When is Apple will make a Micro USB Flash Drive for iPads and iPhones ???

IIt's really a big help if Apple make their own Micro USB a Flash Drive for iPads and iPhones.

Apple would not tell people there are other brands on the market. It is my opinion that if Apple users keep asking for the USB for ipads, they might consider it. As for the iphone there MIGHT be a tiny slot inside where the battery is for an SD card, which expands the space. I know Android has that feature in their cell phones, but not sure about Apple.

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  • Why dose apple not make a version of ios 6 for ipad 1

    i realy want apple to make a version of ios 6 for ipad 1 so i dont have to be board since i dont have advantages cause there are lots of bugs on my ipad and i cant get certain games

    It's probably due to the RAM and processor limitations.
    iPad: RAM - 256MB, Processor - 1 GHz Apple A4
    iPad 2: RAM - 512MB, Processor - 1GHz dual-core Apple A5
    iPad 3: RAM 1024MB, Processor - 1GHz dual-core Apple A5X
    iOS 6: Which software features does my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch support?
     Cheers, Tom

  • How do you save PDF to a USB flash drive from iPad 2

    How do you save PDF to a USB flash drive from iPad 2

    You can't, the camera kit connection kit which has a USB connection only supports the copying of photos and videos to the Photos app, and doesn't support the copying of any content off the iPad - you will either need to go via your computer.

  • Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone

    The USB Flash Drive for Smartphone by Sony. Otherwise identified as a Micro USB Key. Does anyone know where to get one of these??
    Go to Solution.

    You could contact them for availability or you can check ebay.
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  • My entire iTunes library is missing on my two non-Apple computers. My libraries still exist on my iPad and iPhone though. I tried deauthorizing and then reauthorizing my devices, uninstalling and then reinstalling iTunes and nothing works. What happened?

    My entire iTunes library is missing on my two non-Apple computers. My libraries still exist on my iPad and iPhone though. I tried deauthorizing and then reauthorizing my devices, uninstalling and then reinstalling iTunes and nothing works. What happened?

    See Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash or
    Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • When I down load books, can I read them on my iPad and iPhone? I went to open a book on my phone but I got a message that aid something about the bill already associated with an appleid. I use the same id for both devices.

    When I down load books, can I read them on my iPad and iPhone? I went to open a book on my phone but I got a message that aid something about the bill already associated with an appleid. I use the same id for both devices.

    All I can suggest is that you open that file on the MBA and save it as a new file, then see if you can open the new one on the iMac.

  • How to transfer data from USB flash drive to iPad Air?

    How do I transfer files and data from a USB flash drive, or from a PC, to an iPad Air?

    With a USB flash drive you might, if the drive doesn't require too much power, be able to copy photos and/or videos (if they are under a DCIM directory on the drive and their filenames are exactly 8 characters plus file extension) from it to the iPad's Photos app via the camera connection kit.
    What sort of files do you want to copy to your iPad, and have you got an app on your iPad that supports the file type that you want to copy to it ? Everything on your iPad has to be stored within an app, it doesn't have a 'file system' like a computer. Different apps have different ways of copying content to/from them e.g. via the file sharing section on the iPad's Apps tab when connected to your computer's iTunes, via your wifi network, email, dropbox.
    Syncing with iTunes : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1386
    Syncing media : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1351
    Syncing photos : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4236

  • Formatting a USB flash drive for Mac OS X Leopard & Windows XP

    I'm pretty new to Mac, so forgive me if this seems a very basic question.
    How do I format a USB flash drive so that it can be seen by both an Imac running Mac OS X Leopard and a PC running Windows XP?
    If one or other machine can't see the drive it makes transferring files really frustrating.
    Your advice would be appreciated.

    You can either use Windows or OSx to format the flash drive to FAT32. This will allow you to read and write from OSx and Windows. If you just bought the flash drive then double check before you format as it may already be formatted to FAT32.
    Use Disk Utility from OSx to format your flash drive OR from windows, click on *My Computer* and then highlight the drive letter and choose File from the top menu and then Format.
    Axel F.

  • Creating Recovery Media using USB Flash Drive for Windows 8.1

    I followed all the instructions to create a USB Flash Drive Recovery Media (insert 16 GB USB Flash Drive or >) and it said it will be created now (after I clicked on Create), however the next screen said to insert > 7.5 GB flash drive, then it said it was cancelled.  I was attempting to use a San Disk Flash Drive and I am wondering if it is because it has some time of application on it.  I was under the understanding that it would just "delete/erase" this (format it) and then create it, but it wouldn't.  Any suggestions?

    In Windows 8, one can create a "recovery drive" (called a System Repair Disc in Windows 7) that does not contain the recovery partition. (When you install Windows 8 yourself, there is no recovery partition.) It contains just the recovery environment.
       Create a USB recovery drive      [edited to repair the link]
    Not sure what Shirley did, because it shouldn't take even that much space.

  • Using a hybrid of the same apple ID for iPad and iPhone.

