Why does Magic Bullet Looks not work

I am having troubles with the plugin Magic Bullet Looks working with FCP X. I understand it is up to Apple to update and fix this.
Andy news on this issue?

Don't have the plugin.
Or: bugreport.apple.com if you have a developer account...

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  • Why does Magic Bullet looks crash my After Effects and computer when I open it?

    I don't really know how else to explain. I've tried re-installing both. I don't know what else to do. I'm on After Effects CS5.

    Just updated my display drivers.
    Then un-update them. MBL is, after all, driven by OpenGL and may frown on the slightest variation there. Also inquire with Red Giant Software what driver versions they support.

  • Does Magic Bullet Looks works with FCP X?

    Hi guys, does magic bullet looks or mojo work with FCP X?


  • Why does my card reader not work on my iPad since upgrade?

    I use my iPad mini to download photos from my camera when I'm on the road. In the summer I bought the "3 in 1 Card Reader Adapter Cable Camera Connection Kit, 3 Port Card Reader for iPad 4 and iPad Mini by Eurekka" and it worked wonderfully. I was able to download photos (jpg and RAW) directly to the iPad and off the camera, and once home it was a flawless upload to my iMac.
    However, once I upgraded to iOS 7 last week I get a message saying the device is not supported. What gives? Will this be fixed or will Apple products only accept Apple accessories from now on?

    No but I was just trying to find a way in to your help desk. I didn't find 
    your web page very helpful in this regard.
    Douglas Whiteley
    In a message dated 10/05/2012 20:43:50 GMT Daylight Time, [email protected] 
    Re:  why does my adobe reader not work
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  • Why does drag and drop not work?

    Why does drag and drop not work?

    Do you mean that when you move files on the Desktop, they don't stay where you put them ?.
    If so - use Finder - View menu - Show View options & choose 'Arrange by' : none
    If not - please describe exactly what the problem is.

  • Why does my free trial not work?

    Why does my free trial not work?  This is intentially misleading.

    You need to provide a better description of what isn't working, system info and all that. This could be all sorts of technical issues or your trial could simply have bombed itself. In the latter case there is nothing you can do:
    Adobe trial software expired early
    Anything else like iunstall issues can in most cases be sorted out...

  • Why does the sync button not work in itunes when my ipod touch is connected

    why does the sync button not work in itunes when my ipod touch is connected?

    It's working for me in Acrobat XI:
    I'd try logging into Acrobat.com from your browser, and log in with your Adobe ID. There may be a problem there:

  • Why does my command c not working?

    why does my command c not working?

    In relation to what ?
    Your post has ended up in the iChat Community and does not appear to have anything to do with iChat or Messages.
    My first thought would be have you highlighted something that you want to copy from one place to another ?
    My second would be that you have created a CMD + C custom keystroke and there is conflict with the OS use of this.
    My third would be there just is not enough info to work on
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     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad

  • Why does my left earbud not work with any earbuds?

    my left earbud skips and dosent work with any earbuds even ones i just bought from the store.

    joe12345757 wrote:
    my left earbud skips and dosent work with any earbuds even ones i just bought from the store. 
    How does your left earbud not work with other earbuds?  Do you mean the left earbud doesn't work with your iPod? 

  • Why does the remote app not work with Apple TV 1st gen anymore.

    This is a review I just left on the app store, I am posting it word for word, and i hope that dowsnt complicate anything. My hope is that this finds the right party to address the situation, and if any user has a fix, I would love to hear it.
    I have an Mac mini running iTunes as a server, I have 2 airport expresses to allowing airplay to them for different rooms, and I also have 2 Apple TV first gens... I can play one stream of music from the server, and have the option of playing 2 other streams of music from the apple tv's as they have a built in hard drive to sync music to. I can send any of the feeds to any o the devices in any room and i love it. This whole system used to work flawlessly... It doesn't anymore. The latest update of remote broke what was working so well. I can pull it up and see all 3 music sources, log into each and play music, no problem there. The problem is that when I want to log back into that device, it won't show what music is playing. It loads up to a trackpad... Why do I need a trackpad? the point of a wifi remote is that it interfaces directly with the library, not needing to see the display...  Annoying enough in itself as none of my devices are actually hooked up to a screen, but whatever, annoying point aside, I back out of the trackpad and refresh the device playing music... The music is playing, but won't show on my remote, I can't pause, press next song or anything. I have to start over and pick a song and override the currently playing song. Even the volume control is broken. I used to control each volume of each of the multiple devices individually, they each had a slider in the multiple speaker view, now there is only one master volume slider... One speaker is in my baby's room... If she is sleeping I don't want to have to go into the room to physically adjust that speaker, I want an individual slider like there was before.
    I used to be very happy with this app. I'm not anymore. I used to praise apple and promote the functionality of it to all of my friends. Now I'm just embarrassed when I can't control it when they are over. Embarrassed....
    As another fail.... I want to describe another point. As I have the iTunes server, it should be able to handle multiple things at once. It can to an extent... For example, I can play music from the server to an airplay device, and I can go onto my iMac, load up iTunes, click on shared libraries ad load my entire library from my server. I ca also at the same time take my iPhone, click on music, and again pull up my entire shared library of music from the wifi server... It handles this very well. I recently purchased an Apple TV 3. As it does not have a built in hard drive, it relies on content from a locally attached network or stuff from your iTunes account. So while I can use my iPhone to pull up the entire shared library while its also playing elsewhere, why can Apple TV 3 not?... It's using iOS just like my iPhone. All it was good for was airplay as an extra speaker. It wouldn't work as an extra rendered source of media using the shared library. Needless to say, that Apple TV went back to the store. Fail Apple, Fail.... That was the only reason I bought one. Maybe Apple TV 4 will actually be functional without a hard drive.

