When I try to play a dvd Macbook Pro I get  a box with the message,This function is only for activated users. To activate go to Preferences and Donate" That took me to Mr. Gecko"s Facebook page wanting me to donate $1.99! Does any one know what this is? H

When I try to play a dvd on my Macbook Pro I get a box with the message " This is only for activated users. To activate go to preferences,donate" this takes me to Mr. Gecko's facebook page asking me to donate $1.99-$4.99.
Any clues on what this is, and/or how to bypass it? If I can report this to someone? Thanks

Sure sounds like malware, unles you installed something from a questionable site, then it's still malware but in a payware form as playing DVDs is free on Mac's.
Unless the DVD has software on it perhaps?
Does this work on any movie DVD or is this a special kind of DVD with software on it from someplace?

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