Why can't I enter the cursor in the "Subject" line of my iCloud email?

Until a few days ago (May 3, 2014), I had no problem sending email from iCloud Mail on my Vaio (VPCEB11FD) laptop. Now I can do everything necessary to send an email, except complete the "Subject" line. I can send an email but I have to type my "Subject" into the email body itself, as the "Subject" box will not allow my cursor in. Can you help me with this issue?

Can you start by giving us the troubleshooting information from the Firefox installation that's having problems. This is an essential step in troubleshooting.<br>
*Click the Firefox button at the top left, then click the ''Help'' menu and select ''Troubleshooting Information'' from the sub-menu. If you don't have a Firefox button, click the Help menu at the top and select ''Troubleshooting Information'' from the menu.
Now, a new tab containing your troubleshooting information should open.
*At the top of the page, you should see a button that says "Copy text to clipboard". Click it.
*Now, go back to your forum post and click inside the reply box. Press Ctrl+V to paste all the information you copied into the forum post.
You can try these steps in case of issues with web pages:
You can reload web page(s) and bypass the cache to refresh possibly outdated or corrupted files.
*Hold down the Shift key and left-click the Reload button
*Press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)
*Press "Command + Shift + R" (Mac)
Clear the cache and cookies only from websites that cause problems.
"Clear the Cache":
*[[Image:new fx menu]] > Options/Preferences> Advanced > Network > Cached Web Content: "Clear Now"
"Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:
*[[Image:new fx menu]] > Options/Preferences > Privacy > "Use custom settings for history" > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
Can you try to start Firefox in Safe Mode to see if Firefox works properly with no error? You can start Firefox in Safe Mode below:
*'''Windows/Mac''': Go to Help > Restart with add-ons disabled
*'''Linux''': Run ''firefox -safe-mode'' in the Terminal/Konsole
If Firefox opens up fine with no problems, it's probably one of your extensions that's causing the issue. You can re-enable your add-ons one by one until you find the one that causes the issue upon being re-enabled.

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  • Safari status bar disappears.  I have tried clicking on show status bar and it will only appear when I move the cursor to the top of the screen.  I can not minimize the open page only full screen or close the browser.  Any idea how the rectify this

    Safari status bar disappears. I have tried clicking on show status bar, under the View tab and it will only appear when I move the cursor to the top of the screen. I can not minimize the open page, only full screen or close the browser. Any idea how the rectify this issue?

    One enters and exits full-screen with control+command+F keys. This is on the View menu in Safari. Optionally, the green traffic light in your browser title bar, if you roll over it, has the full-screen control it it. While in full-screen mode with Safari, moving your mouse pointer virtually up, and off-screen reveals the Safari title bar again, and you can click the green traffic light to exit full-screen mode.
    You can hide/show the status bar by simply typing command+/. This too, is on the Safari View menu. and in 10.10.1 — it works reliably for me.

  • Why can I download and install CS6beta but the program does not activate???

    Why can I download and install CS6beta but the program refuses to be activated on the idiotic grounds that either I am not connected to the internet or my computer clock is not showing the right time?  If in New Zealand we're not allowed to use the beta, why does Adobe not have the decency and courtesy of telling us so and why instead of feeding us with those stupid putoffs???    

    I had a note from PS Pattie ; I can't find it here.  Anyhow, these were her questions and my answers:
    Q:Did you download from this location?  http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/photoshopcs6/
    A: Yes
    Q:Did you select TRY and enter your Adobe ID?
    A: I was then asked to "Sign in". I pressed the sign and got the following reaction:
    Please connect to the internet and retry. Either your computer is offline or the clock on your computer is set incorrectly, causing a connection error.  An internet connection is required. Please connect to the internet or adjust your clock and try again.  If this problem persist, please contact Customer Support.  I did so and was told "This page is not available"
    Q: Did you try to download again and install?
    A:  Yes, three times – each time 1.71GB.  I tried many other devices; none worked.

  • HT3275 Why can't I enter time machine?

    Why can't I enter time machine?

    There are lots of possible reasons.. without more info we cannot help.
    What OS is on the Mac?
    Is this a new setup and has never worked? Or an old setup that has stopped working?
    Is mavericks involved at all? Did you clean install or upgrade install it?
    What is the target device for Time Machine?
    You might like to read some yourself..
    See http://pondini.org/TM/Troubleshooting.html

  • How can I replace the cursor in the below query?

