What movement to use for stock in transit w/o STO reference

Is there a movement for carrying out stock in transit to receiving plant w/o reference to STO.
The STO process is not wanted.
User does the movement to complete the transaction

I found it.
Use movement 303/305

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  • What movment types used for stock transfer from Non-WM sloc to WM sloc?

    Hello experts,
    Can some one tell me , what movment types used for stock transfer from Non-WM sloc to WM sloc in the same plant through MB1B?

    When I try to use the Movement Type 311 with Tcode MB1B, in order to move the stock from IM storage Locations to WM storage Locations, I do create the Material Document Successfully, but when I try to convert the Material Document to Transfer Order, I get the message "select atleast one storage type first", but there is no storage type appearing on the screen.
    Can you please help me to resolve the above issue.

  • In Physical Inventory Check_Which movement type used for stock difference.

    In Case of Physical Inventory we are getting the stock differences after count results, Help me in doing the transaction thru which the stock is adjusted and which Movement types are used for the difference posting, What all documents are created in the process.
    The system has Warehouse Management in place, so please answer in reference to WM.
    How the Bin is identified in that case if there is stock addition.
    Thanks in Advance

    Check for your ware house  physical inventory process in spro whether it is done through continuous inventory process or Through annual inventory process.
    SproLogistics execution-WM>Activities->Physical inventory--> Define types per storage type
    PZ-Continous inv

  • What is the Table for Stock-in-Transit quantity ?

    In which Table does the Stock-in-Transit quantity store.

    Check  the table MARC fielld TRAME(stock in transit). I think this field will be updated only for STO in the same company code.
    You can use the Tcode MB5T to get the Stock in transit details.
    You can use MSEG table with STO Purhcase order number and with movement types
    641     TF to stck in trans.
    642     TR to stck in trans.
    643     TF to cross company
    644     TR to cross company
    645     TF cross company
    646     TR cross company
    647     TF to stck in trans.
    648     TR to stck in trans.
    based on your requirement.

  • Report for stock in transit datewise

    I need stock in transit datewise. Is there any report possible for that ? Which table and fields should I refer. please revert.

    T.Code: MB5T can be used for Report for stock in transit, but date wise u can't get here. U have to develop areport or by querry u can develop a report.
    U can get date (MKPF-BUDAT) wise details by giving movement type in MSEG table u get all the details in the tables.

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    Hi! I am deciding between MBA and MBP and need to know what the different uses for each one was. Like what would you use the MBA for and what would you use the MBP for?? All opinions welcome!!

    They're actually pretty comparible in what they can do if you're talking about the base model of both (say 13") with 4GB RAM. At that level, the Pro has the advantage if you're going to watch or burn DVD's or CD's, as the Air has no optical drive. But otherwise, they're pretty much the same--full-sized, backlit keyboard, camera, beautiful screen, etc. If you're going for more than a basic 13" Pro, then things start to change. For example, you can get up to 8GB RAM on the Pro, and a huge hard drive, you can also get a 15" or 17" size. You will be paying a lot for these, but, obviously, if you're going to be working on, say, making videos (which you may then want burn onto disk) the Pro is very much what you'll want.
    However, if you don't need or want any of that--if, for example, you plan to do the usual programs (word processing, games, web surfing, music, etc.), then you really won't see much difference between the two. At 4GB RAM and a 13" screen, the big difference is going to be thickness and weight, not power. And in this the Air will have the advantage--it's really amazingly slim, light and with a SSD, faster (you pay extra--a lot extra--to get SSD on the Pro).
    Just to make the point, I switched from a 13" Pro to an 11" Air. My hard drive size is half what it was with a Pro, but I was barely taking up half of that amount on the Pro, and so have plenty of room on my 128GB Air (you can get 256GB for the 11" if you order it online). Absolutely everything my Pro did, my Air does (sans optical drive), only faster and lighter and more compact--meaning it takes up less table space, slips in and out of my bag faster, balances on my lap easier, etc. But there was no interruption of service--I switched pretyt seamlessly from 13" Pro to 11" Air.
    The Pro offers you more options for power, screen size, HD size and optical drive. But it's really pretty surprising how few of us need that much power, that much room, or the optical drive. It's very freeing to realize that less can be more than enough.

  • What is the use for CREATING VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION?

    Dear Legends,
    I have a doubt
    What is the use for creating view?
    A: First Data Integrity, Selecting Particular Columns..
    What is the use for creating a view with check option?
    A: As per oracle manual I read that its a referential integrity check through views.
    A: Enforcing constraints at DB level.
    A: using CHECK OPTION we can do INSERTS UPDATES for a view for those columns who have no constraints... is it right??
    A: If we do a INSERT OR UPDATE for columns who have constraints it will show error... is it right???
    Please clear my doubt's Legends
    Lots of Thanks....

    Hi, Karthick,
    karthiksingh_dba wrote:
    ... What is the use for creating view?
    A: First Data Integrity, Selecting Particular Columns..Most views are created and used for convenience. A view is a saved query. If the same operations are often done, then it can be very convenient to code those operations once, in a view, and refer to the view rather than explicitly doing those operations.
    Sometimes, views are created and used for security reasons. For example, you many want to allow some users to see only certain rows or certain columns of a table.
    Views are necessary for INSTEAD OF triggers.
    What is the use for creating a view with check option?
    A: As per oracle manual I read that its a referential integrity check through views.The reason is integrity, not necessarily referential integrity. The CHECK option applies only when DML is done through the view. It prohibits certain changes. For example, if a user can't see certain rows through a view, the CHECK option keeps the user from creating such rows.
    A: Enforcing constraints at DB level.I'm not sure what you mean. Please give an example.
    A: using CHECK OPTION we can do INSERTS UPDATES for a view for those columns who have no constraints... is it right??No. Using CHECK OPTION, you can do some inserts and updates, but not others. The columns involved may or may not have constraints in either case.
    A: If we do a INSERT OR UPDATE for columns who have constraints it will show error... is it right???If you try to violate a constraint, you'll get an error. That happens in views with or without the CHECK OPTION, and also in tables.

