to find a use for this thing.
    I can't use it as a phone. When I first activated it, I tried to call it from my smartphone for testing. "We're sorry. The number you dialed has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service." Yeah, no. I can't dial out either; the dialer app just goes 'dur?' when I try.
    Bluetooth doesn't work. It'll *pair* with anything, but won't actually *connect* after pairing.
    I put several of my usual notification tones on the SD card, since, you know, additional storage is what it's for. My PC sees them when it's connected via USB. The apps, however, don't. Not even ES File Explorer can find them.
    Smart Push on my work (Exchange) account goes silent without warning until I manually refresh it. What's so smart about that?
    I can't even use it as a navigator; nav apps don't see the GPS.
    OK, I got the thing for free, and I suppose it's worth exactly that, but why am I paying $10 per month for the line? What am I getting for that $10, aside from a headache?

        I'm sorry to hear you're having so mucn trouble with your tablet coinneachfitzpatrick. This tablet can not be used as a phone, which is why you received the error message when you called the number. In regards to bluetooth, what type of bluetooth connection are you attempting to add to your tablet. Due to this being a tablet and not a phone, it wont pair as your phone would. You can pair wireless keyboards and other devices. Here is a link to help http://www.verizonwireless.com/support/devices/knowledge_base.html/89045 .
    Lets discuss your files you save to the device and smart push. Are the files you saved compatible with your pc? Is your tablet updated with the latest software which could correct the email issue?  Please keep us posted.
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  • MEMORY, What is it good for.....

    ...absolutely something.
    I'm sure of it, but was wondering...
    I just added 4Gb to my 1.8MHz single G5
    I was wishfully thinking it would help speed up things using Archicad. (the min. spec is 1.5 Gb... which I had before upgrading).
    Did a few tests before and after installing the memory .... with no apparent changes.
    The new memory appears in "about this mac" status OK. I reset the PRAM.
    Is there a way to check if the memory is working?
    Am I dreaming that increasing ram will speed things up??
    Should I bag this PPC and get a new iMac???
    Thank you for any insight.

    Virtual memory size is what is set aside for the applications use in case it is needed. The figure is large
    as it represents the max that the system will allow the application to use. It does not represent how much is currently being used by the application. I excerpted this from an MacOSXHints article I linked to below, I think it explains the Activity Monitor memory information very well:
    PhysMem is just that -- physical memory -- your installed RAM.
    1. Wired = memory allocated that shouldn't/can't be swapped/paged out (ie its locked into memory -- possibly portions of the OS code for example).
    2. Active = allocated memory that has been accessed during last N seconds.
    3. Inactive = allocated memory that hasn't been accessed during last N Secs (quite likely to be first candidates for being swapped/paged out if memory being demanded).
    4. Used = Wired + Active + Inactive
    5. Free = memory that isn't allocated to any process or the kernel.
    6. VM = Virtual Memory ( a fictictous amount of memory that represents a processes upper potential limit for its memory allocation or requirements -- very raely ever requested). p%3Fstory%3D20010613140025184virtual+memory+mac+os10.4&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=12&gl=us&client=safari

  • What laptop is good for computer games like WoW or the Sims 3?

    I want to get a new laptop around the mark of $400-$800 or maybe possible lower(but i doubt it) that can run computer games and is good for other things.
    Does anyone know a good laptop i could get?

    If you want to use the notebook for gaming, I recommend purchasing one with an external graphic card. Mean the graphic card should not be a part on Intel CPU (Intel HD GPU) but you should choose the notebook with an ATI graphic chip or nVidia GPU.
    Check the Toshiba Product page to get more details about notebooks equipped with such GPUs

  • What job is good for me? do you think...

