What is the criteria for a "valid eprint email address"

Criteria for a vaid eprint email address

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The custome eprint address must be connected to an actual ePrint account and printer.
The address shall be in the form of  [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
The following explains and tells you how to set up your custom email address for your ePrint:
Eprint – Help and Tips – Getting Started
When the page opens:
Getting Started »
Getting Started with ePrintCenter >>Select:  What is a custom email and how do I set it up?
Dragon Tip
Be sure you also set up a restricted list of users that are allowed to send to your ePrint email address.  If you do not do this, your printer may be e-spammed!
Eprint – Help and Tips – Getting Started >>  
HP ePrint >>
Click on Managing ePrint Security >>  Select How can I restrict who uses ePrint on my printer?
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  • What Is The Criteria For Reloading objects and JSP Pages?

    I have a JSP application that consists of many HTML, JSP & JavaBean files.
              Since I am in the middle of the development phase I am making lots of
              modifications to the code. I've noticed that much of the time if I recompile
              a JavaBean into a class file WebLogic does not reload the updated class.
              In my weblogic.properties file my servlet reload property is:
              All my JavaBean class files reside in a sub-directory of that directory. For
              How come these beans don't get reloaded each time? Is there a different
              WebLogic property I should use? What is the criteria for re-loading a class
              file anyway?
              Thanks in advance,

    BTW, I tried this in 6.1 and it does reload modified classes in
              WEB-INF/classes, but, sure enough, it results in ClassCastException's etc, for
              Foo foo = (Foo)session.getAttribute("foo");
              session.setAttibute("foo", new Foo());
              will result in ClassCastException if Foo was modified.
              So, if 6.1 tracks class modifications, then why doen't it trigger application
              redeployment? It can definitely be more convinient than touching 'REDEPLOY'
              Mike Reiche <[email protected]> wrote:
              > Make sure that your servletclasses and your jsp workingDir are NOT in your weblogic.class.path.
              > Pay attention to what Dimitri said.
              > Set your reloadCheckSecs=0 (check every time).
              > Set your pageCheckSeconds=0
              > Mike
              > "Matt Connors" <[email protected]> wrote:
              >>I have a JSP application that consists of many HTML, JSP & JavaBean files.
              >>Since I am in the middle of the development phase I am making lots of
              >>modifications to the code. I've noticed that much of the time if I recompile
              >>a JavaBean into a class file WebLogic does not reload the updated class.
              >>In my weblogic.properties file my servlet reload property is:
              >> C:/weblogic/myserver/servletclasses
              >>All my JavaBean class files reside in a sub-directory of that directory.
              >> C:/weblogic/myserver/servletclasses/org/hhmi/award/JavaBean1.class
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              >>WebLogic property I should use? What is the criteria for re-loading a
              >>file anyway?
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  • What is the criteria for define GL for profit center

    Dear Profit center Guru,
    Can guide , what is the business logic to "Choose Additional Balance Sheet and P&L Accounts/Choose Accounts" for profit center. all the Proft Loss accounts should be there? or what kind of PL should be there , and what kind of Balance sheet accounts should be defined for profit center.

    Hi H.Kick
    at Choose Additional Balance Sheet and P&L Accounts/Choose Accounts we define which accounts or account intervals we want to transfer to Profit Center Accounting. It is imperative that we maintain all the GL accounts which need to be transferred to Profit center. Needless to say that if we donu2019t maintain the GL accounts here, the balance will not be transferred to PCA.
    This setting is also particularly required, if no profit center is entered for a specific transaction in one of these GL accounts, the system posts to the default profit center for that account interval.
    This particular configuration can also be called from the SAP easy access
    menu by entering 3KEH in the command field.
    Note that the GL codes for Customers and Vendors including Advances (special GL account) which are called Reconciliation accounts should not be maintained in the 3KEH table. Reason being the Customers and Vendors line items are not transferred to the PCA module online. We have to run month
    end programs to transfer Customer and Vendor balance from FI module to PCA Module
    These are GL codes which are reconciliation accounts for customer and vendors, that should be excluded from the 3KEH table.
    Hope i tried my best to make you clear on this.
    as well see comments in the thread by MR.vanne what is the criteria for define GL for profit center
    Edited by: vyas on Jun 11, 2009 5:25 PM

  • What is the criteria for a post to show up in the top-level MacBook area?

