What is the disadvantage with views in generic extraction?

what is the disadvantage with views in generic extraction?
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Hi ,
<i>What is disadvantage of generic extraction ? </i>
If i am asking this what you will say ......You have only less points to say if any one ask you like this .
Similarly Generic extraction based on view has many advantegs It was given to extrct data when standard business content data source is not available .
But we know Views can be created when the table you need to extract data has Primary Foreign key relation .So if you need to extarct data from many tables with no relation between them then you cannot use view .
But if you need to extract data from tables that have complex relation ,Then you need to go for Function Module extration and write some ABAP code and using SQL ststements you fetch data from tables based on thier key fields and finally get the desired data by your coding logic .

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  • What are the disadvantages of generic delta extraction

    Hi all,
    what are the disadvantages of generic delta extraction.
    how function module generic extraction works.

    hi madhu,
    Pls refer ths,To learn more about Generic Extraction pls read BW350 book.
    Gereric Extraction can be done in 3 ways.
    If you go to transaction RSO2 in R/3 side, provide tech name for data source and click create.
    you will get the 3 options.
    1)From a DB Table
    2)From a DB View
    3)From Functional module/ Infoset Query
    in first option you can directly give a standard or custom build talbe name. in second option you can select the necessary fields from more than one talbe(eiter standard or custom). In third option you will create a function module or Query to extract data. When creating function modules you can use standard function modules as a template e.g. RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE.
    see weblog : /people/siegfried.szameitat/blog/2005/09/29/generic-extraction-via-function-module
    If you want to enable delta for generic extractor you choose the option delta and provide necessary settings.
    Generic extraction is when your extraction is not satisfied by either BC or LIS/LO. It can be using a view / query/table/FM
    Here the changed records can be isentified by :
    1. Based on the date of creation or last change ( Delta based on 0Calday)
    2. Based on the record number ( Numeric Pointer )
    3. Based on time of change ( Timestamp)
    real time examples would be
    1. Master Record creation like customer ID creation
    2. Timesheets in SAP PS
    3. Invoive details / Sales Order Details.
    Pls check this web logs for clear Idea.
    Have a look at these threads too.
    Transfer Structure
    The steps for creating extractor using Function Module.
    1. Create new Function group (if you have already not done so) in Se80
    2. Copy Function module "RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE" with suitable name.
    3. Change the code that populate data.
    Following table may give you the guideline for parameters.
    Parameter Description
    I_REQUNR (import) BW provides this request identifier. It is a system-generated identifier in the form REQU_XXXXXX. BW uses this same identifier in all function module calls that relate to a single load.
    I_DSOURCE (import) The name of the generic extractor
    I_MAXSIZE (import) The maximum number of records that BW expects to be in each data packet
    I_INITFLAG (import) A Boolean flag that indicates if this is the initialization (first) call to the function module
    I_READ_ONLY (import) A test flag not needed in most extraction scenarios
    I_T_SELECT (table) This table holds any selections from the BW InfoPackage. The function module should examine these selections and only return data that matches the selections.
    I_T_FIELD (table) This table holds the fields that BW requests
    E_T_DATA (table) The function module fills this table with data records. These records then return to BW as data packets. This table has the same structure as the extract structure defined in the generic DataSource.
    NO_MORE_DATA (exception) The function module raises this exception when no more data is available
    ERROR_PASSED_TO_MESS_HANDLER (exception) The function module raises this exception if an error occurred during the extraction. It alerts BW to check for error logs.
    Change following code to put the selection fields
    Select ranges
    Change following to populate data
    ENDIF. "First data package ?
    Fetch records into interface table.
    named E_T_'Name of extract structure'.
    Some more links:
    Re: functionmodule
    Re: FM for G. extractor
    with hopes
    Raja Singh

  • What is the concept of  view in material master?

    Hello sap gurus
    Some quetions regarding Material Master
    what is  the concept of views in material master ?
    what is determined by specifying industry sector in material master ?
    To sell material which views are material are maintened in Material master?

