What is the default ip address for the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme?

What is the default ip address for the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme?

Open Airport Utility to find out the real IP address of the network connection. DHCP addresses are assigned by the router in the range chosen in Airport Utility.

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    Go to
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    Click on the 'Keyboard' tab and hit the 'modifier keys...' button. You can see and change the defaults there.
    As I'm not sure if all the labels are the same in Lion, he's a screenshot from Snow Leopard. It should be similar enough:

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    Do you want to avoid timeout when you query list items?
    If so, we can use the following C# code to set timeout.
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    Dennis Guo
    TechNet Community Support
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    [email protected]
    Dennis Guo
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    Hi all of you,
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    I have read the help info, but I can't find how to change the default email address, to the one that is my adobe I'd?

    Adobe Reader for iOS doesn't set the default email address when you email a PDF.
    It's found in the Settings app:
    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Mail > Default Account

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    Hi All,
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    3.1.9 Header and Footer Margin from Edge Not Preserved in RTF Output
    This issue applies to Versions,,,,, and
    Microsoft Word provides a Page Setup option for specifying the margin for the headers and footers from the edge of the page. This option is available by choosing the File menu, then Page Setup, then the Margins tab, and the From edge box. This margin setting is not retained when the output format is RTF. The output is created with the default margin settings instead. The margin settings do work correctly for other output formats such as HTML, PDF, and Excel.
    So, the "default setting" mentioned here is around 1/2 inch for MS Word which is getting added in the output, even if the margin in template is zero.
    Expected output:
    So what we need to do is -
    1. Check the MS word installation on the application server
    2. Change this default margin setting as top and bottom 0 on the server in the MS word page setup. (I can give you steps to do this in word if required)
    We have tried setting this margin to 0 on client side and generating the output and it makes no difference, so it must be coming from the server.
    We need to know how could we modify the settings and need to know te source and Check the MS word installation on the application server?
    Could anyone please share such an issue faced before!
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    Hi All,
    Our understanding about the RTF output is this -
    When we generate an RTF report output from Oracle EBS, the word document that is generated is with the settings of MS word that is installed on application server.
    This understanding could be wrong as we have never faced such situation before! We have come to this conclusion because the default settings that we do on client machine do not work.
    And as per the documentation of BI publisher the RTF should always be generated with the default settings of MS word.
    So what you could help us with is this -
    1. See if the MS word application is installed on application server ( if you think this is not application server, but any other server then please check there!)
    2. Change the default margin settings for the MS word.

  • Do I need the same ip address for my computer, router and printer?

    Do I need the same IP address for my computer, router and printer?
    I am trying to reset my router. I have had a lot of problems with "no connection" to my wireless printer. I reinstalled the software and it works for a while.
    Also, lose connection a lot on my laptop or it says I am a guest. My cable provider said it is my router.

    A typical convenient-sized "block" of addresses commonly used is just under 256 addresses. The router almost always is at location xx.yy.zz.1
    By default, DHCP will pass out addresses starting at the next address, xx.yy.zz.2 and keep going up toward 254.
    By convention, the Address at the end of the range ( xx.yy.zz.255 in this case) is a "magic" address used for broadcast messages, and must not be assigned to an actual device.
    To talk to each other easily, the Addresses must "match" in the first three octets of their address, and be different in the last octet, as the above examples do.
    When you produce a reference outside that range, such as asking for Apple's web page at:
    It is sent to your Router, which acts as your "agent" in dealing with the Internet. The Router hides your computer's local address and uses its own Public address (provided automatically by your ISP) so send out packets on your behalf, and listen for the answering packets coming back.
    When you use a Router that you control, your computer cannot receive unsolicited queries from the Internet at large because the Router's Firewall discards them. Having a Router that you control means you already have the protection of its Firewall, and need not enable the Firewall built-into your Mac.

  • How to set the default settment rule for the same kind project.

    hi experts:
       the project of the same kind of the project profile have the same settment rule to one account (G/L).
    how to set the default settment rule for the project of  this kind of the project profile.

      You need to define the settlement profile and allocation structure.
    next you need to define the  Strategy for settlement rule.
    navigation-PS> costs> automatic and periodic allocations> settlement> Settlement rule for WBS
    --> Define strategy for settlement rule.
    Select the strategy and click on settings. in that new entries, check the Acc Assg element, enter Settlement profile and mention accass category as reposnsible cost center.
    Save this transaction.
    Now create a project assgin responsible costcenter for the WBS element in the project buider and save the transaction.
    Now run CJB2 transaction for the project, settlement rule will generated automatically.
    even you can configure the same for profitability segment.
    Sudhir Reddy

  • HT5312 forgot answers for security questions, my apple account has updated email address but the rescue email address  for account is old and not accessible - do not know how to update that address so i can authorize new devices...

    forgot answers for security questions, my apple account has updated email address but the rescue email address  for account is old and not accessible - do not know how to update that address so i can authorize new devices...