    I thought that the newest posts from the "Using your MacBook" section always showed up in the top-level MacBook section (here):
    But I have noticed several threads that aren't showing up in the top-level area, even though they have new posts. Has the behavior changed recently??? What is the criteria for getting your post to show up in that area? It seems to be the place where you get the most answers...

    The appropriate place for a question about the functionality of the Discussions itself is the Feedback About Discussions forum:
    A quick glance at this forum shows each of those topics have had at least 9 replies in less than 24 hours.

  • What is the criteria for selecting a license if multiple licenses exist

    Hello experts,
    If multiple licenses exist for an order in GTS, what is the criteria to decide which license will finally be selected?
    The log says "Number of import/export licenses that could be affected: 3" but it finally picks up one.
    Does it do it sequentially using the internal license number?
    We have a scenario where we are upgarding from version 7 to version 10, and there is one license (say A) which was created in the older version and copied to the new system after upgrade. There is also a new license (say B) directly created in the new version (with same selection criteria as A)
    Now when an order is created, both licenses are "affected" but it picks up the license B created in the new version.
    If the system was picking license based on internal number it should have picked up license A which was created in earlier version (as that had a lower internal number sequentially). If I expire license B and recheck the order, then it correctly picks up A.
    So what is the actual criteria to select a license and in this case was License A not given priority because it was created in older version and then copied to new version as part of upgrade?

    As far as I can see from a quick look at the code, there is no attempt to place the determined licences in any particular order.  Since they are selected from table /SAPSLL/LCLIC, it seems reasonable that they would be selected according to field GUID_LCLIC.  Within one system, the GUIDs remain in order of creation date/time; however I don't know GUIDs are formed in relation to different systems.  My bet is that if you check in SE16, your "early" licence actually has a higher GUID value than the recent ones.
    Please check, and see if I'm right.

  • What is the criteria for a local network with RDS Gateway 2012?

    I have a hard time finding out what the criteria are how RDS 2012 detemines that the network the client is on is a local network or an external one.  I have one subnet within our network that isn't recognised as a local network and all RDS traffic is
    passed to the gateway server. This is something we don't want for internal addresses. Can anyone enlighten me how RDS determines whether you are on an internal or external network?

    Thank you for posting in Windows Server Forum.
    As per my research I can say that RDS when getting any connection it looks for DNS to verify as all the usage for internal\external entries is made under DNS for his environment through RD Gateway. 
    The RD Gateway role service provides secure access by establishing an SSL tunnel from the client to the RD Gateway. The RD Gateway acts as the middleman. It passes traffic to and from the client over port 443, and to and from the internal resource over port
    3389. Any communication between the RD Gateway and the external client is also encrypted. The RD Gateway uses authorization policies to determine who can use the service and the specific resources to which they’re allowed access. You can configure different
    permission sets for people depending on whether they’re connecting from within or outside the network.
    You can get more details from beneath link.
    How To Work with RD Gateway in Windows Server 2012
    Hope it helps!
    Dharmesh Solanki
    TechNet Community Support
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  • What is the criteria for appearing in Exam C_MDMS_04?

    I have 1 year experience in SAP NetWeaver, mostly in Web DynPro. I only have 5 months of required experience in SAP MDM 5.5. Can I appear for the exam C_MDMS_04 in this Tech Ed?
    Kaushik Banerjee

    Hi Kaushik,
    Below are the criterias mentioned by SAP
    1. Must have served current employer for at least 12 months prior to the exam date.
    2. For associate level certification exams, a minimum one to three years of SAP implementation experience with a minimum of six months experience in the module and version in which the candidates appears for certification.
    3. For professional level certification exams, a minimum of three to seven years of SAP implementation experience with minimum of 12 months in the module and six months in the version in which the candidates appears for certification.
    I think you can appear but it's good if you can ask SAP directly regarding the same.
    Jitesh Talreja

  • What are the criterias for supporting the Cisco AP1242?

