What is the difference between Component,Server,Tool and Software?

What is the difference between Component,Server,Tool and Software?

Every individual part that constitutes in making an SAP System is called a COMPONENT.e.g DB instance, Java CI, ABAP CI etc
SERVER is the actual composition of different components of SAP.e.g. a database alongwith can instance would constitue an application server.
TOOLS are the products from different organisations (SAP or Non SAP) that can be used for different functionalities like keeping a check on jobs, monitoring of the system , e.g Tivoli
SOFTWARES are a kind of tool that help you to bring up results from the system in a user acceptable format. These are utilities that act as interfaces between the user and the system.

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    Hi All
    What is the difference between users created in the WebLogic server and those
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    - leo

    Hi Leo,
    The WebLogic server console allows you to create users in the File realm (
    http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs61/adminguide/cnfgsec.html#1057106 , "Defining
    Users" ).
    The WebLogic Portal Admin console creates Portal users in the alternate security
    realm that was written to store user/password in the Portal schema. This realm is
    com.bea.p13n.security.realm.RDBMSRealm. See the javadoc for RDBMSRealm at (
    For information on alternate security realms see
    http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs61/security/prog.html#1041025 , "Writing a Custom
    Security Realm".
    For information on the File realm see
    http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs61/ConsoleHelp/security.html , "Security" and also
    search the WLS 6.1 docs for "File realm" for lots of other references.
    Leo wrote:
    Hi All
    What is the difference between users created in the WebLogic server and those
    created from the webLogic Portal Admin console.
    - leo--
    Ture Hoefner
    BEA Systems, Inc.
    2590 Pearl St.
    Suite 110
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  • What is the difference between Presentation server administrators and Admin

    Hi Gurus,
    In the groups in dashboard privileges, I can see two groups called Presentation Server Administrators and Administrators.
    Can anyone tell me the difference between the two?

    There is no such group as Administrators, that's a group someone created. The default group is Presentation Server Administrators.

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    sorry, i am a new commer in Swing.
    What the meaning of "a native screen resource" according to
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  • What's the difference between windows server 2008 and windows server 2012 ?

    I would be thankful if anyone would give a comparative point of view of both products.

    Hope following link will help you to find the right answer. this link will download a pdf file to your computer.
    Praveen Kumar (IT consultant)
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  • What is the difference between component(Y, Pb, Pr) and component(R,G,B)?

    [I previously posted this question in another thread as hadn't realised how to post new question]
    Q. What is the difference between component (Y, Pb, Pr) and component (R,G,B) ?
    I’d previously thought I was reasonably savvy on all things HD, but when I turned my thoughts to looking into getting a mac mini to run part of my home cinema I realise I have some confusions around the above.
    Here’s what I think I know:-
    The mac mini has a DVI output of the type which can output both digital and analogue, and so via physical adapters it could be used to connect to displays that take HDMI or VGA style RGB leads.
    I know on the market I can get a DVI to Component cable lead which would therefore lead me to assume it could drive my HD plasma with component input (Y,Pb,Pr), as I currently drive the HD TV via component cable with a SKY HD box (720p and 1080i), an xbox 360 (720p) and a progressive scan DVD player (480p), all through a Denon AV-amp.
    The problem is, I’ve heard somewhere that the DVI to component is R,G,B only and that it is not Y, Pb, Pr which is making me wonder it a) this will work and b) if I really understand component video afterall.
    I notice the Apple TV outputs Y,Pb,Pr but colours them red, green and blue, so am even more confused….
    Hopefully someone can help educate me on this !

    Thanks for this.
    My Plasma is a Panasonic 42" Viera March 2005 model. No HDMI, No VGA.
    It can process signals up to 720p and 1080i via the component (an interestingly it makes a huge difference over SD even though the native panel is 480..!?!)
    Am I right in thinking that the iPod component cable will also be R,G,B and therefor might be a suitable trial? Ie. if the TV accepts the input from the iPod then it should work for the mini?
    Only other thing of note is I'm doing all this via my Denon 1707 AV amp which does have the facility of upscaling, but I imagine it needs to stick to one format?

  • What is the difference between SQL Server 2012 R2 & SQL Server 2014

    Hi all,
     I am using SQL Server from last 3 years. I started SQL Server 2008 R2. Now I am using SQL Server 2012. I want to change my development environment to SQL Server 2012 R2. But suddenly I saw that SQL Server 2014 is released. I want to know what are the
    differences between SQL Server 2012 R2 & SQL Server 2014. Are both those are the same or different products?
    I searched through the Internet but I didn't find any article regarding that. So could someone help me to solve this matter?

    differences between SQL Server 2012 R2 & SQL Server 2014.
    We don't have a Version "SQL Server 2012 R2", only 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2014.
    See MSDN What's New in SQL Server 2014
    Olaf Helper
    [ Blog] [ Xing] [ MVP]

  • What is the difference between version 4.7EE and ECC 5.0

    what is the difference between version 4.7EE and ECC 5.0?WHAT ARE THE ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALTIES IN
    ECC 5.0?