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    I am trying to hook up my xbox 360 to my Macbook pro, and I am unsure of what cable to use for this. Composite cables.

    Hi there Dsc, i tried to do so b4, but with limited success, now the problem is like been told you, MBP is not design to accept INPUT video signals, i got something called EYETV coast me about 120$, but the resolution that XBOX accepts is much higher than MBP screen can afford, i got this message when i tried to hook it up ( the dash board came up from the xbox ): YOU NEED TO ADJUST YOUR SCREEN TO A HIGHER ADJUSTMENT BEFORE YOU CAN PLAY GAMES ON THE CONSOL or so, but thats my experience any way, if you succeeded please let me know, by the way i asked the same Q b4, just search my questions and you will see the answers on my question. hope this helped.

  • What can I use for a low battery warning on a Mac Book OSX10.8?

    What can I use for a low battery warning on a Mac Book OSX10.8?

    What you should see above all your windows when your battery gets to low.

  • What is a cache monitoring? and what it is used for?

    what is a cache monitoring? and what it is used for? how safe it is to execute the transaction RSRCACHE in development?
    Thank you,

    Hi Les,
    Cache is a temporary storage for recently accessed data.
    Used to enhance query performance.
    Use t-code RSRT to view more on cache.
    Please see this link:
    Cache helps to improve query performance. As it can save data in memory, flatfile, cluster table or BLOB.
    You can remove cache per query or inactivate it for perticular info provider or inactivate it overall.
    But which is not recommended. Yes if u know that certain queries you dont use often and its not accessing large number of records then you can inactivate it for those queries. you can manage cache via three t-codes RSRT or RSRCACHE or SPRO>SAP Reference IMG>SAP Busines Wearhouse--> Reporting relevent setting -->General Reporting Setting in BEX -->Global Cache Setting.
    please follow the link which has few good documents on cache. which will clear your complete concept for cache.
    https://service.sap.com/bi -->Product information previous releases -->BI InfoIndex --> OLAP --> you will get bunch of documents in that.
    Look at the following threads :
    OLAP Cache
    what is cache?
    also check RSRT and OLAP cahce docs
    Hope this helps.
    ****Assign Points if Helpful****

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    What font is used for the menu of Illustrator CS5?
    I know how to change the default font, which is used to input characters.
    But, I do not know how to check the font used in the menu.
    Is it the font that is described in the following files?
    C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5 Settings\ja_JP\AIPrefs
    If you know, please tell me how to check the configuration file and how to change the font that is used in the menu.

    If your using windows xp and applied the 12.02 update, then this is a known bug in
    the update effecting xp users and adobe is working on a fix.
    see this thread

  • What is "grab" used for?

    I can't find anything in the macair manual or elsewhere are what to do with "grab". What is it used for and how?

    Grab is an app to take screenshots of your display. When you open it, you won't see any window, but you will see that Grab shows up on the menu bar. Just select the "Capture" menu and choose the option you want.
    Apart from that, you can take screenshots without using Grab, just with these shortcuts:
    - Command, Shift and 3 keys > take a screenshot of the whole display.
    - Command, Shift and 4 keys > take a screenshot of the part you want.
    - Command, Shift, 4 and Space keys > take a screenshot of a window.
    If you want to know more shortcuts, read > http://support.apple.com/kb/PH11229

  • What is Vistex used for

    Hi Experts, What is Vistex used for?

    The SAP Incentive Administration application by Vistex supports a variety of incentive agreements and programs u2013 from simplest to most complex.
    SAP Incentive Administration integrates seamlessly with your SAP software to provide robust administration, analysis, and reporting capabilities. This powerful application enables you to efficiently manage commissions and other incentive programs.
    You can set targets and quotas u2013 and monitor actual results against your budget.
    You may visit these links for further details.

  • What is NTFS used for?

    What is NTFS used for?
    How does it work?

    It's the standard Windows file system.
    During installation, the Microsoft Windows installer asks me to format the Windows partition using NTFS or FAT. Which should I use?
    If the partition is 32 GB or smaller, you can use either FAT or NTFS. If it's larger than 32 GB, or you are installing Microsoft Vista, then you can only format it using NTFS. Mac OS X can read and write FAT volumes, but only read NTFS volumes. Refer to the Microsoft Windows documentation if you are not sure which best suits your needs.

  • Does anyone know what ppqryErrorList is used for in EssOtlQueryMembersEx?

    Given a calcscript, I'm wondering if I can get a list of errors back it has multiple errors (e.g. member not found, syntax error etc.) when I run EssOtlQueryMembersEx.
    I've looked at the documentation (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E10530_01/doc/epm.931/html_esb_api/api_c/otlc/funcs/apcfqmex.htm) and looks like ppqryErrorList does the job for me. However, I'm getting a NULL pointer to ppqryErrorList regardless or whethere there's an error or not.
    e.g. when I call "@ICHILD(blah)" with EssOtlQueryMembersEx I'm hoping the error list (ppqryErrorList) will contain "member not found blah" but it infact returns NULL.
    This parameter on EssOtlQueryMembersEx must be there for a reason. Does anyone know what this is used for?
    Btw, I'm using Essbase 7

    Well, After Effects has a shattering effect, but I'd guess it was a 3D app that created those effects. To see what you can do with Motion, check out this thread:
    Fun with Shattering...

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