    I need to support and configure the Cisco APs. May I ask what are the additional certificates that I need other than CCNA in order to support the APs.

    There are carious certification that might help. For one, the CCNA hs some wireless... you will need a background on basic route switch. Lke mentione earlier, the CCNA for wireless should have alot of information. these certifications just don't cover the 1242's. They cover RF, autonomous, LWAPP. antenna gain and power.... all the other goodies that can help you troubleshoot issues better.

  • What is the criteria for buying an iphone?

    I heard that to buy an iphone you need a contract? Is that true? and what is the meaning of having a contract when buying an iphone? and can one buy an iPhone without a contract?

    No you don't need a contract.
    A contract is with a mobile network provider to give you monthly calls, text and data.
    Yes, you can buy an iPhone without a contract, but without some service (contract or pre-pay) from a mobile network provider, you'll only be able to use it on WiFi, and not make calls, send SMS, or use 3G/4G data away from WiFi.

  • What is the easiest way to create alias email addresses in exchange 2013?

    For example my official domain is [email protected]
    Within my company i want to make it look like certain departments are sending from bicycles.com skateboards.com
    and skooters.com and receive to those addresses even though the emails are really going through the
    [email protected] domain. but it appears to be coming from three other domains.
    appearance is everything. What is the easiest way to accomplish this.
    Step by step with examples if possible. I am not well versed in exchange server 2013 yet.
    Droid Hacker

    In Exchange 2013 you can use the ECP to add additional email addresses to mailboxes. In order for a mailbox to send using an address, that address needs to be set as the reply address. One mailbox cannot send as multiple addresses. Doing that would require
    a mailbox for each address. To set a new primary address on a mailbox log into the ECP and choose mailboxes under the recipients option on the left. Then search for the mailbox you want to add the address to and click the edit symbol. Navigate to the
    Email Address tab on the left. To set a new primary address you will likely need uncheck the box for "Automatically update email addresses based on the email address policy applied to this recipient". Then click the plus button, enter the new address,
    and check the box for "Make this the reply address"
    Before you do this you should ensure that the proper MS records exist for these other domains, and that they are properly configured for mail flow. Once you set this as the reply address for a mailbox, that is the address external users will use for replies.

  • What is the criteria for showing items in the Add items LOV for MDS?

    I am trying to create an MDS. When I try to add the Item I (that is enabled in this Org), I do not see the item in the LOV. Any idea what setup needs to be done that I might be missing?

    case closed.
    The problem was that I had not set the item to be an inventory item. After checking the inventory item checkbox, I am able to add the item to MDS.
    So, this is another requirement (in addition to the planning method). Thanks for your help Kevin and Ricardo.

  • What is the criteria for Auto reconciliation

    My system version is 2007A pl46.
    I wonder if anyone please tell me how the system does automatic internal reconciliation.
    I know there are a few matching rules that I can choose to use, such as ref, dates. 
    I want to skip all these, as they are not quite relevant, then I suppose "the amount" would be the only one for matching.
    Because we have a few transactions with the same amount (with different date/time, doc number), how would the system do it?
    There are GRNs coming in and AP invoices raised againt them.
    The majority of documents have been linked properly as base/target document, but there might be some without linkage.
    When doing reconciliation for the GRN clearing account, would the system possibly mix up the documents?
    Thank you
    Edited by: Y on May 12, 2009 6:12 PM

    When u book AP invoice for 1000$,do payment for 1000$,selecting particular ap invoice,
    then system automatically reconcilles with ap invoice,balance due will be updated.
    If u make advance payment without invoice then it should be manually reconcilled with
    any of ap invoices.
    For more detailed information,Check this link for reconcillation process
    Re: New Reconscilliation Process
    There is no reoncilation for GRNI because when u do good receipt po GRNI clearing a/c gets
    credited & material a/c debited,when u create ap invoice based on grpo,vendor a/c credited,
    grni clearing a/c get debited,passing balance to vendor.
    Open Good receipt PO's will show credit balance.

