Where is the iCloud app for iOS?!

Can anybody explain please how iCloud works as a replacement for Google Drive or Dropbox?! Despite being very au fait with everything Apple I still can't work out how it's meant to work - I'm using iOS 8 on all my devices and OS X Yosemite.
So, as an example, I have 5,000 photos and videos on my iPhone. I back them up to my Mac (iTunes) but would like to back them up to iCloud and set up folders and such like on iCloud and manually move them in to those folders (Family, Personal, Work, Holidays etc.). I see that on my Windows PC logging in to iCloud.com does give me a "drive" and I can set up folder and upload to them. But how do I see these folders on my iPhone?! It's as if there's an iCloud app missing, like there's a Dropbox or Google Drive app that I use.
Also, I have a different 7,000 photos in iPhoto on my Mac (OS X Yosemite). How do I get those pics in to the same sort of named folders I've described above that I've set up on iCloud.com?!
Any input would be greatly appreciated. Apple really seemed to have confused a lot of people with iCloud being a back up drive and a replacement for Dropbox etc.

Hello Richard
no, there is no iCloud Drive app on iOS, but there is a "iCloud Drive Share Sheet", which developers have to implement to their apps. The only iOS app I could find, that is already using it, was Dropbox.
Regarding your photo questions. Apple is planning to introduce a new " iCloud Photo Managing Application" early next year (That's what they have presented during WWDC this year).
Best regards,

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    Starting on version 2.5, all the iWork apps for iOS are supposed to be able to open files from any third-party storage provider like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Actually, this feature was mentioned in the Apple presentation by Craig Federighi. Box works as advertised, however Dropbox and Google drive fail to show in the storage providers list, even though they appear in the "Manage Storage Providers" list, where you activate/deactivate the function. The Box app, works really nice, you can open any file, make changes and save back to Box. Any ideas?

    James Ward4 wrote:
    In all likelihood the issue isn't with any app specifically, but on the server side of those services that aren't working
    I can see how that makes sense. Thanks.
    It's still confusing, however, for a few reasons:
    1) many storage apps (e.g. One drive)don't show up at all in the chooser, so why are Box and Dropbox showing up there (you can toggle them on) but not working.
    2) Google Drive specifically listed in the last update that it could now open from and save to drive in other apps, but it doesn't work in iWork apps.
    3) Dropbox has implemented the chooser and it DOES work with google drive. So if the problem is that Google hasn't implemented something on their end, I still wonder why it actually does work in the dropbox app.

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    Apple has not stated what they will or won't do.
    or can someone tell me how to send a feedback to apple about the preview app on mac???...
    Aren't you asking to put Preview for iOS?
    -> http://www.apple.com/feedback/
    Plenty of apps to view/ceate/edit PDFs.

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  • Where can I download a copy of the ibooks app for ios 5.1

    I recently purchased a new ipad air 2 and handed my old ipad to a relative who is completey new to any kind of computing.  However, I inadvertently deleted the ibook app while deleting all my info.  I want to replace the app but the current app is for ios 7+.  I need a version for ios 5.1.1.  Am I able to find a downloadable compatible copy?  If so where?

    He can log out of his own account on the iPad by tapping on it in Settings > Store and then log in with your account - but if you redownload the app from your account then you risk tying the iPad to your account for 90 days : Manage your associated devices in iTunes.
    Or you can you log into his account on your computer's iTunes (Store > Sign Out menu option to sign out of your account, and the Store > Sign In with his) and 'buy' the current version of the iBooks app so that it's in his account's purchase history, he should then be able to download an old compatible version of the app on his account in the Purchased tab in the App Store app on the iPad. (The 90 days should only happen if you use iTunes Match, family sharing, automatic downloads or redownloading past purchases, downloading the iBooks on his account will be a new 'purchase' so shouldn't result in the 90 days.)

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    Can you find it in the app store? I found others of the 'built in' apps for download. Such as iMovie, Remote, AirPort utility etc.
    'Built in' may be the wrong term for them to use.

  • I bought the iWork apps for IOS, do I have to buy them again for my iMac?

    I purchased the three Cloud-based iWork programs on my iPad2 with the hope that I could delete all traces of Microsoft from my life. They are on and update on both my iPad and iPhone. But the App Store on my iMac doesn't show that I purchased these programs. I really don't want to buy the same software twice just to test them to see if they can replace MS-Office. RIght now the IOS programs are a waste of money beause I won't use them unless I can also use them on my home and work iMacs.

