Why the modem deconncts frequently with this error message, "You were disconnected by the PPP server. Try reconnecting."? Please, help me out.

Hello. I am using a ZTE 3G modem. Whenever I connect to internet, Sometimes during browsing or downloading it disconnects with the error message, "You were disconnected by the PPP server. Try reconnecting." There is no problem with the modem. Last few months, I have used it with Mac OS X Mavericks. There was no problem. Some days ago, I downgrade to Mac OS X 10.8.3, because I was fed up with different bugs in 10.9. Anyway, the first two days the connection were fine. But, after that, The problem began from no where. I tryed everything i could, but, It didn't help.
Please, help me out. It's very disturbing frequanlty disconnection. I am mad at the PPP is like, if I found standing it in front of me, I would beat it with a bat, who gave this so called Mr. PPP permission to disconnect my connection as it's wish!

Hi I'm having same issue since last week and now unable to reconnect. Not sure if it's an issue with the mobile company, modem or apple .
Before was able to connect eventually now connects and drops connection after 3 seconds . Using macbookpro early 2014 mavericks all ipdate - modem 4G Huawei
Haven't found any info to assist us
Hope someone comes forward soon
Thanks and good luck !

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