Where ara my music videos.

I have 2 music videos in my iTunes and after syncing I don't know where to find them in my iPhone. I have checked them. Where can I find my videos to play them in my phone?

Thanks for your help. My problem is that when I go to the iPod app, then on more and go to videos, they're not there. I also went to playlists, then music videos and there's nothing. It says I can download music from iTunes... I know I'm doing something wrong because I can play them in my computer just fine.

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  • Where are my music videos stored???

    Actually, this is about my wife's iPhone...I am completely confused. She has like 60 music videos on her iPhone (from our iTunes library) and I cannot delete them. To be honest, I am not even sure how they are on there in the first place. When I plug in her iPhone, iTunes says she has 3.2 GB of videos...even if I don't select ANY music folder! If I uncheck the "Include Music Videos" box, then the videos go to 0 GB, so I know that number is from music videos (and not the small number of videos she has taken from her iPhone). I have tried to restore the OS (I upgraded her OS a couple weeks ago to iOS5, and restored it again to iOS5 yesterday), but that does nothing. Any clue where these videos are being stored so I can delete them from her iPhone? Even if I delete manually, they are reloaded the next time I plug in her iPhone to the computer. Crazy!
    For my own iPhone, using the same iTunes library, I do not have a problem at all with this.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    Actually, I did manually delete the videos from the phone, but when I plugged it back in, it re-installed them. Yes, I can avoid that by unchecking the "Include Music Videos", but the thing is...my wife does WANT music videos. But just the ones she selects, not these random ones. There must be some subfolder that it is not apparent that is holding these music videos. But for the life of me, I have no idea where this folder is. Can anyone help me with this? The last option I have will be to restore the iPhone as a new phone and reinstall everything onto it. But that's kind of a pain if I don't have to do that...
    Thanks everyone!

  • Where are my music videos?!

    i downloaded 3 music videos from the itunes store to use on my ipod video. i can't find them anywhere....like they are in a catagory called "purchases" but as for like where the music movies and tv show opetions are there is no music video option....i'v reinstalled itunes and everything and still nothing...plz help!

    I am currently using iTunes 7.5. I've made some music video on my own, I have converted the .dv format into .mp4 format. I first import the .mp4 files into the Movie library. But I cannot put these clips in the music video playlist the clips in the movie library. I then tried to import these clips again to the Music library. Nothing happened. I tried to copy the clips from the movie library and paste to the Music library, I could do the cut, but when I selected the music library, the paste command was gray out.
    What did I do wrong?

  • Where Are My Music Videos In iTunes???

    I have gone the extra mile and I went into the "Get Info" of my music videos and I hit the VIDEO tab and placed these into the MUSIC VIDEOS category, yet, on the left hand menu, there isn't a category for MUSIC VIDEOS.
    There is a button for MOVIES & TV SHOWS, but where is the link for MUSIC VIDEOS?

    I have this same question, and I am sorry to see that no-one has answered it.
    There is still a Music Videos category on the iPod, but no way to move the files there based on iTunes 7 which no longer has a category for it.
    More user control would be nice please!

  • Where is the Music Videos Section in ver. 7?

    there is no category for music videos anymore. where did it go?

    Touch the URL field to bring up the keyboard. There will be a "Private" choice at the upper left of the keyboard. Touch this to start private mode.

  • Itunes 8 - where are my music videos?

    I purchased music videos & I can see them under my purchased list, but WHERE ARE THEY to get them on my ipod (new generation touch)?
    This is driving me mad!!
    Help please!

    Music Videos purchased from the store, will actually go under the "Music" library. They will be sorted under the proper artist and album if applicable. You can tell music videos from the music in a library with the little Video icon to the right of the tracks name.
    Also, newer versions of iTunes come with the "Music Video" smart playlist made for you, and they should also appear there. If not, you might want to make one yourself! Use the following condition:
    -Video Kind is: Music Video

  • Where did my music/videos go?

    I have just experienced a weird issue with my iTouch (2nd gen 16gb)...I just read about the Sync issue with Microsoft (makes me mad that even after 3 months there are still no fixes to this, and it's not like it's unknown issue)...that aside.
    I don't know what I should do...the other day I uploaded my new cds and digital copies that I got for Xmas to my touch and let it charge overnight. Yesterday while headed down on a trip I went to listen to all my music when I noticed I have no music on my ipod (except for the 46 free songs from iTunes), no videos...but all my pics and apps are there. Ok, weird. Then I went and looked at my "About" to see what it says is actually on my ipod...it says of the 14.5gb available on my touch, only 1.4gb was free (really....46 free songs and maybe 20 apps take up 13gb...) so not happy. Then I plugged my ipod in tonight to see maybe if there was a glitch...when I plugged it in my iTunes showed it as having 1.5gb free but it showed all my music and videos (and pics and apps) on there. As soon as I unplug it though, it's not on there...so what's the deal?
    And what do I do without having to go re-dl these songs, or find someone with cds to borrow?

