Why Do Pages Headers Go Away on a Two Page Document When I select No Header for Page One

MacBook Pro 15 Retina, Mid 2014 Chassis, Yosemite 10.10
In the PAGES application.  I am writing a simple business letter I copied from a prior letter.  The letter is two pages long.  I add a header in the second page and it appears on the first page as well.  I correct the problem, and unselect the box that indicates I want the same header on all pages.  The header goes away on page one and on page two.
I cannot access a header for page two.  It is as gone as gone can be. 
I assume there is at least some amount of QA on this stuff, or do the customers do all of that?

Hello Peter,
Thanks for the reply.
I want to make sure I understand.
So I want to write a simple business letter, say to you.  All standard settings, profile for a business letter.
I write the first page, and I happen to go one paragraph into the second page.  At the upper right hand corner of the second page I "mouse over" the header, select the right side box, and enter To Peter, Page Two.  Then I navigate to Document Inspector, under headers and footers, I select "Hide on First Page of Section."  But that is not right?  Because it doesn't solve my problem?
Just to make sure I understand, even though I am in the second page of the section, selecting the option will make the page headers go away for page one and page two?  Forgive me I appreciate your help and am not blaming you.  Apple expects me to not only go through the search to find this setting as it does not default, but Apple also wants me to create a second section for the second page, and then enter the header, then navigate to Documents Inspector and then select "Hide on First Page of Section?"
By the time I go through all of that, then save and print the two business pages, I then create an envelope in a new Pages document.  Give it a name, enter your address, and then print, and save the envelope.
Thanks again Peter.
Does anyone else think that seems like a lot of extra work to get a two page, simple business letter, into the post?

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