Why do AVCHD (.mts) video thumbnails not appear in Organizer 8?

Thumbnails for video clips imported into Organizer 8 (via Premiere Elements 8) are not appearing for AVCHD (.mts) files.    Numerous online forums show this is a common issue, however other than renaming file extensions from .mts to .m2ts, I have not found any other more practical solutions.   Adobe customer service was of no help.   Other proposed solutions such as installing new codecs have not solved the issue.   Any ideas?

I am having the same problem on both systems that I run Premiere Elements 8 Organizer. All software and drivers are up to date.The only way that I can get thumbnails to display for AVCHD files in the Organizer, is to change the file extension from .mts to .m2ts. In my opinion, that is clearly a bug with the Organizer that must be fixed by Adobe ASAP. Organizing video without thumbnails is next to useless.
If you start a new project and open Premier Elements you can create the thumbnails for AVCHD files with the .mts extension by right clicking each one and selecting Update Thumbnail (which is laborious, at best). However, when you exit the project and go back to Organizer the thumbnails are still not there, nor can you create them. Next, go back into Elements and the thumbnails are there.
Can you say bug!
Update 07/15/10: I contacted technical support and they said that this is a known problem. The only solution, if you could call it that, is to use file renaming utility to change all your file extensions from .mts to .m2ts. I hope they fix this problem and release an update soon, as all I shoot these days is AVCHD with the Panasonic HDC-TM700K.

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    Hunt is correct in that the video codec AVCHD (MPEG4 AVC/H.264) was not supported by Premiere Elements until version  7. A variety of converters were used in those days before Premiere Elements 7 (because of AVCHD non support) and after versions 7 - 9 because of the resource demands of the AVCHD editing in those programs.
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    Do the amounts appear on report CJID? I believe the WBS will not appear on the Settled values report, because it's already shown on the error list and the settlement on the WBS is not complete yet. What is the error on the WBS anyway?
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    Not sure where you are seeing that AVCHD is supported in iPhoto '11 but it is not - use iMovie to import your AVCHD movies - that works for my my Sony DSC-HX5

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    »iMac G5|rev.B 2.0ghz 1.5gb-ram   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   »iPod shuffle|512mb »The iPod|5G 60gb software1.1(regret)

    Reconverting the files normaly changes the original podcast meta-data. Download and use a meta-data modifier utility (like Lostify) to reinsert the proper tags.

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    I think my question wasn't clear. I know how to display the attachment header (I use classic layout) but the problem is that the paperclip icon does not appear against the messages that contain attachments. See screenshot below. The attachment column is displayed but is blank. These are my sent items and I know for a fact that most of them have attachments. Can you help?

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    None of these three things worked and I am at lost in terms of what else can be done.
    All that happens when I start a new project is that under "videos" there is a big black box (empty videos).  Same thing for pictures.  When I press the camera button to insert a video from the camera, this works no problem.  However, I used to be able to insert videos/pictures from my Camera Roll.

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    Would iCloud have anything to do with it?
    I just sent a test message to myself from my iPhone. I got the message both on the iPhone AND iMac, but again the message does not appear in the iMac's/Mail Sent folder. Bizarre?
    PS   All my software is up to date, regardless of what my profile says.
    Thanks a lot,

    Please ignore the above .  I have discovered what I did wrong - but don't know how to delete the question!

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