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Start here (change country if necessary) and navigate to 'Password and Security', reset your security questions using the link provided, you will receive an email to your rescue address, use the link in the email and reset your security questions.
    If that doesn't help, you don't receive a reset email or you don't have a rescue address, you should contact AppleCare who will initially try to assist you with a reset email or if unsuccessful will pass you to the security team to reset your security questions for you.
    If you are in a region that doesn't have international telephone support try contacting Apple throughiTunes Store Support.

  • How do I find the valid IP address for the base station?

    I am trying to install he Airport Extreme but I am receiving this message:  The wi-fi base station does not have a valid IP address. How do I find the valid IP address for the base station?

    I have run an ethernet cable from the modem to my Mac and I do have internet connection. But when I connect that ethernet to the TC and run Airport Utility to set it up I get the error about no valid IP address.
    This tells us that the modem has associated with your computer. The modem "remembers" the settings for your computer and "looks" for it when you connect the TC. It does not "see" the computer, so it does not associate with the TC.
    The modem needs to be reset so that it will not remember the computer. Then it will associate with the next device that connects.
    Look for a reset button on the modem, and if present, push it for a second or two. Then power off the modem and leave it off for at least 30 minutes. Power off everything else as well.
    After the wait period, power up the modem and let it run for 4-5 minutes by itself. Then power up the TC and let it run a few minutes. Power up each other device one at a time about a minute apart.
    Check to see if the modem is now associating with the TC so that the TC will get a valid IP address.

  • Is it possible to use time capsule or airport extreme as a wireless hard drive for iphone?

    Is it possible to use time capsule or airport extreme as a wireless hard drive for iphone.
    I would like to strem movies from the hard drive to iphone.
    I have already seen the Goflex Stellite, which works this way.
    Is there any other device that could do this?

    I did a typo. My current computer is a 2010 1/2 iMac.  The stand alone monitors are still out of my price range so I'm looking for other options. By buying an external hard drive and a broken iMac, I'm still ahead. Still, if I understand you right, the 27" 2010 and earlier iMacs  would be possiblities.
    Are there adapters that would allow me to run a 2011 and newer iMac as an external monitor from my 2010 1/2. There are so many adapters out there these days.

  • HT201342 In Apple Mail, how do I change the default outgoing address for mailboxes that I've set up?

    In Apple Mail (Yosemite on a MacBook Pro), the default address for outgoing messages from mailboxes that I've set up that are *not* tied to separate email accounts has suddenly become my iCloud address (which I almost never use). I've got my default set to use whatever address is the default for the mailbox I'm in. This works fine for mailboxes associated with different mail accounts, and until recently it worked fine for mailboxes that I had set up for convenience, using my default email address (which is an Earthlink address I've had for many years). Somewhere within the last year, perhaps with an upgrade to the OS, I've found that outgoing mail from one of those mailboxes (but not from the general Inbox) defaults to my iCloud address. I have to manually choose a different address each time (which is hard to remember to do). This is new behavior, and very unwelcome. But I can see no way to change the default email address associated with each mailbox.
    How do I undo this unwanted connection?

    Hi everyone
    Sorry however I'm experiencing a similiar issue, in that I have 10 differing email accounts.
    However in the default email accounts, for some bizarre reason, only 4 show, being icloud, one of my older yahoo email accounts, my work email and then "From My PC".
    I run two other businesses of which I have a proper Google Mail Business Accountsfor each, but non of my google email address show in the default list.
    Is there any reason why?
    I actually want one of those to show.
    I have put my google mail to the top of the inbox, however it still doesn't show?
    I've also put the default calendar as my google business account but still the default account doesn't display.
    Any ideas?

  • How do I change the default iPhoto library for the Media Browser?

    I have multiple Aperture/iPhoto Libraries. When I open the new Keynote and attempt to use the Media Browser to select a photo, the pictures the Media Browser displays are not from the Default Libary.
    Is there a way to change the default photo library that the Media Browser references?

    Hello danstat,
    Thank you for the question.  The Media Browser accesses iPhoto's last opened photo library.  To access that photo library through the Media Browser, quit Keynote, access that photo library in iPhoto, quit iPhoto, and relaunch Keynote. 
    You can access the an alternate photo library using these steps:
    To switch between photo libraries:
    Quit iPhoto.
    Hold down the Option key as you open iPhoto.
    Select the library you want to switch to.
    Click Choose.
    iPhoto '11: Create a new iPhoto library or switch between libraries
    Alternatively, you can drag the photo in directly to youre Keynote presentation from the iPhoto or Aperture windows. 
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • My stupid husband put in the wrong email address for his apple id and I can't figure out to change it so that we can all sync?

    My husband put the wrong email address as his apple id and now I can not change it?

    What exactly do you want to sync?    Ideally, each phone should use its own Apple ID to keep contacts, messages, etc. separate.    You wouldn't want to share your contacts and have him accidentally delete one off of his phone which would remove from yours as well.
    If you want to share apps, you can do that by having him log out of iTunes & App Store and logging in with your ID on that app only.

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