Where are the music?

Just a quick question here. If I'm listening to music in iTunes, where are all the music stored, as in which directory. TIA!

Where the files are that you are playing in iTunes will depend on how you have iTunes configured. If in iTunes>Preferences>Advanced>General you have the boxes "Keep iTunes Music folder organised" and "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" checked then the file iTunes uses this file structure to organise things:
User/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Artist/Album/File name
There are also folders for compilations, podcasts, TV shows, movies, games, and unknown.
If you aren't letting iTunes do the organising then files you add to the library will be in the folders you originally stored them in. To tell where a file in the library is located, right click on it (hold down Control and click when using a one button mouse or pad) and choose "Show in Finder", this will take you directly to where the file is kept.

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  • HT4527 Where are the music I transferred with the Migration Assistant?

    I used the Migration Assistant to move my music library on iTunes to a new one, and both my new Macbook and old computer said the music transfer worked. However, I can´t seem to find the music files on my Mac that I wanted to transfer. Where are they, and how can I move them into iTunes?

    Log out, log in to the migrated account, locate the music, drag it to the /Users/Shared/ folder, and from there to the first account's home folder.

  • Where are the Music Files for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2?

    I wanted to get the soundtrack from the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 files using WinRar, and when I went into my Local Disk (c, and pressed program files. Then went to the folder entitled UbiSoft I pressed the GRAW2 folder. I then pressed the data folder, and there are three folders in there movies, settings, and sound. I pressed the sound folder thinking the music would be in there, but it was empty and so is the settings folder. So where did they store the music files for the game?

    Its probably compressed into one big file and decompressed on the fly.
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  • Where are the audio files located?

    You know how when your video source is missing, it shows that ! with a yellow triangle around it? Then, when you hover over the !, it shows you where iMovie expected to find the video, and then you can just move the video there and it's fixed. But for audio, it doesn't show you where it is supposed to be located when you hover over the ! in the audio file (music green bar).
    So, where are the music files supposed to be located so that it can find them?

    To the best of my knowledge, iMovie simply links to the music file from wherever it is located in your system. That could be the iTunes Library, your Desktop, an external drive, or other places. So if you move the music to a different location, I assume that iMovie will lose track of it. iMovie doesn't actually import the music to the project - it's just referencing it (as far as I'm aware).
    If you know the name of the track (or tracks, or artists), try doing a search both within iTunes and on your hard drive using Spotlight. If found, the best solution is probably to drag it again into your project, then do the necessary edits if applicable.
    Note that, in iMovie the music tracks are identified by song name - it's shown at the beginning of the green audio bar. So the songs shouldn't be too difficult to track down. It's just a pain having to re-instate them.

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    I can't install any Vista drivers, except for older XP drivers.
    Where are the drivers for my sound card?

    chemistryman wrote:
    On the driver downlad page, select soundblaster in the first box, then X-fi in the second, and you should see the Xtreme Music in the list. I found it by accident.Scott
    No the driver were actually removed from the server yesterday. They are back today with a new release date (5march), but are actually the same drivers? Go figure?

  • Where are the pictures found in the Adobe Photoshop 10 organizer?

    Nov. 29, I had my computer repaired from a trojan, & I figured out that everything i've done since Sept. 13th was gone because when the computer guy was fixing it, he tried to put in the new MicroSD card reader, but he had to put an old one back in (from Sept.) as the new one had wrong connections.
    Then, when he started the PC he only had the C drive (& my documents and pictures are on the A drive). He turned it off and realized he accidentally disconnected one of the mirror hard drives for Drive A. He had to turn it off and open it again and reconnect the cable that was disconnected.
    During that moment perhaps a line in the drive had become corrupted. So, I restored through Carbonite, hoping I'd get back almost everything (or at least whatever was done being backed up). However, I lost quite a few pictures.
    Tuesday, however, I noticed that the pictures I lost were imported into the organizer for Adobe Photoshop 10, which is on the C drive, so I'm hoping the pictures are still there, even if they are thumbnails (I assume they would be)! But where are the pictures found in the Adobe Photoshop 10 organizer? I assume in a folder somewhere? Am I able to copy them? (A low quality image, is better than no image!)

