When importing a CD to iTunes which will then be downloaded onto a ipod, which is the best setting format for sound quality?Im unsure if once i save setting for CD import, do i then have to change settings to sync with my ipod?

When importing a CD to iTunes  which will then be downloaded onto a ipod, which is the best setting for audio quality?  Also once CD is downloaded do i need to change the setting to sync with my ipod?

gobbybird40 wrote:
Also once CD is downloaded do i need to change the setting to sync with my ipod?
I'm not sure what settings you are referring to. If you mean the import CD settings, there would be no point in changing them after importing the CD, would there?
As for the best setting for audio quality, it's down to your preference. Many people will not hear the difference bewteen one setting and another. The best thing to do is import the same song several times using different import setttings (and change the song title so you know which one is which) and then listen to them on your iPod. Then decide.
Unless you have specific reasons for using the WAV setting, don't use it. It will use up a lot of space on your iPod and you cannot tag WAV files in the same way as the other formats.

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    Thanks Michael,
    That is very helpful.
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    Correct. You must sync your device with iTunes.

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    I can't follow your meaning. What does connect directly to your ISP mean?
    Did you mean turning off WiFi but turning on Cellular Data on your iPhone?

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    There's no know virus that can impact a Mac, but if you run Windows via Parallels or Boot Camp then you're just as vulbnerable as any PC user.
    If you want to scan your system to be sure check out the free utilities ClamXav and Sophos Anti Virus

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    After Effects, but be ready for a steep learning curve. Third party plug-ins may be required if you want realistic flow. Schematic diagrams are fairly easy to create with After Effects. I do it all the time.

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    On the Lenovo X200 support page you will find the X200 Hardware Maintenance Manual which lists all the parts in the X200.
    You will find there that the 43Y6493 is Lenovo's Intel 5100.
    I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!

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    which is the best anit virus protection to block forien uploads using my service provider as  there has been usage and i havent been  on the computor

    Hi Greg,
    Best protection is a really secure WPA2 Passwoird to join your Router... WEP or Open is worthless, WPA can be broken, but WPA 2 is still likely not to be broken fo awhile.
    Little Snitch, stops/alerts outgoing stuff...
    ClamXAV, free Virus scanner...
    Free Sophos...
    See if you might have this malware redirecting DNS queries...
    How to fix...
    Get MacScan...
    Malware  list....
    How to uninstall MacKeper...

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    To create the After Effects project, I exported a series of video clips from Premiere  to mp4.
    Then I imported them into AfterEffects.
    The bottom line, and the purpose of this question, is I am thinking that  MP4 was not the best choice for the Adobe Premiere export.
    What  is the best format to export video from in Premiere Pro CS5 to import  into after effects, or to import into any other editing program,  incuding importing right back into Adobe Premiere, if that is eever  needed.
    And any other settings that will result with the highest qualiity videos for importing.

    To follow on with Wade's suggestion...
    There are lots of ways to get movies and projects and other things back and forth between After Effects and Premiere Pro. This page outlines them:
    "Working with Premiere Pro and After Effects"
    If you must render and export a movie out of one application to bring it into another, there is a very basic piece of video workflow advice that you need to keep in mind (which applies to _all_ video software, not just After Effects and Premiere Pro):
    If you're creating a movie to be used in the next step of a post-production pipeline, you _never_ want to use a format that does lossy compression. You either use no compression or (preferable) lossless compression. Examples of codecs that provide lossless compression are the Animation codec and PNG codec at the highest quality settings; these can be used in a QuickTime container, for example. Never compress a movie with lossy compression except at the very end of your pipeline, when you're creating the final movie for distribution.
    MP4 (MPEG-4) is a lossy codec. The quality loss is acceptable for the last stage in the pipeline, but it's not acceptable for an intermediate file.
    It seems that you would benefit from reading this and and working your way through this.

