Why can't i use the old remote control to change slides in the latest version

why can't i use the old remote control to change slides in the latest version of keynote

It would help to know what remote control your talking about, there are hundreds out there.

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  • Why can't I use my old password?

    Why can't I use my old password?

    The paucity of details is astounding. Provide some if you want help.

  • Why can't I use two 8500 wireless printers on one router? The 8500 A910 looses it's connection.

    Why can't I use two 8500 wireless printers on one router?  The 8500 A910 looses it's connection after awhile.

    What router?  What operating system?  Are they both A910s?
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    I am employed by HP

  • Why can't I use WebCT chat with my computer?  I get the 'spiral of death' every time I try to type in my chat.  I have a feeling it has to do with compatibility issues between Java and Tiger.

    Why can't I use WebCT chat with my computer?  I get the 'spiral of death' every time I try to type in my chat.  I have a feeling it has to do with compatibility issues between Java and Tiger.

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Do your Mac meet any of these requirements?
    From this it appears to be PC only!???
    http://sourceforge.net/projects/awebctcclient/files/Pancake%20%28it%20own%20proj ect%20now%29/Pancake%20Console%20V1.0.0/PancakeConsole-1.0.0-src.zip/download
    Can you provide any more info on which bersion or file you have?
    Can you tell us why you need this for your use?

  • Why in the blue blazes can't I use my old "iWork's " numbers when I downloaded the software onto my computer that has Yosem

    For years I used 1)apple works, 2)then iWork's 8 3)even iWork's  9 to do the books for a small business.  Now that I have a computer with yosemite I can't even make a spreadsheet.
    I have loaded my older iWork's 8 software into my computer PRAYING that I could then just make spread sheets using it, or even more blessedly, not having to
    update every freaking report/spreadsheet I had done over the past years and transfer them individually.
    No, I can't use my old software, nor can I even figure out how to make comparable spreadsheets for a template, if I have to do everything from scratch I will no longer use apple software for such--yes, if you are listening, that is me screaming at the top of my lungs.

    I am sorry you are so frustrated.  Keep in mind these forums are answered by fellow users.  Non of us are Apple employees.
    We are focused on trying to find solutions to problems that exist now with the constraint that we can only use what is available to every other user.  Yelling or venting here is really a waste of good energy.
    If you have iWork '09 installed then you should use that to migrate Numbers '08 files as you come across them.  Numbers '08 is dead and is not supported.  For that matter I guess that Numbers '09 is likely to be dead-ended soon.  You should make sure you have completed all updates by
    - opening the Finder menu item " > App Store..." then clicking the "Updates" button:
    The latest Number (version 3.x) will open Numbers '09 documents
    Numbers '09 (version 2.x) will open Numbers '09 and Numbers '08
    I do not think Numbers '08 will run on Yosemite (but I cannot check that).
    You can have both Numbers '09 (version 2.x) installed on the same computer as Numbers 3.x
    The two icons look like this:
         Numbers                    Numbers
              2.x                              3.x
    I keep both in my doc so that I know which one I am launching.  To open a particular document with a particular version of Number drag and drop the document on the appropriate icon in the doc.  Note that Numbers '09 CANNOT open documents created, or saved by, Numbers 3.x.
    If you have specific question, please post back

  • Why can't I use my old apps that I purchased on my ipad 1?

    I don't understand why I can't use my old apps that "I" paid for.  They all worked fine until I can no longer update my ipad.  When you purchase software for your computer you can keep using it until your computer dies.  Doesn't seem quite right that suddenly your apps are all gone and you can no longer use them.
    Maybe I'm missing something, but I have the Ipad 1 which is sufficient for me with the Apps I "had" now each time I update and sync I have fewer and fewer apps that actually work.  I think at least I should have the last updated version of the app.

    Don't update....
    Some of these apps may be fixed to be backward compatible.   Until then you will lose apps if you allow updates on the computer and sync to iPad.

  • Why can't I use my old Time Machine BU on TC for my new MBP???

    This is getting very frustrating as all the literature says I can use a Time Machine Backup on my TC network for my new MBP just purchased.
    The "old" TM backup (BU) was working fine with my MBP laptop that I just replaced (BOTH have Lion 10.8.2 updated).
    When I turned on my new MPB -
    I went through the system setup which took the information from my old one and carried it over - it worked fine
    I then went to the TM system preferences and tried to start with the old TM BU which was called MBP13 sparsebundle
    I was never given the window "would you like this computer to inherit the backup history from an older Mac". 
    I did go to the TM system preferences and clicked "select back up disk. But it selected the disk that the sparsebundle was on and then started a brand new backup. Thats not what I wanted to do.
    Remember that I use TC with an external Hard Drive to store the TM BU.... I tried both connecting directly to my new MBP as well as through the network.
    What I want to do is just inherit that old TM BU and then go forward.
    I really could use some specific help here...
    Thanks in advance.
    Skip Huisking

    You can migrate from one machine to another provided both machines are able to boot from the same version of OS X. But that is not the case for you because the two computers have different hardware. The new hardware requires a special build of Mountain Lion. Your old machine uses a different build making its version of Mountain Lion incompatible with the new computer.
    Once there is a new public release of Mountain Lion compatible with both computers, then you can install on each as well as migrate from one to the other.
    This is a special situation that only occurs when there is a change in hardware that occurs before the public release of OS X has been updated for the new hardware.

  • Hi, why can't I use my old e-print address with my new printer?cc=NL

    I have a newer photosmart 5510 model and had to install it again. But when I tried to connect to the eprint centre it only worked when I removed my old printer. But than I couldn't use the emailaddress because I got the message it already existed... How do I change this? I used the same login.