    Working fine on my system
    If on wifi, try ethernet
    Make sure router is up to date
    Reboot all components

  • Why does my google toolbar not work properly with the new updates. It was such a convenience to use the old toolbar to go to places I had visited before. Now I cannot get those old addresses with anything but Firefox 3.62 or whatever.

    Why does Google Toolbar not work with the newer versions of Firefox.

    Google have stopped supporting Google Toolbar on the latest versions of Firefox. Apparently one of the reasons for this decision is that modern browsers already tend to support many of the functions that google toolbar provides.
    Firefox does allow you to specifically bookmark sites you have chosen, and also automatically remembers many of the sites you visit.
    * see [[how do i use bookmarks]]

  • Why does the scroll sometimes not work?

    I know this question has been posted before, but my problem is slightly different. I have synpatics touchpad with my laptop. Sometimes, the touchpad scrolling does not work, but my actual wireless mouse scrolling works. Sometimes my wireless mouse scrolling does not work, but my touchpad scrolling works. Why does this happen? The problem itself is not consistent.
    The scrolling usually stops suddenly. Scrolling works perfectly fine for a webpage, but then it stops working during the middle of my scrolling. This problem started to bug me.
    The problem still exists with Firefox reinstalled and without add-ons.

    Does this happen on another browser? (eg. Chrome, IE)

  • Why does addChild(new Shape()) not work?

    I would like to know why the following code does not work:
    private function doShape():void {
    var aShape:Shape = new Shape();
    <mx:Button click="doShape()" />
    according to the docs, addChild() takes a DisplayObject as a
    parameter. Shape is a DisplayObject. However, I get an error
    (#1034) that Shape can't be converted to mx.core.IUIComponent
    I don't understand what the problem is...

    inlineblue -
    Thanks for the advice...
    I was actually converting code over from Flex 1.5 where there
    is a pretty big difference between calling a beginFill()/lineTo()
    method on a UIComponent and attaching a whole new
    Container/MovieClip. In Flex 1.5 the application was so slow I
    trimmed out every container/MovieClip I could.
    If it's not such an issue in Flex 2.0 then I will go with the
    easier to read addChild(new Box()) method.
    Flex harUI - I assume that you mean if I create a new
    UIComponent and then add a Shape for color, I am essentially doing
    the same thing that normal containers like Box (a UIComponent) do
    with their chrome instance (a Shape?).

  • Why does my css menu not work on my mobile?

    I have done a fluid layout which appears to work fine on my mobile, but when I try to use the dropdown menu it does not work.
    I have a Nokia C3 by the way - Ancient I know but it uses internet and I don't know whether many people out there will still be using older technology.
    The thing is - I know of one person who has an iphone6 who says it works on his phone, but is there a site where you can submit your own website to test the functionality?
    I apologise for doing this but I have put up a very temporary link to the test site....
    I AM NOT ADVERTISING - but I have put the test site for a friend on my server at the moment on www.tdrd.karoo.net
    Don't bother using the contact form - it's not finished and I've removed code so the person will not get bombarded with test emails from people who just want to fiddle (as they do :-))
    Could anyone else please tell me if the menu works for them and what can I do to get it working on an older phone?
    I have put old style links to same pages at the bottom for backwards compatability but don't know if this is a good idea.
    Should I be testing a device for capability and swapping for an appropriate menu - and if so how?
    So many questions - thank you in advance for any feedback.

    No - I do not use a stylus. -
    I have had the phone a few years now and I could be using old technology.
    I know the mobile has two browswers on it.
    One is a lite version of Opera Mini but not sure of the version number
    I know it is working on a windows phone (my brother) and an iphone (friend) so maybe I should somehow be detecting browser capability or functionality somehow and exchange the menu for a link based one in these instances...
    Actually - I have just tried to test it on another site and my phone works on that - so maybe its not script friendly as it uses a .pull script to expand the menu.
    Thank you.

  • Why does the App Store not work in Genius with VoiceOver switched on

    After I downloaded IOS 6 to my iPhone 4 there were a lot of things not working properly, the main things that were a problem was the App Store, to move anything with VoiceOver switched on it was touch-and then tap twice also to move the thing on the page you use three fingers swipe up or down left or right to move it. We now find that to move something in Charts you only need one finger touchon the left to move it.If Some body can  come up with thee answer it is the People that work in the Accessability side of things at Apple. So if you know in Ireland why Apple cannot put in the info for Accessability for People who are Blind like me we cannot see what is going on we do not change anyof the settings...

    Thank you very much for the reply. That certainly makes sense, as I am sure it is all the Time Machine backups I have that are at the root of the problem. How can I update all those older version Apps deeply embedded within my TM backups, or is the solution to unmount my 2TB drive that I use for TM?
    I suppose if Apple could somehow direct the App Store to disregard all those other apps in TM, the problem would be resolved.
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