Why does InDesign always open multiple files in reverse number order?

Whenever I select multiple InDesign files to open, despite being named accordingly Page_01, Page_02, Page_03, etc. InDesign always opens them in reverse order tabs. If I open 10 spreads at once instead of staring at page 1 I'm looking at the back.
Is there any way to fix this? It's driving me mad. I cannot think of why it would be doing this.

Create a book (File -> New -> Book...) and add your files to it. Rearrange the files to the order you want. Then select the needed files and double-click to open them. The tabs will be populated respecting the order the files appear in the book.
Important: BEFORE adding the files to the newly-created book, go to the book panel menu, choose "Book Page Numbering Options..." and deactivate "Automatically Update Page & Section Numbers", to avoid unwanted renumbering of your pages.

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  • Why does Excel always open old files?

    Since upgrading to Mavericks, whenever I open Excel, the last few spreadsheets I was working on when I upgraded are always opened. I can't seem to prevent this behavior. Is anyone else seeing it? Is there a way to stop it doing so?

    If you right click a jpg file, you'll see a contextual menu, select 'Get Info' and in the resulting window about mid way down you will see a drop down menu "Open With', select Preview from the list and then don't forget to select "Change All'.
    Now all your jpg's will open in Preview.

  • Why does iPhoto always open/appear at launch?

    Why does iPhoto always open/appear at launch? Someone used my computer under another account, and now my preferences seem to be changed. How do I fix it so iPhoto must me opened manually?

    Some possibilities: 
    Right click on the iPhoto icon in the Dock. Is Open at Log In Selected?
    Check your System Preferences -> Accounts -> Log In Items
    Is there a camera or anything that your Mac might think is a camera (flash drive, USB Hard Disk formatted to a FAT format, phone) attached to your Mac. If so, disconnect it. If you don't want to disconnect it, set iPhoto to "Do Nothing" when a camera is attached. You do this in the iPhoto Preferences.
    --  Have you tried each one?

  • Why does iCal always open when a reminder pops up?

    This one has been driving me bonkers.
    I have alerts/reminders set for nearly all of the events/appointments, etc that I put in iCal, and I use iCloud to keep my calendar synchronized between two computers and my iPhone.  It all works *nearly* flawlessly.
    What makes me crazy is that every time an alert pops up to remind me about something in my calendar, iCal opens on my two computers.  I don't need iCal to open. 
    Why does it do this?  And is there a way to tell it to stop?

    If you had camcorder files at the top level of any drive, they would look something like this in the Finder.
    If you had a Disk Image or a SDHC card or a Camera mounted, you would see it in the Finder along the bottom left side under Devices. In my photo, Gail Graduation is a Disk Image, not one of my normal disk drives. I can click the triangle symbol to the right to dismount it.

  • Why does Photoshop randomly open multiple browsers?

    I keep getting this random problem with Photoshop as part of my CC suite.
    At random times certain actions I take within Photoshop will launch multiple tabs in firefox directing me to the Adobe help page.
    Just now it happend when I was was within my layer 'color overlay' properties and in the process of changing the color to white.
    As soon as I click my colour picker Firefox opened up about 20 tabs all pointing to Adobes help page.
    I couldn't save my work as every time I went back to Photoshop the same thing happened. I lost my work.
    I have the latest update of the 64 bit version of Photoshop.
    Why does this happen and how do I fix this?

    It's an obscure bug in the Windows version of Photoshop.
    We just found the cause and are testing a fix.

  • WHY does Firefox repeatedly open multiple copies of tabs that are already open??? Yesterday I cleared the history, removed the program & reinstalled. Didn't help. Some tabs are ones I had months ago but don't need now. They keep appearing. HELP, please!

    The problem started several months ago, after I downloaded a new version of the program. Two updates ago, I think. The repeat tabs open multiple times during the day. Sometimes they appear hours after I've closed them--sometimes just minutes later.