    My suggestion: change the old one to a different one then try again. Or you can do using this order:
    1. Add a new printer (now you have 2),
    2. Remove the old printer, (now only new one) 
    3. And then Change the new printer to the old email address.
    Hope this helps.
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  • Ach! Why can't I use my old logic (4.0) plug-ins!

    Hi everyone- I need some serious assistance!
    As much as I love the new logic, (7.1) and the slammin OSX environment it comes with, all the files that I created in Logic 4 with my 8/8/220 I/O lose all the great plugins as soon as I open them in 7.1 and switch them to the coreaudio interface.
    Needless to say, the new files I create just don't sound as good either...
    Anyone know how I can use the old plugins with the new logic? Have to say that the new plugins just can't compare!
    Thanks so much!

    Yea, sorry to have to be the one to break it to ya... But we all went through that initial disappointment when we hopped over to OSX.
    The good news is, there are some excellent native 3rd party plug-ins around. Here are some that have an excellent reputation:
    http://www.pspaudioware.com/indexen.html?url=http://www.pspaudioware.com/plugins /vintage.html;
    Also, you could look into a UAD-1 card, and have the best software compressors on the market today (IMHO).
    Check with the manufacturers of your VST's, and if you're a registered owner, many of them offer the Audio Unit version as a free update, or at minimal cost.

  • Does the iPhone Remote control a Mac mini in the same way as ATV?

    My ATV1 has packed in.
    Rather than having my MBP switched on just to listen to music through a new ATV to my hifi I am thinking of using a Mac Mini in the same way as ATV1.
    Does the iPhone Remote work with the Mini the same way as it does with the ATV or do you need to use a mouse and switch on the screen?

    If intending to use the Mini s a home theater system,
    you may want to consider getting Rowmote or Rowmote Pro
    app for the iPhone and the companion app for the Mac.
    Not only will you get Apple Remote functionality, but
    you will also get trackpad and keyboard functionality
    as well.  This will make it even easier to navigate the
    Mini on the TV.

  • Why can't I use Airplay/Bluetooth audio output and Guitar input at the same time?

    Just trying to understand why it is not possible to use one of the 3rd party guitar input devices and have AirPlay/Bluetooth output turned on at the same time.  it would be very nice to be able to play wirelessely to the stereo instead of adding yet another cable to the mix.

    I found the answer:
    Use GarageBand for iOS with external output devices
    You can use GarageBand for iOS with external devices, including AirPlay, Bluetooth, and HDMI-equipped media devices. When using any of these devices there is no support of audio input.

  • Why can't I use my Adobe ID if I have to reinstall the digital reader?

    I already have an Adobe ID.  I had to reinstall the Digital Reader and it will not authorize using my Adobe ID because it says another computor is already using that ID.  It is the same computor it is only that I had to reinstall the program.

    For me it's the same, I've just bought an iPad mini two weeks ago but I cannot log in with any Apple account in FaceTime.
    I enter my apple account in faceTime, then I press next the second screen and it shows "validating..." but it never gets validated.
    What's happening? This is really annoying

  • Why can't i use shuffle in Remote, with a chosen album?

    I choose an album in Remote from my database, and touch "shuffle", and get an error message. 

    Well once again I find myself on a machine that will not let be take a look.
    I am glad to here that you have your app running.
    I am troubled by by the solution. It makes me nervous when functions behave differently in the two environments. Have you run this past NI support?
    I'll email myself this link as a reminder for monday.
    Thank you for the update.
    Ben Rayner
    I am currently active on.. MainStream Preppers
    Rayner's Ridge is under construction

  • Why can't I install Adobe Flash player? Everything was fine until your latest version about 2 weeks ago. I'm missing out on a lot of stuff. Thanks for your help.

    Ever since I upgraded firefox about 2 weeks ago I no longer have Adobe Flash so a lot of my e-mails won't even open up. I can't get anything from YouTube. When I try to install Adobe Flash Player I get a message that says since I have Mozilla I can't get it. Is there a work around?

    You have Shockwave Flash 7.0 r19 installed for Firefox, in addition to Shockwave Flash 10.2 r153. You need to get rid of that old version which is overriding Firefox from using the later version.
    See if you can remove that old version from the Control Panel > Add /Remove Programs. If it isn't listed there, remove the NPSWF32.dll file for that version from the \Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\ folder - (right-click that file and open Properties and then view the Version tab to verify it is that old version of Flash, if you have more than one of those files in that folder.)

  • Why can't I use my Apple gift card for app purchases?

    Why can't I use my Apple gift card for app purchases? The Apple store sells iTunes gift cards, but I can't buy one with the remaining balance on my gift card.... Why won't you let me buy what I want to buy?
    Terrible policy.....

    No idea.
    Have you tried?
    What happened?
    Have you called and asked?

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  • Don't know my Master Password.

    When I upgraded my white 2008 MacBook to OS 10.6.8, the new OS  forced me to chose a new administrator password; apparently the old one wasn't strong enough. Today I installed software updates that required restarting the computer, and I couldn't rem

  • ICal Calendars not showing in iTunes

    I have four calendars in iCal but only one of them shows up when I try to sync in iTunes using USB, and when I sync my iPhone (old model), no calendar information actually syncs onto the phone. I'm not using MobileMe and the iPhone & iTunes softward

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    I have a problem with Illustrator CC. I have a file with spot colours in it. I have converted these spot colours to CMYK, but I still cannot save the file as a PDF-X. An error message continues to pop up saying I have spot colours somewhere, but I ha

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    I've got a 10GB movie I edited on Imovie. It's 38 minutes. I used IDVD Magic to create the menus. Click burn and insert my dvd. It's a dvd-r. Here's what I get: Creating your DVD Process Menus Rendering menu video asset time remainging 22 hours 47 mi

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