What is the transnaction type for MDF program..?

Hi All,
Please do let me know what is the transaction type for MDF(Market Development Fund) program..?
Thanks in advance.
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Actually use this program. I mae some changes to it.
          int x,y,z;
          x = 0;
          y = 5;
          z = 5;
          if(x<=0 || y<=0 || z<=0)
               System.out.println("not a triangle");
               if(x==y && x==z)
                    System.out.println("this is a equilateral triangle");
                    if(x==y || x==z || y==z)
                         System.out.println("this is a isoceles triangle");
                         System.out.println("this is a scalene triangle");

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  • What is the transaction type of MDF program..?

    Hi All,
    What is the transaction type for MDF (Market Development Fund) program..?

    By default, transaction type 500 should be defined in Customizing for depreciation posting.
    ->  Asset Accounting 
    -> Transactions
    -> Determine Transaction Types for Internal Transactions'.
    ->  For 'Post depreciation'  => 500.                   
    Regards Bernhard

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    hey sabre why not just help me? instead of posting
    annoying replies. You want me to browse all the post
    two weeks ago to find what im looking for. stoopsMost regulars to this forum find X-posting annoying. Since you are lazy and want me to search the posts of the last couple of week for you, I find you very annoying.


    3-R3 ....ETC.

    depending on the application to connect to backend SRM system, your connection type may change.
    1. If you write Dynpro appliactions to use SRM System, at backend, it'll connect SRM via RFC.
    2. If you use ITS to create views of SRM Transactions, then the connection will be Dailog and URL
    note 730870 you should find the answer to your question
    Also check:
    Look for TCP/IP RFC destination in it
    <b>Reward points</b>

  • What is the data type for the Data Dashboard XY Graph?

    Hey all,
    I am playing with the new Data Dashboard (!!) on my iPad 2 and am having trouble setting up the shared variables that host data to the XY Graph.
    On my PC, in my Project (inside of a variable library) I have set up shared variables for all of the other controls/indicators available in the app; They all work great. However, I have not been able to identify the data type that is for the XY Graph in Data Dashboard. Of course, inside LabVIEW, I use a cluster of 2 arrays; this is not an available data type that I can select while creating a new variable on the hosting side. I have even gone so far as to create a custom control from my XYGraph in LabVIEW and then creating the data type "From Custom Control..." with no success.
    What gives? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks for the help!!
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    Great question, Aerogoob.
    The XY graph can be bound to a 1d array of "points", where each point is a cluster of two numerics (X and Y). To create a shared variable of this type, you can set the data type to "From Custom Control..." in the shared variable properties dialog. Of course, first you'll have to build the custom control of the correct type: array of cluster of two numerics.
    If any of that doesn't make sense, please post back and we can walk you through it in more detail.
    Also, just for completeness, the chart indicator can be bound to a scalar numeric or to an array of numerics. The graph indicator can only be bound to an array of numerics.

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  • What is the material type for Online/IT material creation?

    Can any one tell me what is the standard material type and Item category groups used for creating an online/IT/software product material which is sold online [eg. online information sold over portals, portal subscriptions etc]?
    What are the uncharacteristic of such a material in standard system?

    these lins might be help ful to you:
    hope this clears your issue beacuse these lins provide you plenty of information.

  • What is the data type for time and what to insert

    Hi there
    i had two attributes in a table called start_time and end_time and i want to insert time into these attrbutes e.g 10:00 and 11:00
    How do i do that
    what is oracle's built-in type for time???
    adn how do i insert values in the table(i.e the format)

    There is not Oracle type that has just a time. The DATE and TIMESTAMP data types include both the date and the time (TIMESTAMP has millisecond resolution and has optional timezone support). If what you're really interested is a time interval (i.e. 1 hour), there are some INTERVAL data types.
    You have a lot of options for how to specify dates and timestamps along with format masks.
    Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

  • What is the Payload Type for wav file

    Please inform me what is the PT (Payload Type) for wav file.
    As 26 is for MJPEG file.
    Thanks alot

    Hi Kittu
    These are the output type generally used for GI..
    You can see the types defined in your system using tcode M706

  • What is the Object Type for User Define table ?

