Where are relative CS6 videos?

Where are current CS6 videos?

They should be on Adobe TV. CS6 is not current. It hasn't changed since it came out May 2012.
Do a search on a particular product like "InDesign CS6"

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  • Where are the Auidio/ Video Settings

    Capture tells me to adjust the Audio/Video settings. Where are these settings and what do I set them to.

    Set the Easy Setup to AVCHD 1920x1080i  50 or 60 for PAL or NTSC respectively.
    Save a Project with these settings assuming your footage is AVCHD.
    File>Log and Transfer over USB should do the job.

  • Itunes 8 - where are my music videos?

    I purchased music videos & I can see them under my purchased list, but WHERE ARE THEY to get them on my ipod (new generation touch)?
    This is driving me mad!!
    Help please!

    Music Videos purchased from the store, will actually go under the "Music" library. They will be sorted under the proper artist and album if applicable. You can tell music videos from the music in a library with the little Video icon to the right of the tracks name.
    Also, newer versions of iTunes come with the "Music Video" smart playlist made for you, and they should also appear there. If not, you might want to make one yourself! Use the following condition:
    -Video Kind is: Music Video

  • Where are my music videos stored???

    Actually, this is about my wife's iPhone...I am completely confused. She has like 60 music videos on her iPhone (from our iTunes library) and I cannot delete them. To be honest, I am not even sure how they are on there in the first place. When I plug in her iPhone, iTunes says she has 3.2 GB of videos...even if I don't select ANY music folder! If I uncheck the "Include Music Videos" box, then the videos go to 0 GB, so I know that number is from music videos (and not the small number of videos she has taken from her iPhone). I have tried to restore the OS (I upgraded her OS a couple weeks ago to iOS5, and restored it again to iOS5 yesterday), but that does nothing. Any clue where these videos are being stored so I can delete them from her iPhone? Even if I delete manually, they are reloaded the next time I plug in her iPhone to the computer. Crazy!
    For my own iPhone, using the same iTunes library, I do not have a problem at all with this.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    Actually, I did manually delete the videos from the phone, but when I plugged it back in, it re-installed them. Yes, I can avoid that by unchecking the "Include Music Videos", but the thing is...my wife does WANT music videos. But just the ones she selects, not these random ones. There must be some subfolder that it is not apparent that is holding these music videos. But for the life of me, I have no idea where this folder is. Can anyone help me with this? The last option I have will be to restore the iPhone as a new phone and reinstall everything onto it. But that's kind of a pain if I don't have to do that...
    Thanks everyone!

  • Where are my music videos?!

    i downloaded 3 music videos from the itunes store to use on my ipod video. i can't find them anywhere....like they are in a catagory called "purchases" but as for like where the music movies and tv show opetions are there is no music video option....i'v reinstalled itunes and everything and still nothing...plz help!

    I am currently using iTunes 7.5. I've made some music video on my own, I have converted the .dv format into .mp4 format. I first import the .mp4 files into the Movie library. But I cannot put these clips in the music video playlist the clips in the movie library. I then tried to import these clips again to the Music library. Nothing happened. I tried to copy the clips from the movie library and paste to the Music library, I could do the cut, but when I selected the music library, the paste command was gray out.
    What did I do wrong?

  • Where Are My Music Videos In iTunes???

    I have gone the extra mile and I went into the "Get Info" of my music videos and I hit the VIDEO tab and placed these into the MUSIC VIDEOS category, yet, on the left hand menu, there isn't a category for MUSIC VIDEOS.
    There is a button for MOVIES & TV SHOWS, but where is the link for MUSIC VIDEOS?

    I have this same question, and I am sorry to see that no-one has answered it.
    There is still a Music Videos category on the iPod, but no way to move the files there based on iTunes 7 which no longer has a category for it.
    More user control would be nice please!

  • Where are my itunes videos i downloaded

    where do i find my itunes videos that i downloaded from my computer onto my ipad
    on my ipod they are on the "iPod" app
    but the music app on the ipad doesnt have my videos

    i just noticed there is a movies app
    i feel stupid

  • Where Are The Captured Video Files Typically Saved?

    I guess my title pretty much descibes my question, I feel like a bit of an idiot, but for the life of me I can't find them on my drive!
    This iMovie is like a virus! Also, what does one do to delete all related files once the movie has been written to DVD and I don't need them anymore?
    Thank you, Glenn

    They are saved where YOU told iMovie to save them when you created your projects. iMovie suggests your "Movies" folder, but you may (of course) navigate around the hard drive(s) and save them anywhere.
    I would at LEAST export the project back to tape before deleting it. To delete, use Finder to drag the "package" (which looks like a file) to the trash and empty the trash.