    Diff between 4.7 and ECC 5.0:
    1. 4.7 is on R/3 platform, while ECC 5.0 is on mySAP ERP 2004
    2. ECC 5.0 is having ESA(enterprise Serviceoriented Architecture)
    3.ECC 5.0 is web enabled with Netweaver technology.
    mySAP ERP is the "newer" ERP with numbering conventions like ECC (which stands for ERP Central Component) 5 or 6
    mySAP (aka mySAP.com) Business Suite contains Solutions like CRM, SCM etc. The important thing to note here is that this contains mySAP ERP, the one above
    mySAP All-in-One Solution is designed for smaller companies (the ad that says SAP is not just for large companies but for great companies where the above mentioned functionality is scaled down and is made to run on one database on a PC type of setup as opposed to the full blown architectures on which SAP traditionally set to run

  • What is the difference between quicktime 7 pro and quicktime x

    What is the difference between quicktime 7 pro and quicktime x

    QuickTime Pro 7 is a very useful video tool.  You can make simple edits to video files, cut-n-paste multiple video files together into one, save the video or transcode it into a variety of common video formats, use it to analyze a video to see which codec it's in, and even play videos in professional settings.
    QuickTime X is completely useless.
    With QT X and Final Cut X, Apple has completely abandoned the professional video market.  Both of these software packages are dumbed down for Windows users, and are intentionally designed to anger and alienate the professional user that has come to rely on Apple software for their video needs over the last 20 years.  Final Cut X is really just iMoviePro. If I wanted iMovie, I'd use iMovie, but I need a professional video app, not a kiddie video app.  Therefore I can not use FCPX.
    I have work to do, under strict deadlines and budget limits.  FCPX and QTX actively prevent me from getting any work done at all.  Apple has left me no choice.  I have to go back to Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer since these are still professional applications.  Final Cut and QuickTime have been turned into kiddie-style iMovie-like apps that have no functionality whatsoever.
    Apple is heading in a very disappointing direction.  They have a history of cutting off legacy items without notice.  They have decided that optical media is over and everything is online.  But my clients don't have that luxury.  I still have to deliver products on DVD and increasingly Blu-Ray.  Apple's obstinate refusal to support Blu-Ray has cost me clients, and I've had to resort to third-party software and hardware.
    Apple has abandoned the professional video market.

  • What is the difference between SAP HR module and SAP-ABAP-HR?

    what is the difference between SAP HR module and SAP-ABAP-HR?
    Thanks in advance..:)

    SAP-HR is software component like SAP-BASIS is a component.
    Its part of the CORE.
    As far as I know there is nothing like SAP-ABAP-HR.
    But ABAP offers some special syntax for HR though.

  • What is the difference between string != null and null !=string ?

    what is the difference between string != null and null != string ?
    which is the best option ?

    Like you've presented it, nothing.  There is no difference and neither is the "better option".

  • What is the difference between Wine, Wineskin, Winery and Wine Bottler, and how do I get Wine to *ACTUALLY* work in Mountain Lion?

