When syncing iPhone with iTunes, my external hdd disconnects

Hi! After I updated iTunes to the last version (9.1.1) appears one problem — when i connect my iPhone 3G 16Gb and iTunes is launched, it starts to sync as it is intended — and my external usb hdd disconnects. And it is required to restart the whole system with disconnected iphone to connect hdd as usual.
The itunes music library is on this hdd. I have mac-mini 1.83 core 2 duo with 4Gb ram and latest update of 10.5 Leopard.
I also recently installed fruux for syncing this mac-mini with my macbook, and may be it is the reason, but I uninstalled it fully (as writen on fruux website), but the problem is still as is.
Please, help — this problem makes my iphone fully isolated from my iTunes library :(((

Make sure the following setting is unchecked:
Lightroom / Preferences / Import:
[ ] Show import dialog when a memory card is detected
Report back if it is already unchecked and LR still starts up.

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  • When syncing iPhone with iTunes I get an iTunes stopped working and the network connection timed out message. I reinstalled iTunes and checked settings still no go.

    When syncing iPhone with iTunes I get an iTunes stopped working and the network connection timed out message. I reinstalled iTunes and checked settings still no go.

    Disable or turn off your firewall, anti-virus, and all security software and try the download again.

  • HT1206 I buy apps in my iPhone using different Apple IDs. Which Apple ID should I use to authorize the computer when synchronizing iPhone with iTunes?

    I buy apps in my iPhone using different Apple ID. Which Apple ID should I use to authorize the computer when sync iPhone with iTunes?

    Hi again,
    After a little further research, it appears that you would need to create separate iTunes libraries in order to be able to continue to purchase and download previously purchased items on the same computer, for two different Apple IDs. Sorry - but my husband and I have had the library we sync with authorized for so long, that we have not run into this issue, but it appears that you will get an warning when you try to authorize the second ID on the same computer, indicating that another ID is already associated with it.
    So, you will probably have to set up separate iTunes libraries for each ID:
    Sorry for any confusion - hope this helps!

  • HT5278 When sync ipad2 with itunes, was asked to update ipad IOS to 5.1.1 but unsuccessful to download. same thing for itunes 10.6.3. It works when download externally. wonder what is the solution!?

    Dear friends,
    When sync ipad2 with itunes, was asked to update ipad IOS to 5.1.1 but unsuccessful to download. same thing for itunes 10.6.3. It works when download externally.
    wonder what is the solution!?

    There is no download for iTunes on the iPad.
    iTunes on the iPad is a link for the store only, it is built into ios.

  • How to sync iPhone with iTunes on another computer?

    How to sync iPhone with iTunes on a second computer, without losing everything on iPhone please?
    iTunes is giving me the message: "If you sync with iTunes it would delete content from iPhone and copy everything from this iTunes library"!

    Yes, i do use iCloud for contacts, calendar and photos...
    I will try to sync it again tonight and let you know how did it go.
    Thanks again.

  • Lost my apps when sync iPad with iTunes

    when sync iPad with iTunes, apps purchased in iPad by another account were lost, and the apps can't be seen when check for available downloads. How to get back the purchased apps? thanks.

    If you lost all your apps on both the iPad and the computer, you can download the apps again at no cost. You can search your emails for app store purchases if you can't remember all the apps that you have downloaded.

  • Problem while sync iPhone with itunes (with cable)

    hello guys
    i am using iPhone 3GS version 5.1.1,
    whilie i am syncing my iPhone with itunes 11 using cable (or perivious version), a message appears as
    "itune is stop working, please close itune"
    this message appears when itunes is "BACKING UP" the data.
    please help me. i have change three cables also but still issue
    i cannt understand this problem
    i am using windows 7 (64-bit)

    Hey wavymitch,
    I changed my iTunes account email address and Apple ID Sign-in.  My iPhone and iPad 3 keeps bring up my old email address when I go to download any updates to any of the apps on the phone/pad and from there I am unable to log into my Apple ID. When I enter the settings on the devices to view "iTunes & Apps Stores" and then select "View Apple ID" I am once again unable to access with existing password which did not change in iTunes. 
    I appreciate your response and look forward to a solution(s).  Thanks much for your help and patience!