  • Where are my iPhone videos ?

    I recently imported all my iPhone  photo library using iPhoto however, I cant seem to find any of my videos no more. Is it Apple thad dumb to delete all my videos and store just the pictures ?
    I looked everywhere on my iPhone and I can't find the videos taken over many years.
    Please help, I recently switched to Mac and I must say that this would be a great disappointment.   Regards

    iPhoto will also import movies from the iPhone. When I connect my iPhone to my iMac iPhoto displays the new items, photos and movies that are on the phone, and I can either manually drag those items I want onto the Photos icon in the left hand pane to import them or use the button to do it automatically.

  • Where are my Youtube Videos?

    I have a youtube account...I log in on ATV and none of my videos are displayed on ATV ? Am I doing something wrong? I can search for videos with my account name and they appear tand I can play them, but shouldn't they be showing up when I log in ?

    no... the youtube application on appletv is not the same as the website. you will not see your videos unless you search for them.

  • Where are the online videos?

    The links in that page are all the same. They all link right back to that same page!
    How does one ever break out of this self-referential nightmare, and get to the actual

    I figured this out, right after posting the question, of course. You have to click on the tiny "Lr" icon by each entry. That takes you to the actual video. I think this is a poor web page design, and Adobe should do better for us poor beginners, and not fill a page with links to itself. But, there you go.
    Big Papa

  • Where are the "50+ video tutorials" on APEX?

    I saw a blurb that claimed more than 50 video tutorials. I find maybe 20, and for v8.
    re: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/tutorials/
    I'm just wondering if that's it. I've seen some really good ones (freebies, a separate CD or DVD was included) covering Photoshop in the past, so (barely) seeing these was a tad disappointing. The very small static-sized window doesn't help; it's like having seats at the very back of the hall, when they should be front-row-center.
    Maybe I'm expecting too much for a PDF app... but $700?

    Where did you see the "blurb"? Do you have a link?

  • Where are all the Video FX and Audio FX from iMovie HD?

    Exactly! I tried looking for them, but all I found were: Music and Sound Effects, Photos, Titles, and Transitions.
    iMovie HD had things (under "Editing") such as: Video FX and Audio FX, and also had waaay more choices of Titles, and a couple extra Transitions.
    Is there a way that I can find all the stuff iMovie HD had on iMovie '08 without using iMovie HD?

    Many reviews of iMovie 08 recommend using both iMovie 08 and iMovie 06 (I do).
    When iLife 08 is installed, all of the old applications are automatically deleted EXCEPT iMovie 06, because Apple WANTS you to have it.
    The Web site below has a good comparison of iMovie 08 and iMovie 06.
    Apple includes iMovie 06 as a free download to iLife 08 owners. (THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE IT!)

  • Where are FrameMaker 10 video tutorials on XML and DITA features?

    Salutations, everyone!  Besides YouTube, what video-based training/tutorial resources do you suggest for a 1-year FM10 and XML/DTD user?  I bought FM10 for my personal laptop about 1 year ago, and I have also been learning at the same time all about XML and DTDs within the Oxygen XML suite ( integrated development environment).  I love it!  But now that I'm a "seasoned beginner", I would like to transition to working with XML/DITA and become proficient with structured docs in FM10.  I want to increase my rate of learning, particularly during the next two months.

    Hi Agape Guy,
    Please visit the following official link for starting with DITA:

  • Help, where are the render preferences in Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Okay, I admitt, .... I am an idiot that is new to Adobe Photoshop.
    But help the new girl out, here.... Please...
    Where are the render preferences in Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6.
    I searched Adobe Help in Dutch already but they point me towards options that doesn't excist.
    Maybe they were there in Adobe CS5 and I am reading an older version of the documentation...
    But in CS6 I can only find the option Render and no Render Preferences...
    Thanks !!

    Adobe changed the way video is rendered in CS6. Adobe Media Encoder in now used in CS6 only a subset of the Adobe's full Adobe Media Encoder is included in CS6 is a dll. I do not think you can add new Rendering Presets however you can change some setting when you use the supplied Reddening Presets.  Perhaps if you have the Adobe suite and have the full Adobe Media Encoder you can create some presets and add them to Photoshop Rendering presets.  I seem some compliants about CS6 Quicktime rendering presets lack the power of CS5.  The Rendering presets seem to be stored in sub folders in "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Presets\Video\Adobe Media Encoder" and "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Presets\Video\Adobe Media Encoder"

Maybe you are looking for