Whats the best way to import video clips from FCP into a personal template

Hey all, I'm doing some tests. I see some color shifting going on when I export out of FCP using QT conversion (same settings as sequence), Importing into Motion, then adding lower third graphics, then exporting out of Motion .... and finally back to FCP. I put the new graphic added layer on top and have the original on bottom. I toggle the monitor on both layers and see a slight saturation drop on the graphic layer. Has anyone noticed that ?
The reason Im doing this is because lets say I have lower thirds that I want to place throughout a hour show. I want to set-up a basic lower third template and just plug in the video clips for the areas that I need those graphics. It would be way to difficult to export out of the timeline in FCP
and rebuild those lower thirds everytime in Motion. Does anyone know of a better way or does everyone have to export out to the desktop and then into Motion every time they want to use a Motion template.
Thanks to any replies.

Try roundtripping from FCP to Motion and back using Send to Motion. In FCP, Control Click your clip>Send To>Motion Project. The clip will open in Motion with the proper project properties. Make your edits there, press Save, and then render back in FCP. No exporting necessary, although you might see a gamma shift. Much easier.
To do this with an existing Motion template, I'd try copying and pasting in that template's contents once you've sent to Motion from FCP.

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    rolfk, thanks for the information.  I was not aware of this.  I guess I am a true softie even with my EE background.
    There are only two ways to tell somebody thanks: Kudos and Marked Solutions
    Unofficial Forum Rules and Guidelines

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    SRC_OFFSET                     NUMBER(38)              IN     DEFAULT
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    SRC_OFFSET                     NUMBER(38)              IN     DEFAULT

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    What is the best way to resize a clip? I have some clips in 1280x720p and a B camera shot of the same person that was shot at 1440x1080p and I want to multi-edit them so they need to be the same size. Is there a way inside FCP to re-interpret the 1440x1080 to 1280x720 or do I have to Export them as smaller clips and re-import them? Just have a lot of clips so would be good to find a internal FCP way of doing it.

    Well Zeb, again with the insults. If you had just stated simply "What codec" are you using that would have been fine. But instead you decided to insult me and assume I knew nothing.
    FYI I started working with video in 1985 and was one of the first to use Digital Video in 1991 as a Software Developer. So I can assure you I know a lot about codecs and NLE having even written one once. One of the things I learned in IT was to always ask for the best route through a problem from the experts around you before wasting valuable time and money finding your own, and usually the dead-ends at that!
    So there you go, next time I'll mention the codec and next time if you could be more polite then things will progress more smothely on here

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    I have a 150 gig of gopro footage that I just hit 'import' to recently (from my external HD), it took around 10 hours to process it all.
    Its all under one event, but then somewhat organised into dates etc. But it is very slow. I imported it all at once because it was all footage from the last 6 months of my Whistler/states/fiji trip and want to make a movie out of it, using clips from all over the time, not just in chronological order.
    I have the latest mac book pro, 4 gig ram,2.4 GHz i7, 750 hard drive, with nothing else on the computer.
    Ive read about creating proxy media, after ive imported, but am still somewhat confused as to the benefit. Does it create duplicates? that will fill up my pretty large HD as it is!
    Can you suggest any ways that might make my laptop run a bit faster? Should i delete and work directly from external HD etc etc?
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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    ascreenwriter wrote:
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    My questions:
    1)  What is the best way to start a new project and import the footage without having to render whilst editing, so as to retain all resolution and originality of the source footage?
    2)  What is the best way/ codec/ format to export this same footage once editing is complete so as to retain that crisp 1080p for which the 5D is so recognized?
    3)  What is the best way/ codec/ format to import and export/ render between premiere and after effects?  I am speaking mostly of vfx and color correction.  I also have some 30fps footage that I intend to slow down in AE and then import into premiere.
    I know this is pretty broad, but as a solo filmmaker I really need someone's guidance.  I rarely ever finish my films with the same, crisp look as the footage.  I need pipeline help, and really appreciate it!
    1. Follow the advice above. Also use the Media Browser to import the footage in case you have spanned media files. Import files with the Media Browser.
    2. It largely depends on what you wish to ouput to: Blu-ray, web, etc. This FAQ gives the best answer: What are the best export settings?
    3. Use the Replace with Adobe After Effects Composition function.

  • What is the best way to import pictures from iPhoto without compression?

    I'm trying to create a slide show using Final Cut Pro. No, I'm not interested in using iDVD slide show function because it doesn't allow me to do a whole lot. I would like to add titles and music for certain segments with video inserted here and there.
    Anyway, when I used the slide show function in iPhoto, exported it out as a quick movie file, and then imported it into Final Cut Pro, I noticed a significant downgrade in quality of images. It obviously looks different from when I play the slide show in iPhoto. What would be the best way to import pictures into Final Cut Pro without any compression?
    Thanks in advance.

    I only see Share > Export.
    Some versions of iPhoto work that way -it's just Apple moving things around.
    what's the difference between exporting it from iPhoto then import it into FCP vs. just importing directly from FCP?
    Your first post mentioned exporting a slide show from iPhoto -I assumed that is where your images are stored.
    I do not want to import pictures one by one...
    You don't have to. iPhoto will let you select as many as you want, or if the images are elsewhere, you can also select multiple files from FCP's Import dialog.
    ...and stick them together manually.
    Editing is an art and involves some effort on your part. It is not an automated process. This method opens up far more possibilities, access to filters and color correction and the opportunity to use Motion for even more sophisticated animation.
    But, it only allows me to export it as 720 x 480. The original size of my photos is 3872 x 2592. Is there any way I can create a quicktime file in the original size?
    You should be aware that 3872 x 2592 is not a standard pixel aspect ratio that is used in video. The images will be resized to the Sequence settings that you set up in Final Cut Pro.
    I have never used iPhoto to make a slideshow before, but I just gave it a try and was able to export one with the images in their native size, simply by typing the pixel dimensions into the boxes in the dialog window:
    I don't have PhotoMagico myself, but it comes highly recommended by several of the forum regulars.
    Perhaps one of them will see this discussion and help with your last question.

  • How do I import DVD to IMovie? What is the best way to import DVD to a Mac?

    Hi everyone!
    I need some help, so here are my questions.
    How do I import DVD to IMovie? What is the best way to import DVDs to a Mac?
    I would like to keep the original quality from the DVD.

    You need to convert the VOB files in the TS-Folder of the DVD back to DV which iMovie is designed to handle. For that you need mpegStreamclip:
    which is free, but you must also have the  Apple mpeg2 plugin :
    which is a mere $20.
    Another possibility is to use DVDxDV:
    which costs $25.
    For the benefit of others who may read this thread:
    Obviously the foregoing only applies to DVDs you have made yourself, or other home-made DVDs that have been given to you. It will NOT work on copy-protected commercial DVDs, which in any case would be illegal.

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