Why is the beginning of song clipped off on export?

On export to iTunes, the very first bit of the song is being clipped off... almost a seconds worth... I also tried exporting to disc and the same thing is happening; Have I missed a setting? If I play it back directly from GB it is fine...
(GB8 OS 10.4.10 2 Ghz MacBook Pro 1.5G ram)

Ours is not to reason why, ours but to record or die! I've spoken to professional recording engineers who have assured me that there is no need to start on bar 1.
Having to start on 2 or any other bar because of the clipped start on 1 is not an indication of a technical problem. In fact they also start later than bar 1 even though they don't have to. It's just good technique to leave a little breathing room at the beginning of the song.
And even if it is a glitch, the only prescription is more cowbell! No, I mean the only fix is to start on bar 2. It's also helpful if you want to change the intro without having to move the whole song. I had the clipping problem the same day I bought the computer, so I doubt that it's a technical problem.

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  • One second of black appearing at the beginning of each clip in timeline.

    I just got FCP and I'm having an issue.  Every time I put a clip from the event brower into the timeline, there's a second of black at the beginning of each clip.  This is only between clips, not the first one.  If I move a clip to the front, there's no second of blackness before it, but now the one that was put second has the blackness that wasn't there before. 
    I see in preferences, there's a transition setting, but it won't let me set it lower than one.  I figured this had to do w/ transistion effects, but could this be doing it?
    Both video and project are 720p HD 30p Stereo.
    I've googled all kinds of word combinations, but can't seem to find a solution.
    Any help?

    Complete mystery to me as well, and when I have something odd like this, I trot out the following suggestion:-
    Corrupt preferences can create a vast range of different symptoms, so whenever FCP X stops working properly in any way, trashing the preferences should be the first thing you do using this free app.
    Shut down FCP X, open PreferenceManager and in the window that appears:-
    1. Ensure that  FCP X  is selected.
    2. Click Trash
    The job is done instantly and you can re-open FCP X.

  • How can I add a dip to white at the beginning of a clip?

    How can I add a dip to white at the beginning of a clip?  I know where to find it on Pr, but I'm new to AE.  I have 2 clips that need to transition one to the other.  The first clip ends by dipping to white; therefore, I need to either dip to white at the beginning of the 2nd clip & line them up so they overlap well, OR I need to find a white transition to place between them like in Pr.

    Make a whote solid.  Animate its opacity from 0 to 100 and back again.
    You'll use couple-three layers -- no automatic transitions in AE.  That's what Premiere's for.

  • Why does the iPod duplicate songs when updating my playlists?

    Why does the iPod duplicate songs when updating my playlists? Also, you cannot use the "show duplicate songs" feature on the iPod - I suppose that is because it is not supposed to duplicate songs on the iPod. But, if that is the case - why does it do it?

    Try resetting your iPod, press and hold the power and the home buttons together approximately 15 seconds until the Apple logo appears. If that does not work try going into Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. If that does not work try connecting to you iTunes library via the cable and un-sync the library from your iPod then sync the library.  For the next 2 options backup your iPod first, then do a Restore iPod from backup, if that doesn't work... As a last resort Restore your iPod as New. I too had the red circle and square after updating to 7.0.4 the last resort fixed mine, others have reported doing all the above, all have had reports of fixing the problem and not fixing it. Give it a try, hopefully one of these works, Good luck.

  • How do i get the playhead to start at the beginning of a clip?

    This should be an easy one.  For the life of me, I can't figure out how to play from the beginning of a clip (region).
    Isn't there a setting that will allow me do play directly from the beginning of a clip, and not just from the beginning of a session, or from a marker?

    Forgot about that one.
    I appreciate all the feedback from everyone.
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    audio production
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  • Why does my itunes downloaded song cut off half way through the song

    I downloaded a Jorney song "Seperate Ways" only to find out that the song cuts off half way through. What should i do?

    I'm having this exact problem now with an iPhone 4 (not the 4S) and running software 6.1.3 with iTunes version - The songs play fine in iTunes. In some instances I brought in the songs from CDs, in other instances I purchased from the iTunes store meaning I can't simply convert them. In either way they play silence on my iPhone around halfway through and for the remainder of the track.
    I have attempted a full restore from a backup, and then reloaded all of my music, same songs, same problem. I don't feel a manual restore would help because that means reprogramming every single app, and the music would be reloaded the same way so what difference could that make?
    Just to add insult to injury my protection plan ran out about 2 weeks ago and my phone otherwise works fine, so this can't possibly be worth purchasing another pricey plan just to be allowed to TALK to Apple.