    Dear All Experts,
    I create one of the User Define Table with no. of UDF's
    I already register User Define Table with Unique ID.
    As per my knowledge, Unique ID is our Object type for that User Define Table.
    I want to add Transaction Notification Code for created Used Define Table.
    This Transaction Notification prevents user to must enter name in that form.
    IF (@object_type = 'Z_Roto' AND (@TRANSACTION_TYPE = 'A' or @TRANSACTION_TYPE = 'U'))
    If not Exists (Select T0.DocEntry from [@Z_ROTO] T0 Where ( T0.Name is null  OR  T0.Name = ' ' ) AND T0.Code  = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del )
    SET @error = 1
    SET @error_message = 'Name is NULL then So, Please enter ZERO Value i.e. 0 in Filed_Name'
    Please help me for this problem.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishit Makadia

    Hi All,
    Thanks for your replay.
    Below code is working for User Define Table's Transaction Notification
    IF (@transaction_type = 'A' OR @transaction_type = 'U') AND @object_type = 'Z_Roto'
    If Exists (Select T0.Code from [@Z_ROTO] T0 Where ( T0.Name is null  OR  T0.Name = ' ' ) AND T0.Code  = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del)
    select @error = 10
    select @error_message = 'Name is NULL then So, Please enter ZERO Value i.e. 0 in Filed_Name'
    Necessary to Remember 4 Things. That are mentioned below.
    1) Register User Define Table (UDT) with using "Object Registration Wizard". For Example : @object_type = 'Z_Roto'
    2) When you define selection criteria then it must be compulsory for use Code Field. For Example : Select T0.Code from [@Z_Roto]
    3) When you define selection criteria then it must be compulsory for use Code for @list_of_cols_val_tab_del.
    4) Use error code as 10 Number
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishit Makadia

  • What is the IDOC type for changing PO price in ECC from SNC?

    We have configured the consensus finding tolerance check for date and it is working. When we create confirmation from PO worklist by changing the price and the delivery date, it goes for manual approval if the date change is outside tolerance. Once the confirmation is approved by the buyer we are getting two Idocs in SAP. One is ORDRSP-ORDERS05. This one has the new price, but does not change the price in the PO. It only creates confirmation. The other one is  PORDCH-PORDCH02. This one does not have the new price. It only changes the delivery date in the PO line item. We want one single IDOC which will change price (if price is changed), change delivery date and create confirmation. is that possible? If yes, what IDOC type would that be?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Soumen
    Can you please check whether the below settings are available on ERP side
    select your confiramtion control line
    lets say ZICH, select the confirmation sequence on left hand side
    for your order acknowledgement,XX
    check the field "Price"
    and give the allowed tolerance values in fileds
    Permitted Price Overrun in % (Inbound EDI/SOA)
    Permitted Price Shortfall in % (Inbound EDI/SOA)
    Now resend the data.... it will work
    ORDRSP-ORDERS05 should work this time
    Best Regards

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    I am creating a status profile for UD, that is, If no result recording the no Usage Decision. Which object type should I assign against this newly created status profile?
    Unless I assign a Object type, I cannot assign business transactions.
    Vineeth Varghese

    Hi Vineeth,
    The required object types are insp. lot w/o plan or char, insp. lot with plan and char, insp. lot with plan w/o char.
    I can suggest you to go through the following link, its beautifully explained step by step with screenshots.
    Hope this solves your issue.

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    I need to use the Credit Memo Form for taking Printouts. Kindly tell me which is the standard Correspondance Tyep that i can use to take this Printout?
    It would be a great help if any one can provide some inputs on this..

    Use SAP11.

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    How can I differentiate the drivers in my code?Why?
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    I guess my real question is where do i go to set up a new partner.  I think it is SALE but then i am not quite sure what to do there.
    I think i need to set up new partners for outbound and inbound processing.  then i need to go into we20 and use the MBGMCR message type to be able to be exchanged. 
    Am i correct
    and is there a place where it tells how to use transaction sale to set up new partners?

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