Why can't I download, edit and tag a photo from the photo stream?, Why can't I download, edit and tag a photo from the photo stream?

I took a few pictures with my iPhone and then imported them to iPhoto. For a reason I don't understand, a few of the pictures from the camera roll didn't get imported and I thought I lost them. But, there they were in the Photo Stream. But I barely understood how to get the pictures from the steam into my library. Plus, when I copied them to the correct album, iPhoto reported that I couldn't edit them since they were downloaded from the stream. Nor could I tag them.
Nor could I share them on Facebook. Finally, I just pasted them into the Facebook album and tagged them there.
This is a mite annoying. Is this how it's supposed to work? Is there no way to actually download and edit and tag a picture from the stream?

Not all 10g links are wrong however a number of them are as follows:
Oracle ADF Installer ( (Version, build 4066)
Oracle ADF Installer ( (Version, build 3984)
Oracle JDeveloper 10g (Version, build 1936)
Oracle JDeveloper 10g (Version, build 1929)
Oracle JDeveloper 10g (Version, build 1913)
Oracle JDeveloper 10g (Version 10.1.2, build 1811)
All update this post once resolved.
Thanks for the notification

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