    Hey everyone,
    I'd like to be clear and hopefully someone can give me an accurate response as soon as possible.
    So, today my sister gave birth (Hurrah!) and she has an iPad 2 that i got her for christmas.
    Long story short, my mom is in the same hospital as my sister in the emergency room since she had a heart attack/nervous attack and had to be there for testing. -- Thing is, i want her to Facetime me with an alternate email from my iCloud so she's able to see her grandson while i'm with her.
    Yes, or No: Can we use a hybrid of the same apple ID for both iPad and iPhone?
    (Hybrid implying the use of iMessage/Facetime with an alternate email and not my cell number or primary account email.)

    So once that's done, that'll be it?
    Cause she has one of my alternate emaisl currently listed on the iPad (and i unselected those on my iPhone) and it seems that it's not registering as an iMessage when i try to send her a message via my iPhone.

  • MBA (Gen 1) USB External Drive for Boot and Backup? Recomendations?

    I just ordered a 1st generation MBA with the SSD. I want to order an external USB drive that I can use to back up and boot the MBA. I have read that the USB port on the MBA does not provide enough power to support some external drives(?).
    I like the G-Technology drives, looking at the G-Drive Mini. Will the USB port on the MBA provide enough power to run that drive?
    Any recommendations?

    I've used both of those drives on a MacBook Air for storage and a Time Machine backup without fail. The LaCie rugged is a personal favorite with the triple interface (as I use on a MacBook Pro with FW 800).
    My experience with the G-Drive Mini that I had was a bit "unique." Whenever I'd plug the drive in, the backlight would not come on unless the unit was connected to power. I later found out it was my drive, drawing excessive bus power and G-Technology replaced it under warranty. But I did notice, when hooking the drive up to various port testers that it was drawing significantly more power across the USB port than my LaCie.
    Ironically, a co-worker has been using his G-Drive Mini with his MacBook Air since March with nothing but praise.

  • USB Flash Drive issues, FAT and Windows, Help!

    Here's the deal:
    I have a flash drive, I formatted it in FAT because it needs to be used on my Mac (Snow Leopard) and Windows. When I format it, it adds 2 or 3 other partitions like 200MB. BUT does not show it in Disk Manager or in Finder. I can read and write to the drive on my Mac, and it works (Mac thinks it's FAT). When I go to Windows it says it needs to be formatted. So after a leg-breaking experience in XP to reformat it as FAT, I can't just drag and drop folders into it. If I drag a folder to it it gives me an error code -36. HOWEVER, I can make a new folder on the drive (CommandShiftN) and drag files into the new folder. What the heck? Never had these issues in Leopard. What is the issue? Is this just Snow Leopard or is something screwed and I need to reinstall? Help. Thanks in advance.

    1) Open Disk Utility.
    2) Click your flash drive.
    3) Click "Partition" tab.
    4) Change "Volume Scheme" drop down box to 1 partition.
    5) Change format to FAT.
    6) Click "Options" button.
    7) Change partition table from GUID to Master Boot Record.
    8) Click Apply.
    All done.

  • Itunes will not function/display store content on both Ipad and Iphone after iOS7

    After upgrading to iOS7 on both iphone5 & Ipad2 I have lost itunes functionality on both.  I have already done fresh installs on the iphone5 three times now. This is ridiculous.
    Same problem from this article:
    tina.masterman—3 hours ago
    I have tried every solution posted on the web, but I still can’t open the iTunes store app on my phone since updating. I have an iPhone 5 and have even gone as far as resetting and deleting my phone and setting it all up again. Will they have a solution soon, it is really annoying now!!
    The article lists this problem and of all problems, I would think you'd be motivated to fix the iTunes

    I just saw this posted in another thread and it totally worked for me. I hope it helps you too.
    "I had the same problem. But now I found a better solution. It is a bug in the iTunes app:
    You have to go to Settings>Safari>BlockCookies and must change from "Always" to "From third parties and advertisers".
    After that iTunes works perfectly."

  • How do you use one apple id for iPad and iphone

    We have an iPad, four iphone 3gs and a new iphone4.  We use one apple Id for each with iCloud.  Do we need a new apple Id for the 4gs?  Also how do we share the iPad between the iPhones for music & apps.   Thanks.

    To allow you to Message one another and FaceTimne one another see:
    MacMost Now 653: Setting Up Multiple iOS Devices For Messages and FaceTime

  • Exporting to USB flash drive for use in digital picture frame

    With the recent popularity of digital picture frames, has anyone else run into this problem......
    I purchased digital picture frames to give as gifts this year, wanting to give them "pre-loaded" with photos. So i copied a bunch of pics from iphoto ( some i had edited, some not) onto a small 1GB flash drive. after ejecting the flash drive properly, i inserted it into the digital picture frame (kodak DPF800) and the slideshow starts as it should ...but then "freezes" midway through. repeatedly. and not always on the same picture.
    After several calls to the kodak tech support line, i finally had someone tell me that the frame will only read raw jpeg files.
    what does this mean? all the files in the flashdrive show as .jpeg.
    am i doing something wrong?
    any guidance would be appreciated.

    This is often caused by a file permissions issue on the photo. Download BatchMod from
    And apply it to the iPhoto Library Folder using the settings found here:
    (Credit to Old Toad for this one).

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