    Ok, so this is my first post here and I am admittedly terrible at forums. Someone might say, "This was addressed in the ___________ thread by __________! Go read it!" --- that may be so but I've spent enough hours trying to google this problem into submission to no avail based on what is apparently working for others, so I would like a chance to get specific answers to specific questions that aren't from Mar 2011, etc.
    So first of all, I'm confused by all the various Wine programs/apps/whatevers. I've seen Wine, Wineskin, Winery, Wine Bottler, and at this point I wouldn't be surprised if there are even more than that. What's the difference between all of these and how do they work with one another? What do I actually need to get windows programs working?
    All of my google searches have led me to people giving out fish, but no one giving out fishing lessons. I'm not a pro at mac and windows and all that, but I'm a fairly bright individual who gets VERY frustrated, very quickly, when I don't understand the why and how of something I'm attempting.
    I've also found "answers" where the person attempting to help starts off helpful enough, but degrades into the most archaic of techno-babble after about 5-6 sentences. On the other hand, I've watched tutorials on youtube where the poster decides to skip (apparently crucial) sections of the tutorial, and mutters such gems as: "... you might wanna have to run Wine first before you can do anything, cuz I think it has to configure it and set up a bunch of stuff" 
    A happy medium between techno-babble and the most basic of explanations would be ideal for me, and I'd imagine for others as well.
    Here is a summarized history of my relationship with Wine:
    Diablo II - I downloaded this awesome thing which ended up being... uh... I guess Diablo II in a Wineskin "wrapper". I'm not sure, all I know is that it's a D2 icon, and if I go to 'show package contents', it's got C drive, Program Files, et cetera inside of it. I double click it, it launches D2, and it works like a dream. <3
    'Vanilla Install' - That's what I heard someone call it. It was the command/terminal style install using xquartz and xcode found at http://www.davidbaumgold.com/tutorials/wine-mac/. I followed every instruction to the letter, and got all the way to '$ sudo port install wine', at which point it started going smoothly, free from the possible error he described regarding the installation of xcode, and then just failed after I left the room to use the restroom and came back. Please don't ask me to repeat what the error was, because honestly, after reading more things on the interwebs, I'm confused as to why it's even necessary to go through all of that, so I'd rather not try that route again anyways, rendering the error message quite possibly irrelevant.
    Wine + Wine Bottler - So I decided to try to seek out an easier method, as I know that one must exist that doesn't involve command lines. I found a video tutorial at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0BBkISOcEA, and oh man would it be great if that method had actually worked. Again, I followed all instructions provided to procure my free fish, and at the point in the video where he declares that "xquarts or x11 will open" - it doesn't open. Nothing opens. I was trying to install Star Sonata, btw.
    So here I am, thoroughly worn out, frustrated at all the random places Wine is installed on my mac now, and just want someone to explain it all, from top down, without getting toooooooo technical on me. I know that might be asking a lot...

    ## I know that the poster has already found a solution, but the following is a possible answer for others that have similar issues.
    For Winebottler, just go to their website and download it. Run the program. Choose .wine as your prefix (best choice) or whatever suits you best. You'll need a functional X11. If you can't use the one that comes with your mac, download the latest one from the website.
    If your issue is one with Winebottler's Wine not running correctly due to X11, then you have a pretty ugly problem, although a simple upgrade is the best solution (Upgrade XQuartz.app).
    The above website is the easiest way to get REAL wine on your computer. First of all, Wineskin WInery, etc. are NOT WINE. They are 3rd party apps that may use Wine or may have originally part of Wine, but they are no longer up to date with Wine. WineBottler is currently up to date with the stable releases of Wine (but not the maintenence releases).
    For the website tutorial and to run Wine on your mac without using a thrid party app, you will need to know a few things.
    First, you will need to know basic control of the command line. That means, sudo (you must know the administrator password to your computer), and the forms of cd (change directory).
    Second, you will need Xcode. Download 4.2 (stable) or whatever other versions you want, but beware: It is over 1 GB, and you will need time for it to work.
    Third, you will need to get MacPorts and configure it. The tutorial should have this data.
    When you download wine (use sudo port install wine-devel for the latest development release of wine), it will first download a lot of dependencies. This will take a while. After that, it will download wine itself.
    After obtaining wine, to run a program, open the terminal.app window.
    cd desktop/XYZ/ZYZ\ WRQ
    The above will first enter the desktop, then folder XYZ, then folder ZYZ WRQ. From here,
    wine th11e.exe
    Or whatever executable you are trying to open. (Using Subterranean Animism as my example).
    It should, in theory, run the program. Watch the terminal for errors. If there is an X11 problem, then it's not wine acting up. If the app crashes or has other issues, check the Wine Application Database to see if your app is compatible with wine.
    If you have any further questions or other things, feel free to reply; I may or may not get back to you, but there's a good chance that someone will come in eventually. Otherwise, the Wine Wiki should have some information.

  • What is the difference between a mac-book, and an I-pad?

    What is the difference  between a mac-book and an I-pad?

    The Macbook is a computer (running Mac OS X), an iPad is a tablet (running iOS). What are thinking of using it for ? The Mac is more powerful than iPad, so if you need processing power then that will be better suited for your needs. If you will mainly be using it for media (films, music), internet browsing, emails, ebooks, then an iPad would be sufficient.
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  • What is the difference between Safari 6.0 and 6.0.2?

    What is the difference between Safari 6.0 and 6.0.2?

    here is a copy of the text from Software Update
    Safari 6.0.2 is recommended for all users running OS X Lion v10.7.5
    and includes security updates.
    For more information, please visit: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222

  • What is the difference between Windows Workflow Activities And SharePoint Workflow Activities in Workflows?

    Hi All,
    What is the difference between Windows Workflow Activities And SharePoint Workflow Activities in Workflows?
    Thanks in Advance!

    Both are developed with .NET framework, per my knowledge, the biggest difference would be the environment they applied to: one for Windows platform, one for SharePoint platform:
    Best regards,
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

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