When I start my laptop I get a message saying,AppleSyncNotifier.exe Entry point not found error.It saysentry pointsqlite3_wal_checkpointcould not be located in the dynamic link library.

I go to my common files but cannot locate sqlite3dll. Can someone help me its become annoying not being able to resolve it.

Hi, I get the same error EVERY time iTunes updates.
I have to do the fix that is suggested in this topic (cut and paste the sqlite3.dll)
My Question:
Since this happens every time iTunes updates...... Do I have to remove SQlite3.dll from the "apple application support" folder....... so that the sqlite3.dll is only located in the "mobile device support" folder?????
It is getting really annoying to have to do the "cut and paste" fix every time iTunes updates.
Thank You,

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