    The thumbnail cache is separate and lives in the system files.
    You could try a new catalog - it doesn’t involve any duplication.
    Click: File >> Catalog
    Click the New button
    Give your catalog a name e.g. My Catalog2 (or whatever you prefer)
    Check the box Import Free Music - that will bring in the Adobe MP3 tracks used in slideshows
    Then click OK
    When the new blank catalog opens click: File >> Get Photos and Videos >> From Files & Folders
    Navigate to your root folder (normally Pictures or My Pictures or wherever you put your photos) then press Ctrl+A to select all sub folders or make sure the checkbox is marked.
    Click Open or Get Media
    Wait for Elements to complete the import, accept all keyword suggestions (select all) and then wait for thumbnails to finish generating.
      N.B. You may not get all the metadata (keywords etc) but in view of the problems you have had it may be your best hope.

  • Where are the local radio playlists/charts in the new iTunes

    Q: Where are the local radio playlists/charts in the new iTunes I like to see what the local radio stations and surrounding markets are playing. I used this feature all the time in iTunes 6.
    A. I just found the answer, but I'll post this anyway. The "Radio" link was moved from the iTunes store home page. From the iTunes Store homepage you have to click on "Music" in the "iTunes Store" box. Then, go to the "More In Music" box and click on "Radio."
    Dell Demension 4700   Windows XP  

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  • Where's the music on iTunes, and what's with the quality and compatibility?

    I'm just curious as to whether anyone else has had this issue or not: Does anyone else feel like, after searching for specific songs, there's just little to nothing in the database? I feel like most of my searches are pointless because iTunes has either no data of my requested search and/or only has bits and pieces of it.
    Another question I have: After having a slightly successful search, why am I left with low quality tunes? I mean, you can hear the compression... badly. (I know it's not my speakers)
    Last question: If I'm paying for the song, shouldn't I be allowed to download a universal file? iTunes uses a unique format that no other application uses. In other words, more money has to be spend for m4a to mp3 converters (unless you're a cracker [not a racial comment]).
    To me, I value iTunes and its team, so I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I understand there are contracts involved with the artists and it's hard to please ALL of the subscribers. But seriously, where's the music on iTunes, and what's with the quality and compatibility?
    Custom   Windows XP Pro   Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

    Today I thought of finally putting lyrics on my songs. So I've been quite some time busy doing that, then I tried it on my iPad (2) and I can't find them. Just as the people above say. Then I went to search where I can find them and I found this page. I'm really dissapointed and I don't understand how something like this could happen. So I hope Apple will fix this soon.
    (I'm just posting this so that Apple will do something about it)

  • Where are the TV Shows and Movies

    Hi Everyone,
    Newbie Mac user here....
    Where are the tv-shows and movies that were announced today? When I pull the i-Tunes store I can only see music related downloads.
    Is this feature available in Canada?

    Where are the tv-shows and movies that were announced
    today? When I pull the i-Tunes store I can only see
    music related downloads.
    Is this feature available in Canada?
    No; TV shows and movies are currently only available in the US. Apple says it hopes to take movies international in 2007.

  • HT1879 i bought all episodes of breaking bad and it shows I paid for all . I was able to watch season 6 ep 1. Where are the other episodes?

    I bought the entire season 6 of Breaking Bad and it shows I paid for all, but I have not been able to see more than the first episode. Where are the others?