    <b>Material master  for finished ggods is related with SD, MM & PP departments</b>. If you carefully go through the various screens in MM record you will realize the importance of the respective fields and the department to which they belong.
    <b>1.Suppose Base unit of measure</b> in Basic data 1 screen. The production people will keep the stock of the item using this UOM.
    <b>2. In Sales:Sales Org.1</b> screen we have sales unit in which we will sell the material.
    <b>3. Then we have the plant</b> data in which we enter the delivering plant. Also the taxes are determined from the plant so we have the settings for taxes also - whether this material is fully taxable/50% tax/Tax exempted.
    <b>4. Then we have purchasing</b> screen in which the data like the purchasing group, variable units,etc are entered. This will effect the purchasing cycle when we are procuring a material from outside. This is related to MM.
    <b>5. The we have MRP</b>, this is related to PP as to how to manufacture the product, the MRP type, the strategy group - whether it is MTO/MTS like that.
    <b>5. Sales:Sales Org.2 screen</b> - Here we mainatin the account assignment group which is very important as far as the generation of the accounting document is concerned. This triggers the system where to post the value in which G/L account. Accounting document is generated when we create the invoice in VF01 & save it.
    <b>6. Work scheduling</b> - Related with the sceduling of the production as to whether underdelivery or overdelivery is allowed, the storage location
    <b>7. Quality</b> - Here you can select for a particular finished item where where it has to be checked for quality during its journey from the raw material stage to the finished goods store as a finished item.
    <b>8. Accounting</b> - Related to accounting, product costing, total value of the stock in hand, etc. Also related with FI & PP
    So all the screens have data which effects one or more modules for the proper functioning of the system to give the optimum results.
    <b>Industry Sector:</b>
    Key that specifies the branch of industry to which the material is assigned.
    When you create a material master record, the industry sector you specify determines
    1. which screens appear and in what order
    2. which industry-specific fields appear on the individual screens
    <b>Screens for Sales:</b>
    Sales:Sales Org.1, Sales:Sales Org.2. But other screens also have data which is related to sales. You cannot just maintain the sales views and save the master. It has to be properly linked with the other modules also for the proper functioning of the system. That is why the system is called as "Enterprise Resource Planning" You have to paln the resources of your company and these resources are related with all the modules.
    Reward points if solution helps.
    Allabaqsh G. Patil

  • What is the disadvantage of refurbished ipad and if i buy one does it include  iOS 5 and iCloud or not

    hallo guys
    anybody can help me
    my  question is what is the disadvantage of refurbished ipad and if i buy one does it include  iOS 5 and iCloud or not
    thanks in advance to answer me
    Best regards

    The warranty on an iPad, even a refurbished one, will still be valid in Egypt. It's only the iPhone that does not have an international warranty. Just make sure you don't buy a Verizon-model iPad, which cannot be serviced anywhere but in the US (and won't work with any other cell carrier either).
    Note that refurbished iPads are available only via the online Apple Store, and they accept only US credit cards and will only ship to US addresses. This may not be a problem for you, but I wanted to make sure you were aware.

  • What's the disadvantages of using webserver and appserver of different type?

    If I choose webserver:iPlanet6.0 and appserver:WebLogic6.1 on one server, What's the disadvantages?
    Mayby I will use the webserver and appserver of the same company.
    I wish someone give me some advice.

    As Barney-15E says, someone with physical control, can just remove the disk, and put it in an external enclosure, and mount the file system with their computer and access all the files.
    Only encrypted data would be protected. There are data encryption facilities available on the Mac, both included, as well as 3rd party, including 3rd party whole disk encryption.
    But having a password on an account, and engaging the password when the screen saver is active, can keep casual access from happening.
    Also if you allow network access (file sharing, remote login, screen sharing), the password will keep random net users from accessing your system, when for example, you are in a coffee shop, or if someone gets onto your WiFi network, or you give a visitor to your home access to your network, or you allow a guest to use the guest account.

  • What are the disadvantages of secondary index

    Hi all,
    Can anybody tell me what are the disadvantages of creating secondary index?
    Also tell me what are the precautions should be taken to create a secondary index?

    Hi Vinil,
    You can search on SCN with the same subject... you will get lots of threads discussed on it...
    Still for your reference...
    secondary indices use disk space, not memory space. They are only in memory when they are used. Disk space is roughly width times number of records, can be GBs.
    Main disadvantages are:
    + indexes are updated when table is changed, i.e. the additional index makes other operations slower. You must check the importance of your application, if it is much lower than the standard usage than you can not create a secondary index.
    + Secondary indices can confuse the database optimzer, especially if you use field which appear also in other indices. DB calculates usefulness of different indices by some assumptions (check other sources for details), if two indices are similar, than the assumptions can lead to wrong decisions. Your new index can be used for other statements, even when it is not optimal there. Result your index causes problems somewhere else!
    Hope it will solve your problem..
    Thanks & Regards
    ilesh 24x7
    ilesh Nandaniya

  • What are the disadvantages using VC ?

    As adeveloper what are the disadvantages that we face if we go with VC instead of webdynpro.can future enhancements possible ,if we develop our application in VC.please help me out.
    Edited by: kishore shikore on Feb 19, 2008 8:21 AM

    Hi Kishore,
    There so many advantages by useing for our applications.
    1.No need to wright any code for our applications developement ,it is a freestyle development tool.
    2. You can creat UI Elemnts very easy.
    3.Develpoment of Complex application in Portal Platform are very difficult this can be avoid by VC.
    4.lOOK feel can be changed by the End user i.e Color ,sizeof the iviews.
    Like these there so many are there
    Just go for Help.sap.com it will give about VC.