    Hi folks,
    I can see that you are cooperating all nicely; a sense of community indeed. And all for the sake of it. Keep it going...
    Now here is my question:
    I love databases, in fact crazy about them :-)
    i am certified in oracle 9i, and believe to have received good training in SQL, almost from A to Z. (Sure i can do joins and subqueries :-))
    I have a general idea, a good one still i think, about PL/SQL. (not as good as SQL*plus though).
    If i wanted to have a job in databases like Oracle, what should i be looking for?. Is knowing SQL good enough for a job???
    Put differently: has anyone started from this position and found their way out as far as databases are concerned?.
    I do have other skills but wish to diversify my job search.
    Thanks a bunch,

    Hi Nicolas,
    You have a good point. If you do a job you don't like, then this isn't going to work i think. Sooner or later you get bored:-)
    My point was, however, slightly different: are there jobs where you can utilize SQL*plus as a major skills?. If so, what kind of job titles should i be searching for on HotJobs etc.?.
    If SQL*plus alone isn't enough, what else should i need to learn as far as database programming is concerned?.

  • "max-pool-size"   what is it good for?

    SCreator simple CRUD use:
    After a while I get:
    " Error in allocating a connection. Cause: In-use connections equal max-pool-size and expired max-wait-time. Cannot allocate more connection"
    Which is odd, because its just me using the server/database. It looks like every tiime I run a test, another conection is lost.
    Do I have to restart the server? Is there a way to say "its only me, reuse a single connection"
    why does "connection pooling" make life harder?
    Can I turn it of?

    I got the same error in my JSC project. I search for few days and i found the solution. I do a mistake in my page Navigation. I forgot a slash in <to-view-id>.
    A bad example:
    A good example:
    with this mistake, the afterRenderedResponse() was never called, and the ResultRowSet was never closed.

  • What is a bootable backup and do i need one? what are partitions good for?

    please excuse my ignorance...
    i just got a new lacie external firewire hard drive and it has some software which i was wandering if i have any use for... - SilverKeeper and LaCie Backup Software. i'm not sure if they can give me anything that time machine doesn't do better... SilverKeeper gives the option of cloning a bootable backup. i'm not exactly sure what's the advantage of this and in what case i may need it.
    when i got my last computer i was able to transfer everything from the old computer, including applications, to the new one without having to find all the serial numbers and reinstall them. i thought that time machine will be able to do the same thing if i lose all the data on my computer. is that not so? is that what a bootable clone is for? or what is it for?...
    my other question is what are the advantages of making partitions in my new drive (i understand i have to if i want a bootable backup, but is there any reason to partition otherwise?

    SilverKeeper gives the option of cloning a bootable backup. i'm not exactly sure what's the advantage of this and in what case i may need it.
    A bootable backup is an exact copy of your hard drive's contents on another drive, that can be used for booting up the machine. The advantage of a bootable backup is that, in the event something bad happens to your internal drive, you can very quickly get up and running with the backup drive, and can copy that back to a replaced/fixed internal drive very quickly. Time Machine backups are not bootable.
    The disadvantage of a clone of any kind, bootable or not, is that there's only one version of any particular file stored. So if a file gets damaged and then backed up, you're pretty well screwed with the clone, while Time Machine stores many versions of the file, so you just "roll back" to the last working copy.
    when i got my last computer i was able to transfer everything from the old computer, including applications, to the new one without having to find all the serial numbers and reinstall them.
    Bad idea... while this will work for most apps, different machines have different architectures, so some apps may not be installed correctly for the new machine, plus you may not have properly copied some components. You should have reinstalled them.
    i thought that time machine will be able to do the same thing if i lose all the data on my computer. is that not so?
    If you have Time Machine back up the entire hard drive, without excluding anything, then Time Machine should be able to restore your drive to exactly the way it was at any particular moment in time at which it made a backup, including apps, system files, preferences, etc.
    my other question is what are the advantages of making partitions in my new drive (i understand i have to if i want a bootable backup, but is there any reason to partition otherwise?
    You do not have to partition to make a bootable backup. However, you'll be using the entire drive... trying to store additional files on the same drive as a bootable clone is confusing at best. Using a partition allows you to create multiple "virtual" drives... say, one for a bootable backup, one for a Time Machine backup, one for movie files, etc. Of course, this is only advisable if the drive is much larger than the one you're backing up, and note that if you store original files on a partition (like a bunch of movie files), you need a backup of those somewhere else.
    Time Machine will want it's own full drive or partition to play with, which should be larger than the drive being backed up, and will eventually fill it. A bootable clone probably also should go onto its own partition, but you wouldn't need to make this partition larger than the drive being cloned. Other than that, don't worry about partitioning unless you have a specific need.

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