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    hi Richard:
    Just a personal preference, but if I intend on using the photos for printing I keep them in the PSD form. When adding to imovie, however, I use .pict

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    what are the best setings to protect from risks

    I've been a Mac user since the days of the Mac Plus, about 1986.
    It's been my experience that the system defaults are generally enough to keep your Mac safe.  I know there are going to be others who will swear up and down that you HAVE TO do more... but the setup that ships with the newest Macs is pretty d*mn good.
    The best thing you can do to protect your machine is practice a little self control.  By that I mean, just follow some basic rules when your on using the machine and the internet.
    > Don't download files or apps from untrusted sites... sites you don't know.
    > Don't allow an application to install itself if you didn't initiate it. (This is how a trojan would infect a machine.)
    > Don't click on links in your e-mail if it's from someone you don't know.
    > Don't share your user IDs and passwords with others.
    > Install and use an anti-virus (Kaspersky, Symantic, et al).
    > Use Software Update regularly.
    There are other basics that you should keep in mind when using your Mac, and I'm sure others can add to this.
    Most of the issuse that people have when using Macs is because they don't use common sense... not because their machine has been hacked or attacked.
    OS X is pretty secure as it ships. And Apple is pretty proactive in keeping it updated.

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    I have the Option GT Ultra Express on AT&T, but ever since I upgraded to snow leopard every update has been messing it up and I'm more than done with this card, Ill even switch carriers if I have to, what cards are the best to use? and who has been having the best performance with theirs?
    I guess I should also add that I'm in New York, reception would be an issue too, I get between 2 and 3 bars at my desk and would like to stay with that.
    Message was edited by: NeoMental

    I'm sorry, but isn't the Option GT Ultra Express an ExpressCard you plug in to the left side port on your MBP to gain wireless access when your AirPort card doesn't work in a given location?
    if so, the only difference between that and the dongle that I described is that the dongle uses the USB instead of ExpressCard format.
    I'm sorry if I misunderstood.
    It would also help if you could describe the exact nature of the problem. There are topics here that address Option brand drivers issues with links to updated drivers that are supposed to work with SL.
    Without more info, I'm afraid I can't suggest much else.
    Cheers, mate.

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    There isn't any - iPhone simply don't work proberly with a bluetooth headset.

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    Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer
    Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer
    Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer
    Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Services Developer
    Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect
    Oracle Certified Expert,Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 JavaServer Pages and
    Servlet Developer
    Personally, I think that "Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect" looks the most attractive because it seems to wrap everything into one. But the prep time and costs for this are both pretty high. Does anyone have any good information or experience that can help me make a better decision?
    Thanks a bunch!

    maheshguruswamy wrote:
    user2571097 wrote:
    But I also doubt whether the question raised was clear enough for the person to be answered! - just my two cents ....Even if my question was not clear enough (which it was), i would expect someone applying for a senior position such as technical architect position to ask clarifying questions. My point from the beginning was, you absolutely are not qualified to become a technical architect with just a certification. Here is how the interview went
    Me - How do you find out what your browser is submitting to the server from a purely client perspective?
    Candidate - I will put the receiving server in debug mode and print out values.
    Me - What if you don't have access to that server?
    Candidate - Well, its my server.
    Me - Okaay, you open your browser and go to CNN.com and click on a link, how do you find out details about that request?
    Candidate - You can't.
    Me - So you are saying you can't inspect what your browser is sending in http requests?
    Candidate - yeah....i guess.
    Me - Have you heard of tools such as wireshark, firebug, httpfox, http analyzer, tcpmon etc
    Candidate - No, never heard of it.
    I ended the interview after that.Hmm. Probably this guy didn't know what he was talking about, but still I wouldn't necessarily demand from someone applying for an architect position to know the gritty details of development; that's too low level for someone who should be focusing on the big picture. I'd rather have someone that knows how to design and guide people to build maintainable systems in stead of someone that knows how to sniff packets.
    But then again you'd have to define what the architect role in this case exactly means. For all I know it is actually a senior developer position with a slightly better ring to the title ;)

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    Any suggestions?  Thank you so very much!

    Compressor.  Second, I would choose Episode.  But then MPEG Streamclip is very usefull when convert from many of the MPEG formats.  Keep in mind that formats such as those you listed are merely wrappers; the codec contained within could be one of dozens of codec, some of which may not convert well.

Maybe you are looking for

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