Why does my printer say "offline" sometimes and won't print?

Why does my printer say "offline" sometimes and won't print?

Hi - Try following the steps in this document.  It should help resolve the issue.
Hope that helps.
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I am an HP employee.

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    Its completly black on the screen and there is a voice saying the screen is blocked nothing seems to work to put the screen on it asks for a code but i cant see any numbers on the screen

  • Why does IE 9 say internal error and cannot print to Color Laserjet 2600n?

    IE 9 displays message "Internal error, cannot print page" when I try to print to a networked Color Laserjet 2600n. Printing works well on my other networked HP printer.

    The windows 8 driver for this printer should be available in late January. Please bookmark this site and visit it for up to date information. Also located on this site are links to documents for the network workaround and the in-os document.
    Laserjet Printers supported in Windows 8
    Install HP print software via a network in Windows 8
    As a test, I did install this using the windows 7 drivers, it printed fine but I received a pop up giving me an error printing but it still printed. I then used the network work around to shut the bi-di off and the pop up went away, again it printed fine. I would suggest if you use the windows 7 drivers, that you upgrade to the windows 8 drivers when they are available.
    I am an HP employee.
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  • Why does my AE say ethernet unplugged and flashing amber

    My Airport Express has been working fine for several years until today.  It is flashing amber and saying "Ethernet unplugged".  This unit has been operating purely wirelessly without a connection to an ethernet cable since I installed it.  I have used it with Airtunes.
    I have a second AE, with the same configuration as the now failed AE, connected to a printer and it is also not connected to an Ethernet cable, and it is operating just fine.  When I go to th configuration file in Airport Utility for the second AE and selece the Internet icon, the Connect Using drop down selection reads Wireless Network and is grayed out.
    When I do this with the failed AE, it does not even give me the option under Connect Using of Wireless Network.   The only choices are Ethernet Cable or PpOe.
    I have done a hard reset and have not had any luck with it.
    Anyone have any ideas.  I have a feeling my only option is to go buy a new one.
    Thank you!

    At this point, I would suggest performing a "factory default" reset on the AirPort Express in question. Note: You may have to perform this a few time to get it to "stick."
    If after the reset(s), the base station is still performing as you have described, it may have failed.

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    Usually cuz its locked to a network other then the SIM's. Did you swap SIMs today? Or it's not seated properly. Take it out and reinsert carefully.

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    You can try the steps suggested by Apple here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1559

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    Forget that, wrong forum.

  • Hp 4300 all-in-one won't recognize that the paper tray is full; says "no paper" and won't print.

    It won't recognize that the paper tray is full. Never happened before.

    Hey GenaT,
    I totally understand your frustration of not being able to print to wirelessly to your  PS 6520. Please take a look at this document and follow the steps listed below whichever MAC OS X you are currently running:  No response from printer.
    I hope this helps, let me know if you require more assistance.
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • Print does not show a selected photo and won't print

    How do I get my photos printed? I select a photo but I get the maessage that no photo was selected.

    I finally called the help desk. I was told that sometimes the catalog needs to be reloaded. Instead of reloading the catalog, i ended up loading my entire library. Over 4200 pictures. This was without any filtering. But now the print feature works.
    Next I will need to figure out how get out all of the duplicates. Set up filters and get organized. I am new at this so after spending over 30 hours watching how to videos I am a little overwhelmed.
    It would be nice if the help desk guy could speak English. Well, English  that I could understand. Poor guy had to repeat everything several times. I asked if he could get me organized. Nope. Had to call back. That means sitting on hold for an hour and a half....but hey I have another 30 days of support. I am going to learn this. Although I am now convinced that I am dain bramaged and beyond help. Now how to get the e-mail notification turned off.. 50 e-mails a day. Isn't this fun.

  • Why does my mail have blue dots and won't open? My Internet is okay.

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    If you can't open the messages or send emails, you can try quitting the mail app completely as well.
    Go to the home screen first by tapping the home button. Quit/close open apps by double tapping the home button and the task bar will appear with all of you recent/open apps displayed at the bottom. Tap and hold down on any app icon until it begins to wiggle. Tap the minus sign in the upper left corner to close the apps. Tap the screen above the task bar.
    Then go back and try mail again.

  • Why does quicktime 10 keep reloading movie and won't quit?

    When I try to quit quicktime after watching a movie, it just keeps reloading the movie. I've tried force quit, and clicking on file to quit, but it keeps reopening. I'm using Firefox, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it?
    Any help would be apprecitated!

    Hey there AmandaJoelle,
    It sounds like your Quicktime application is quiting unexpectedly. I recommend the following article to help troubleshoot possible issues with 3rd party plug-ins, named:
    Multimedia applications may quit unexpectedly with some third party QuickTime components
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • How do I turn my printer from 'offline' to 'online' and why does it keep going 'offline'?

    Why does it keep saying my printer is 'offline' and there is no communication between computer and printer? How do I turn it 'online'? There doesn't seem to be an option to do so.
    Thank you.

    Sorry that you are having a problem with the printer being offline. 
    Try to perform a hard reset on the printer. Unplug the power cord from the back. Leave it out for 30 seconds and plug it back in. 
    Are you connected USB or wireless?
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  • Why does it keep saying my printer is offline???rrrrrrr

    why does it keep saying my printer is offline??/rrrr
    Just bought this tonight ,.i am very agrevated about ready to take it back tommorow
    I am working off of my laptop.its working on windows Xp i think.
    The printer is th HP  Photosmart D110 series.i was concerned i would have trouble with the wireless part of it.
    The man at office depot said i could work it as a regular printer if i couldnt figure out wireless. Well, it didnt come with the cable to hook it from printer to laptop.rrrr

    So how is the printer set up?  Is it wireless or USB?  If USB you will need a cable, purchased seperately.  It is a standard A/B USB cable widely available inexpensively.  (The $1 cables form the dollar store work fine....
    Running the diagnostics at http://www.hp.com/go/tools may help resolve the issue.
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
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  • Why does my iPad say printer no longer available?

    Why does my iPad say printer no longer available?

    The printer is either off or no longer on the same network as iPad.
    Try rebooting router and printer.

  • Why does illustartor CC open then crashes and i get a message saying windows don't know the prob?

    why does illustartor CC open then crashes and i get a message saying windows does not know what the problem is. everytime i open it, Now i know it works on my computer becuase i've used illustartor plenty of times on my current desktop but ever since today its been acting wierd and work so i've unistalling and reinstalling but still nothing works then i tried installing on another hardrive still did not work and i cleaned out my registryies, optimized my disk, and cleaned temp files tooo so i just do not know what went wrong and i really need help i have class assignments that i have to get done in illustartor so if anyone can help me and let me know what the problem is and what i have to do i would really apreciate it.

    Hi J,
    - Do you see an AICC splash screen? If yes then could you please let us know where exactly it crashes i.e. while loading which plugin or font?
    - Do you have any 3rd party plugins installed? Can you please remove those (do take a backup of them) and see if AI launches fine? This way you would be able to find the plugin creating the problem.
    - Did you install any OS or Ai update after which it started showing the problem?
    - Please check if you have all the Verdana family fonts installed.
    Let me know if any of these work.

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