    Numbers is very powerful and works in a way that Excel doesn't, more like DTP with individual spreadsheets that talk to each other. If you get into it you can do things that Excel users can't even dream of.
    Keynote IMHO is far superior to PowerPoint. Al Gore got an Oscar for his An Uncomfortable Truth done with Keynote.
    Pages is not Word but will work with Word opening and saving with some incompatibilities. If you have to closely work with MsWord users, particularly PC users, then Pages may or may not suit you. However Pages has its own unique strengths that make many people drop MsWord all together. It has considerably more DTP abilities than Word and powerful internal spreadsheets and charts that are almost a match for Numbers.
    You can buy them individually from the M.A.S. so if you have no use for the others, don't buy them.
    At the moment you can not get Word for iOS, and it costs considerably more, so it is up to you to chose.

  • How connect multiple swf in the same app for iOS

    i have a problem.
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    My question is: which is the easiest way to create link between all my swf files?
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    Thx for Help,

    ok, this is the way to add file in my app (if is correct i already have the appname.xml file);
    but what about navigateToURL? can i  use that or i have to use another script? can you make me an example of script ?
    using this script i found the following problem:
    var _urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“mySecondarySwf.swf”);
    var _loader:Loader = new Loader();
    var _lc:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext(false, ApplicationDomain.currentDomain, null);
    _loader.load(_urlRequest, _lc);
    using this script testing the app on computer the new swf is added on stage, but unfortunately i see the object of first and of second swf (overlapping...and i don't want that)
    but publishing the app for testing device (ipad) the second swf is not loaded on screen...
    what is wrong?

  • Where is the instruction manual for iOS 6?

    Ive spent 15 minutes looking around the Apple site trying to find just a basic insttuction manual for IOS6 Please help.

    iPhone User Guide for iOS 6 Software now available.

  • I bought an IPad 1 from my sister, she got a new one. Now I need to find the Facebook app for ios 5. Can somebody help me to find it?

    I bought an IPad1 from my sister, she got à new one. Now I am searching for the facebookapp for ios5. Can someone help me? My sister hasselt cleaned the IPad with fabricinstallation so everything is gone. We realized only after that we have done that it was not clever to do so. There are no old apps available in the AppStore. Therefore my question. I need the Dutch version.
    Thanks in advance!

    By third party I mean apps like Facely or other apps for facebook that weren't made by facebook.
    Just search the App Store for facebook apps, then read the specs and see which ones may have a larger backwards compatibility that will work for your device.
    If you can't find one you can still access facebook at www.facebook.com and use safari.

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    I'm just wondering if there's an issue with text allignment in the Keynote app when trying to export to iTunes as a .ppt file and it is written in the Arabic language?For I have this issue in the pages app, it happens when I try to export the file to my PC as a .doc file. Is it also In keynote?
    I really need an answer as soon as possible; because I have presentation that I need to finish tomorrow!
    Thank you for your time. :)

    nayef_96 wrote:
    But what app would you recommend?
    There are a lot on the app store and I don't know wich one is the best for arabic
    Sorry, I don't know, perhaps someone else has tested them.  I would recommend you make your presentation on real computer using PowerPoint.

  • Where is the iCloud download for iphone

    I have looked everywhere to locate the iCloud download but can't find it! Can you please help? It would be for iPhone 5s
    Thank you

    You don't download iCloud for iPhone. It is built-in.
    You'll find it in Settings.

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    I use youtube a lot and I'm sure many other people are wondering about this?!

    YouTube is  not now part of iOS 6. However, you can download the YouTube app at http://itunes.apple.com/app/youtube/id544007664.
    See this similar post https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4335468?tstart=30
     Cheers, Tom

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    I have an Ipod touch, and the latest update available for my device was version 4.2.1, and yet the aps available in the App store require version 4.3 or higher.
    Thank you!

    Not true.
    Not all apps in the app store require 4.3 or later.
    The ONLY place to get any app for the iphone/ipod/ipad is the app store in itunes.  You will simply have to look at the requirements for apps that require 4.2 or lower.

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    Why is calendar app on ios 701 so hard to use?

    I don't find it hard to use at all.

Maybe you are looking for

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    My mac crashed and after reinstalling a fresh OSX & applications, I went to reinstall my last computer backup (I clone my laptop on a monthly basis) and there was no *.JSON file at all in any of my libraries.

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