Who Will Be the First to Tweak IE9 To Restore the Page Title into the Title Bar?

It's a well-known fact that if you disable the tabbed view (i.e., you prefer to use multiple separate windows for your browser pages) the Page Title from whatever web page you visit doesn't show up anywhere.
How does a blatant omission like this pass a design review?
It's like someone at Microsoft doesn't think titles belong in Title Bars any more.  Who is this person, and do they actually USE a computer?
In a similar vein, Windows Explorer windows no longer put the path in the Title Bar -
unless you use one of the fine aftermarket products such as ShellFolderFix or ClassicShell to restore the Title Bar to service.
Has anyone figured out yet what to tweak to put the page title in the Window Title Bar for IE9?

I see I just got another up-vote for the original post in this thread.
Perhaps it's time to follow up...
TODAY, with Windows 8.1 and IE11, we see that you can no longer eliminate tabbed view.  Thus there is a place - at the expense of some space for the address bar, where the page
title appears.  But it is not the Title bar, and it's usually not wide enough to fit the whole title.
Why is Microsoft continuing to choose to do ANYTHING but follow their own desktop usability standards? 
We see the ongoing departure of application design from standards not only in IE, but also in Office and other Microsoft applications.
Hey!  We users didn't designate that space across the tops of windows as a title area.  Microsoft did.  We just got used to using it.  When we look to activate the proper window on our desktops, we look at the titles.  Fortunately,
there are 3rd party developers who make programs to put the right things back, but I'm forced to ask:  Why?  This is not an accident.
Are we being groomed by Microsoft to become used to and ultimately begin to accept random UI design?
Microsoft engineers, are you being instructed to make your designs less conformant to desktop usability standards by your bosses?  If so, you need to tell them to kiss your collective asses!  You're not doing your products any favors by following
such ridiculous advice, and as your products go so will your company.  You are not too big to fail!
People will only allow themselves to be manipulated for so long.  Then you'll find some other company has made a product that's better (something you're
facilitating by making your product worse) and is eating your lunch.
Have a nice day in Redmond.
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