  • How to sync iPhone with iTunes for first time without setting up as a new iPhone

    I have an iPhone 5 that I have never sync:ed with iTunes on my Mac, I have just set it up and purchased apps etc from the iPhone itself.
    Now I would like to sync with iTunes for the first time with the iPhone but when I connect it, iTunes asks me if I want to setup the iPhone as a new iPhone (I assume form scratch) or from a backup from other iPhones that have been sync:ed with my Mac.
    Now I dont want to setup this iPhone from scratch and erase everything thats on it, I just want to sync with my Mac, download apps, music etc. How do I do that and get beyoind the first screen that asks about setting up as a new iPhone ?

    Hi I think I've found a workarround. I'm currently copying all files on my iPhone to the new PC using this program: http://www.getsharepod.com/download/
    After all files are copied I think I can enable sync in the new iTunes and delete the iPhone, then add the copied files in new playlists.
    I'll let you know.

  • Syncing iphone with itunes from "summary" tab

    I normally sync my iphone with itunes.
    When I connect the phone, I go to the “info” tab on top, the marked fields to sync are the contacts, calendars and notes. In the rest of the tables, nothing is marked (in the photos tab, sync photos is not marked and in the music tab, sync music is not marked) and the apps usually are copied during the sync as well.
    Today, by mistake, instead of going to the “info” tab and pressing sync. I pressed sync as soon as I connected the phone, which is while I was on the “summary” tab. I noticed that the sync went as it does every time (backing up, syncing contacts, calendars, notes, copying apps)
    After I was done, I went through the music and photos tabs to make sure they are still not marked, since I only want to sync the contacts, calendars and notes, as usual and I checked, there was nothing different than my usual every time sync. Nothing new was copied except my contacts and calendar entries that I want to sync.
    I just want to make sure if it is any different between pressing “sync” while I am on the “summary” tab and pressing “sync” while I am on the info tab. Does it matter which tab I am on, or what matters is the marked fields to be synced?

    Okay I think I now know what happens.
    - Just had new apps installed on my iPad
    - Deleted two of the new apps on iPad
    - Connected iPad to MacBook Pro
    - Watched out what happens on iTunes and it didn't show those two apps on the Home Screen preview windows but they were checked on the app list on the left and when I hit "Sync" on lower right corner iTunes placed those apps on one of the Home Screens on the iPad
    Now, iTunes on my MBP is set to download any new apps bought on App Store on my iOS devices and when iPad is connected the checkbox for installing new apps automatically is unchecked.
    So, for some reason, those new apps that have got downloaded to iTunes on my MBP but are already deleted on my iOS device, on sync iTunes treats them as they would or should be installed on my iPad. I don't know why that is but I think that has to be a bug and I'm reporting it. I thought iTunes checks which apps are installed on connection but it seems to unregonize that those apps were not installed on the iPad anymore.

  • Error message when syncing iPhone to iTunes

    I've tried three times now to sync my iPhone with iTunes. The software is the most updated version, but each time I get an error message: "The iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-50)." Too vague for me to figure anything out. Is this a problem on my end or is iTunes experiencing a temporary glich?

    I'm having the same problem, except I used to have 12 GB of music on my iPhone that is now gone, and the same disc space now says "Other", but there is no music on the iPod. I've tried the 5 R's, is it a glitch? I didn't have this problem until I updated yesterday. Everytime I sync, it tells me there is not enough space to download the music. What is the "Other" category? I can't find any info on it at all. Also, I am NOT a computer guru, I'm a nurse, so be gentle!

  • Cant sync iphone with itunes at all

    I am not able to sync iphone to itunes at all i redownloaded itunes and i deleted and restored my phone

    If iTunes is otherwise working properly start with TS1538: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows, in particular section 5, otherwise move on to Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.