  • What are the Disadvantages of LSMW.

    What are the Disadvantages of LSMW?. Why BDC come into picture, even though there is LSMW. What is the main Difference between LSMW, BDC, BAPI ?.

    <b>What are the Disadvantages of LSMW?.</b>
    I believe the problem on LSMW is the method to be used to load the data: if there are std methods (like BI or BAPI) there' no particular problem, but if there aren't you should register it, but sometimes these regitrations are not good and so you have to create an your own program.
    So if there are std methods or it needs a simple BDC obtainable by registration I prefer to use LSMW.
    <b>What is the main Difference between LSMW, BDC, BAPI ?.</b>
    LSMW creates a project to download the data in the system, several steps have to be implemented and it needs to have only few abap knowledge to implement them (the system'll generate all programs): only a good developer can create a bdc program.
    A project can be created directly in every enviroment, bdc has to be created in development system and transport from dev to prod.
    Every user can create a LSMW project, only developer can create a BDC program.
    LSMW is me to more flexible and adaptable than BDC if some modifications have to be added after creating it.
    BAPI stands for Business API(Application Program Interface).
    A BAPI is remotely enabled function module
    ie it can be invoked from remote programs like standalone JAVA programs, web interface etc..
    You can make your function module remotely enabled in attributes of Function module but
    A BAPI are standard SAP function modules provided by SAP for remote access.
    Also they are part of Businees Objest Repository(BOR).
    BAPI are RFC enabled function modules. the difference between RFc and BAPI are business objects.
    You create business objects and those are then registered in your BOR (Business Object Repository)
    which can be accessed outside the SAP system by using some other applications (Non-SAP) such as VB or JAVA.
    In this case u only specify the business object and its method from external system
    in BAPI there is no direct system call. while RFC are direct system call.
    Some BAPIs provide basic functions and can be used for most SAP business object types.
    These BAPIs should be implemented the same for all business object types.
    Standardized BAPIs are easier to use and prevent users having to deal with a number of different BAPIs.
    Whenever possible, a standardized BAPI must be used in preference to an individual BAPI.

  • What is the table to view all sub-areas within a company code?

    Hi Experts!
    What is the table to view all sub-areas within a company code?
    I just need as detailed of a list as possible of ALL the sub-areas within a specific company code.

    Txn SPRO
    IMG --> Enterprise structure --> Definition --> Human Resources Mgmt --> Personnel Subareas --> Copy, delete, check personnel subarea
    Button "Structure", then "Navigation", check next screen.
    You'll get all Personnel Subareas
    Then, menu "Edit - Display all objects" and choose "Company Code"
    Choose your company code... you'll get a screen with Company Codes with Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea

  • What is the tcode to view form RVINVOICE01

    what is the tcode to view form RVINVOICE01.. Can anyone tell

    Goto SE71
    Enter this form
    then you can see
    sometimes it may not be availbale in that client
    try to copy it from the client 000 to this client
    from the Menu Utilitites-> copy from client  (enter 000) and copy
    it will come
    then you can't change this as it is, so you have to copy this
    first in SE71 , enter ZSCRIPT name and create this and save.
    then PRESS CHANGE..
    from menu FORM -> copy from  enter this RVINVOICE01 and Lang as EN
    then this std form will be copied to your ZSCRIPT form.
    Now change this Zscript as per your requirement
    and finally attach this in NACE tcode  against Application V3, output type RD00
    in the VF02 Transaction You have to configure the output type for invoice with RD00 with medium, partner and lang
    then save
    to see the FORM OUTPUT
    from VF02 enter one invoice number
    from menu ISSUE OUTPUT To Printer/Screen
    select screen it will show the preview on screen
    to print select the printer and get it printed
    <b>Reward points for useful Answers</b>
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            Anji Reddy Vangala

  • What is the deal with people posting their personal information on here?