    My About screen reads like:
    Songs: 46
    Videos: 0
    Photos: 15
    Applications: 34
    Capacity: 14.5gb
    Available: 1.4gb
    Version: 3.1.2 (7D11)
    So I do not see an other...and I have not purchased albums from iTunes at this point (or at least in a very long time) they have all been free music, CDs I own (that are packed away due to moving a lot) or from friends
    I'm just confused how after uploading two purchased CDs from Christmas (Glee music) and The Hangover digital copy everything would erase. I have my iTunes settings to manually manage my music

  • Accidently deleted music video playlist

    All my video's are still in the library and when I tried to create a new library they wont drag over.
    Can anyone help please I have 90+ video's and I really need them in a video folder on my playlist.

    tried that mate and nothing happens, it stays empty.
    When I actually go into get info with the selected videos, the drop down menu where it says music video, movie etc. is shaded and cant be altered. Dont know what to do here as when you purchased a video it would go straight into that playlist.

  • How do I find out which computer I sync music, videos and photos on?

    I am about to update my iPhone to iOS 4.2 but it tells me that to preserve my media, I should apply this update on "the computer where you sync music, videos and photos". How do I find out what that computer is?

    You should be regularly backing up then you can just move your library to a new computer and sync there.
    If you don't have one then you will have to transfer purchases (grab a 3rd party program for non-purchased content) and then sync to the new computer

  • Converting flv to music video for iTunes

    Not sure where to ask this... There are some music videos iTunes store does not carry but I found on youtube and have been able to d/l the flv to my computer... I was able to convert the flv to m4v with WinFF but they show up in the movie section of iTunes and not where the other music videos are... I'm obviously using the wrong conversion but don't know what would be correct - does anyone here know?

    Are you sure you're not looking in the wrong place? Things have been moved around quite a bit.

  • Getting Music Videos Into the Playlist

    I got some music videos off some of my Enhanced CDs and I got them into iTunes and on my iPod. Now I want to know how I can get these to go into the Music Video playlist and not the Video playlist.

    Real easy. Forgive me because I'm not in front of itunes right now but...
    with the video selected, get info (apple-i) and the dialog box comes up that lets you label the video as you wish. one of those tabs (from memory, i think it's options?) has the pull down for movies or music videos - that's where you select music videos...
    as of now i think that's the only way to organize any kind of video "by artist" but i might be wrong. on that.
    good luck

  • Where do I find my music,videos,pictures in my itunes in windows 8 PC when i sync my ipad content to my PC?

    Where do I find my music,videos,pictures in my itunes in windows 8 PC when i sync my ipad content to my PC?

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • Where do I click to see my music videos?

    Where do I click in the "new improved" iTunes window to see my music videos?
    I click on the Library > Music in the (restored) left sidebar, and then I have a selection of buttons above the titles: Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres, Videos
    ... but none of my music videos are shown there. Where did they go in iTunes?

    you should see a symbol on the right side of the calendar name (a dot with curved lines, similar to those at the speaker symbol).
    Right click/ctrl-click on the symbol and choose "Show calendar on .Mac". This should launch your browser with the necessary URL which yo can now bookmark.

  • Where can I find my music videos in iTunes 11?

    I recently updated to iTunes 11 and I'm having some difficulty locating my music videos. I used a program to download videos from YouTube then added them to my old iTunes 10 library and synced them to my iPhone. Now, however, I can't find a way to add the music videos anywhere. The movies section is empty and every time I add my video folder or add a video file, nothing happens. I can't believe I'm having such trouble just finding my music videos.

    I used to do the same thing you're talking about... In iTunes 11 it looks like you can drop the downloaded video onto the main library window, pretty much anywhere, just like before.  The dragged and dropped video file gets put in the "Home Videos" section under Movies for some reason.  Just go to the drop-down button in the top left of the library view and select "Movies" (second one down) and once in there, pick the "Home Videos" tab or even the "List" tab.  Your imported file should be there!
      Good Luck!

  • Where can I find Music Videos in my iTunes Library

    I've recently converted my music videos to the "music videos" category under "Get Info" ~ "Options" ~ "Media Kind". Now the music video are in a separate category under Videos in my Ipod, the issue I can't seem to find them in my iTune Library. I've checked under "Preferences" and can't seem to find it.

    The one and only +music video+ that I downloaded from iTunes (it was free) is located (in iTunes) in the main Music library, sorted in the same way as all my regular non-video songs.

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