  • What is the criteria for MVP Status in these forums?

    In a thread I engaged in recently...a name popped up that I had never seen anywhere  in my long involvement on these Forums ( particularly Premiere)
    The name has 30 points credited to it and 'MVP +' status.
    Whats my 4785 points worth..." chopped liver"  
    The point and MVP system is meaningless jive arse talk.

    Your post got me curious. I tracked down the person you are talking about.
    You ready to laugh?
    That's JerryK. He was here before we were. Back in the days when he and Darcy moderated the Premiere forums.
    So, just a screen name change. Nothing mysterious. Just an old friend with a new, more complete, moniker.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer. Have a great day!

  • General query: what are the criteria for kernels to move to core repo?

    Is there a check list that our devs follow which helps decide when a new kernel version is moved from the testing repo to the core repo? I have seen version 3.11 in the testing repo for a while now. Thank you!

    Dunno about a formal list but if you read along in arch-dev-public it seems as though making sure all module packages (virtualbox, nvidia, etc.) are working is a key item.
    EDIT: It would be interesting to see how long each new release stayed in [testing].  Does anyone know of a web-exposed log that shows movement of packages out of [testing]?  Below are the dates when a new major version was built and presumably published to [testing]:
    3.10-1 on 2013-07-10
    3.9-1 on 2013-04-29
    3.8-1 on 2013-02-20
    3.7-1 on 2012-12-11
    3.6-1 on 2012-10-02
    3.5-1 on 2012-07-22
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  • What are the criteria for "new" computers, authorization-wise?

    I have two laptops: an HP dv6654us and Dell Latitude D620 both running Windows Vista Ultimate. Recently, I had to reformat both laptops and reinstall the OS. Now, usually, I would go into iTunes on both computers and deauthorize before reinstalling, however, this was an emergency in both cases (hard drive partition screwup in one, dangerous SP1 noninstallation/installed mix in another) and I had to reinstall immediately. Now, after syncing my iPhone with both, I was forced to authorize both again. Two authorized computers went to four, but everything is the exact same as it was when I originally installed iTunes, down to OS, antivirus, hardware, etc. How can I fix this? The "Deauthorize All" is not available in iTunes due to a previous encounter with Apple Support.

    If your system crashes or you reinstall your operating system without deauthorising iTunes first, even a single computer can use up your limit of 5 authorisations. You can't deauthorise those dead installations individually and since you've used up your annual chance to deauthorise all then you would need to contact customer services and see if they can help.
    If the article above doesn't help you can email iTunes Store Customer Services from this link. Choose a category that most closely describes your problem and add any additional information in the box provided: Customer Service - iTunes Store Support

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  • Need help with Mac & PC not recognizing external drive (disk not readable)

    I am having trouble getting my computer(s) to recognize my Seagate External Drive. Have tried on my MacBook, iMac, 2 Mini's & my roommate's PC and all reveal the same issue: The Disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. MacBook/iMac both a

  • Can you use the Sapphire PCIE Graphics Card on the Xeon Power Macs ?

    Hi, does anyone know if you can use the Sapphire 11168-02-20R HD 5670 512MB GDDR5 PCIE Graphics Card on the xeon intel power macs  ? I did see on on another discusion that the ATI Radeon cards were all good, but I wanted to check. Cheers K

  • Lion makes me sad... :-(

    Guess this just a rant and/or call for emotional support, but... I'm really sad Apple made this horrible Lion thing.  I upgraded my circa-2008 MacBook Pro -- which had been running perfectly fine under Snow Leopard -- and now it's so slow I can barel

  • Transferring sideloaded ebooks to Mac

    I have an iPad 2 running iOS 7.0.4. I have a ton of sideloaded books and PDFs in my ibooks library that have been sent to me for schoolwork  or otherwise, but the idea is that I both, do not have the original copies of the files in my computer and I

  • Can't replace an app package

    When I click "Replace" link I get "ShowDialog failed." message at the top of the "Upload and describe your package" form. Using IE11 on Windows 8.1. Everything was okay yesterday.