    I have this below query which calls a stored procedure that takes only 1 item's attributes at a time. But because of performance problems we are
    required to remove the cursor. How can I replace the below cursor logic with set operations or CTE? Please advice.
    DECLARE db_cursor_ava CURSOR
    SELECT t.[agent-id],
    FROM @tmpAgentPeriodTimeRange t
    OPEN db_cursor_ava
    FETCH NEXT FROM db_cursor_ava INTO @agentID_ava,
    FROM @tmpMonitorPeriod
    FROM @tmpFinalResult
    SET @runID = 1
    IF(@endDateTime_ava>DATEADD(MI,@offset_ava, GETUTCDATE()))
    SET @endDateTime_ava=DATEADD(MI,@offset_ava, GETUTCDATE())
    INSERT INTO @tmpMonitorPeriod
    EXEC core.usp_GetMonitoringPeriod
    @startDate = @stDateTime_ava,
    @endDate = @endDateTime_ava,
    @monitoringDays = @monDays_ava,
    @monitoringStart = @monSt_ava,
    @monitoringEnd = @monEnd_ava
    SELECT @maxID = MAX(tm.id)
    FROM @tmpMonitorPeriod tm
    FETCH NEXT FROM db_cursor_ava INTO @agentID_ava,
    CLOSE db_cursor_ava
    DEALLOCATE db_cursor_ava

    You've been down this path before  - and the response is exactly the same.
    how to replace cursor logic
    And I'll suggest that you post the entire code - since you repeatedly delete 2 table variables but only populate one. The setting of @maxID also seems to have no purpose. And perhaps the issue here isn't the cursor but the general approach.  Who knows
    - but it appears you may have prematurely assumed that the cursor is the problem.

  • Why can't i use my ipod after the battery died during a reformatting? i've tried many things to fix it.

    Why can't i use my ipod after the battery died during a reformatting? i've tried many things to fix it.

    I do not understand your question.  You do not formate an iPod.  Please explain better the problem. what lead up to the problem and what you have tried so far.

  • Since downloading Firefox 4, I am having problems archiving gmail conversations from my inbox view. Also, when I go to enter a new event in google calendar, I now have to click the cursor in the box to type the event (it used to let me just start typing).

    Since downloading Firefox 4, I am having problems archiving gmail conversations from my inbox view (either one or several conversations) as it says "No Conversations Selected" when I have selected one or several. Also, when I go to enter a new event in google calendar, I have to click the cursor in the box to type the event (it used to let me just start typing) or else it flips out and starts jumping to day view or another month. Does anyone know how to fix either of these?

    I have had this problem; but while trying to fix another problem, I reset my preferences for Firefox and it fixed this problem as well. To reset preferences, follow this link: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Resetting%20preferences

  • Why can i see only one picture in the illustration windows with iTunes 10.5.1?

    why can i see only one picture in the illustration windows since iTunes 10.5.1?

    Assuming Apple doesn't eviscerate the files of the secondary graphics with another upgrade, there could be a plug in that reads the graphic and runs along side iTunes..we should get someone or Apple to program an alternative If we have to accept this downgrade in iTunes proper.
    I've developed a quick workaround, and am still hoping Apple will fix this!
    Go To Get Info on the tune you want to see secondary artwork for.
    Go To the Artwork tab
    Drag the back cover to the desktop, and it will create a new jpg you can open with quick viw or prieview where you can see it large!
    you end up with a lot of jpgs on the desktop to discard!

  • Running 10.9.2, out of the blue I can no longer minimize e-mails in Mac mail program.  I have to put the cursor on the upper edge of the screen to show the tool bar that allows me to scroll down to quit mail to get out the of the program.

    Recently my mail program has changed itself and I can no longer see the red, yellow and green dots allowing me to close minimize and enlarge.  To get out of mail I have to put the cursor on the top edge of the toolbar expanding to another toolbar that will allow me to quit mail.  This is a real pain right where my mother never kissed me.  How do I get the dots back?

    Move the mouse to the far upper right corner of the screen.  You should see a blue box with two arrows pointing inwards.  Click that blue icon.  Sounds like you put the Application into whats called Fullscreen Mode.

  • Why can I no longer text message on the larger format by turning my phone?

    Why can I no longer text message on the larger format by turning my phone on its side?