    Hi Mizmichele,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The following information should help you understand how Season passes work:
    Click on the links below for more details and screenshots:
    iTunes Store: Download options when purchasing TV seasons, Season Passes, Multi-Passes, movie bundles, music box sets, or individual movies or TV episodes
    iTunes 11 or later
    Season Passes and completed TV seasons
    When you purchase a TV season or Season Pass, you'll be presented with three options:
    Clicking the Later button will not download any episodes. You'll be able to download your episodes at any time from iTunes in the Cloud.
    Clicking the Download All button will download all available episodes.
    Clicking the Download button will download the earliest unseen episode of the season.
    Downloading past purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store
    TV Shows
    Make sure you're signed in with the same Apple ID you used for the original purchase.
    Tap the Videos app.
    Tap TV Shows, at the bottom of the page.
    Find and tap the show and season you want to download.
    Tap the download icon next to the episode you want to download.
    The TV show will begin downloading.

  • Convert to MP3 - where are the files?

    Just imported a CD (my own recording = no copyright protection) into iTunes and need to convert it to MP3. Changed the iTunes importing preferences to import using MP3 encoder and the files play in iTunes ...
    ...but where are they?
    Where are the actual MP3 files?

    That's what's so strange ... there is no "Artist -> Album" folder.
    I placed the CD into the Mac & it asked if I wanted to import - said yes & the tracks popped up in the "recently imported" menu choice on the left. I created a playlist & drug all the tracks to the playlist.
    I can't even find any evidence on the computer that any files were imported from the CD. The tracks play fine in iTunes, but there aren't any corresponding files on the computer I can see - MP3 or otherwise.
    I'm looking in Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Music
    (There are several folders in there, but they are MP3s that I manually put into that folder so they'd appear in iTunes. It's the reverse I'm having trouble with - when you import music from a CD where does it store those files?)

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    I have downloaded from this link: http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/DNG_Profiles
    DNG profile editor 1.0 beta 2 and camera profiles beta 2.
    After installation of these camera profile on PC where are the files?
    I have searched but I don't find these!
    Please help me.

    Welcome to the discussions,
    Your music and movies should still be part of the iTunes library on your computer. See if your movies are listed in "movies" in the left window in iTunes.
    Photos you took with the phone are part of the last backup, if you did not sync after that. If you did, the data got overwritten.
    See what else is inside the backup and how to restore from it here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766

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    Had been using HP LaserJet 5p printer with HP LaserJet 5p printer driver, but had printer disconnect for a few months due to not have black toner.  Now I want to use the printer and my control panel does not show HP Laser 5p printer for my tablet but shows it for my laptop.   I can not find the driver on the HP support list and the support list does not recognize  HP LaserJet 5p.   
    Where are the drivers for HP LaserJet 5p for windows 8.1 (64bit)??????

    Basic print drivers are available for the HP Laerjet 5P via Windows Update.
    Follow these steps to install the printer drivers on Windows 8.1:
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  • Hi there, I pay for extra iCloud space online. However I cannot seem to find any of my photos or account? As my iPod/iPhone only hold 1000 pictures, where are the previous pictures? And how can I access them?

    Hi there, I pay for extra iCloud space online. However I cannot seem to find any of my photos or account? As my iPod/iPhone only hold 1000 pictures, where are the previous pictures? And how can I access them?

    You cannot use iCloud Storage to suppliment your iPad. They are mainly used to backup iPad.
    Free up space on iPad
    Settings>General>Usage>Storage>Delete what is not needed to free up space on iPad.

  • Where are the drivers?

    Alright it's probably a stupid question but I just bought a new mac that came with leopard.I used boot camp to partition and install windows vista on my new mac. Everything worked fine until I had to install the drivers.I don't know where the drivers are. They supposed to be in the leopard dvd that i don't have. Where are the drivers?

    Hi Obe7,
    the Mac OSX install disc that you used to install Leopard on your Mac is a 'hybrid'-disc, which contains an OSX part (only visible while in OSX) and a Windows part (only visible while in Windows).
    The BootCamp 2.0 drivers are on the Windows part of that disc.
    While in Windows insert that disc and usually the driver installation starts automatically.
    If not, use the Windows Explorer to navigate to the disc and start the 'setup.exe' file manually.

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