    What is the deal with people posting their personal information on here?
    I am getting sick and tired of clicking the "Report this Post" button.
    People need to seriously watch what's details they are posting!
    The other day I reported a post that had full name, address, phone number, email, serial number, etc.
    It's starting to get frustrating.

    seventy one wrote:
    The probability is that they are newcomers to the forums or young people without the gravitas of some of the older members.
    I guess I never really looked at it from that point of view.
    seventy one wrote:
    And then, there is the element of trust.   Apple in general exudes trust ... and more experienced contributors, like yourself, help to maintain that.
    seventy one wrote:
    If the pay off means we have to put ourselves out a little, it surely can't be that bad; especially when the principal reason for contributing should be  ... to help others.
    Yes, you are correct, it can be a bit annoying reporting a post to be edited, but in the long run, we are still trying to help someone with a problem that they are having.
    I just want people to realize that these forums ARE a public place and that the info they post may remain on the forums indefinitely if not removed by a host, and that everyone can read what is posted.
    Just because these are Apple forums shouldn't make people lapse in their better judgement of posting personal details.
    We are all here to help, but no one in here knows any one else's background (i.e.. You don't have to have the police do a background check to become a member)

  • What is the problem with native dynamic sql when counting rows in all table

    what is the problem with native dynamic sql when counting rows in all table?Giving an error "table or view does not exist". Thanks.
    v_sql_string varchar2(1000);
    v_no_of_rows number;
    for i in ( select table_name from all_tables )
    v_sql_string := ' select count(1) from ' || i.table_name;
    dbms_output.put_line( v_sql_string );
    --execute immediate v_sql_string into v_no_of_rows;
    end loop;

    Usually your problem can be described with 'Who cares'. I mean, for what reason do you do this? I doubt that there's a business need to get 100 % accurate answers for this. Normally such things are used to get a picture about the growth of data.
    Personally I would prefer to have up-to-date statistics for all tables and just query the number of rows from there. Sufficient for me in < 99 % of all cases.
    Just my $ .02...

  • I opened a file on my desktop that I don't remember putting there.  It turned out to be a keychain certificate from a client of ours.  Does this mean that they were spying on me?  What is the deal with that?  Any ideas?

    I opened a file on my desktop that I don't remember putting there. We use many photos and I thought it was a photo file I was looking for. It turned out to be a keychain certificate from a client of ours.  Does this mean that they were spying on me?  What is the deal with that?  Any ideas?

    Interesting tid bit.  I created an AAC of the original file, deleted the original MP3 from my library and also deleted the Clean matched track from the icloud.
    Result is that it matched with the explicit version of Mrs. Officer this time.
    What I am curious about is which songs this is happening for. I've went thru a few batched of about 500 songs at a time and redownloaded in 256k for many tracks. Sadly we don't have people to bring this to our attention and I have so much music that it's impossible to go thru every song to make sure I am getting the right version.

  • What is the wrong with my select query

    HI All,
    TYPES: BEGIN OF t_equi,
             equnr          TYPE equi-equnr,
             aedat          TYPE equi-aedat,
             matnr          TYPE equi-matnr,
             sernr          TYPE equi-sernr,
             kunde          TYPE equi-kunde,
             zzreg_date     TYPE equi-zzreg_date,
             zzin_indic     TYPE equi-zzin_indic,
             zzinvoice_num  TYPE equi-zzinvoice_num,
             zzinvoice_date TYPE equi-zzinvoice_date,
             kund1          TYPE equz-kund1,
          END OF t_equi,
    DATA: it_equi        TYPE TABLE OF t_equi,
      SELECT equnr
             kunde          "Ship to
             kund1            "Sold to
             INTO TABLE it_equi
             FROM equi AS a
             INNER JOIN equz AS b
             ON a~equnr = b~equnr
             WHERE a~equnr      IN s_equnr AND
    *               aedat GE gv_rdate AND
                   a~matnr      IN s_matnr AND
                   a~sernr      IN s_sernr AND
                   a~kunde      IN r_shpbr_kunde AND
                   a~zzin_indic IN s_indic  AND
                   b~datbi      EQ c_datbi  AND 
                   b~kund1     IN r_sldbr_kund1 .
    what is the wrong with this select query.. ?
    its giving me error  "The column name "EQUNR" is unclear ."

    Hi ,
    write  tablename or alias in select also
    SELECT a~equnr and check.

  • I recently upgraded to iTunes 11.1.5 and now my iPod Nano is not recognized in iTunes. I also upgraded my iPhone 5s to iOS 7.1. i Tunes on my computer does recognize my iPhone. What is the problem with my iPod Nano not being recognized?

    I recently upgraded to iTunes 11.1.5 and now my iPod Nano is not recognized in iTunes. I also upgraded my iPhone 5s to iOS 7.1. i Tunes on my computer does recognize my iPhone. What is the problem with my iPod Nano not being recognized?

    I would think, Twins1995, that if we are having the problem, others are as well. Hopefully, Apple will shortly issue a follow-up software release to fix the problem. Or is that just wishful thinking on my part.
    It would be helpful, if there were some kind of work-around in the interim, so we can use our devices. Pretty frustrating when you consider that all of the hardware and software is produced by Apple.

Maybe you are looking for