    Since iChat 6 the SMS option in the Menus has disappeared.
    However if you add the number to a Buddy List as if it were  Screen Name but with the leading +1 (as in +1234567890) it will work over AIM.
    It only works to US phones on some Carriers.
    9:44 pm      Wednesday; January 8, 2014
      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Mavericks 10.9)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad

  • I have imported my I photo library into Aperture.  all the old i photo events are now in the aperture library showing number of photos but when clicked none display.  I can see the photos if i run the cursor over the project.  Help please.

    I imported my i photo library into aperture.
    I can see the i photo events in aperture library as events with the number of photos in each event.
    When you click events in the aperture library no photos appear although if you roll the cursor over the event icon it show the photos.  If you click on the event either on the event icon or in the library no photos appear.

    Check, if you have any filters set. The search fields in the Insector panel and the browser should be showing "All items" or "Showing All".
    The Browser search field could be set for each project and album individually, so you have to check it for each project.
    For example: The projects count shows "20 items", but the browser is empty, because the project's filter is set to show only rejected items.

  • Why can't I just right click on the thumbnails and set the websites I want?

    I love the thumbnail idea, but why can't I just right click on the thumbnails and set the websites I want?
    Why do i have to wait for a recent one to come up?
    Of the 9 available, I would like to set 6 to website i can input by right clicking it and leave the rest for the recently visited.
    I ho[e you include that feature in your next update.
    Thank you
    P.S. 2 more issues
    1. Firefox is the only browser that always give me trouble attaching files in gmail. I still use firefox for all browsing but for mail attachments, I use others. And yes, I have done the "Clear cookies, reset, reinstall, clear cache, etc etc etc... none worked for more than a few days. no such problem with other browsers.
    2. Your new updated search bar (Top right hand corner) is nice but can be very irritating for the following reason:
    I like to highlight - copy (a word or phrase) - and paste it in the search bar. was fine with the older version, but now as soon as I right click to past, the menu pops up for me to select a search engine. Very irritating since I have yet to paste the copied word or phrase. I rather paste it and then have the option to click on the drop down menu. If you see this as not something masses would want, please place an option in setting for us to stop the suggestion for search engines coming up automatically when we try to right click in the side search bar to paste.

    You can change the order of the boxes on the about:newtab page and drag an item to a different tile to pin it to that position or you can remove a website by clicking the close X to block that URL.
    You can drag a bookmark or history item and drop them in a tile on the about:newtab page to pin them and have your own favorites sites showing.
    Changes made manually on the about:newtab page are stored in prefs that you can find on the about:config page.
    *browser.newtabpage.pinned stores websites that you have pinned to a tile.
    *browser.newtabpage.blocked stores websites that you have removed by clicking the X button in a tile.
    So you can reset those prefs via the right-click context menu to reset changes made to the about:newtab page.

  • Why can i not connect apple tv to the new A&E app with cox cable?

    Why can i not connect apple tv to the new A&E app with cox cable?

    Currently users must be Verizon Fios, Direct TV, or Optimum customers to activate the A&E channel.

  • I can't see the cursor on the logon screen with my MBP when using it in bright sunlight.

    I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro with an anti glare screen.  I am running Lion 10.7.3.  
    It is being used in bright sunlight in southern greece very sucessfully apart from the fact I cant see the cursor on the logon screen to select the user I want to log in as. .
    Setting the cursor to a larger size using the universal access options works really well once I have logged in but at the moment I have to dash for the nearest shade to be able to see the screen to log in.
    Any suggestions?    A key sequence to swap between users on the logon screen would do (there are only two) 

    If you're using it in bright light, you may be getting sunlight through the back of the machine which can wash out the display.  The Apple logo on the back of the lid is actually a cut-out that uses the systems back light to make it glow.  Bright light (especially sunlight) can actually shine through the back.  As the users in the login are typically in the middle of the display, this is the area most likely to be washed out as that is where the Apple logo is.  You can try just putting your hand over the Apple logo on the back to block the sunlight when trying to log in.

  • Why can't I open a document with the password

    why can't I open a document with the said right password!!!! !

    Hi Anthony,
    What problem are you facing in opening the document? Is there any error message?
    I would recommend you to try again and as passwords are case sensitive so please make sure that you type the password in exactly same case sequence as you did when you set the password.

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