  • Separate clip flashing at the beginning of each clip

    Each clip I insert into my sequence has a brief flash of another clip at the beginning of it.
    When I select the clip and trim the unwanted piece away, the unwanted piece simply shifts to the the next available point on the clip.
    This repeats for every new clip I insert into my sequence.
    What feature is causing this, and how to I turn it off.
    I am new to Premiere, and I am unsure as to whether this is related to the problem, but the attached picture shows a piece extending right from the marker.
    I don't know if this has any significance, but it seem's relatively close to the length of the unwanted piece, and it's all I can find out of place.

    the Micro photo (not sure about the micro) has what your referring to as long as the screen is on. It's a sad known bug. Just set your screen to turn off ASAP and basicly deal with it. Noone on the Head-Fi forums can find a fix for it either

  • How to move the CTI to the beginning to next clip in Timeline ?

    Hi there,
    Is there a shortcut to move the CTI to the beginning of the next clip ?
    I wanted to do this:
    My CTI now is the centre of clip1, I want to move the CTI to:
    a) the end of clip1, then
    b) beginning of clip2, then
    c) end of clip2, then
    d) beginning of clip 3, then
    e) end of clip3, then
    f) beginning of clip4, then
    g) end of clip4
    ... etc ...
    Is there a shortcut tab for each movement to (a) to (b) to (c) ... etc ?

    Also, note that you have to use the track targeting selectors to indicate which tracks should be used in the clip head/tail navigation. If you have multiple tracks targeted, Page Up/Down will navigate to each subsequent edit point across all targeted tracks. If you only want to navigate on one track, select just that one.
    A quick way to select or deselct all track targeting selectors is to hold down the Shift key as you click on one of the them; one click will select them all, and a second click will deselect them all. That makes it a little easier than toggling on and off multiple individual selectors.

  • How to add an upbeat note at the beginning of song?

    At the beginning of some songs you have that first up beat before the first down beat of a 4/4. Is there a way to add this on an ipad version? Thanks for your help!

    Hi Vamsi,
    There are a few options ...
    1) The one suggested by Prasanna
    2) Loop through all rows via JavaScript and use the GridObject methods to set cell values and then perform an applet.refreshGrid( false )
    3) Apply an Inline transform
    4) Use a stored procedure to return the results and the totals as one recordset.
    The stored procedure would be the fastest for runtime.
    The Iniline XSL transform would be the second fastest.  If you specify the XSL in a generic way, you may even be able to reuse it in other scenarios.  If you hardcode the fields in the XSL, it would be a matter of simple code adjustment when you encounter a similar scenario.
    Hope this helps.

  • HT1711 Why do some of my songs shut off before they are finished playing?

    Why do some of my songs stop playing before they are finished?

    If your country's iTunes Store allows you to redownload purchased tracks, I'd delete your current copies of the dodgy tracks and try redownloading fresh copies. For instructions, see the following document:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Otherwise, I'd report the problem to the iTunes Store.
    Log in to the Store. Click on "Account" in your Quick Links. When you're in your Account information screen, go down to Purchase History and click "See all".
    Find the items that are not playing properly. If you can't see "Report a Problem" next to the items, click the "Report a problem" button. Now click the "Report a Problem" links next to the items.

  • I'm getting a still image in the beginning of my movie when I export. Why??

    I don't understand why FCP is doing this. I export a bunch of movies (using batch export) and some of them export right while others get messed up. There would be a still image in the beginning or sometimes the end instead of seeing the actual movie. I can still hear the sound so it's only a problem with the video.
    Because I use QT compression to export I don't have the option to re-compress all frames like in the "export using QT movie" command... right?
    Help me out here. It's driving me crazy having to export everything a few times until final cut gets it right... Thanks.
    Message was edited by: CBeditor

    Here's what I have (to the best of my knowledge):
    Original source: mini DV tape, it's all HD
    I use capture now to digitize the whole tape. My easy setup is: HDV- 1080i60 FiriWire Basic. After I have digitized all of it - it's an .mov file with the settings I just posted above. So when final cut is done digitizing I already have all the files in my browser window and I just drag them and drop them in the timeline and I choose to match the timeline settings if they're different. So my timeline settings look like this:
    Frame Size: 1440x1080
    Vid Rate: 29.97 fps
    Compressor: HDV 1080i60
    When I'm done editing, I use batch export to export a bunch of sequences (they all have the same settings I just mentioned above) and I chose:
    Format: QuickTime (custom), Compression Type H.264, frame rate: 29.97 fps, key frames: every 24frames, compressor quality- high, encoding: best quality. Then for size I choose either 1280x720 HD or I use "custom" to make them half the size of that so that would be 640x360. My point is to end up with an .mov file which I can then encode into an flv or just burn it on a data cd.
    As for your question number 1: I'm not even sure what you mean by that.
    Does all that make any sense now?

