Why is the zoom button grayed out when I scan

Operating system: Windows 7
Software: Adobe Elements CS2
Scanner Cannon 9000f
When I scan a single image the zoom button is grayed out, but when I scan multiple images it is activated.  How do I activate it for a single scan.  I have selected the item to complete the scan and it is still grayed out.
Thanks for your help.  Jim

The person has to have an apple device and also has to be registered with iMessage, otherwise of you try to message them their name will turn red with a ! Next to the name saying they are not a registered use of iMessage.
If your clicking on the name and typing in the box that pops up, you may be typing in the "subject" area. The iMessage has two sections to type in, the subject and content are. The bottom portion is the content area so if you have a message already started then use this area.
The "subject" portion can be turned off also in Settings, messages
It gives the option to turn off the subject portion here

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    Stick with one post at a time. Otherwise, it gets very confusing.

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    Check this it maybe the problem
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    Hope that helps

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    Hope that helps

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    Just select the Image trace panel from the window menu and then customize it.

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    (The tut has me take an image, draw around the image to practice pulling/dragging, twisting, adding handles etc & so forth).
    I have the pen tool set to Path but the Mask doesn't become available under any of the options.
    The tut says to click Ctrl + Click on the path and then to click the Mask button.
    Any ideas why the Mask is grayed out?
    As always ~ I really appreciate your help.
    Hope you're having a great night/day

    I would Love to post a screenshot however my computer is "shot" all my F keys & up to the Delete are non functional. I'm going to get a new laptop asa I find out what would be best to run Adobe Master Suite.
    I have Photoshop CS6 Extended.
    Any way, yes, {blushing} the BG was selected. TY.
    I am suppose to make a selection of the path.
    I'm now completely embarrassed. Of course a trans bg can't be made when it's the bg I'm working on.
    The tutors' Layer panel shows only Layer 1 and no bg. He said to download the image he uses from Diviantart but the image would only open in a browser. So, I right clicked and saved the image. Then I opened the image which, of course, just opens on the bg layer.
    So, am I suppose to create a New file > New Layer and then open the image?
    Sorry if my questions seem obvious to you but I am just learning and still very much a newbie.
    THANK YOU!!!

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    Yes, I tried it again by seeing the song in the main library as opposed to seeing it in a playlist. Again, the lyrics tab was grayed out. I was able to see the tab, however, when I did a "get info" for one of her music videos I have.

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    when blue tooth is turned off in settings, the symbol does not show at all.  when BT is turned on in settings, but there is no connected device, it will show the symbol gryed out.  When BT is on, and connected to an active device, it will show as bright white.

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    so i have this email account that uses a peculiar sever name with five letters after the '.' ie: [email protected] the thing is i can set up the server and user name and pass for the account so that it connects and syncs fine. the only problem is that i have to leave out one of the letters at the end of the address when setting it up or webOs will not let me sign in (the button is grayed out).
    so to get around it, i just left off one of the letters at the end ([email protected]). this let me set up the account BUT i can't send emails because the server requires that all messages come from the internal accounts with all five leters in the suffix ([email protected]) and since my address is missing a letter it won't accept and out going emails.
    Is there any way i can get around this? either by disabling the prevention of entering in 5 letters after the '.' or by going somewhere to add the letter back in after the fact. Please help!!! Thanks
    Post relates to: Pre p100eww (Sprint)

    The problem is where you enter your address and password for ESMTP (outgoing authentication)? Many mail clients let you check a box to use the same username and password that you use to retrieve email. I gather that isn't an option in webOS?

  • Why are all of the toolbar buttons (like the photo button) grayed out in my project?

    How can I get to the pictures in my iphoto library if this button doesn't work? imovie11 9.0.8

    I'm assuming you are working on a Trailer in iMovie (not a standard project). Unfortunately, the templates accept video only - not photos or stills. That's why the Photo Browser is greyed out when you are working with Trailers.
    A way around this is to convert the Trailer to a standard project. Then you will be able to add photos/stills, and perform other edits as desired.
    To convert the Trailer, select "File > Convert to Project" from the menu. Before doing this, it's best to duplicate the Trailer so that all your original edits are intact in the Trailer format. To duplicate, while in Project Library view, click on the Trailer name then select "File > Duplicate Project" from the menu. Use the duplicate to do the conversion.
    Duplicating won't use up much extra space on the hard drive. Projects reference the clips in the associated Event (or Events) - the clips are not copied. The project file also keeps track of titles, transitions, effects, voiceovers, music, edits you've made and so forth - these are text based and use little space.

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    I am running iPhoto 9.5.1 on Mavericks.  When I select a photo and try to share it the share menu has email and all the social meida options grayed out.  Checking accounts in iPhoto my email accounts are there.  I tried deleting and reinserting the one I want to use and restarting iPhoto, but it is still grayed out.

    You need to update yoru profile - it says OS X 10.6.8
    In the iPhoto preferences select an email client (I personally prefer Mail) and if you are using iphoto enter your email information in teh accounts tab (If you use Mail it will use yuro existing sset up)
    Same for social media - enter your account information in the accounts tab

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    Yes, it's checked as it's how I left it when I was able to edit the page before...now the whole tab is just grayed out and I can't check or uncheck anything. Nothing happens. So frustrated...thanks for any help or suggestions.  I have multiple devices on my account and this is the only one that this is happening with when I connect to iTunes. Ugh!

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    I downloaded a movie from iTunes, downloaded fine. Opens and plays in Quicktime, no problem. The format is mp4 and m4v (tried both). But when I put it into iDVD to put on a DVD disk, cannot do. Using the magic iDVD choice, I can set it up, drag the movie in, preview. But I get a message I need to access "Project info" and change the settings. However, that menu item (and almost all the other menu items) are grayed out, so can't do it.
    So what is the problem? I tried both formats in iDVD and neither will work. Is it the wrong format?

    Yes, I tried it again by seeing the song in the main library as opposed to seeing it in a playlist. Again, the lyrics tab was grayed out. I was able to see the tab, however, when I did a "get info" for one of her music videos I have.

  • Compressor has the submit button grayed-out

    I've uninstalled the complete FCS-3 using FCS remover for the 3rd time but the "submit" button is still grayed-out and the local cluster does not show up. (all it says is "none" & "other")
    What is wrong? Do I have to resort to wiping the entire OS and re-install everything to get compressor to do its job?

    I've never encountered this particular issue, but if reinstalls via FCS Remover aren't working, then I would tend to believe that there is some other underlying problems with your system. A clean system install would be my next recommendation.

  • Why is the volume control grayed out?

    I am attempting to record from a Sony ECM-MS957 mike that is connected to my iBook with a Griffin iMic onto GarageBand3.
    I am following the "Learn to Podcast" tutorials from Apple. With the Sony mic connected the volume control in the track info window is grayed out. If I un-plug the Sony mic and use the built in mic the volume control becomes active.
    I have the iMic selected in the System Preferences and the volume indicator responds to the mic. The iMic is also selected in the GarageBand preferences.
    Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong here.

    (BTW, there's no need to select the iMic in System Prefs) --Hang

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