    It is possible that there is a problem with the files sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak in the Firefox Profile Folder.
    Delete the files sessionstore.js [2] and sessionstore.bak in the Firefox Profile Folder.
    * Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder_-_Firefox
    If you see files sessionstore-##.js with a number in the left part of the name like sessionstore-1.js then delete those as well.<br />
    Deleting sessionstore.js will cause App Tabs and Tab Groups and open and closed (undo) tabs to get lost, so you will have to create them again (make a note or bookmark them).
    See also:
    * [1] http://kb.mozillazine.org/Session_Restore
    * [2] http://kb.mozillazine.org/sessionstore.js

  • Launching Quicktime always opens multiple files

    After upgrading to Lion, Quicktime always re-opens all of the movies I've opened in previous sessions.  For instance, if Quicktime has already opened 15 movies, it will re-open those 15 plus the new one.  The only way I've found to open a single file when launching QT is to  manually close each file I've opened and clear the 'Open Recent' list before quitting the porevious QT session.  If the 'Open Recent' list is empty upon launch, it doesn't open the previous movies. It is happening with every file type, including WMV via flip4mac.  And it's happening on all three of my Macs !!!  I did uninstall flip4mac and SliverLight but QT still behaves this way.  Seems to be a problem with QT itself.  QT isnlt having problems playing the files, though.  It's working fine in that regard, including playing WMV files via flip4mac (which I reinstalled).  VLC and other media players still open files at they should.  I'm quite surprised to not see any discussion on this anywhere so maybe it's a problem unique to my Macs.  Anyone have any ideas?  What am I missing here?  Thanks, folks.

    Is there some way to prevent this stupid prctise?
    There may or may not be. If there is, I have yet to find it. (I'm still in the "familiarization" stage.) If there isn't, it would make a good enhancement request, especially if it could be turned off/on by application.
    I often open several files, then quit the app rather than closing each individual file. This is counter-productive.
    I tend to close players after use, so this doesn't really bother me. (On the other hand, I make a lot "what if" saves and am not really fornd of the idea of a new "auto-save" feature confusing me between my project saves and its saves.)
    Oh, well... To each his (or her) own.

  • Why does FF always open to FF start page every time instead of my homepage/

    Every time I open Firefox, the Firefox Start Page opens. I have to put yahoo.com in the address bar to go to yahoo, which is really my homepage. Then I go to Tools, Options and set my homepage as Yahoo. But the next time I open Firefox, it opens to the FF Start page again. Why doesn't it accept my setting?

    For Yahoo, I suggest copying the following and pasting it into the Options dialog, General panel, for your home page:
    The reason is that Firefox will need to redirect to that secure page anyway, so it saves a few milliseconds.
    After making that change and OKing out of the Options dialog, go back in and confirm that it was saved.
    ''If Firefox won't let you save a new home page, there may be a problem with one of your settings files, or you might have a malware program named SearchProtect on your system.''
    If Firefox lets you save the change, then you should get Yahoo if you do any of these:
    * click the Home icon on the toolbar
    * press Alt+Home on the keyboard
    * launch a new window by pressing Ctrl+n
    Do those work?
    If Firefox "forgets" your preferred home page the next time you exit out and start it up again, there are several possible causes. You saw the article cor-el mentioned. It's a bit technical, yes.
    In addition to that, some utility programs like Advanced SystemCare and some security suites have a "home page" or "browser" or "surfing" protection feature that will protect you against unwanted browser settings changes. They do it by just rolling back the changes, since they don't have a way to determine what you wanted and what you didn't. You may need to turn off this feature until you have Firefox set up the way you want it and can shut down and start up again without losing your changes.

  • Why does safari always open a new windows on start up?

    On startup safari opens one more window in addition to the previous session window, if i change settings safari boulbes previous session window.
    What I have to do to make safari open only one window on startup?

    Safari > Preferences > General
    Select: A new window from the Safari open with: pop up menu
    With Safari open, you can also access Safari Preferences with the Command ,  (comma) keyboard shortcut.

  • When i Boot up, why is "Preview" always open ?

    Hi, i know i dont need to do it, but when i shut down, i have been making sure that all the Programs i have been using are Shut Down, getting rid of the white dots in the Dock.
    I know that Finder is always there and cannot be Shut Down, but i Shut Down "Preview" and it is always opened up again when i Start my Lap Top up again.
    I guess it isnt that important to know, but why does PREVIEW always OPEN automatically when i Boot Up ?.
    thanks for looking.

    hey buddy, i should have given you "Correct Answer" there buddy.
    thanks a lot pal that was absolutely spot on correct, i am much happier now, i learn a little bit more every day thanks to you knowledgeable chaps who hang out her. Thanks.