  • IPhone 6 music cutting out at the beginning of songs

    Hello, I have had every iPhone made so far. This problem started with the iPhone 5s. Music on my phone whether it was purchased via iTunes or from cds and imported via my mac will cut out the beginning seconds of songs. Its random, not every song. It might play 1 second of the song, then cuts out for 2 seconds then resumes. Ive tried redownloading music re importing it, restoring the devices, nothing has changed. This is NOT a streaming problem as all the music is physically on my phone, not in the cloud. I have tried closing out all the other apps on my phone as well. Any suggestions?

    the ._ files are a reference file. (to an icon or the artwork, I don't really know) the reader in your car stereo is not set up to read Mac files apparently. The ._ files are hidden and don't appear when you copy to the SD, but the car stereo CAN see them and tries to read them.
    I see these files all the time in Windows when I connect a Flash Drive, because I always have my folder options set to show hidden files and folders.
    There's a Preference Pane called "Secrets" that allows you to see hidden files in OS X and you can remove the ._ files before you eject the SD card so they won't cause you troubles in the car.

  • Why is the order of songs on a playlist different on my iphone than it is on my computer

    The playlist "My Top Rated" is in descending order by rating on my computer (songs with the same rating are then sorted by artist) but on my phone they are always in a messed up order. I've tried making new playlists and resynching my phone, but nothing is working.And no, I don't have shuffle on.

    Hi robbob116,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If you're using an iPad and want to change the order of songs on a playlist, here's how to do it, from the iPad User Guide:

  • How do i change the size of a clip using batch export?

    hi, when i try and do a batch export to change my clips from a DV PAL to PhotoJpeg 320*240 sized clips the "options" button is greyed out. so all i have as export settings are the QT presets in a pulldown list. is there any way i can create my own setting? (and the also save that?)

    what i'm seeing is that
    a) selecting all files in Media Man. gives me the option to size and set codecs but not the audio off.
    b) selecting all files in Batch Export allows me to pick a format (QT, aiff etc) choose a preset (photoJpeg included) select whether to include audio and video or both but not set the size or customize the QT settings
    c) selecting all clips then "file>export>using QT conversion" gives me all options, but seem to grab only the first clip.

  • Is there a way to re-compress the audio of a clip without re-exporting the video?

    Hey guys, I have 500 clips that took me 2 days to render to ProRes just to find out that the audio is not the right format. What do i do now?
    I don't want to have to re-export all those 500 files again and wait 2 more days. Is there a way to run those files through an application (either in compressor or something else) that will re-render the audio in the right format without doing anything to the video?
    I know how to swap the audio of a file using QT Player 7 but I only know how to do that one file at a time. Obviously, I wouldn't even think about doing that 500 times... I'll go nuts.
    What are my other options? Adobe Media Encoder? MPEG Streamclip? VLC? Anything at all?
    Any help is much appreciated

    Well this workflow should work but I don't know if there might be problems down the road.
    Bring all your prores files with the problem audio into compressor.  Apply the audio 48k16 bit preset to them.  This will create individual aiff files with fcp friendly settings.  
    Bring the resulting aiffs into fcp.  Select the video qt and audio aiff in the browser for one clip and control click on one of them and choose merge clip.  This should create new clips with the good audio as channels 3 and 4 (assuming the original files have 2 channels of audio). 
    You should then be able to edit the merged clip into the timeline and by just patching channels 3 and 4 (the 48k16bit audio tracks)  into your timeline and unpatching channels 1 and 2.  , you should not need to render the audio.
    Try testing this workflow on one clip and see if everything works before doing all of the clips.
    If any of this is not clear or you need help with any of this, post back.
    Frankly, you might be just as easy and safer to reconvert all the clips with the audio enabled to 48k16bit in compressor.    You could also edit each clip into it's own sequence, replace the ng audio with aiffs made as I described above and then export reference quicktimes to edit with. 

Maybe you are looking for

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