  • RAZR V3i is very slow when syncing songs with iTunes

    My V3i use to sync songs with iTunes pretty fast, but after updating iTunes it syncs very slow, and half the time just hangs.
    Is anyone else having this issue? Any tips?

    iTunes stalls loading a mp3 on my phone when that mp3 is currently being played.
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  • When syncing Iphone with a new itunes, does it delete everything?

    My old computer crashed and everything on it was deleted so I bought a new laptop, and I want to change the Iphone setting to Manually manage music and videos and Update my iphone 4 to 5.1.1 software, but when i click that, it says that it will delete everything on my iphone. and by everything does it mean that all the apps, music, messages, photos etc? because i got some messages and photos that I dont want to be erased. and does it also delete the progess I have on the apps? like do I have to restart the game ?

    yeah but if you have a backup of the old data you can restore it to the new laptop and it will replace the data on the iphone with the same data from the backup

  • Sync Problems With Ipod and External HDD

    Ive just got a new 4G ipod after returing it because of HDD problems and when i try to sync with itunes, it manages to sync a random number of songs (ill get to that later) often about a 100 and the says "Ipod could not be written or read from". The thing is that i use an Lacie 80Gb External USB 2.0 Powered Harddrive as my Music library. Also it seems not to be USB timeout because ive tried to power both the External HDD and Ipod with an external powered USB 2.0 Hub. Ive found out that the number of songs that syncs each time depends on the songs, because it seems that some songs cannot just be copied (ive tried to copy them through finder and it dosent work either, but moving and/or deleting them works) and they arent in anyway different(what i know of) to the songs that manages to be synced to the ipod. None of the songs have any kind of DRM restrictions.
    Ibook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   Use An External USB 2.0 powered HDD as main media storage

    Ive had it on my Ibook before and then moved it to the HDD because of Space Shortage, and then just added as ive aquired more music. Idon't Really Remeber but i think it worked before without any hiccups. oh well otherwise i can just delete those files because theyre only single files here and there. but its quite irritating because they don't seem to have any kind of corruption.

  • Keeping Contacts & Apps when syncing iPhone with new computer

    I just got a new netbook with Windows 7 Starter. I would like to transition from using my current work laptop to the netbook as the manager of my iPhone. When I try to sync my iPhone with the new computer it says that my iPhone's library is linked to another computer. It appears that all of my contacts and apps will be erased if I sync these items on the netbook.
    Does anyone know a way that I can keep this information without erasing? I already erased my music content from the iPhone. I foresee a real problem since this netbook doesn't have Outlook and all my contact information is in that format. I also don't want to have my apps all wiped out. Thanks for the help.

    iTunes content can be synced or manually managed with an iTunes library on a single computer, and photos can be transferred to the iPhone via the iTunes sync process from a single computer only. When transferring iTunes content and photos from another computer, all iTunes content and photos transferred from a different computer will be erased from your iPhone first.
    No other content is touched or erased when doing so including iPhone contacts especially if you don't select to sync contacts with a supported application on a new computer.
    iTunes includes an option to transfer iTunes content that was purchased/downloaded from the iTunes store, but this is for iTunes content that was purchased/downloaded from the iTunes store only. With your iPhone connected and without syncing, at the iTunes menu bar go to File and select Transfer Purchases From - the name of your iPhone. If you haven't activated the new computer with your iTunes account with iTunes, you should do so before doing this.
    With Windows, contacts can be synced with Outlook 2003 or 2007 along with calendar events, or with Windows Contacts for syncing contacts only.
    If you don't have Outlook 2003 or 2007 available on the new computer, you will have Windows Contacts available. Before syncing contacts with Windows Contacts, enter one contact in Windows Contacts. Make the contact up if needed, which can be deleted later. This will provide a merge prompt with the first sync with Windows Contacts, which you want to select.
    There is no Outlook format or Apple address book format with contacts. You can sync contacts with Outlook 2003 or 2007 or with Windows Contacts on a PC, and sync contacts with Apple's address book on a Mac.
    Contact, calendar events, and Safari bookmarks can be synced with the supported applications on multiple computers. With two Windows computers, with two Macs, or with a Windows computer and a Mac.

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