  • Why can I not attach multiple files on iPad ???

    Why does iPad not allow multiple files to be attached. This is one of the very basic feature all computers must have...why is apple trying to complicate the like of people without this simple feature ???????
    Please add this feature in your iOS updates...this is jut crazy !!!!!!

    We are just other users here. Apple does not read these posts for your suggestions or complaints. Suggest it here.
    BTW - the iPad is not a computer and was not designed - at least to this point - to totally take the place of a computer. There are other email apps available as well that may suit your needs - MailShot or Group Email with attachments. Check those out - see if they allow for multiple file attachments.

  • Why when I double click an image in "pictures" does it always open into Elements 10 ?

    Why when I double click an image in "pictures" does it always open into Elements 10?

      Only if you set Elements as the default application e.g. for opening all jpeg files.
    You can make file associations via the control panel.

  • Why does Firefox always block any link I try to open going to a web page when I don't have pop up blocker on?

    Why does Firefox always block any link I try to open going to a web page when I don't have pop up blocker on? First off they are not even pop ups....your crap blocks everything and don't save user names &/or passwords when you have it checked. Also in your tutorials about solving this issue says it has the word "OPTION" .......no, it never says option to allow you to bypass it and etc. Only thing is says is "ALLOW" . That would be nice , but the problem is it will not allow it from then on. It only allows it right then and then you have to refresh...after that to open again it blocks it again.....HOW STUPID?!!!!!
    It always say that this is preventing this page from automatically redirecting to another page. THIS IS WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO...GO TO ANOTHER PAGE........I DON'T NEED YOUr BROWSERS PERMISSION TO DO THAT. THAT IS WHAT A *%#$&*(&*%$$%% BROWSER IS FOR TO GO TO OTHER PAGES......THEY ARE NOT POP UPS!!!!!

    Are you using "Clear history when Firefox closes"?
    In case you are using "Clear history when Firefox closes":
    *do not clear the Cookies
    *do not clear the Site Preferences
    *Tools > Options > Privacy > Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history": [X] "Clear history when Firefox closes" > Settings
    Note that clearing "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, software installation, and passwords.
    Clearing cookies will remove all specified (selected) cookies including cookies with an allow exception that you want to keep.
    Let all cookies expire when you close Firefox.
    *Firefox/Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: Keep until: I close Firefox
    You can choose to keep third-party cookies from visited sites if necessary.
    Create a cookie 'allow' exception for cookies that you want to keep.
    *Firefox/Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: Exceptions

  • Why does the folder "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Elements" open automatically when I start my PC?

    Why does the folder "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Elements" open automatically when I start my PC? How do I adjust settings to stop this from happening?

    This folder is probably treated as a program to run at startup.
    So you will have to look at the places where such programs are referenced.
    For instance, you may have a shortcut to that folder in your Start Menu > Startup.
    Or it may be in the Registry.
    Click on Start >  Execute, the type msconfig and click OK.
    This will show you in the Startup tab all the programs launched at startup.

  • Indesign CS5 freezes when opening multiple files

    When I try to open multiple files at the same time it will show the files on screen as if they are open but then a popup will come up that says "Open 2 Documents" and it never completely finishes loading and freezes up Indesign. I am unable to cancel the dialog box and have to use ctrl+alt+delete to close the program and then open the files one at a time. When I open the program again it then has the files loaded and ready to go. I am working on Windows 7 Professional and I don't have any Indesign Plugins that I use. Extensis Suitcase font auto-activation is turned off.

    Dear all,
    I think I have the same problem... or not ?!
    => When I try to open multiple files at the same time it opens only the 2 or 3 first ones then it freezes on the Spinning Beach Ball of Death !
    => Then it never completely finishes loading and freezes up Indesign.
    => I am unable to cancel the dialog box and have to use cmd+alt+esc to close the program
    => then, the files open directly on indesign when I open the program again (jus as if the files had been loaded and ready to go)
    I am working on MAC OS X (10.7.3)
    Anybody could help please ?? (sorry for my english... I'm a French native speaker) 

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